Alfred Rosenberg and the Myth

Germanic Revival Demands a New Religion

This thread is to debate a new religion for Germanic peoples / Aryans. A new religion is necessary to bind a large group of people to a common cause – our survival. Atheism is killing us afterJudeo-Christianity enslaved us.

The Nazis, in fact, were on their way to create such a new religion: German or Positive Christianity. Shown is the flag of the German Christians, a reactionary movement in German Protestantism associated with Positive Christianity.

This movement was influenced by Alfred Rosenberg, author of The Myth of the 20th Century, which sold more copies than Hitler's Mein Kampf. It even moved many Protestant leaders to consider a return to Germany's native God, Odin/Wodan.

From Rosenberg:

Damn right! Rosenberg was hanged at Nuremberg for "war crimes". He never killed anybody.

Good narrated video:

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Other urls found in this thread: Rosenberg - The Myth of the 20th Century.pdf Kemp - March of the Titans_ The Complete History of the White Race-CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (1999,2012).pdf

"The Christian churches are a monstrous, deliberate, and unconscious falsification of the simple happy message of the kingdom of heaven within us."

–Alfred Rosenberg

The importance of this insight cannot be overstated. Furthermore the significance of God incarnate in man, and the Christ principle of God incarnate in the collective human community, is incredibly simple and profound. Together these constitute the seed of a pure and reformed religion.

A pure reformation of religion, Christianity or otherwise, must be rooted in the ancient wisdom of body-mind mastery and encapsulated in the Chakras. This wisdom must be then extended to the corporate body as a template for an organic, distributed, yet radically unified political state.

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rosenberg's comments seem more condemnable of catholicism than some staunch renunciation of chrisitanity tbh

You're right. And to save "the West" or the "white race" or anything else we care about, we have no choice but to inspire people. We have to teach our children that God is within them.

The chakra system is not necessarily religious but it is necessary for a functional religion. It is an empirically deduced system of self knowledge leading to complete body mastery and direct connection with the entire body mind. As such it represents the bridge between spirituality (God incarnate in the Body) and the material realm.

I've been looking into chakras lately. Do you have any recommendations that aren't tainted by moderns?

The jews our powerful because of their identity - judaism. I suggest we copy the talmud and replace God with smug pepe and convert their stories into memes. Then we incorportae Judaism into our own religion. Call it Kekistan or something.

Consider a view of Christianity where the Gospels of Matthew and Luke are considered illegitimate jewish controlled opposition books. They were an attempt to undo the political damage done by merging Christianity with Judaism.

Removing Matthew and Luke only leaves the Gospels of Mark and John left. Just this small change makes christian doctrine startlingly different and unacceptable to the anti-jewish crowd.

MARK & JOHN - POL CHRISTIANITY: Jesus is more directly and clearly God himself.
MATTHEW & LUKE - JEWISH CHRISTIANITY: Jesus is a jewish man, an incarnation.

MARK & JOHN - POL CHRISTIANITY: Jesus enters as God from heaven to John the Baptist.
MATTHEW & LUKE - JEWISH CHRISTIANITY: Jesus enters as a hebrew baby.

MARK & JOHN - POL CHRISTIANITY: Originally written in Latin and Greek.
MATTHEW & LUKE - JEWISH CHRISTIANITY: Original written in jewish hebrew

MARK & JOHN - POL CHRISTIANITY: Christ isn't the son of David. Mark 12:35
MATTHEW & LUKE - JEWISH CHRISTIANITY: Christ literally descended from Judah the devil himself.

MARK & JOHN - POL CHRISTIANITY: Love thy neighbor as thyself. Be a nice guy to your friends.
MATTHEW & LUKE - JEWISH CHRISTIANITY: Love your enemy and never defend yourself. Turn the other cheek when he hits you so you can be a punching bag. If he steals something from you, then give him all your other stuff too!

