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Lets get a thread going looking into the fire and investigate what happened. I have attached a good diagram of a floor plan. Since the roof was clad with lead its unlikely it could have been started from the top. More than likely the fire was started in the clesestory or attic area. Access was from the bell tower area there are stairwells located near the main entrance in the buttresses. I dont think the entire roof would have burned like that if, for example, only the spire caught fire. All it would have taken was a few water bottles of gasoline well placed, with a lit cigarette in a matchbook to act as a detonator.

Questions -
could someone have acessed it from the street? From the bell towers?perhaps some enterprising jihadi somehow climbed up the scaffold after work hours discreetly.
who was working on site during that day? if the likliest source of the fire is the attic the perp must have known how to access the area. normally john q pulbic cannot just walk into those areas.
could the perp have gained access to the building as a tourist and broke away from the group? Who is going in and out of there and how many people? what kind of security/restrictions were in place the day of? could someone have stowed away in the attic earlier in the day and set the blaze
what kind of device was used? surely this building did not just burst into flames it must have been set. old as the wood is i doubt a cigarette alone would have been enough, and to burn the roof so completely
facing growing financial strain, and a nightmare of a restoration task, could the people who care for the church have set the blaze as an insurance scam? Im sure they will collect insurance payout in addition to the billion already promised from philanthropists. Not only that they have turned growing apathy into an outpouring of support. Perhaps these people knew the wooden roof would burn but the stone vault was strong enough to protect the actual stone frame of the structure.
Obviously we have all heard the theories about macron orchestrating this as a flase flag to save his presidency. Not outside the real of possibility and he may have acted in concert with the curators of the church since they both really "got what they wanted" out of this

If i was an investiagator my top suspects rn would be

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Anarchists destroyed Gaudi's Church of the Holy Family plasters and other shit a bit over a hundred years ago, so it seems plausible.

forgot pic related

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my bad

based thread op, I saved this from one the original threads

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Fire can't burn wood that fast
Fire can't burn wood that fast

I think, sense nothing major was lost, just the roof that had been compromised in the 1820s or 30s project, its just as likely the fire was deliberately set to attract more donors to the renovation or remodeling project underway. They're saying millions have donated out of renewed interest. This was good publicity. I wonder if there was insurance on notre dame, and if so who might collect. Does the city own the church?

nice photoshop


Certainly looks like a detonation blast.

It sounds like france did basically minimal maintenance over the last decades on this church. If the roof timbers had rotted, or gotten fungus so bad that they had to be replaced, a fire would solve a lot of problems.

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First video:
Second video:

I see nothing wrong with investigating this path. What i hope from the truth is that it will light an even greater fire. My money is still on a sandnigger reaching for the sky, but a a scam for shekels sounds very plausible too.
Clownworld cant stop the fury.
>If its the (((government)))
Clownworld cant stop the fury.
There should be evidence of removing artwork beforehand, yet theres always the argument it was moved because of the renovation/construction.
Or perhaps it was all just an accident.

nice we need to spread this to the yellow vests

that i believe was shown to be a spire on top of the peak

I had another thought

I cant find any footage of the fire starting, or just beginning, or a real time vid of the fire from early on. All videos and photos show the whole roof already ablaze or a large portion of it - making me think that the fire roaring shortly after it was set, and likely not from natural causes or spreading

why was a camera recording that exact lovation at that exact time?
why did someone who somehow manages to sneak over there allows himself to be filmed?
if the camera was left there intentionaly and the guy intentionally let it to film him and the flash, why would they do that?

I think it was one of those traffic/weather/city view cameras that just takes a shot evry once in a while


It's a camera that livestream stuff and record one minute video every hour

Can someone explain how architecture like this was possible a thousand years ago but every building now is just fucking Bauhaus cube shit?

$$$$ simplest answer to your ?

if knowledge of that camera looking there is public
why didn't the arsonist made sure to not be recorded by that camera?
why would he allow himself to be recorded if he allowed it intentionally?
isn't it a big coincidence that the camera that livestreams 1 minute every hour just so happens catch the exact same minute in wich the fire started?


Because the sacrifice must be observed. Part of the rules.

Nobody widely know 'yet' that there was a camera live streaming it on this exact side.

And for the record.. there was a shitty video of the 911 pentagon being blasted by a blatant missile and not a fucking Boeing, it doesn't stopped government to memory hole it.

They don't give a fuck once the official version has been put you know. People are dumb and retard and won't question the official version as usual.

Cut stone is very expensive to do. That is real architecture. Today is formed concrete and steel studs and gyproc.

See, look at this; it's pierre taille…cut or measured stone, hand carved. This is an archway at Versailles. The walls and arch are solid stone.

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That's how


Jewish Capitalist Hegemony

Capitalism is an endless race to the bottom, to figure out how to make the most money possible in exchange for the least amount of work. We could build something like the Notre Dame cathedral today, no problem. But it wouldn't be profitable or efficient so we don't do it.

