Come on guys. Have some fun posted this image on Twitter..It's so wrong in so many ways the autis … 'er artists here could perfect. Let's see your work - if only for the lulz.

No walls. No balls.

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well,, Move on might be useful.. They are against Israel.

Look at the eyebrows on the kid in the stroller! How old is he? I guarantee he's already looked at internet porn. If he's Flintstoning the stroller, he's too old for it!

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And they say the right looks trashy, yeesh.

Well. While I get to making a template, I'm gonna have to ask you guys for a favour. Gore. Post all the gore you have. Bonus points if it's muslims doing the enriching.



Polite sage for samefagging

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kinda stale I admit, but hope it makes someone laugh.

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Put your burkas back on! You're scaring the camels!

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ummm.. wouldn't muslims stone those dykes?

Maybe they should think that through.

template. No background, not worth the time in photoshop.

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Im just so tired of shitskins telling me how to run my ancestral lands. So incredibly tired.
I have nothing to add or to give. Sorry, im just so fucking tired and angry.

Don't know why I wasted my time with this.

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You don't even have to do anything with this, it's epic self pwnage. These two ugly, angry-looking cunts and their grim little prop are not going to do anything for them. Those with room temp IQ might even start entertaining some wrongthink - hmm, wait a minute, is this ugly, disgusting clam-bumping dyke REALLY going to still claim that she's a muslim? I mean that's like RuPaul insisting he's a devout Christian. Any real Islamist would toss this assblasted whore off the nearest rooftop.

Worst graphic design I've seen in months - that won't do them any favors either.

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Archive? I refuse to believe anyone thought this was good. Just look at the half-assed cut-out around the abominations; no fucking effort went into this.

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Still not great.

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Black t shirt dyke is SUCH a fucking jewess. It doesn't get any more jewess than that.

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I think this fits.

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nah it doesnt

How about this one?

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Where's the original unedited image of the kid holding a bomb?

lmao, #openborders4israel #diversityISRAEL

This. Fuck the GOP and fuck Trump. Democrats are literally wanting to pay me to gas kikes. Based.

Because you're an incel nerd virgin who will never leave moms basement

The more I think about this OP the more angry I become.
No. Let's kill kikes

Reminder that MoveOn was founded and derived its name from the establishment demanding that progresives accept the brazen electoral fraud in the 2000 election. But when it comes to Russian hackers they will never move on.

Ok, I've had enough. I'm not getting anywhere with this.

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Is whoever made this image sabotaging on purpose? Is OP just making this up? Is leftist delusion ths far?

Well whichever it is, I had to trick and spend quite some time with it, but I made a template. To my disappointment, I don't see any gore to put in there.

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Noticed I missed a spot at the top.

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#openbordersforisrael, not "4"

Personally I think this slogan is the best way to expose the jew double standards about race mixing.

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