MARK & JOHN - POL CHRISTIANITY: Jews are children of the devil who Jesus comes to save. John 8:44. Jesus only gives a nod of approval to Moses(levite not jewish), Abraham (pre-jewish). Not even the disciples are jewish.
MATTHEW & LUKE - JEWISH CHRISTIANITY: Contains almost everything that makes the religion connected to Judaism. Every other verse praises jews. Everybody is a jew. Sermon on the mount fits perfectly with cucked jewish subversion and normies idolized it to the point of acting as if that passage is Christianity alone.

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Tthe image I linked will get you all the way there. Begin at the root and work upward. Do not hurry. Dissolve the tension as you encounter it. The rest will be taught to you by your own mind-body.

Alfred is the party leader of ideology personally apointed by hitler for a reason.

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I need to add one caveat. I found it better to think of 6 as "unity vs separateness"

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That's a fake quote.

Vedanta is the Religion pulsing in our Blood.
Any other Path is merely an Imitation.

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[citation needed]

Its from rosenbergs magnum opus.

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Had you actually read Rosenberg, you'd know that isn't true. It's a mishmash of quotes from Hermann Rauschning's phony "conversations" with Hitler.

Whatever people say, we have to cultivate religious experiences that bind white men together. The whole world hates us, we can only win by reinvigorating our spiritual bond.

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I'll stick with Hitler, thanks

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I believe the National Socialist movement and the Third Reich where a spiritual event more so than a political event, something anyone other political movement lacks.

daily reminder that Hitler himself cringed at Rosenberg/Himmler pagan larping and told them to tone it down

>hitler cringed at paganism

Yeah thats why he apointed himmler and rosenberg to the top positions in the party.

Read mein kampf, hitler talks openly about the christians betraying germany and how they should return to wotan.

Hitler was devout Roman Catholic and part of the problem. I don't believe he wanted Germans to win the war; he was just a puppet on a string.

>>(((Mark Weber)))
(((Mark Weber))) may say the Holocaust didn't happen but is still jewish by birth.
"In Jewish life he has embraced secular Judaism and was certified as a Madrikh by the International Institute for Secular Humanistic Judaism. He was also the founder of the Ethical Society of Cleveland in 1997. He has made five trips to Colombia as part of human rights delegations organized by Witness for Peace. These delegations have focused on human rights, labor rights, and violence against campesinos, Afro-Colombians, and indigenous peoples. Currently, he serves on the board of the Ohio State Labor Party and he works with the Emergency Labor Network and the Labor Fight Back Network."

When trying to disprove Rauschning's conversations they all get stuck in the ending chapter. Little do they see how Hitler is putting together a movement out of nothing throughout the book and the wisdom Hitler shows, it outlines the reality of putting together a National Socialist movement. Beyond the perfection which some may expect and into the verity of its difficulty.

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Its in alfred rosenbergs myths of the twentith century. Rosenberg - The Myth of the 20th Century.pdf

This is fucking stupid.

I am personally completely uninterested in religion, but I realize how important it is to the masses, good luck spiritual anons

He didn't know the cause of the evil existent in his time. Because he didn't know Jews, he can't lead a line of thot that leads to the cause. For him Jews are a evil existent and base their behavior on the Torah. But he fails in not searching deep in the rabinical scriptures like the Talmud and not even to check what is the Torah, to know in his line of thot if the cause is correct for the effect of evil to take place.

Torah is all the time a basher into the head of the Jew to purge iniquity by knowing the mistake of their fathers in losing their land by transgressing the alliance of Yahova and Moses.

He makes a statement to remove a thing he didn't know and this is why Hitler lost the war to many heads it no wisdom and 2 heads betraying him (miller and some shit)

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Islam is the sword of Judaism. Christianity is its shield.

Evola's The Yoga of Power. Goddamn newfags need to read Evola before they're allowed to start posting.

Daily reminder that you don't have a valid source to back that claim.
Daily reminder that the only ones who can be considered 'larping' a European native religion are non-Europeans.
Daily reminder that all kvetching faggots will get the rope.

Yeah, that's why he's arguably the most demonized man by the (((media))) today. Everyone who read and understands Mein Kampf can see he wasn't really Christian in any way.
Also, Table Talks are worth the mention, if nothing else, it always triggers the Christcuck.

