More girls love Brenton Tarrant
Another video has sprung up of more girls praising Brenton Tarrant.

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Hmm, I wonder where you got that profile pic from?


wao………so many fashy goyettes………………..O__O


Women love killers, nothing new. Shoot up a mosque and thots will be begging you to choke them while being hatefucked assuming you aren't a grotesque manlet.


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Fek, I forgot to add phile

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I am not surprised. The girls like brave and strong men.

Fucking vicious, lolis are the natural enemy of muds.

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You must realize that Tarrant will never enjoy the company of woman again since he's going to be spending the rest of his life in prison.

Maybe he'll get some pictures in the mail to fap to…

is op a pedo who makes girls on the internet read stuff?

Are these girls serious? How can they be that smart and see through all the bs at that age?

Why are shitskins praising him?

is nobody going to talk about the fact that whoever made this went around probably giving monetary incentive for people to say this?

this is genius

I refuse to entertain this thought. Gives (((some))) arguments too much sway. I just appreciate the endresult, regardless of how it came to be.

Kill yourself you jew fuck.

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Mossad is mad girls aren't praising Mossad.

kek, I hope you use these funds for a good cause user

Its obvious these are all dumb thots just reading chat, but that just makes it funnier.

wow, cant believe you got that many girls on fiverr to read that. lmao.

Someone is butthurt.

OP is a faggot

We'll put him in charge of a white south African ethnostate just for symmetry

Yeah, imagine women and girls being happy that someone will protect them.

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Based lolis. What a suprose women don't want to live under dirty towel for rest of their lifes when their bearned retarted muslim husband beat them to death. Women are easy to redpill about Islam than you think.


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These are mostly chat donations read out by clueless little girls. You habe to be room temperature IQ to not get that. There seem to be a few real ones though, which is actually hilarious and based.

Nothing pedo about fact that women love killers.

Where are the adult women praising St Tarrant? Are they all too brainwashed by ZOG?

can someone post a link to the full saint Brenton video? I want to analyze the music he was playing in the car beforehand.

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Zig Forums has everything already cataloged in their Tarrant OP…they have the weapons, music…everything.

little sluts all should be raped. pedophilia is ok.

I talk about Saint Tarrant all the time on Zig Forums…lots of women, who understand that he is our only protector love him above all other men.


Defender, we think of him as OUR DEFENDER when no one else will help us…

I'm white. I'd beat all these cunts up then rape.

t. Ahmed
Those donkeys had it coming too, they should have veiled their donkey asses inshallah

If anyone needs more proof that mudslimes need to be viciously exterminated, its right here.

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Shut up muslim !
Go fuck a goat

Post your hand with timestamp Ahmed

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>I'm (((white)))

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so a white church should be shot up or a white mall? ok agree there.

Are you scared your words might have motivated another user to slaughter your inbred brothers in their mosque? Awww… too late

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so someone can shoot any white chick in the head anytime?

you're a massive degenerate.

You seem to be unaware of the guilt mudslimes have amassed on a collective level. They are invaders actively and most of the time even knowingly participating in white genocide. The death penalty might be carried out against every single shitskin in white lands. Besides, mudslimes aren't humans, they are animals. Killing them is a mere form of pest control.

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Eat gas shlomo

it's more important to shoot shitskins like you asshole

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It seems split about 50/50 between kids that are clearly just reading off a donation message and kids that genuinely like Tarrant. Even considering if half of them aren't legit and just being read, it is still great news to see a bunch of loli's genuinely supporting our hero. The two blonde loli's at the end and the brunette before them seemed very genuine and warmed my cold, broken heart.

Stop using the term "loli", weaboo creep.

This post fills me with shame. But tbf, I've mostly heard the opposite from women I know in real life.

But then again I'm thinking of the few exceptions to that and I'm again filled with shame and the need to make this right.



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Here, user: Shooting.torrent




ah cool man. can i help?


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lolno, he's getting out in 27 years. Didn't you read the manifesto?

Is that the proper one, or the one with the glitch where the sound cuts out for 30 seconds near the start?

Have you tried sharing these videos on other sites, social media and forums? Just imagine the triggered Muslims and anti-whites.

You must realize that Tarrant would never enjoy company of woman anyway because he is manlet and women hate manlets.