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We could make it efficient no problem. The real problem is (((Profit))) stands in the way every time.

Infograph is hard hitting stuff. Keep it up video evidence real time going to be the kicker.

That's quickly put out, which seems to be more in line of muslims false flagging.

Muzzy found
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I hope you saved them because they are gone. At least for me. Can you upload them here?

If two niggers can climb it so easily, French Judaic Republic can do anything

muslims don't care about this.
he didn't know about it and obviously he didn't care anyway. anybody can see him on roof
you should be glad god let them camera rolling in right moment

it is impossible to burn huge building like Notre Dame by accident. wood will not burn like this just because sparkle hit it or something. you need to put some petrol there to feed fire.

Google Predicted The Notre Dame Fire

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What's with the saturn necklace?

I would consider macron/curators to be the same line of reasoning as kikes tbh

Because buildings form our thoughts and being. When people live and work in cheap, dime-in-a-dozen buildings, they will mirror themselves to it: they will become nihilistic, cheap and consider themselves expendable and unworthy. When people live and work in buildings that have been crafted with care, love and dedication, they will mirror themselves to it: they will have taste and feel a sense of duty towards creation of beauty, instead of degradation towards barbarity.

Architecture is one of the least appreciated red pills, but one can see a definite trend in post-WW2 Europe that has lead to the current brutalist bauhaus bullshit and is in a large part the explanation for the weak-willed civilization that currently is so dominantly present in Europe,.. because why fight for what we see is happening?

muslimes would proudly proclaim they did it, unless the arson served another purpose:
to me the most plausible scenarios are:
1/ cockroach Ergodan threatening Macron for some (((reason))).
2/ random nigger/mudshit did it for the keks, governement is hiding it for damage control

There may have been multiple 'starts.' Flares, fuses, whatever, and the camera only caught one.

From French news:

"The fire could not start from a short circuit, from a single incident. It takes a real heat load at the start to launch such a disaster. Oak is a particularly hardwood."

This was not an easy fire to start. More at French source:

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1.a. Pay for the gasoline in cash.

Globally reported for fed posting

Cool screen capped


I could only WISH someone in our government had grown some balls

user, the feds will never be the ones to do those things. They are inciting others to do it for them. They want to make a case. Learn to recognize them.

Uh oh, it knows how to blacktext. Listen here, kike: How the fuck are feds supposed to make a case by giving anonymous shitposters instructions on how to engage in street warfare against kikes and their serfs / pet invaders? They are anonymous, retard. Feds want to control damage, they will try to deradicalize and argue for inaction in the face of the death of our race. Just like you are doing, rat-faced parasite.

Actually pathetic. Tell your boss to fire you.

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I copy/past and enhance my post from another thread, it's more relevant here.

No workers, and they were building the scaffolding, which does not require welding. Also, they removed all electrical installations under the roof in 2010 (or so) to avoid fire hazards. You can't access to the roof without behind allowed to [I don't know how it works for the workers tho], so they know if someone was there at this time. The cathedral was evacuated two times:

* 18:20, the guards heard the fire alarm. They then thought it's was a false positive.
* 18:43, the guards heard the fire alarm a second time, and everyone in the cathedral (the mass was going on) saw the smoke.

The alarm was very effective accord to the former security engineer, therefore the fire started a bit before 18:20 (say 18:10). Also, this engineer said that this kind of wood is not easily set on fire, you need a large source of heat to do so. He almost said live that's not an accident. A security cam recorded two "people" on the roof of Notre Dame at 17:05 (look more closely a bit on the bottom right of the spear, we see something black moving right before the end of the recording).

Therefore, I think that we can reasonably conclude that's probably not an accident (the guards weren't on the roof at that time, and no workers were in it). We need to assume that 1) no one saw them going on the roof, 2) they had everything to set this on fire (according to this engineer, you need a large amount of energy, you can't set it on fire with a cigarette, and it's unlikely that you can do it with a lighter).

We lost the XIe century timber work [I'm surprised you don't have an English word for that, you don't even have a Wikipedia page] which can't be rebuild. We also lost various arts and stained glasses. Also, the whole building might be too weak now.

False, it's our most beautiful cathedral. A lot of money was throw at it to keep it clean, secure and beautiful. A lot of historians, stonemasons, and so on, constantly worked on it. You need a special pass to go under the roof, and everything was well secured.

No, they're retarded. Some of them are even happy that this burnt, and they're asking for more. They don't want it restored, they only want more money for themselves. Most of them are disgusting boomers, low IQ and braindead atheists.

Share it if you wish, I tried, but I only got insults.

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Yes kike2, we know you would love feds posting all over this board inciting violence. That's why you lost your position as mod.!
Lots of articles have been written about the poor state of repair of this church.