And I do agree that the Catholic Church was actively scheming against the Fascist uprising in Europe.
They were in opposition to NSDAP's rise to power and even excommunicated Leon Degrelle, which was hilarious since the man vowed to defend them from the commies.

That's a different Mark Weber.

Then you shouldn't have any issue finding it for me?

Read mein kampf. Since your a shill im sure its something youve never done

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Fuck off jew.

Satan is your jewish creation.

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Nothing about that quote is explicitly Christian.

>(((this thread)))


made up bs


Hitler made fun of Himmler behind his back


This doesn't debunk anything in my post.

Top kek, you said Table Talks are made up bs and then you paste an even more unsupported claim. The only thing backing it up is that Hitler 'reportedly' said it.
Table Talks was at least actually written and interesting to read.

there's no evidence for any of the quotes in table talks either

Alex, give me 'Things Hitler Never Said' for $500.

Yes I know, and?

Alfred and Himmler have my utmost respect. Their works, books and actions in their lives have influenced me greatly, as well as having had the effect of freeing me from the hebrew perspective of reality.

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What a ridiculous group of people you all are.
yes, yes i'm retarded too, i embrace man without fully knowing them.

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The religion should be kill. Kill all who oppose us. Ruthless bloodthirsty destruction of outsiders and (((subverters)))

All dialectic exist within a supercontext which is the true control system. To defeat the Jew you must reject his system in totality.

No thanks, rabbi. I'll stick with the religion that declares all typical non-white behavior as degeneracy worthy of eternal damnation, and especially names the satanic jews as the #1 enemies of righteousness and civilization above all the other nigger subraces.

Notice how I mentioned, hebrew perspective of reality? The interesting thing to be learned from studying actual history, is that nothing can be assumed to be absolutely true. Everything is a matter of perspective, and a matter of faith. Faith in authorities. Authorities that dictate what is real, and what isn't. Authorities that dictate what is factual, and what isn't. Faith in your authorities of historical analysis and review, is something I don't have, and thus, there is no debate for either of us to be had. I don't debate with my enemies. There is no point. We share two different points of belief and faith in what determines our two perspectives' version truth.

What I have read in Myth of the 20th century has irrevocably made me your enemy. You are utterly incapable of convincing me of anything.
I prefer my hugbox of ideas and contemplations, to your jewish perspective of reality. If one leads me onward with no fear, doubt or insecurity towards the path I must take, which is to segregate from (((modern))), materialistic, demonic and jewish society, form bonds of blood with those of my people, to provide for my people children, to own land, to work tirelessly towards a rekindling of the folkish spirit, the folkish way of life, without abandoning the pursuit of technology, warlike capability and industry that falls in line with the natural order, and other leads me to an endless myriad of intellectual mazes, with countless authorities of truth from which every cord of will shall be strung taught, leaving nothing but an incapacitated slave to doubt. Then I choose my hugbox.

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No source…ok faggot.

This. LMAO…prepare for incoming whiny bitch kike apoplexy that you are not 'listening to their globohomo faggotry'.

A very good topic!

==Let us start, with what the NatSocs have written on faith and blood== (15 pages)

You carry in your blood the holy inheritance of your fathers and forefathers. You do not
know those who have vanished in endless ranks into the darkness of the past. But they all
live in you and walk in your blood upon the earth that consumed them in battle and toil
and in which their bodies have long decayed.
Your blood is therefore something holy. In
it your parents gave you not only a body, but your nature.
To deny your blood is to deny
yourself. No one can change it. But each decides to grow the good that one has inherited
and suppress the bad. Each is also given will and courage.

You do not have only the
right, but also the duty to pass your blood on to your children, for you are a me
mber of the chain of generations that reaches from the past into eternity, and this link of the
chain that you represent must do its part so that the chain is never broken. '''

Maybe some germanon can translate:

My Race is my religion! Highest Good - Aryan Blood.
The divine spark of Odin lives in us. He gave us our breath (=DNA).
The real chosen race, is the aryan race!

Everything that helps the aryan race is the highest good. Everything that weakens us, is the greatest sin!

