Picture of a US Dumpster Fire in Syria

Places involved in Supporting ISIS/FSA/SDF/YPG/Any other terrorist proxy etc to keep the dumpster fire going

Al-Tanaf US Base Complex
33.506331, 38.619084 Al-Tanaf Base C&C
33.505549, 38.618057 Al-Tanaf Base Security or SOCOM
33.505494, 38.619127 Al-Tanaf Base Drone Opps Center
33.519654, 38.621046 Al-Tanaf Detention Center
33.504170, 38.623037, 33.428728, 38.614867 Al-Tanaf Likely Agency Hub for SAD
33.508112, 38.622576 Al-Tanaf Housing
33.506197, 38.624282 Al-Tanaf Primary Security Checkpoint
33.491484, 38.600299 Al-Tanaf FOB Security
33.488330, 38.656413 Al-Tanaf Center of secondary base (Original Outpost)

Al-Tanaf UK Base Area (Israelis also on site likely Mossad)
33.431719, 38.824321 Al-Tanf 1st base on site
33.435829, 38.832668 Al-Tanaf Center of British Base
33.407227, 38.862516 Al-Tanaf Unknown Point of Interest

Al-Waleed Border Crossing and major US base complexes
33.506331, 38.619084 Al-Waleed Unknown Point of Interest Likely Training Base
33.434259, 38.927125 Al-Waleed SOCOM C&C
33.443938, 38.931108 Al-Waleed US FOB
33.434190, 38.945659 Al-Waleed Training Camp Housing
33.440699, 38.951179 Al-Waleed Training Camp Range/Weapons Training Area
33.431694, 38.954875, 33.431723, 38.954875 Al-Waleed CIA Black Site
33.415216, 38.969455 Al-Waleed Support Housing Non US
33.417790, 38.972856 Al-Waleed Support Housing Non US
33.407872, 38.970220 Al-Waleed Fuel Depot

All Sites in Area of Refugee Camp Between Jordan’s Border Defenses and into Syria major recruitment center
33.306497, 38.673260 Chokepoint for Entry from Refugee Camp into Jordan
33.313965, 38.703135 CIA SIGINT Jordan over Border (US Army Hospital as Cover)
33.242874, 38.599273 Air Defenses for SIGINT Site Jordan over Border
33.313655, 38.701412 Refugee Housing and SDF Recruitment Site adjacent to CIA Base Jordan
33.311743, 38.701795 Purpose Built Drone Runway and Helicopter Base adjacent to CIA Base Jordan (also used for CasEvac inside Syria)
33.305436, 38.696843 SDF Training Site adjacent to Recruitment Center Jordan
33.299755, 38.699777 SDF Training Site adjacent to Recruitment Center Jordan
33.331240, 38.728424 Unknown POI Jordan over Border
33.327525, 38.729167 Unknown POI Jordan over Border
33.302025, 38.644338 Unknown POI Within Syria over Border

New Airbase
33.307943, 38.601293 Potential Airbase Unknown POI just inside Syria
33.308164, 38.588465 Unknown POI in Area of above


32.537953, 38.196846 H4 Airbase Drones (CIA Officers present) and Attack Helicopters NEED MORE DETAILS

33.277676, 38.618063 Jordan Border Crossing Base Command Staff Present

33.110844, 38.299707 US staging site at Jordanian AD Site over Border

33.055294, 38.196718 Unknown POI Jordanian Border

32.988951, 38.071455 Unknown POI Jordanian Border

32.920628, 37.947680 Unknown POI Jordanian Border

32.850354, 37.872644 Major Drone Base and C&C For US Regional Forces Over Jordanian Border
32.852255, 37.870381 Artillery Posiiton at Airbase
32.852176, 37.871628 CIA USAF SIGINT Location at Airbase
32.852176, 37.871628 Primary Infantry Garrison at Airbase
32.851971, 37.872115 Intelligence Analyst Location

32.811299, 37.791477 Unknown POI Over Jordanian Border Likely Observation Point
32.806360, 37.788599 Security for above potential AD site

32.822928, 37.763634 Unknown POI over Jordanian Border

32.722938, 37.671438 SIGINT Intelligence Site and Underground Facility

32.747184, 37.640579 Unknown POI over Jordanian Border

32.743746, 37.628669 Unknown POI over Jordanian Border

32.322222, 36.751118 SIGINT Location over Jordanian Border

32.314334, 36.712022 Unknown POI over Jordanian Border

32.346827, 36.607379 Unknown POI over Jordanian Border

32.430150, 36.310937 Unknown POI Potential Training Center For US interface accompanying King Hussein Air Base

32.159398, 37.150928 Prince Hassan Air Base Jordan SOCOM & Intelligence Presence
32.165725, 37.158777 US Area of above Air Base
32.155233, 37.162787 US Drone Section of Air Base
32.170460, 37.148763 US Personal Section of Air Base

