"What Jews MIGHT Have Lost During the Notre Dame Fire"

What Jews Might Have Lost In the Fire at Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral
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I thought the snake was the jew

every. time.

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>ov vey we burned down your ancestral church but we are the real victims
This must be what it feels like to get triggered.

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Jews lost hold of the narrative because their golems have been whining about PR beaners sabotaging their own, niggers drinking lead, etc.

No the serpent was warning man of the demiurge.

jews and whites love to whine and make everything about them. never fails. y'all are cute from the same cloth I swear to god.

Boy I've got some news for you.

Still can't tell the difference, eh nigger?

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From your use of "y'all" and the fact that your IQ reveals you are certainly not a white person from the south, I'm quite sure we have a literal, tree swinging, porch monkey nigger on our hands here.

Kek'd at this post

Why can't we have the quality shilling that 4chan has? It's all so tiring…

I feel the urge to gag.

Jews cannot lose anything because they have never produced anything of value.

It's called chutzpah, and it's a form of provocation and shit testing.

why is this supposed to be "synagogue"?

as a Holohoax Tracker, I only need one bit if info:
What is earliest contemporary designation of this as "synagogue"?
I need a date and the actual record, AKA "real history".

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nigger where the fuck do you think you are?

Y r anons obsessed with jews? Theyve done nothing wrong.

You're going to have to do a lot better than this.

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If you aren't Christian you aren't a national socialist.

Zionists r bad, everyday jews are ok.


Wrong. Jewish evil is genetic.

I've only seen Zionism as evil or at the very least the instigator of jewish evil. How are all jews automatically evil?

Earliest surviving textual ref to pairs of figures like these decorating Cathedrals is from 830 AD, earliest basilica with such a pair is probably circa 450 AD (tho it's impossible to be certain which elements were in the original Romanesque building), and the Strasbourg pair was built before the Notre Dame ones I think.

"Synagoga" = personification of the Hebrew Church in the Temple era, she carries the broken staff of Moses and may have other emblemata that show she has been conquered and enslaved

Other than the fact that she is depicted as filthy, uncrowned, blinded by the serpent and her staff of authority shattered?


And here's a kike lover from Zig Forums come to shill again.

First-responders had a duty to try and extinguish the flames with jews.

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They are not exactly renowned for their pattern recognition skills. They can't even recognize themselves in the mirror until they are 6 or something.

because they seem to be the ones pushing for the destruction of western culture in a disproportionate amount compared to their population size. sure some cucks of any race might slip through but you would have to be retarded to not recognize the trend

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In the bible the serpent always represents sin or Satan.

The symbolism is that the Jews are blinded by sin/Satan.

A jew admits jews WORSHIP satan


One thing I have noticed in my nearly 40 years on this earth is that almost everyone who habitually plays the victim is up to no good.

I first noticed it with alcoholics and drug addicts, having been shown it at AA meetings. However I then noticed it with sex offenders when I worked in the probation service, and other criminals too. Each type of criminal has there own particular brand of self pity. I can often spot a paedophile just by the way he talks and acts.

Niggers love wallowing in victim status too of course, you have to to justify a life of absolute failure, criminality, total irresponsibility and overall worthlessness.

Look at these Mudslides too, they bring nothing but rape, terrorism, criminality and welfare dependency to the west and yet they relentlessly kvetch about how much islamophobia and racism they suffer.

And of course the Jew has mastered the art of being a victim to a degree that no one else in history has. And they really believe it too. And that's why they'll never change their ways, because when you've been wronged you can't do wrong, and there's always an excuse ready for doing any evil act. Ie "they were persecuting us first", "they killed us during the crusades/holohoax/pogroms etc"

A victim mentality blinds you to reality and excuses all evil.

By their own jewish law, jews aren't even ALLOWED in churches.

I have no doubt it's true. All through the bible they worship demons instead of God and murder most of the prophets sent by God. Jesus himself tells them they are of their father the devil. And look at the things they produce; endless degeneracy, faggotry, pornography, wars, child sacrifices, false flags, financial fraud on a global scale. They prove Jesus words to be true every day.

Truly they are the synagogue of Satan.

A real holocaust must happen.

History says that's inevitable. The problem with jews is they have zero selfawareness of how annoying they are to real human beings and countersemitism is now higher than ever and growing thanks to the same old jewish hubris and their vile evil jewish nature.

Things are gonna change very soon. For the first time in hundreds
of years they no longer control the flow of information. More and more ordinary people are getting red pilled on the JQ.

We must all do our bit to spread the truth.

They can't see it at all. Just like the sinagoga statue, they're blinded by sin (The serpent).

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Can you jewish paid shills go kill yourselves already?

Fire can't burn wood that fast
Fire can't burn wood that fast
Fire can't burn wood that fast

I'm not reading your stupid article Chaim!

fuck OFF Chaim!


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>Furthermore, religious Jews apparently pray to Satan almost as readily as they pray to God, and depending upon the various rabbinical schools, the particular rituals and sacrifices they practice may be aimed at enlisting the support of the one or the other. Once again, so long as the rituals are properly followed, the Satan-worshippers and the God-worshippers get along perfectly well and consider each other equally pious Jews, merely of a slightly different tradition. One point that Shahak repeatedly emphasizes is that in traditional Judaism the nature of the ritual itself is absolutely uppermost, while the interpretation of the ritual is rather secondary. So perhaps a Jew who washes his hands three times clockwise might be horrified by another who follows a counter-clockwise direction, but whether the hand-washing were meant to honor God or to honor Satan would be hardly be a matter of much consequence.

Synagogue of Satan (Rev 3:9) confirmed!