On inequality

Once, my friend asked me a very simple logical riddle:

Since I was young and stupid back then, it took me roughly 30 seconds to understand the riddle. When I did though, I proudly pronounced "Hey, a dog is not a cat!". Friend bowed her head in agreement. And that was my first lesson into understanding the concept of inequality.

Many people right now praise equality as a concept of universal goodness - when everyone will be equalized, there will be no sorrows in this world! And in their minds it might indeed be a very reasonable idea. The only problem with it is that dogs are not cats. And our societies consist of various canines and felines of all races and breeds, and in no world will you ever equalize two of them, not even talking about all of them. A dog is not a cat. A shepherd dog is not a chihuahua. A male poodle is not a female poodle. Even those two adorable dalmatian siblings are not the same - as they have different spots in different places, and their tempers are different too. Out of seemingly nowhere there are 3-4 abstraction levels between two tail-waggers, so it is absolutely impossible to compare them.

However, I am here to make a point, and not to discuss animals. One might use my own argument from the beginning of the article, "Humans are not animals, we're all equal, one race - human race!" - but this is false, different human beings are just as unequal as animals. Some withstand sun for longer periods of time, some can eat rotten meat without poisoning themselves, some can withstand great pains of childbirth, and some are just too young or too old. All attempts to equalize people are doomed to fail. People are born unequal. There is even an ancient, nearly three thousand year old tradition which has the only purpose - to determine who are the best people in the world, and it holds strong even in modern times - however I would not be surprised if it would soon be destroyed in a goal of equalizing everyone.

Let's ask ourselves, what is the point of equalizing everyone? Who wins in equalization? The weakest link. If there are two twin brothers working, one does a thing in an hour, and the other one does 2 things in an hour - but both are paid the same, who wins? The first one, as he puts in less effort for the same salary. There is no reason for him to work more, as he will not be paid more. The point of equalization is not finding a median, a compromise, a middle ground - instead, what happens is everyone is brought down to the lowest possible level.

A paraplegic man is not a good footsoldier, and must not be equalized with one. Mentally unstable person should not be equalized with a brain surgeon. Trying to equalize men and women just strips sexes of their respective dignities and produces inferior "women" from men, and inferior "men" from women. Women should never campaign for artificial wombs, as it would devalue women's natural child-bearing dignity. Men should never campaign for women to serve in military, as it would devalue men's natural protecting dignity. Trying to enforce any of those two equalizations will bear inferior, expensive and pointless male mothers, and inferior, weak and demoralizing female soldiers.

Most texts discussing equality that are worth their paper also mention equality of opportunity versus the equality of outcome. Those concepts have been discussed very thoroughly, and most people understand them. There is a reason why when people say "equality" everyone understands this as "equality of outcome" - because "equality of opportunity" implies there are natural inequalities between different people, and therefore implies some people are better than others - which we absolutely cannot have in the current sociopolitical climate.

Equality is a false goal. In the world of natural order, where people do what they must, and are not forced where they do not belong, just to equalize numbers in managerial graphs, unequal people should do whatever they do best, instead of trying to squeeze in where they do not fit - and this horribly unequal society would be much more efficient than the equal one.

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This is practically my catchphrase at this point in talking with people IRL

The worst form of inequality is trying to make unequal things equal.

Fuck off yid.

Thanks OP, this is some good letters.

"Who wins in equalization? The weakest link"
Isn't this basically the goal of Socialism? It sounds good, but the weakest link is help up high while the hard workers are crushed. Capitalism is ""not"" perfect, but way better than this equality nonsense.

Equality is an allegorical meme about death, you can thank ye old masonic memelords for it.

absolutely monitoring

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Just as a disclaimer, I am not a beaverposter, and not pretending to be one (the picture is the worst stuffed beaver picture I found). I will try to post regularly, and will also try my best to make articles as mildly redpilling as possible, i.e. safe to share with normalfags.

Don't dox yourself dude!


Beaverposter used to work for le weedman anyway before he fell on his sword. He knew far too much about Canada in particular.

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And who wins in anarchy? The serial killer, crimeboss, and dictator.

As humans we operate in a tribe, and the head of the tribe enforced rules. Some of those rules are for the silverback step on the uppity youngsters and hog the girls, and some are to protect the girls, and promote equality.