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For some reason that picture won't display for me. Have this instead.

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You fucking idiots. Women have been sending love letters to serial killers for ages. This is just women being women, nothing to do with them caring even remotely about western civilisation.

50, keep crying.

They cannot help it because it is their instinct to find the strong and violent men to breed in order to survive through the brutal environment. It is too ingrained in their DNA.

Even more than men, most women do not educate themselves about strategic issues for their nation. They have no ability to consider the more horrible histories and atrocities. Women who can see the real issues are few and far between, sadly. I used to think that all women thought like I did and then I discovered that, in reality, they worked very hard not to think at all, beyond the next meal or the next tiny drama in their life. This is the main reason why you will never hear me complaining about the vote being taken away from women. They intentionally REFUSE to educate themselves about history or politics (and I don't mean 'watching fux news' I MEAN EDUCATING THEMSELVES by reading and research). I would rather see the vote taken away for all people who can't pass a basic historic competency and IQ test. At any rate, I didn't say it to make anyone feel bad…I was trying to correct that kikes use of language when he called Brenton a 'killer', did he kill, yes he did, but it was in self defense of our people, who I love more than I love my own life…when someone attacks us, or invades our nation; they are in the wrong morally; Brenton should not be slandered as a 'killer' when he is defending his people. We have to be careful with language because words have real power and they have meaning. ;) Anyway thanks…I know that when my people figure things out they will rise up and defend us as well. I pray everyday that I will live to see that happen.

Saint Tarrant is not a 'serial killer' stupid fucking kike. He is the defender of our people and our nation.

It seems we have rattled the boomer nest, they hate the native jargon.

its going to be really hecking cool when the journos find out about this one

That devotion to our people just makes me want to cry…it reminds me of all the dead I have witnessed as victims of the subhuman advanicing horde all the beautiful young daughters that will never have another birthday or ever grow old and have a family. Thank you for posting that user…I am in tears that he remembered us, our people, remembered European women.

I always learn the names of our dead at the enemies hand, learn how they died, how long it took for them to die…I try to imagine their terror and suffering or their calling on God or any savior, but no one comes. Adding insult to injury the same people stalk and harass us, rape us and kill us without any punishment at all…sometimes it is just to hard to take because no one cares…no one…even the people on Zig Forums only care in the abstract sense but never enough to organize or protect us from the evil that is destroying all of our nations. Alright I am going to go cry, but it just fill my heart with so much sorrow to see that someone, other than just me, really cared…they cared enough to remember her.

Bin Laden was right, it's also the reason SJW ideology is so popular on campuses, people will ALWAYS follow the strong horse. No matter how abhorrent and crazy something may seem in normal society (like SJWs,) their strongman no dissent allowed tactics is real and it works. The jews / commies know this, Bin Laden knew this, Hitler understood this, only "muh PR" cucks still don't get it.

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yeah, right, totally genuine; i guess tarrant will enjoy some pedofap nao

not gonna defend much behind bars tho


Tarrant will be released in 27 years, just like Nelson Mandela. Then he will continue his fight for the European race, or retire if his services will no longer be needed. Read the manifesto.

you're just as whiny as your jew brothers

Short sighted; if we begin to fight back we can free him from prison much sooner.

it's 4chan trolling mini pre-thots into saying shit they don't understand, hilarious and useful.

I am not surprised. The girls like men who kill its a story as old as murders


lmao 2 of then are niggers its not about race its about roastbeef loving killers

AHAHAHAHHAH supREEEmacist cucks are so fucking delusional i cant even

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We got another Yang ganger here.
He sure needs more Jew Jew Cum.

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Why is she so perfect?

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Not in the kind of prison he will be put in.
Besides, 27 + 28 = 55. He should start meditating now to lower his heartbeat rate.


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What video is this from
I've been seeing it everywhere

Face the Strange. the Strange.html


If a mass shooter froze a bunch of sperm before making himself famous and left it with a friend to give to any woman who wanted it, could the government stop them?

Not legally but they might try anyway

Little girls aren’t only ones that love Brenton Tarrant .. I’m 21 and I love him too .

I want Saint Tarrant bad . I want him . I’m going to be Mrs Tarrant someday ..

That's incorrect, heaps of girls wanted to throw themselves at Charles Manson (pbuh).