March of the Titans - the complete History of the white race: Kemp - March of the Titans_ The Complete History of the White Race-CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (1999,2012).pdf

Quote from:

White Nationalists attacking Whites again for the Jews. It never ends. Christians, Boomers, Trump…

White Nationalism is first and foremost the root cause of the death of white nations, culture and their people. They are the political 'AIDS' virus that has suppressed our white immune system from enemies that have and continue to seek our ethnic cleansing.

Millons of Whites in America are dying from poverty, lack of health care, violence and homelessness because they have no voice


Your an idiot

Nietzsche was right, there is no more benevolent figure than the Christian preacher.
Always quick at hand, their hateful prophecies that they ring under your nose, to reassure you: all of human history was one premeditated joke. Your pettiness is well earned. Best to hunker down and kiss your ass good bye.

Religion divides us yet again. The Jews love this and often boast about it in their scriptures. Read the Psalms or the Prophets in the OT.
"Why are the Goyim in an uproar, and their people involved in a vain plot? As the kings of the earth take their stand and the rulers conspire together against Yahweh and his Messiah, they say, “Let us tear off their shackles from us, and cast off their chains.” He who sits in the heavens laughs; the Lord scoffs at them. In his anger he rebukes them, and in his wrath he terrifies them: “I have set my king on Zion, my holy mountain.” (Psalms 2:1-6)
"God brings him out of Egypt, He has the horns of the wild ox. He will devour the nations who are his adversaries, And will crush their bones in pieces, And shatter them with his arrows." (Numbers 24:8)
The only thing that seperated the God of the Jews from the Gods of the nations that they warred with is that he's THEIR God, and if you don't worship the same God as us (which is themselves and their wants and desires), you're cattle that at best should be slaves and at worst should be killed and your bodies dumped in a landfill called Gehenna.
And guess what, ? Jesus WAS a Jew, and even if he himself directed his ministry at his fellow Jews, his followers (((Simon, Yahannon and Paul))) sure didn't hold back on inducting millions of people into their cult.
And before you think you pagans are off the hook, the greeks and romans LOVED assimilating the Gods of the people groups they conquored into their theologies, and often took the fucked up rituals as part of the package (Pedophillia was a part of the Robigalia festival, and temple prostitution was a huge component of the Ishtar cult that was superimposed onto Aphrodite). Perhaps the Nordic-Germanic religon might have been better, but we have no real way of knowing since even the POETIC Edda was written by Christians centuries after the conversion of Iceland.
If we MUST have a religion, may it be of the Land, of the sky, of the Sea. that's where all religon comes from anyways, before it became something for Jews and perverts to push their degeneracy and submission onto us.

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Social Marxist Demoralization again.


Why don't any of you idiots know how to spell properly? Are you really all that incredibly stupid?

No matter how you paint them christians are cucks. God is dead and we must become gods. Let us reclaim nihilism from the jew

Their(pagan) "assimilation" is not comparable to the "let's label him a saint or a demon" reductionism, and wasn't a one way street.

Yes, the Scandinavians were broken by the victimhood cult long after Rome fell and their dying culture was written down by monks educated in the Greek tradition. Is this meant pass as an argument?



that's not what i meant and i think you know that. It's historiclly acurite that the Meds used to look highly on pedophillia. the idea in the worst parts of this site of the "boipussi" has ties to the Babylonian and Greco-Roman sex cults, where young boys were basiclly females until they reached maturity.

Indeed it is. Imagine if all we knew about Spain in the Age of Exploration was written by people in the 21st century trying to make them look bad. you don't have to because that's exactly what's going on now and has been going on since the dawn of time. History is written by those in power. Where else would ideas of Odin, who in most of the texts is depicted as a venerable warrior and king, drinking seman? People with an agenda trying to make the Nordic religon look bad and like the sex cults that have been going on since Cave-Moshe realized he could use the blond-hair tribe's trusting nature to give him access to women and children.