Of course the world is not equal. Of course the world is not fair. Of course terrible things happen to good people. But equality is a simple way for all members of the tribe to feel protected l, to promote "justice" and to promote order.

Thanks, user. Beats the hell out of my caps

My personal assistant took that photograph at one of my many speeches.

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Kurt Vonnegut taught us equality was fucking lame with Harrison Bergeron back in middle school.

I miss beaveranon.

I miss when discussion on Zig Forums doesn't end up being muslim calling other people kikes.


An example, if you complain about muzzie, you are either a christian or a kike.

It makes no sense at all, muzzies are absolutely using boogeymen to shield themselves from criticism.

Lest we forget for a moment. Mormon girls are the best girls.

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I miss the days of beaver poster

2 and 4 are jews and you are a jew

I’ve been wondering this for a while. This board gets shilled hard about Christianity, because kikes. Intent seems to be to either paint everyone as "pagans" with no explanation or atheists who won’t admit as such. Christianity is shilled as being shit by proxy for being tangentially semetic because cradle of civilization. As if nobody understands that present day jews are not the same as present day kikes. Fuck that. Buddhism is basically correct, if the scope is the individual. This personal development is completely separate from the moral development that Christianity concerns itself with and that judaism subverts withnitz poz. What’s the score here Zig Forums? Give me an answer. Are you ignorant 20-something “rational” atheists or do you know what it’s about yet?

Christians will always use assumption instead of facts:
- jews hate christians (no evidence of such)
- jews hate Christ (no evidence of such, their hatred of the cross is steemed from fear of being crucifixed by romans)

ok, errors in that post. Not present day jews, but the kind Jesus whipped. And “with its poz”. Sorry but phoneposting because I spend 10 hours a day on a desktop pc

kike please.

Kike please.

not a response.

Not an argument.

Not a conversation.

Mormon girls get sent to third world countries while being told "one race, the human race!" And then get raped
And the ones that don't go on missions get drunk do drugs and fuck niggers
I've seen both cases firsthand, I'm familiar with mormons
You're a fucking retard

Species is a spectrum

Imagine saying this unironically on Zig Forums

What size of lamp do you have running that projector, Ari?

Hes just infatuated with beauty of white women. Its a normal response when you live in a world of subhuman filth and barely functioning apes. Perhaps you should lay off bashing your own race in a dick measuring contest on an this imageboard and just appreciate the message for a second. Its okay to have fun, its certainly okay to appreciate white women if youre white.

That much is obvious, but I don't know his story. I am not affiliated with anyone but myself, and I will only plan to go to politics once my financial situation is figured out, which is not very soon.

A convenient fracture point. One user, posting from 2 IPs can quickly shit up any thread by first, making lowkey dogwhistles towards christianity or paganism, or against muslims/kikes, you get me, then biting own bait (it's like sucking own cock, but anons watch and participate sometimes) and going full out >implications, soon half of posts in the thread is of that user, and the discussion is ruined. There is so much bait lying around that some genuine anons start to bite, and then it all goes to the shitter. D&C works. In fact, my next post should probably be on d&c.

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It's a top down control strategy. Religion is the idea that even if life is shit now, the life beyond won't because religion says so. So don't worry so much about fixing your shitty lot in life. Do as you're told. Go back to sleep.

It's all noise to try and distract from the real deal: Life is shit and, if you work at it a bit, you can make it a bit less shit. No matter what you believe. But no, let's all bitch and complain about pretend sky fairies or whatever instead of trying to fix things that are fixable right now.

Provide proof then?
See? Immediately deflection.

Please kill yourself slowly and painfully.

user, you seemed to aim for dubdubs so hard, you missed the point. It's not about religion - everyone with half a brain understands that - it's about destroying our culture of communication. You know what I did in 2016 when I saw religious posts? I did not participate or respond. You know what I do now? Immediate filter. Not applied all the time of course, but the point is that if I see religious d&c, I understand where this goes. No one used to use those arguments in 2016, when religious d&c started on this board (to my experience, since I avoided boards, including cuckchan, up until around 2016 - olderfags may correct me). Instead, anons were saying "yeah, whatever, fucking kikes" with variations, sometimes including a hearty suggestion to kys. And since shills didn't really participate in this so openly, most of religious d&c was ignored, but right now it's off the fucking charts, which makes me to believe it is deliberately being injected into our discussions to try to deflect our attention. Even visible in this thread already.

