Line in the Sand Drawn


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As someone who has read several of Ellis' works, the man is a fucking degenerate and very likely a homosexual.

He is a fag.

Ah, well, there ya go.

When I take seriously the commentary of some loser "artist" who writes degenerate fap-fiction for child molesters and rapist drug-addicts, when he isn't being fucked in the ass, please, shoot me.

He is a gay saying liberals are too faggot for America.

When a giant flaming faggot says you're the biggest dicksucking faggot he's seen, well thats something.

If a fudgepacker is calling you a wuss well

Please refrain from cuckspeak

I remember making jokes like that when I was a kid. Now it's a reality.


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He is an admitted faggot in the article quoted by OP. But the fact that he is a faggot doesn't make his analysis and criticism of liberal insanity wrong; he's actually pretty well on point. It just means that he's a degenerate.

Yeah. If we refuse to read a nuanced opinion from someone we don't like, we'll be stuck in an ideological bubble, incapable of meaningfully understanding or interacting with the modern world or having others understand and interact with us.

Nice read.

wtf i hate american psycho now

he's a jewish degenerate fag, but I still think less than zero is a brilliant book, especially considering that he was just out of highscholl when he wrote it.

jews don't claim him

Wew lad. What a nightmare scenario.

not to mention we'd be exactly like the other liberals he's criticizing. of course you need to listen to your enemies, so you can learn from them and make your own side more potent.

that's him denying any jewishness himself, which isn't any proof of anything. that same article said that article writer's editor or friend or something said "of course he is."

fucking maddow, now there's a jew

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I don't see any jew in his face, but his tendencies and predilections say otherwise. Give him the rope just in case.

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I am homosexual and I am proud of it. Stop being homophobic.

You're just a waste of space.

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Peter Sotos is a better writer.