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The last embers of the alt right are spending their last fuel punching at Brenton Tarrant

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Fug, forgot to drop the transparency on highlights before exporting

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Can someone make a remove kebab edit of this classical American psycho scene?
Just subsitute the australian face for Patrick Batemans face.

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yOU Will be disapointe

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No wonder they hate us
We're the most Chad race on the planet

I love white people, white girls, kids their age, and the future of this shithole timeline so fucking much, I am genuinely glad I didn't kill myself 25 years ago. I would adopt every one of those girls and spend my life making sure they all got good marriages and happy homes. Lord protect them from the whores the Jews will throw at them as a peer group in the next few years, and preserve them until they can have their own shitskin-killing broods in due course.


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Honestly watching this video makes me glad that white people are becoming a minority in America.

Thank you Codemonkey for allowing posters like this to be on Zig Forums



All the ""asian" child sex slavery ring scandal ended up in the most unacceptable way posible, many of the subhumans paedophiles got COMMUNITY SERVICES.

Will need only ==ONE== of these to be bruttally lynched by a angry characteristically anglo mob, like the hooligans, in the middle of the street and bright daylight, something like this would light up a fire that would be inextinguishable.

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Ah he's the boardowner, gotchu.
Still learning all this 8channel board culture.

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Fucking top kek

bull shit … honk honk brenton …. wow

so over under in the next year (from the date).
I take under.

Fuck off, we're full.

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He looks cute :D

Shame there's no real way to organise something like that nowadays


Put on a shirt and some decent pants. Those grey sweatpants are disgusting. Id live life to the fullest tomorrow.


Here’s the FAQ’s page cunt.

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Hello, I hope someone can spoonfeed me. I need this visual translated in French.

The translation would be:
"Vers une société nouvelle" (top)
"Nous allons toujours de l'avant" (bottom)

In the circle, in a clockwise direction (starting from Worker's Rights): Droits des travailleurs / Anti-imperialisme / Environnementalisme / Marches responsables / Communaute liberee des addictions / Loi et Ordre / Autonomie ethnique / Protection de l’heritage et de la culture

Thanks in advance, it will be greatly used

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(in capital letters)

Thats a great gif. Saved.

Faggots are gonna be faggots. Why even care about the pathetic attempt by (crypto)homosexual, effeminate federal agents at coopting fascist forces inside the US to take away their momentum and put their own guys in place at the top known as the "alt right"? Every little bit of attention you give these people just drags out their misery. Let them die in peace and focus on valid political goals.

Thanks. And checked.

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They are just reading superchats, I doubt they know what they are saying.

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That's fucking stupid.

How about use the movie line instead.

"You call that a slaughter? This is a slaughter."

Sorry but go back to facebook.

No need to discourage him.

You can voice criticism without being an effiminate faggot.

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nothing is stopping you dude

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If you wait till night (or someome else won't make it earlier) I can do this.
t. Czech translator.

Editable PDF included in case you need to fix typos. Or just let me know and I'll update.

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thanks a lot

actually if you could add the "É" to the following words: "HÉRITAGE", "COMMUNAUTÉ", "LIBÉRÉE", "MARCHÉS" and "IMPÉRIALISME" it would be perfect

My mistake for not noticing they were removed when I copy pasted. Thanks again

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Remember the
spammer a while back? Of course you don't because this place is filled with newfags.
A c c e l e r a t e
Is the evolved subversion of the above.

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Gradualism is superior, wait until we're racemixed to oblivion before conflict

I want to say Photoshop, but damn, I wanna believe.

Also, all the "waves and rolls" seem to be correct, so I am currently convinced.

Great work anons. Keep it up!

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Good girls.

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Jeez user, calm your skin. Time to head back to reddit (or maybe impress us with your own oh-so-clever wordy memes)

Pewdiepie released a greenscreen format recently of him looking down and approving. Please, some video edit user… i need this.



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Here is the orginal video you can use.

This would make a great D&D party


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Sorry, wrong thread.

This is dank

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There's pretty neat version of it too

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Does anyone have the source image for the graphic on her t-shirt? If the file's already been uploaded, please just link to the post.

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This was pretty similar ro my reaction

already done
I guess you're updating that edition though.

Thank you!

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Mister Metokur wanted it to be "holocaust footage" even though the holocaust is an obvious fraud. Fuck him.

currently making OC edit reply and i will put you in it

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It was in the context of sending it to the MSM, you low IQ fuck. You're the type to watch a movie and point out the flaws to everyone else. No one cares. You aren't special. Lets us have fun and fuck off.

Good news, my sheepfucking Tarantian slaves! I found a crack in the wall of darkness. I found evidence linking modern corporatism to fascism. Look up OVRA on wikipedia.

Think about how much a Druuge would pay for OVRA’s files, and then notice that the enslaved masters already got there! That’s why corporate slave “owners” are so unhealably broken in the modern day! Their marketing departments produce “valuable” profiles en masse, hurting themselves and others in a way that self-deceiving corporatists tell themselves is necessary and appropriate just as self-deceiving fascists of an earlier generation did.

You can't derail this OC train. Reported.

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Oh man someone animate this


Buy time with a sheep at the whorehouse in Tarrant…

Ah, man. I actually shouldn’t be that nasty. I know he was a mass murderer, but it’s bad praxis. Izzat the word? I used it for the euphony, haha.

Don't let your memes be dreams


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I actually forgot Tarrant-chan existed and legitimately thought that was Android 18.

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I would also like to represent all bad optics groups to make mad all

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Add a gondola

If you photoshoped that user then great fucking job. Looks real to me though.
F either way.

Don't forget me, user.

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Hello lads!

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God i love this website

Ha ha ha Same bud

This is the website that changes the world.

Another (((Tarrant))) shill thread. For the newfags and useful idiots out there. Remember.

A white nationalist wanting to raise awareness of the jewish problem and wanting worldwide support would target prominent jew elites and or zionist politicians

Not worshippers at prayer

That's what isreali jews would do, not National Socialists.

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He killed a bunch of kikes in that mosque and now israeli bloodhounds are coming for him.

I made this.

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