Similarly, why and who is it that decided we as a civilization should advance in a certain manner? And how do we determine we are indeed advancing civilization and not masturbating insteas?


Not everyone is sadomasochistic OP

Please read up on Russian Revolution or American Civil War. Lots of people (and some of more reasonable niggers) were quite fine with being servants, that absolves them of responsibility of making major decisions in their life, and provides them with food and shelter, while otherwise in the free world they would have been reduced to begging or low end part time jobs, extreme poverty and squatting. Hierarchy is natural, and it is natural for strong people to climb it, and weak people to populate the depths where they belong. If you equalize a strong man with a weak man, now you have two weak men.

I don't ask for much.

There's no difference between a serf and a wage slave, except a wage slave life is way more complicated and you need to work more hours.

I don't think I have this beaver post OP, thanks!

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Ahh I see, not the beaverposter, but good effort user!


Thanks, Sean, I will ganbatteru my best.

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If you know what's good for this board's userbase, you'll not only touch upon D&C but other methods of shitflinging used to bring down the collective IQ of this board.

There is no such thing as equality., it cannot exist.
There are three ways they try and sell us equality.
1.Inherent equality.
2.Opportunity equality.
3.Outcome equality.
The first, inherent equality is self evidently untrue to anyone not invested in the ideology of absolute equality that it barely needs addressing. It is measurable, testable and replicable. Nevertheless there are people who insist upon absolute equality. They explain away the measurable inequality by resorting to social causes, and who would claim that poverty or oppression doesn’t have a negative impact to some degree?
The problem comes when they discover that in spite of money, opportunity, support, encouragement, role models and all the long etcetera of social mechanism applied over decades and generations and designed to help their pets that they really haven’t improved much at all. Instead of re-examining the cherished fantasy of equality they desperately resort to the blank slate of absolute social determinism. They begin to create more and more vague and nebulous bogeymen to explain why Laqueshia and Tavyon are still unable to read.
The more a world view is contradicted by observable reality the more cognitive dissonance exists, the more mental gymnastics are required to explain away the discrepancy and the more force is required to try and make it real. Thus, in resorting to the blank slate to prop up equality they inevitably have to engineer society to remove the 'systems of oppression' that 'unfairly' make women shit at stem or niggers unable to swim. So they create quotas, hate speech, media morality plays, indoctrination aimed at the young and all the other tiresome exercises in futility we are so disgusted by. And of course it continues to fail because their initial assumptions are wrong which only compels them to greater social control and the downward spiral continues because equality is chasing a delusion.

If we accept fundamental inequality then the second, equal opportunity and the third, equality of outcome, transform into merit.
Now some people think that merit is a form of equality but they are wrong.
Merit is not equality and will never result in equality, only inequality.
Merit assumed inequality, looks for inequality and finds inequality and if applied honestly results in hierarchical elitism.
The only form of equality conceivable is absolute equality, anything else is hierarchical, meritocratic elitism ie. selection of the fittest.
But the fittest isn’t a fixed set of characteristics, the key question is 'what is being selected for by the natural or social ecology of the prevailing conditions overtime?'
If you have a natural or social ecology that selects for self interest, deceit, betrayal, cowardice, manipulation and greed then that is what you end up with over time: jews.
If you have a natural or social ecology that selects for loyalty, strength, honesty, courage and self sacrifice then that is what you get over time: Aryans.
It is correct that those with the relevant greater merit have a duty to lead those of lesser merit. Anything less is dysgenic, degenerate and a disservice to everyone involved.
There is no such thing as equality, it cannot and should not exist.

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I understand and I feel you, user. However, I get sidetracked and fixated easily, as per my autism, so if you have something worthwhile to add to any user, please go ahead and make a post yourself. We can raise the level of discussion together if we will do our part.

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Give everyone the same amount of money.
A) Eats out three meals a day at Fast Food, restaurants, and junk food for a few months.
B) Eats Ramen Noodles every single day for Lunch for a few months.
B) Goes to the Bahamas on Vacation.
A) Gets jealous of B and Riots and Loots.

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Gladly I would, but nothing seems to cross my mind thus far. I swear, it's either the curt, inflammatory, mindless chest beating that happens here that wears my patience and attention span down the most.