31.833381, 36.795313 US Area of Al-Azraq Air Base Jordan (major expansion planned over $150 million this is where they will run occupation in South from; currently large US presence growing every month)
31.793444, 36.210836 Some Shady Shit for Jordan Courtesy of CIA and Mossad
31.784195, 36.246119 More Shit Paid for by Uncle Sam
31.784391, 36.254065 Foreigners Live Here

32.025012, 36.126211 SOCOM/CIA Presence in Jordan to Train their Military

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32.793409, 35.531358 Dirty Jews on Roman Land Palestine

32.792806, 35.725274 Jewish Terrorist Drone Installation and Support for Daesh
32.768155, 35.736505 Jewish Terrorist Support Base for Drone Installation

32.839093, 35.759459 Jewish Terrorist Bunker Location

33.308553, 35.772060 Jewish Trickery Ski Resort with Tunnels under Mountain Housing Nuclear Weapons and ICBMs

33.304483, 35.797596 Jewish Terrorist Intelligence Gathering Facility and FOB

33.317917, 35.803593 Jewish Terrorist Intelligence Gathering Facility and FOB

33.315610, 35.809633 Jewish Terrorist Intelligence Gathering Facility and FOB

33.333549, 35.767610 Unknown POI Likely Jewish Terrorist Intelligence Gathering Facility and FOB

33.308888, 35.756814 Entrance To Jewish Terrorist Nuclear Base at Ski Resort

33.413438, 35.855733 Jewish Terrorist Intelligence Gathering Location


Tell Whatever HVT who exercises in these areas to stop exercising outside

34.714879, 36.708728 and 34.714879, 36.708728


36.649232, 38.299150 CIA Team Lives Here

Lafarge Cement Syria Plant AKA Center of Joint Operations in Northern Syria (F UK US) Lafarge has signed lease to occupiers
36.647973, 38.301801 (F UK US) Permanent Airbase Regional Supply and Support C-130 Capable (very large presence)
36.549442, 38.587064 (F UK US) Base for Coordinating/Supplying Proxies
36.547118, 38.589224 (F UK US) Lafarge Cement Base Primary Ops Center
36.549442, 38.587064 Additional Ops Area for Base

Ain Issa
36.370447, 38.849763 Brigade 93 Base repurposed for use by Proxy Forces and training also home to US Marine Artillery and French

36.040547, 40.723920 US Airbase SOCOM Training Proxies and Oil Field Protection

Ar-Raqqah Area

36.263362, 38.928173 (F UK US) Drone Base and Ops/Resupply for Ar-Raqqah
35.757149, 38.577743 (F UK US) Airbase previously Al-Tabqa Military Airport
35.984701, 39.010822 ext 35.993504, 39.033940 ext 35.996619, 39.039107 US Proxy Base SOCOM Presence and Air Defense former 17th Division Base
36.043208, 39.064036 US Proxy Base Training Area CIA Presence
36.014166, 38.962007 US Proxy Base (Expanding) Former Syrian Training Grounds

Al-Hasakah Area
NEED TO FEED IN southfront.org/us-instructors-use-al-hasakah-camp-to-train-former-isis-members-for-fighting-syrian-army-russian-defense-ministry/
36.509516, 40.585540 (F UK US) Operations Base for Area CIA also on site (large presence) Helicopter Base for Resupply
36.706339, 40.510349 (F UK US) Permanent Airbase Support and Supply
36.742552, 40.577287 Tal Badar Support Airstrip for above until fully operational primarily Helicopters and Construction Supplies for Permanent Base

Al-Malikiyah Area

37.198065, 42.119222 (F UK US) Operations Base for Area CIA also on site (largest presence in North outside Lafarge)

36.897778, 41.997500 US Airbase Drones on Site also used for Resupply

37.185768, 42.229836 US Airbase for Resupply of Proxy forces


Qayyarah Airbase (F UK US) Regional Air Support Potential FSA Kurdish Training Site

Al Assad Airbase (F UK US) Regional Air Support Mainly Drones/Refeuling/Transport and Supply Aircraft

33.805700, 42.438257 Drone Ops at Al Assad Airbase
33.797835, 42.399979 SOCOM Ops Base at Al Assad Airbase

36.521078, 37.038208 Menagh Military Airport to be used as an evacuation point from region by proxy forces to avoid capture by Turkish CIA Officer Coordinating the Withdrawal

Idlib - Primarily Using former SAA Bases within Area

35.971776, 36.782821 CIA Withdrawal point for extraction of Proxy Forces former SAA Afis Air Base

Deir ez-Zur

34.909103, 40.825977 Cluster of small bases some containing US SOCOM Personnel to secure Oil Facilities in area

Turkey Incirlik Airbase
36.998701, 35.413066 CIA Drone Base inside Airbase partially Underground (Russia knows about the rest from the Cold War pretty much still the same) (An additional 25 Nuclear Warheads have been moved to base recently brining total compliment to 75)

John Bolton conducted the Anthrax terror attacks that were later used as a pretext to invade Iraq. He now plans to bribe General Suheil al-Hassan and offer him Presidency of Syria. They have mole in Syrian Airforce Intelligence that has access to information dealing with Russian forces and regime strategy.