Abrahamism is not the rule, it's the exception to the rule.
The Romans played up the bravery and greatness of their fallen enemies. And I'm sure the same is true of the Hindus and the buddhist.

that's true. I'm not trying to shit on the Romans in general, as they're the reason Europe exists today, for better or worse. (Rome controlling large swaths of land, even when that land fell to anarchy, is the reason Christianity is the major religion today). I'm just saying, in the search for the novel and new lead to their socioty allowing for some seriously fucked up shit, which was the exact same problem with Europe at the end of the 19th century (Picasso and his infatuation with nigger art, the proto-weeb levels of fawning over Japan, Theosophy and the Judizied form of Buddhism that turned into Thelema and the New Age).

This thread smells strongly of judaism. Mods please delete.

Myth of the 20th Century is an amazing work. It has some admittedly slow parts but if one persevers then they will be rewarded with a truly life changing book. I wish more anons and others in the movement would read it… It seems to get tragically overlooked.


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Which version of mein kampf?

That's bullshit. Or else refutations on kiketube wouldn't be removed.

meanwhile there are 6 million episodes of ancient aliens but not one episode displaying how christians conquered their way through europe by forceful roman conquest and not argument. and there was no massive movement in rome begging to become christians. it was constantine trying to unite the empire under 1 created religion after the council of nicea. jesus didnt exist and only exists in the works supposedly written by paul the jew. but remember kikes hate christianity but never run programs about the prussian crusade or all of the other christian inquisitions converting europe through murder and war.

Cry more, yid.

You have never read The Myth if you believe this.

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Animism seems most natural, also reincarnation is common throughout the world. But I'm left wondering "yeah, wouldn't that be nice"

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The Jew feared Rosenberg. He provided the foundation of a new faith completely disconnected from Judaic roots. He was hung at Nuremberg for war crimes even though he held no official military positions nor controlled any military operations. If there were ever a man innocent of his supposed crimes, it was firstly Hitler and secondly Rosenberg.
Those who counter signal Rosenberg are the enemy and do not know the man in any capacity. They are merely finger sucking Christians too afraid of one of the greatest men to have ever lived.

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at least im capable of caring enough to shed tears, yid. must be terrible to never love anything enough to cry.

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Despite being a total Esoteric their pipedream book, one thing I have to say is a good thing about Atlantis, Edda, and Bible by Hermann Weiland is that he calls out the fact MOST of the shit we distract ourselves with when it comes to religion, like the rituals, rosaries/malas, clergy and whatever distracts us from actual religion. We all have a natural inclination to try to look for God, and thus we should try to follow that impulse how we naturally see fit. No matter how many mantras or prayers you intone mindlessly over and over, or what you donated to the institution or the clergy/monks, God is only accessible when you step outside your own ego and realize that he's present in the natural world, and the natural way of life. God, whether he's a conscious being or just nature itself, he let you be on this planet to explore it and make it a better place.
Sorry if this sounds like hippie shit, but in my opinion, what Positive Religion is comes realizing that we have only one universe, and if we go against nature, whether through race mixing, or fucking up the environment, or corrupting children, we ourselves become evil. Jews are certainly the archetype, but we all have the capability to give in and become either mindless apes or crafty rats.
Become neither and rise above. When the fight against filth is finally over, rest knowing that while the Christians were waiting for Yeshua the Kike-King to solve their problems, the God within you actually did it.

1488 and Praise be to our Blood and Soil

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t. never read Mein Kampf
Dumb nigger he says exactly the opposite in Mein Kampf.

Thats not at all what he said in mein kampf, he was insulting a different jewish "volkish" party without naming names.W hen he speaks of loincloths thats what he speaks of, he's not insulting pagans or ancient germanic traditions.

No one wants to read Shitlers my cunt

It's crazy how people intentionally misinterpret things to fit their worldview. I've read both the Mannheim and Ford translations (Ford is far superior btw) and he is quite clear about his disdain for pagan larpers. I don't know how you can get any other impression unless you're legitimately deluding yourself.
Or you're just a jew.

I'm pretty sure Hitler is against all LARPers, including christian ones.

It's almost like historical context matters and he was surrounded be Theosophist retards.


This is my religion!

Says the retard with zero self awareness.





aww fuck off! you already got your shitty thread, why you gotta foul up another one?