NZ trolling

Why don't we all hope on a NZ VPN and bombard their cucked politicians with the Tarrant video and manifesto?

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Addendum: seeing as they persecute people with it,maybe some lulz could be in store?

4chan does not allow VPNS without a 4chan pass.

This thread is now a 4chan pass username/password sharing thread.

What the actual fuck are you talking about you dumb nigger?

incompetent CIANigger detected

Yes, fellow white male goyim, it'll be epic and based if we take no action and harvest some epic salt on the internet! We'll save our race that way!

I was going for something to do in periods of downtime
I'm doing my part already. Attempting to organize with anons but apparently there is no one in my state

Imagine all the LIBTARD ownage, brahs

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Well then fine idea cancelled, how can I find fellow anons in my state? None of you faggots ever want to do anything, except harp on and on over the web about niggers and the kikes. I do those things too, but I want to try to have a plan or people I can count on for when it goes to shit, if it does

Fuck dude I really dont know. I've gone to a few of the Walks and never seen a soul. I'm lonely, surrounded by postracial wiggers who think Israel is our greatest ally.

Even if someone organized something, everyone is too terrified of the alphabet agencies to carry it out. I'm not even referring to things that are illegal. I'm referring to just good-ole congregations with the intent of fellowship and activism. The glowniggers have their eyes on this place like Sauron had his eye on the ring, so cooperating with any schemes here is sure to put you on their shitlist, which will disable you from actually accomplishing anything. So the theory goes, anyhow. Besides everyone here hates everyone else. The wrong kind and amount of religious, socialist, etc. There are people here who don't even hate niggers. Can you imagine?

Not that I ever go to that cesspit voluntarily, but are you suggesting there's a way to bypass that? I'm listening…

Well there's gotta be a way. We have to try. Email me? made from the thread a while ago about cleaning up the streets on 4/21 [email protected]

And yes I know, my id changed. Switched countries because the VPN started lagging

I literally cannot. Even some of my rap-blasting wigger associate despise niggers. I know I'm probably already on the mossadciafbi shitlist for shitposting here, I'm over it. I want to meet someone I can have a real conversation with, who doesn't tell me their fucking religion told them to love and feed the niggers. Or who doesn't think we were the angelic goodguys of WWII. Or who doesn't think Pissrael "deserves" 38 billion a fucking year of our money "to fight the muslims for us GREETEST ALLLY"

I was in the thread, I thought it was an incredible idea. I will email you later today or tomorrow from one of my burners. But be warned, if you are FBI, I WILL redpill you with my dank racist memes.

If could prove I was not FBI without revealing myself to you I would do it in a heartbeat. I am but one man, attempting to do my part for my race.

It doesn’t know user filter and move on I guess

Are you brentontarrantisahero, or was that another user?
He and I went back and forth for a few days, but I only check that email when I remember and I fucked up and forgot.

Sorry famalam it wasn't me, but thanks for telling me that email name is already taken


I mean it, email me faggots. Do it with a burner like the other user said, so you will have nothing to lose.
It's better than doing nothing. Baby steps guys.

Bump because I'm a nigger tired of the status quo?



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Kike, fuck off.

putting it on NZ lolberg/libtard/cuckservative twitter handles, websites and personal blogs? Why not the video too?
is the gun buyback scheme still going on in kiwiland? The anons who flooded their databases with fake info was a hilarious idea especially after the police were publically butthurt about it.

just had another thought, OP, why not send these tshirts (>>13150298) over seas to lots of those lovely people?


FBI detected.

Why is ecobrother FBI lol

It would be better to print out copies of the great replacement (using a printer with no invisible code) and hand out 3million is copies to NZers.

[email protected]
That's my 10 minute mail. You have 9 minutes. ==HURRY UP!==


Just post your IP and ask for a VPN pass. The mods can help you out.


Email address not valid? Did you fuck it up or did you already nuke your burner

What good will that do?