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Yes, that's the stone part, nothing on those picture are critical (no one see them and they does not really weaken the structure). My English isn't great, I should have tried to be more specific. The timber work (the "Forest") where well preserved. It was a critical part of the cathedral. You can't access it easily. The fire started around the spear, where it's possible, because of the scaffolding, to throw some fuel (or whatever) and set everything on fire.

it probably livestreams permanently and records 1 minute per hour by means of recording 1 second per minute or some derivative, once people knew about the fire they started recording the livestream

Because there are no more craftsmen who could do this. Art has been degenerated into Dadda nonsense for the incoherent theories of a degenerated (((elite))). There is only the mindless machines and laborers working under the direction of overqualified Engineers.
There are no masons who could carve stone, carpenters who could work wood or smiths who could forge iron or painters who could draw, art has always been a craft and that was destroyed by Jewish intellectualism. Look outside, there is no beauty, no decorations, no statues donated by local salesmen, its all just efficient, mass produced nonsense.

fuck, no

you can say that again

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According to this article, some workers were working until 17:50. Therefore, it's normal that we see people in the scaffolding at 17:05.


I was a stonemason in Les Compagnons du Devoir. There are still thousends of skilled craftsmen. The Compagnons are among the most skilled craftsmen in France and beyond, a large part of them are working on the monuments.

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It definitely could have been a lighter or something used to light a fuse or similar. Imagine a bunch of fuel soaked material woven through the structure and ignited. Instant conflagration from a safe place, easier and safer to make it to a escape.

It appears to be someone just casually standing there, hands in their pockets, admiring their handiwork. I would not be surprised if they find human remains. That is if the fire did not get hot enough to destroy the teeth at the least. I hope they're sifting around through the remains for this sort of thing.

They did the same in Belgium.
That's what you get when society stops caring about talent and beauty.

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Christopher J. Hale
Hale is a Democratic politician from Tennessee; he has been a Catholic nonprofit executive and helped lead faith outreach for President Barack Obama. Might be the kind of guy that has friends at ND.

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It was something bigger than a lighter. Pro-tip, muzzies love to light off fireworks in European cities. Anyone who has been anywhere near a migrant hub in a European city after the sun goes down should know this.

Disgusting, what they've done to the windows…

They will be remembered as insane wrecks of men and women.

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So they decided to investigate the fire as accidental… and concluded it was accidental.

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I have a hunch massive oak beams dont burn like tinder

Also one dude with a hose when they got 15 fire stations within a few km radius

A set of rules has been set down since the beginning. Evil as well as Good, must foreshadow all their intentions, is also one of the rules. Signs and symbols are the signature of their works.

I think they started the fires to misdirect the fires and riots in copenhagen resulting from a resistance demonstration against the muslims.

It's not rules they choose to follow, it is the natural law of the soul.

"We pass for what we are. Character teaches above our wills. Men imagine that they communicate their virtue or vice only by overt actions, and do not see that virtue or vice emit a breath every moment."

It's not that we cant do it but if we are willing to wait for it, besides the unholy cost of such works nowdays. A workman long ago realized that it was very unlikely that he would ever see what he was working on completed, and neither would his son. It took a couple generations at the minimum to finish some of these works.

Look at this barn fire. Imagine its 100 feet up in the air. Once its going it can't be put out.

They need to foreshadow because the conspiracy is united only phenomenally, that is the Jews watch other Jews foreshadowing to maintain their own sanity, the same way we have learned to do so.

If they act to chaotically, not even themselves would remain sane.

They always thought they would have the information edge and really believe they are a special intelligence, it ruins their plans if the goyim see the foreshadowing as well, then they know their intelligence cannot be supreme, and they are seen by a patience deeper than they thought possible.

There would be a lot fewer skyscrapers if they were even mere 10 or 15 year projects.

What happened to the originals?

Is not made out of oak fool
not all trees burn the same.

Who is pic related

Yep, that's all oak. It burns hot but it burns slow and is actually easy to extinguish. I hear folks say, oh but the wood was treated with pitch to stop decay. Well I've been to lots of bonfires and 100 year old oak railroad ties which were soaked in pitch actually burn slower than all the other wood in the fire, sometimes they stop burning at all.. So there is that. This was arson no doubt!

The Belgian ones got destroyed by a bomb in 1945.
They originally replaced them with simple leadlights.

From that angle and height, the statue on the top can easily be the shadow of a human. Pic related. I highly doubt that the perpetrators would linger to burn in the fire or get caught.

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God has allowed Notre Dam to burn to represent how far the Vatican, Christendom and all Christen Nations have fallen from his grace.>>13149124

If this video is real and unedited, it is the smoking gun. Watch carefully, I can make out smoke from a fire he just started. I bet a trail of fuel led all the way to the spire.