Daily reminder that not all races are equal
Black for example, are quite obviously VERY much different from any other
Man's evolutionary close relatives once roamed everywhere beside us, only to get btfo because reasons, and those relatives were able to interbreed with humans too
The neanderthal still lives, but only in the white man, and it shows too, the neanderthal was smart, and empathetic to even those who weren't it's kin
The negro still lives, but in plains & jungles, and recently, sadly put into what it can't deal with, civilization

If you were to breed a dog to look like man, he would look like one, but you could never breed a dog to truly be a man

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The whole "today's jews" vs "ancient jews" or "israeli jews" vs "khazar empire" or "ancient israelites" vs "judean jews" or whatever other pilpul the LARPers quibble about is irrelevant. I don't actually care if there is any genuine separation between the groups (ancient Israel / Judea in Rome / Khazar Empire after influx of jews and mass conversion / modern kikes), even if they are completely separate they are all still our enemies. An ethnic jew is an enemy and a practitioner of judaism is an enemy. It doesn't matter who is a real jew and who is a fake jew - real or fake, any kind of jew is bad. There were never "good jews" and the nation of Israel has always been evil, and has always been our enemy. And anyone who wants to LARP as an Israelite or bring about "muh christian Israel" is a traitor to the Aryan people.

Thank you, my friend for an excellent contribution. You clearly defined what my mind decided to skip on yesterday.
The dreaded "equality" concept comes to a grinding halt when put into a natural society, as continuing on an analogy of dogs, not all dogs can jump the fence of the same height, or crawl under a very low barrier - mainly because of physical differences.
There is this picture with three boys of different height standing in front of a fence, while the tallest one can see past it, the middle one can stand on a single box and see everything, and the third one needs 2 boxes, as he's too short.
The initial description alone implies that there are different people (and if height is used as a metaphor, this becomes even better, as this implies that people are unequal not because of something they cannot control, but possibly because of something they can - merit), which kind of defeats the purpose of promoting equality.
But then we see what happens if people are given the same amount of resources (a box), and that second boy is now able to see what's behind the fence, while third still lacks the height of one box to see. The idealistic commie representation of equality would assume that the tallest needs to give his resources away to the shortest. This fails to mention that giving the shortest man the box from the tallest will not make him taller - it would only imply a constant stream of boxes not given to the first person to try to make third one compete with him. It looks good in a lefty's mind, because muh children - so I have a suggestion.
Imagine that both the tallest boy and the next tallest boy have enough height to both see above the fence. Only the shortest one cannot. The trick here is that there are no boxes. Using lefty equalizing logic, to make everyone of equal height would require chopping the legs of the tallest boy to only make him see beyond the fence barely, and give those legs to the shortest boy to compensate for his proverbial deficiencies. This paints a picture much closer to reality, and is an easy counter to a moral tearjerking argument lefties try to imply here.
And don't get me started on the fact that fence is there for a reason, and there is also another reason why this proverbial fence is of exactly the specified height. Maybe, despite all the implications of that retarded comic, some people are just not fit to make it without taking from the ones that are superior to them.

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3 year old orangutans pass the mirror test…6 year old Kenyans do not…

Well, I clearly chose a shitty picture to represent that concept - please forgive me, as I'm but a filthy phoneposter for reasons. I know that you still understand what I meant.

That brings another strange mental problem of the negro
Negros are typically sociopathic in many ways, it shows on a societal scale; their lack of affection for their children, their nonchalant assault of those who are innocent, and their large history of animal abuse is also to be remembered
And the same with iq, Koko the gorilla had a score around 70 (to be generous), that score is higher than the Negro's average of around 60, which commonly goes even lower
The Negros also have a skewed perception of time, I remember an user stating it like this "Niggers really do think they dindunuffin, they time from when they did, to them, is to far ago, that just like punishing a dog, they can't remember what they even did wrong, so to them, they really dindunuffin"
Negros sense of time is more reminiscent of that of an animals, they have no patience because to them time is much different, to us is an hour, to them is a day, this is also a sign of a lack of high intelligence
When even a toddler of almost any other can outclass them, theres definitely a problem

Negros are also quite visibly diverse too, there are definite differences between peoples who are islanders, plains-walkers, jungle dwellers, slaves, etc
Even the differences of tribes can be seen at a closer dissection