Mossad has several jewish “Russians” in their contingency forces who pass intel onto Mossad.

US intends to use Kurdish Region to stage Iran Invasion SOCOM Sorties from West

Genie Oil

Atlantic Council

Project for a New American Century now = The Center for a New American Security



Black Cube

Bin Nayef Coupe is what’s best for you in Saudi Arabia

Ivanka is Rosebud and she wants to be POTUS one day

Saudis have not taken a single refugee, and yet are paying for mosques for refugees in Europe

In case you're wondering I'm the Purple user and to the people saying this puts US servicemen in danger well maybe they shouldn't be illegally occupying a sovereign country and supporting foreign terrorist groups.

Based Purp

Kike free first post - the absolute madness of OP exposing all this shit that the US gov't is even paying google maps to hide most of it. Someone should probably forward this to the Russians/Syrians/Iranians so they can purge the eternal jew or media who can investigate and disseminate to the normies.

Totally organic OP. Not a shill at all.


Well hum on my ballsack we finally have a namefag that is legit. Hopefully Russia bombs some of these places. Death to Israel! Death to Q!

How are we going to liberate the Boer in South Africa from their genocidal Zimbabweesque mob rulers If we are still bogged down in Syria, Iraq, and afghanistan on May 8th?

Purple has been legit from day one.

purp gang gang shieeeeet.

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Spam isn't kosher, moshe.

His name is Tyrian Purple and he was correct from the start.
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Treason is betraying your own people which is exactly what the US government is doing now to its citizens for the sake of the kikery of Israel. OP is only watering the tree of liberty Moishe.


He is not a kike he is the Kikesucker and Chief. Trump's sole endeavors in life are to felicitate his jewish masters and make his jewish daughter president one day. Trump is the epitome of a traitor which is worse than a kike.

Shit thread

Some user drops literal classified material outlining entire FUKUS infrastructure in Syria and of a course a torpedo appears to throw shade. Get necked bud.

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Oh shit. Def not voting trump 2020

The cunts at Langley are gonna be pissed.

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Whatcha doin Mr. Trump? How many times has this useless orange fuck said he is leaving Syria and plain as day you can see massive bases being built and occupied on Syrian land.


Where the hell would someone get info like this?

It's obviously coming from a faction of the US power structure.

OP worked with CIA and has a really high security clearance either TS-SCI or Code Clearance. These are his original threads. There were some more but I don't have links for those.



The poster either has access to classified data or is really really ridiculously good at google maps

Google Maps is doing same stuff they do with area 51 and other secret military installations for more than half these coordinates though OP could have used foreign satellite imagining. For example the Al Tanf Base the US acknowledges it exists but the entire area around it and Al Waleed border crossing is completely blurred on Google Maps with old Sat photos.

Even if this were true, why would you want to hamper the U.S. efforts in Syria and the Middle East???

They just burned down Notre Dame, or have you forgotten?

From Syria? Telepathically? Oh, you mean the ragheads already in France. Maybe invade Paris then.

Well which foreign satellite services are there? Does russia have their version of maps? or china?

I wonder who this information is meant for. Are we supposed to do anything with it? None of us have any of the resources needed to do anything. Why post it here, wouldn't it be better to give it to some syrians somehow?


Nothing is beyond our reach


Bing seems to work for the values I've tried so far. I wonder which image is real? Both say 2019 but they look different.

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Better than google maps but still old pictures and some areas blurred out. Def confirms all of OP's locations as housing F/UK/US troops training/supporting terrorists. You can see two attack helicopters at that cement plant but no runway yet for instance.

because that is Al Tanf and both pictures are older than 2015 the first picture is older than 2011 before the war even started.

Updated images of Al Tanf


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google maps shows more recent but also more censored images obviously

Look up any classified military site and you will either get old images or it is completely blurry. Looks like first one is old image and second one is from middle of Syrian civil war.

You mean these choppers?

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Wow Qfags, glowfags, & kikes totally BTFO by this Purple guy.


Maybe this purple guy is trying to get journalists to do their job. Someone should send this to Glen Greenwald or that Pentagon Papers dude so the American Burgers can see how big their new Syrian bases are to protect Israel with. Trump can't lie to his voters if high level people expose the current satellite photos of this shit in a way normalfags will actually consume. This could technically be enough propaganda if used correctly to get America to withdraw from Syria and is certainly enough for Russia to run interference on the CIA operations OP took a shit all over. This could also be retribution for Assange because now Purple will have no way of leaking through wikileaks safely.

