Mystery of flight MH370 crash solved

Suspected Ahmad



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mh 370 was the flight in which the owners of a patent that lord rothschild was also a co-owner of crashed, killed them all except one and now lord rothschild is the only sole owner of the patent, it was murder, but not due to the captains suicide, that's a cope

Asshole if true. Kill yourself or your enemies, but not just a bunch of people minding their own business. This strikes me as an entire scenario that could be created and executed remotely, and blaming the pilot is awfully convenient. What about the rest of the flight crew? They did not perhaps have a problem with what he was doing?

What patent is this?


This just makes me want to dig in to what the Germanwings story really was. The goyim bought that crock of bullshit, so let's just run with that.
They are pretty formulaic and unimaginative really.

well if the story is to be believed he knocked out everyone by depressurizing the cabin. The rest of the crew would be all knocked out the same time as the passengers.

Are you a shill, or just retarded?

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A microchip patent i believe

Sounds like natural selection to me.

Is there a sauce?

Why didn't the copilot or navigator notice the captain putting on an oxygen mask before depressurizing.

Ahmad more like chinese Tarrant.

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Get honked

A German airline pilot did this a few years back.

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I didn't write the stories. This is what they are saying in the MSM.

Those are just theater to make you feel safe like the flotation device seat cushions and TSA.
Look up Helios Airways Flight 522
Besides, the pilot could switch off the circuit breakers to any system from the cockpit.

Maybe he locked the door and shot the nav/copilot. Maybe the whole thing is made up. Who the fuck knows but this is what they are going with.

It just seems weird to drop it in the middle of the france fire and let it get buried. If it was a setup I would think they would get more value out of blaming a white guy and making the crash visible. Help push the white terrorism angle more.

I know and I'm just pointing out how incredibly stupid it is with a rhetorical question.

is this to be considered a high score then???

I thought I was having a brain aneurysm when that Malaysia flight was shot down over Ukraine, the one with like 200 top AIDS researchers. They nonstop blared mh370 on news about the search that went nowhere for months then boom i was sitting in class and saw the plane shot out of the sky

Passenger masks have 15 minutes of oxygen, more than enough for a emergency descent to 10.000ft where the pressure is enough for consciousness.
You can disable the automatic deployment of them on the cockpit, I don't know if that's a switch or a circuit breaker (which would make it harder for him to do it without suspicion).

It's impossible to create a immediate depressurization, he probably set the pressurization to manual, so the aicraft stopped regulating the internal pressure.
The pilots wouldn't realize what would be going on until it would be too late.
Passengers would feel tired and sleepy, since it was night, most were asleep.
He probably waited the co-pilot to go to the bathroom/exit the cockpit and did his thing.

It was really crikeee crikeeeeeee but that terrible smelly headscarf merry muffled it to sound like help help me hep me he woo hep me
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Not if the passengers were just happy accidents. Sounds like the captain knocked them out instead of making them see their end coming out of compassion.

you miss spelled "suspected moshe"


This, this just screams diversion tactics.