Just read Harrison Bergeron, takes like 4 minutes


I have been noticing a pattern of (1)s suddenly appearing in threads pushing anti-female sentiments. Whenever something positive is said about white women, when their beauty is praised or certain behaviors of some of them are praised, they appear and try to either accuse the women of engaging in degeneracy, try to drag them or white women in general through the mud and shit on the user who dared to say something positive about his female racial comrades. The ideal of the pure white women, for which appreciation is expressed, is immidiately associated with some sort of filth, which kikes are ultimately responsible for, but which gets blamed on white women in general every single time.
My guess is that positive impulses from male fascists towards the weaker sex are dangerous for kikes, as women are easily manipulated by the system, but at the same time also more easily brought back on track by strong men. Thats why the shill orgs try to push Zig Forums into the corner of "anti-female, bitter, resentful incels", a narrative which the media also gladly reinforces. Spreading anti-female sentiments among Zig Forumsacks also will also increase their alienation from society, hindering the metapolitic impact a well-socialized Zig Forumsack with an uplifting mentality would have.

Sage for OT, this new occurence just reminded me of my thoughts on this.

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That's because there are a few drastically different racial groups. The largest by far are the Bantu (typical gorilla-looking ones) who murdered their way across Africa and killed off most other African races. Many groups classified as non-Bantu due to speaking different languages (ie, Nilotic cultures) are in fact ethnically part of this same race.

Then you have smaller races like the Khoisan (their skin is brown rather than black, and they tend to have pronounced cheekbones and slightly asian-looking eyes), Pygmies (self-explanatory), and the Cushitic race. The Cushitic race is the largest non-Bantu race in Africa and encompasses the various Ethiopian ethnic groups as well as Somalis and a few others. They avoided genocide at the hands of Bantus mainly through greater technology and political organization, aided by trade with Egypt and the Arab world.

It is easy to group them all under "black" because they do look similar, but they are in fact separate races. Just as, to an Asian, the Aryan and Semitic races look fairly similar.

Equality among most physical beings is mathematically impossible unless they are identical twins with identical metabolism and life styles and identical IQ. Equality means "the same." This is what = represents in math, it means that both values ARE the same. It's why in algebra you are solving for X to equal whatever value you have on the opposite side of the "equation." The social pseudoscientists have extrapolated this concept to an unrealistic understanding of how beings operate in the 3D plain - which is why any ideology or premise founded upon equality where equality cannot exist is doomed to fail. People can be equal under protections with the law (and they actually can't be the second state intervention tips the scales like affirmative action) but outside of that one contrived instance true equality is physically and mathematically impossible.

The tragedy of equality is that at first glance it seems so decent and nice and its not without nobility. I suppose this is what keeps people believing in it even to an insane degree. But when we examine it and go down the rabbit hole as we have been forced to do for generations now its true nature is revealed. Equality is anti Logos and cannot exist.
The 20th century, especially the latter part can be seen as a horrific test of egalitarianism that has only proved fundamental inequality.

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I read somewhere that the Cushitic race is Hamitic.


Hahaha. In your madeup world maybe, in reality it meant scraps or being killed because your master had a bad day.

Equality means everyone gets to be good, inequality means both are bad, the master that inherited the position, not by skill, and peasant that is bad by default.

OP just said he isn't beaverposter.

good post OP. Now tell it to people who need to hear it.

Nice trips. I do. Did you?

Equality is the opposite of quality

He lost his job because of me. Never, use your gang connections to hassle people if you're in government, okay Wornout Cokeseller?

Glad to see you're still here

Obfuscation is their most powerful weapon. Confused people cannot stand strong.

Bumping a good thread


There's a narrative i've been working on for awhile, and I'll share it and see what folks think, in this most-lovely thread.

It was started with this scene:

There is hope. Bump for quality posting.

But it goes deeper, because the jews in particular DO believe in mechanistic inequality - and recognize, on at least some level, that they are the lesser being in that scenario.
Thus, they attack anyone and anything promoting or espousing mechanistic-based judgements of inequality, demonize such, while at the same time promoting and espousing status-based judgements of inequality - targeting their opposition in this context - as righteous and justified.

Now, as a racialist, I have no doubt in my mind that there are mechanistic differences generating inequality between groups. Its simply a fact.
I thereby judge some to be lesser than others.
Does that mean that I am justified in being blind to the lives of those I deem lesser? By no means - I cannot afford to be blind to their lives, for their lives have the capacity to effect my life, and the lives of those who are my equals.