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Now this shit right here is a fuckload more believable than some gay future proves past trust the mothafuckin plan crypto gypsy speak ass faggotry. Purple user has proven to be the only legit namefag; it is now known. Fuck Qushner and all his bum boys.

We all are missing the fact OP has basically confirmed Israel is storing illegal nuclear weapons, illegally using civilian facility as cover, in the illegally occupied Golan Heights that belong to Syria. Now we know why Abu Ivanka gave the Golan Heights to Yidsreal because they have a secret nuclear base under their ski resort. Along with the water that is what makes Golan so essential as it is their evil mountain lair. This is a super duper huge international violation worse that Israel has ever done before by exposing this OP has risked his life and like put himself in some serious danger.

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OP gives us one of best happenings of the year so far.

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Arabia is Islamic.

What's the weather like in Moscow?

I mean if we're being honest with ourselves, it's not exactly good for American imperialism to leave a fascist dictatorship standing in the Middle East and doing well at that. There's a lot of issues to contend with when deciding how to properly deal with it. Now, imagine how much simpler all of this would be if all of the Jews we're gone. The final solution is the best solution, it is what it is.

The most important thread on Hatechan right now. Contribute, niggers.

Archive everything


Notice the few neocon boomers shitting themselves hahaha

Spread it

Russians wont engage ZOG troops because they are also ZOG
Iran and Syria might



Based on OPs repeated use of these words it can be assumed he is from the middle east where such terms of endearment are common.
Maybe Hezbollah intelligence? I heard they are among the best in the world at keeping an eye on the satanists directly on their border

fresh OC

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It is purple user, illiterate Nigger.

OP didn't tripfag so that would be an assumption without proof. Was proof provided earlier?

wewlad where do I collect my foodstamps and free white pussy?

Scut Fuckus and Grovel Bill

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There's hardly any syrians in France. It's mostly maghreb arabs and a whole shitload of niggers.

Oh and jews, can't forget about them.

Is it true that assad army got fuel on 10 days left, and 30-40 days food reserves?

As true as it was in 2015

Lol it works better than ever kike

Not sure, how about Tel-Aviv?

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Purple user works in Washington DC. He already told people in his original threads.



Get your subhuman kikery out of here.


Reminder to just filter shills like this and anyone who gets into an extended back and forth with them.

Literal classified information being dropped on Pol isn't good enough for some kikes cough cough I mean anons.

Sage and report for LARP thread.


Shut your mouth, Shabbos filth.


Reported for spam thread and supporting jewish hoaxes.

Sage more, heeb.


You are spamming the fuck out of this thread. Does OP have your panties in a bunch Moishe? Are you mad he told the world where you hide your illegal nuclear weapons in Golan? Are you mad he exposed your moshiach for the incompetent little bacha bazi boy of Bibi he is? Are you buttblasted Purple exposed Q as a lying faggot and gave proofs he has access to classified information? Are you such a autistic little kike you think you can shut this thread down all on your own?

Do you not know there is a gas chamber in your future kike?


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No selfies, please.

Reminder Purple gave us Jared Kushner's home address last week. Information about inside of CIA facility in Langley to begin with and this week doxxes the entire FUKUS military operations in Syria. To equate this guy with Q is like equating a jew with a proud german.

Ratnest lair of kike Jared Kushner.

2449 Tracy Pl NW Washington DC 20008

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FYI I was just calling out the obvious kike trying to bait the thread.

The Führer would be proud OP.

nice work op

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The CIA facility and FUKUS is impressive, but this here sounds like the kind of thing anyone can do with a public figure.

True but I don't think Purple ever claimed to actually do the address I think someone else just posted it and because Purple hates Kushner it got attributed to him.


Ivanka definitely seduced Trump when he was going through second divorce and bankruptcy. She fucked him when he was at his weakest and has held it against him ever since then. She has used it to push both her brothers to the sideline leading to the bulk of the power/inheritance of the Trump family passing to her and the Kikener clan of thieving rat jews.

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Facts, she probably gave him a golden shower

Abu Ivanka got all up in dat ass.

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There's plenty of factual reasons to dislike Trump at this point. No need to post your jewish incest fantasies.

Can you explain why she and Jared have absolute power over Trump to the point of even pushing his literal wife and her two brothers to the side of the picture without some fuckery going on?

Jared has power because he's connected to big Benji in Israel. Ivanka doesnt have anything. She's being propped up as the next figurehead president.

Probably has to do with Trump's reversal of personal fortunes after his sold his daughter to the Kushners.

mlpol.net/mlpol/res/213698.html /SG/moved here. It's shilless and most current up today with Syria, Yemen and now Lebanon.

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