Because everyone wanting to do anything is FBI

Oh wow. It's .check
I'm a fucking retard

Goddamn it

Shit idea
Fuck off

So this website actually uses a swastika as it's logo???
This site is deliberately manipulated by those in charge to generate racist views
So many of my posts deleted by the mods of this shitheap
So many others posts deleted
You cunts are being brainwashed, this is not free speech at all
You are fucking faggot incels who sit at home on their keyboard jerking off to hot pix of brandon terrent. Who is a fucking loser and is about to get shanked up in the cells. It's a sad state to be in…

Wallow in the Shitheap of the Internet

https ://

276 NZ government emails

your post reeks of butthurt.
I'm happy here jerking it to based Tarrent while you're in the cuck shed crying about le evil nazi internet trols!

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See you tomorrow Chaim.

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what's next?

Every single time.


Good idea OP, do it.

Alright so I'll try again because I'm a dumb nigger, it's [email protected]
Feel free to call me a retard if nothing else.
Off to work I goooooo famalams

Blow your brains out imbecile

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Because BT released a manifesto on ecofascism before attacking, that's why.

How's your wine tasting insin?

They just make up these conflated offspring terms as they go, don't they?

And why does that make it FBI?

Hitler was doing ecofascism actually.

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No, he wasn't. National Socialism is what he was doing. Why do people make up terms without bothering to read about the people and movements they supposedly support? It reeks of autistic/government tier retardation.

I just used that name because the thread I made it for was about doing neighborhood cleanup after the degenerates have their fun on 4/20

Yes he was, ecofascism is a part of Hitler's National Socialism.

Ecofascism is not a new term, btw.

National Socialism encompassed the environment. It wasn't National Socialism and 'ecofascism'.


Ecofascism is a part in National Socialism.

It's a pejorative. National Socialism is different from fascism anyway. The whole embracing of additional labels smacks of ignorance and autism. I know most people here are barely out of their teens but do some bloody reading.

The difference between national socialism and fascism are a psyop meant to divide and conquer.

Swear to gods it turns some goddamn "natzees" into "antifa".

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Fucking please do. You'll make the news in no time. Doeeeet

cry more faggot

Well he needs those good boi shekels, give the guy a break


I'm not crying I'm laughing at you faggots

Hilter killed himself right???
What a afucking loser

What possibly could be a weaker act in life

Oh… that's right, participating in chatting in this shitheap comes pretty close

I guess that means I need to get out
P.S Fuck you

filthy kike

Then why were you here in the first place? Does the JIDF pay well?

Peak WebM, lad!

haha faggot kys

how did this retard even make it over here?

Good news, my sheepfucking Tarantian slaves! I found a crack in the wall of darkness. I found evidence linking modern corporatism to fascism. Look up OVRA on wikipedia.

Think about how much a Druuge would pay for OVRA’s files, and then notice that the enslaved masters already got there! That’s why corporate slave “owners” are so unhealably broken in the modern day! Their marketing departments produce “valuable” profiles en masse, hurting themselves and others in a way that self-deceiving corporatists tell themselves is necessary and appropriate just as self-deceiving fascists of an earlier generation did.

I'm here talking about making friends in the real world outside of the chans and getting people ready for the dark future to come. I'm not worrying about fascism and corporatism. I just want my people to survive.

Tarrant manifesto - final form.
rename from .PNG to .PDF and open

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the original (tyj.png), not the 8ch version (68d5….png).

Doesn't work.

extract it off the end with a hex editor…or…
Open this version in a text editor and scroll to the bottom.

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and don't say it doesn't work, because they do.

Then you're retarded. No one is going to download a hex editor just to try & find a hidden file that anyone else would assume is a virus. Learn to hide files the right way dumbass.

The "right way" that you mention is utterly fucking useless because NPCs won't find it because they can't into steg and have never heard of it, but you're retarded so didn't think it through.
Low level cuckchan faggots can extract with a hex editor if the PDF renaming doesn't work for them like it does for others, and even a boomer can open the second in a text editor.

Keep telling yourself that.


No one will read it either because there's no proper formatting on the text.You failed, accept it & move on.

You could use Socks5 of infected Kiwi's and send with some public accessible e-mail account mails around with some of Brenton's work & his manifest. Claiming you will attack also a mosque.

Then kekism will set in.

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No one will read your version.