What about the jews and leftists? The create a synthetic form of inequality, by deeming any who do not agree with their rejection of mechanistic inequality - rejection of reality - to be low-status and thus unequal to themselves. By this methodology, they create a caste whose lives they feel they are justified in being blind to, up to the point of calling for them to be abused and assaulted.
They laugh at the misfortune of such people, relish their suffering, gain joy from their misery.

I believe this paradigm, or something derivative from it, is core to our current state of difficulty.

If equalization was organic, sure. But it is not. Equalization is a construct, and who wins is who is behind the construct.
"Equality/equity" is a very good (and simple enough) example of leftist lemming hypocrisy. Having to create laws declaring equality shows that equality isn't natural. A lefty will tell you that God is mythology and Darwin was right, while ignoring that natural selection (survival of the fittest) weeds out the weak and awards the strong. Religions typically consider all men to be equal, yet to a lefty religion is simply vile. Modern marxists are absurdly unaware that they even are marxists.

The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal. - Aristotle

I’ve been thinking about this, and I think Bernie Sanders is right that felons ought to vote. Civic consideration is a luxury of people with time and distance.

Felons might have their votes won by candidates promising better prison conditions - and that would be good, because reducing prison trauma improves rehabilitation prospects.

Beyond that, what will a prisoner vote for? They’re profoundly more unlikely to have corrupt connections to power than lobbyists or celebrities, and we don’t take the vote from lobbyists or celebrities.

Prisoners have more free time than almost anyone to contemplate civic affairs, and doing so gives them something productive and pro-social to do with their brains while in prison. The role of citizen is a righteous elevation from the role of felon, and if we want prisoners to make that transition successfully the work should begin while they are still jailed. Contemplating their vote is likely to be an exercise in peaceful purification of self and other.

Niggers vote Dem. That is the sole reason for this destructive stupid idea. It is that simple, Epstein.

Here. Have the original beaver post on EO.

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That fucking cuck piece of shit who was trying to save him died too!! Hahahahahahahahahaa I haven't seen anything that funny in fucking years. HAhahahahaah

user is noticing things…

It's designed so you get badfeelz when you looks at/thinks about whytewmmn

pic related

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Bump for interest


ALERT: POL IS A CHATBOT. The BOTS do not respond to RED TEXT. Bumped dozens of threads, not one person has told me to stop. Chatbots just start talking in necrobumped threads. Not many humans on this site.

wtf I love redtext now


I think you are right, that we should recognize each other's differences, rather than pretend they don't exist. But I do not believe that recognizing each others differences provides an excuse to ignore fairness and justice, nor does it give the excuse to deny equality of opportunity. Perhaps you agree with that too, I do not know.

Another issue with equality is not just the equality of outcome, but also equality of law, which plays into equality of opportunity in many ways. A law imposed by a majority should be applicable to the majority, and affect them as it would the minority. The same goes vice versa.

say something original

I was in Hawaii for 5 weeks once and I was lonely the entire time. Finally the last day of my holiday, when I was just about to leave, I was having breakfast at Duke's Barefoot bar and a Mormon waitress there who was similar but better looking to the blond in the middle, humbly asked me out on a date. It was tragic. God always torments me with these practical jokes ..

Imaging throwing your life away trying to save a shitskin retard that selfishly drowns you trying to keep himself above water. Fucking hilarious monkeyshines.

know what's infuriating?
If someone had killed the drowning man the "hero" would have survived but THAT'S ILLEGAL

sick. total infatuation with fake bullshit without even realizing it. not oven one of them makes any effort to be based and reject it.


read the Talmud and the Torah and then tell me why they say Christ is being boiled in shit and cum

Trump will be the first person to contact you

They're not really trying to make us all equal, though they're using equality as a cover for their true goal, which is to make everybody even. Nobody should have any more than anyone else, or else they've somehow cheated, through subterfuge, graft, or the nebulous and intangible privilege when the other two can't be proven.

You worked hard through school and a career, splurged less and saved more, and invested wisely with your eye on the future, and now you live in a nice house in a nice neighborhood? You must be cheating. Now cough up some money, because here's M'bobo, Muhammad, and Julio, and you have to make sure that they can live high on the hog, too.

this user gets it. equality isn't a natural state but instead it's a concept invented by the europeans. people outside europe don't buy into it in the sense western people do (just like they don't value democracy as much as westerners)