Julian assange; did he deserve prison?

do you think julian assange deserved prison time? people on /b/ have started a thread to try and break him out, but i can tell you now its just another bullshit thread. but the front page of /b/ isnt the point. did he deserve it? i dont think he did. personally. but whats youre opinion?

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Low effort
but no, he was doing internet Journalism, the people who deserves prison are those he exposes in the leaks.

low-effort bait thread.
IF you are gonna "troll" spend some fucking time on it K'?



explain how written law can be subjective. if little jimmy stole the candy bar from the grocery store he stole the candy bar and should be fined. law is law. if you fuck a kid and go to court you cant just say "ahhh but, you see, some faggot on Zig Forums said laws are subjective. so when i raped that 12 year old, its not illegal because laws are subjective!!!!!1!!11!1"

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My opinion is if he didn't release the revolution causing dirt by now he deserves the rope.

How is this a thread.

Everything is subjective retard. There are no such thing as a fact, just approximations and consistencies. Certainty does not exist.

hi newag, lurk for 17 more years before posting

He released the names and addresses of British National Party members so yes he deserves it.

and this is true how? because you said so? wouldnt that make you wrong because arent you stating a fact that facts dont exist? but you said facts arent real. meaning you are invalidating your own point.

Mods do your job

whats a newag? you mean a newfag? are you using google translate?

why does hillary think people care about her opinion

No, it's very dangerous what they attempted to do. Obvious why they did it, but dangerous.

They have done far worse to people who haven't done anything at all.

newag = new AG (ass game)

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What if some niggerking in africa said it was law for the world to obey him, nobody would care. Why the fuck should anybody care what some whore liar says. He was trying to apply for citizen. but it doesn't matter because no excuse reason under law would make you see reason.

Report and move on guys, what waste of a thread.

Sure, written laws only apply as written when they're physically enforced as written. That was easy.

You are wrong, faggot.

listen up kike JTRIG shill. even though your thread is a low effort slide, i'm going to nibble your bait.

i support Julian Assange unconditionally to the ends of the Earth. fuck the FBI faggots and fuck CENTCOM and fuck SIPR and fuck cracking windows password hashes and fuck the CFAA and fuck 18 USC 371 "Conspiracy" and fuck your Deep State and fuck every faggot traitor who holds Top Secret Clearance and fuck your Neocon Wars and False Flags and Inside Jobs for Zion.

in my book, Julian Assange has carte blanche to FUCK YOU UP AND BURN YOUR ZOG EMPIRE DOWN, by any means necessary. i don't give a rats ass if Julian Assange hacked into CENTCOM and stole every Windows password hash to every SIPR credential and then rainbow tabled all of them and cracked every single password.

i don't give a shit if Julian Assange himself hacked that OPR database, and put it into one of the Wikileaks Insurances and then released the password and doxed the home addresses and the SF81 forms of all 5+ million faggot traitors who hold Top Secret Clearance.

i don't give a shit if Julian Assange himself then used those SIPR credentials to further breach Creech AFB and hijack 2 dozen MQ-9 Reaper drones from out of the sky and then turn them around to launch a barrage of Hellfire missiles on Langley and Ft Meade and Quantico.

i don't give a shit if Julian Assange hacked into US Global Strike Command and hijacked a motherfucking B-2 bomber and then dropped a nuke on the motherfucking DC swamp.

i even don't give a shit if Julian Assange is a radical Leftist hippie faggot Bolshevik who hates Trump and hates Hitler and loves niggers and muzzies and spics, because Assange the man doesn't matter as compared to Assange's mission and vision, which exists wholly indepenent of his personal views, because Information Wants to Be Free, and The Truth Shall Set You Free, so the more leaks led by Assange, the more the global Overton Window slams Right, because Reality itself has a Right Wing Bias, so even if Assange is not /ourguy/, his mission still serves our ends as NATIONAL SOCIALISTS and his actions help to destroy the current (((Globohomo))) hegemony to create a vacuum of power in order for the Fourth Reich to rise again.

you D&C shills think by spreading the question "what is your opinion on Assange?" helps to encourage Boomer Burger's narcissism by turning the celebrity gossip and opinion blog garbage focus towards Assange the-man the-personality the-Fake-New-persona, and away from focusing on the specific FACTS revealed by the CONTENT of the leaks given to Humanity as a GIFT from Assange and Wikileaks.

PS: i cannot wait until every single GCHQ and NSA faggot assigned to JTRIG have no other choice but to suck on their pistol barrels because DOTR has arrived and we are outside sacking your bases and about to bust in to hang you up from the street lights.

If that question even comes to your mind then you're pozzed on kike lies and deception. Assange is THE hero of our times.


So far no one has determined if he deserves prison so why are you talking past tense? Why don't you wait and see what's in the trial?

Oh and you don't? Fucking evil cunt, satan needs to claim her already


The trial is a farce

the Jews tell me that Assange is a shit smearing ass. Maybe so. But Hillary Clinton hates his guts, so even if Assange is a mad man….
I'll allow it.

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if only in the same chamber with breivik and tarrant

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Lol, found the statist communist "BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY"

It's an argument that goes back to Immanuel Kant, which is to say even space and time itself are entirely a function of the brain. The actual world is impossible to know as a matter of certainty, every scientist works on presumptions that they treat as "facts" but are in reality just accurate interpretations. Consider the fact that our universe may be just a fragment of a multiverse and that the rules of ours may not even apply outside it. Perfect knowledge is obviously impossible and we are extremely fallible oscillating self-aware molecules who accumulate and approximate whatever seems the most consistent, for example the Babylonians would record whenever a Crocodile would leave the Tigris more than once as they thought it would later on help reveal the divine. De omnibus dubitandum,

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Yeah, the lie about prison rape or honor among felons is robinhood bullshit for the jew cum guzzling masses. You only die in there if the system wants you dead. Its adult daycare, don't think otherwise.

what a shitty thread

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