Brands of Dead Pigs Revived After Death in Slaughterhouse

Scientists Have Revived the Brains of Dead Pigs After They're Killed in a Slaughterhouse

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this world isnt just. you exist in hell.

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He always looks so genuinely happy. All of the incels here wish they could have a life like his. Keep on keepin on jimbo.

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Old news is old.

Russian and u.s. scientists already managed to devapitate, revive, reattach the head of a dog.

Also there was supposedly a group of german soldiers that were undying.

I have no sauce, dig or just go back to fingerblasting your buttholes.

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You will die like every generation before you, just sooner because of factory food and pollution.

They aren't being bolted in a humane way. Likely a kosher throat cutting so the pig gets to be terrified in its last moments as it hangs there bleeding out, blood pouring down its head.

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Sounds cruel and semetic

nothing about those smiles look even remotely genuine


They didn't revive anything. You can see in the footage the russians filmed of the procedure that they bypassed blood vessels one by one to a heartlung machine. Once all circulation and respiration had been taken over the neck and spine was severed and the body of the dog was removed entirely. The head was later spliced into another healthy dog's circulatory system, removed from the machine and grafted onto his flesh. You can see the aftermath in . Oxygenated blood supply to the brain was nearly continuous during the procedures and no brain death ever occurred. OPs stories and the old soviet head grafts are not at all similar.


They weren't revived you nigger.

They revived some cops who entered a Crip crackhouse?

Vril energy

To share with them? Kikes wont do that. At best Soros will again throw them under the bus to make more shekels.

On the topic of pigs, allegedly one of the reasons jews and muslims don't eat them is because allegedly, 3000+ years ago, jews would feed human bodies to pigs, as pigs are omnivorous, where then the goyim would consume the pigs. Kuru-like illnesses would befall the ancient mideastern populations to the point that pigs became a taboo source of food. This taboo became so ingrained in the region that by the time islam came around, pigs were such a pariah and seen as unclean that muslim dietary law was merely about siphoning off of jewish law rather than because of the immediate kuru-like epidemic.

Murder, Inc, a completely jewish mafia in the US, also fed human bodies to pigs in the Midwest. There were also outbreaks of insanity (kuru-like symptom) in Medieval Europe, mainly in what is now Germany, that had been attributed to pigs.

And one can only imagine what is going on with jews pushing bacon consumption for the past 10 years among hipster faggots.
Maybe, at least for the time being, it would be wise to avoid pork products, at least if they're not from an independent farm.

The Sensory Homunculus derived from Hebb's rule. Such science was discovered by the CIA when needing to write manuals for torture.

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>searching gives (((robert))) videos

To fight kikes, be like kikes.

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Bacon ironically is the most jewish piece of meat in the 21st century. No one fetishized it until like 2010 when jews media started spamming it everywhere.
Btw, the creator of bacon ice cream is jewish.

Your post brought up interesting and scary theories and facts. I didn't even know that about Murder Inc. Jews really are evil.
The first guy to reply to you is suspicious.

oy veyyyyy don't you know kosher slaughter is the most humane goy?

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This is full metal alchemist type shit

Old news is old.

Russian and u.s. scientists already managed to devapitate, revive, reattach the head of a dog.

Also there was supposedly a group of german soldiers that were undying.

I have no sauce, dig or just go back to fingerblasting your buttholes.

Touche' nigger, good post.

You already said that, mouthbreather. Fuck off.

Invest in cryonics.

Don't forget that it was Edward Bernays (cousin of Sigmund Freud) who initially marketed bacon which, before then, was considered a substandard and unappealing cut of meat. The same kike also got women to take up smoking and smoke in public, and created the terms 'manufactured consent' and 'public relations'. He was heavily involved in the Allied propaganda effort in WWII.


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Elite human body transplants when?

Can't wait to see the murder organ market explode.

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Absolutely kill yourselves you non-whites, Bacon is just salt-cured pork which has been around forever yo faggot kikes, we know you're not white

I heard about this on the Armstrong & Getty show last week and it doesn't really make any sense to me but they were theorizing that it could be used to extract memories from murder victims to find the identity of killers?

It seems strange that they are using pigs for their tests instead of primates. Makes me wonder if it has something to do with how the animals are considered "unclean" by Jews and Arabs. It would be interesting to see the list of names of scientists who worked on this.

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Pig meat rots quicker than other meats, doubly so in a hot desert climate like that which the ancient yids and sandniggers inhabited. Prohibition of pork was due to high rates of death and illness from food poisoning.

For hundreds of years the primarily agricultural population of Europe ate salted bacon practically everyday for dinner.

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Science was a mistake. We could have stopped things decades ago. What monstrosity will these vermin create in the name of progress? Maybe we should use this research on the scientists, see how they like it. Of course the Jews will be keeping an eye on this, as if they can create some form of immortality they will use it. If they find a better form for themselves, then they will implement this on the goyim, stop them from breeding and have a permanent slave race for eternity.

Scary to think sci-fi dystopia and horror is becoming real. I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream soon friends.


Restoring some functions =/= reviving the brain. This thread is clickbait tier.

do you all realize that if sufficient functions are revived in a dead brain to give access to a method of reading memories, no secret in the world will ever be safe, even if it is known by only a single person?
once this fact will be understood, expect this branch of neurological research to be black-programmed soon

if we get a mashup of Animal Farm and Zombie Apocalypse, some goyim will be more zombie than others

What I wanted the future to look like:
What the future actually looks like:
Le clown honk.jpg

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Every European sailor in the world ate a weekly ration of salt pork, biscuits, burgoo (oatmeal and beef fat), and peas. Bacon has been a staple meat for centuries

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Then next week a new one, and the week after…
Nothing changes.