Black Flash Mobs Roaming Chicago (Happening NOW) - Police Scanners

Activity was pretty hot a little while ago. Shirtless blacks were roaming around downtown Chicago and the mag mile, starting fights with people.
A person got attacked in a Walgreens and they were stealing from another store.

Chicago police scanner:

Fights still going on.

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People calling 911, reporting being chased by a mob in the streets.

Some of the perps have been arrested.
(still listening to police scanner)

But that's always happening in Chicago.

This had better be good

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This is news?
Didn't Chicago just elect a dyke nigress? They deserve it. Gotham must burn.

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Just shoot the niggers kek

I should have posted about this half an hour ago, seems to be dying down.
Crazy to think that this is "normal" night for an American city.

*elect a dyke nigress mayor
Get the flesh eating bioweapon, disguise it as Cocoabutter.

This just happened in Chicago today:

"Car2go app hacked in Chicago, service paused
As many as 100 Mercedes or high-end cars are missing or stolen, according to one report."

100 Mercedes stolen! W..T..F!!!

Have fun

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Time to break out the AR

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they're just war reenactors doing the battle of rorkes drift, nothing to be alarmed over

Oh this summer will be good. It's not even that warm out yet in Chicago and the chimps are coming out of hibernation.

Tally: 20 arrested so far.

Apparently Chicago cops were prepared for this in advance because the flash mob was planned on black social media.

My son wondered once why niggers act like this. I just explained to him that they evolved to like fighting and chaos, since that's the environment their ancestors thrived in. I pointed out how happy they always look during chimpout activities, and he had to agree they did seem to be in their element. Of course I had to add the usual power level warning about how everybody pretends they don't see this, and if you're the one who tells the truth, they burn you at the stake.

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Check out this epic neighborhood chimpout that someone posted today:

The entire neighborhood gets involved, women, children, one lady gets hit with a baseball bat.

I wish this would happen every single day for the next year. Nothing but massive pain and suffering is going to awaken these soft, sheltered, traitorous white CUNTS who have been voting left and ruining our lives because they are sequestered from niggers. Bring the motherfucking PAIN!

Here is why

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12 dindu's chimping outside 7/11

But it's only a Wednesday night. Don't they have to go to sleep so they can get up for work in the morning?

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They have to like it. How could they keep doing this if they didn't like it?

Reminder to keep feeding them. Africa's problems are all Europeans' fault.

dreds and pink hoodie

liberian style

I find it very strange too, how will they look after their wife and kids?

They carpool in stolen Cadillacs, so they'll all get to their places of unemployment on time, I'm sure.

Unsalvageable thread. This is now a nigger hate thread.

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male nog with dreds in pink hoodie now on bus

Did somebody say, "nigger hate thread"?!?!?

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Despite being similar IQ's, why are Hispanic's less violent than negroes?

Daily reminder that niggers absolutely have no empathy toward anyone and will play just stupid enough to murder you in broad daylight.

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So this wasn't just stupid nigger savages then, obviously clever jews were involved.

How cum dey aways fukkin wid us i mean man cum on

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Not sure they're really that much less violent tbh, considering the SW is pretty shit, nevermind South of the border.

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he even waited til she wasn't looking top nog

Show some respect.

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Mike Brown was a fucking nigger in case any newfags were sympathetic toward "muh based niggers" they are all 100% like this.

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When you need that uber but want your niggas to think you stylin

Have a nigger getting popped by a cop.

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They aren't, Honduras and Mexico are as violent as most African war zones. It's just because there are more niggers so they get bigger numbers, also they purposely classify half of the spics as "white" to further dilute their numbers and up the white numbers. Anybody here who spent time in urban American can tell you that as soon as spics get off the boat, they immediately start gravitating towards violent nigger gang culture, as opposed to chinks and indians who gravitate more towards jewish corruption and white collar crime culture.

They aren't. They just substitute extent with intensity. And a kind of sense of humor, maybe.

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I appreciate it, user. Have the obligatory nigger getting popped by a hoe before somebody else posts it here.

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is there a worse job then being a cop? On one hand you get to kill niggers on the other hand you have to deal with niggers every day

Why not both?

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My cousin reports enjoying it quite a bit, mainly because he gets to use excessive force quite often because niggers can't behave. Nothing like a good TESTOSTERONE BOOST than beating the shit out a nigger, legally.

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I would last one day before getting paid leave

Stop being a fucking sperg. I asked a question as being a non-american I didn't know and it was answered. You're the one shit posting here you stupid faggot

And then you get to experience edgy wiggers on yiddit being anti-cop. You see them here pop up occasionally too.

You can post another spic video when you can find a spic cracked out acting like this.

I'll wait

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get the fuck off Zig Forums

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The decent ones have a lot of self-control

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Fucking kike. Distracting from the topic by shitposting. Fuck off you retard

LMAO, Behold the brain damage of nu/pol/

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Wait no more.

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Just throwing buzzwords out. Means I've won. Shit posting idiot

You're literally defending this shit op with absolutely nothing to say. lol

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If somebody justifiably killed Obama's son, it would look like that.

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And yet, you are still replying. Retard can't back down. Bet you're a nigger yourself. Can't understand LMAO

Crime and temperature correlation

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Day Wuz. Whassmattachoo?

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Am I a kike or am I a nigger?
Or are you just throwing shit against the wall…
to see what might trigger?

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Hatred of any and all subhumans is welcome in any thread on Zig Forums, Julio

No Zig Forums threads should remain on topic. Good try though, nigger.

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Imagine being this cucked that you can't disagree without posting a nigger hate meme… it's like you don't even want to participate and you just want to take a shit on a nigger hate thread because you're a reddit nigger nu/pol/ pile of shit.

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His discipline is admirable.

If I was a fucking nigger lover like Juan here I'd reply some snarky ass shit trying to use the standards of Zig Forums (being against all subhumans) against Zig Forums like a subversive fucking kike.

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Post a nigger hate meme or you're a fucking shill, it's very simple. Nigger hate threads are one of the oldest Zig Forums traditions. Where is your nigger hate folder Moishe?

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Yea, not hard to shut you kikes up because you literally CANNOT criticize your beloved golem.

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Every single one of you are niggers.

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Meanwhile, in reality, pic related is the First Semna Stela of Senwosret III:

Niggers Stay Out of Egypt

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BUT user EVERYONE WAS ORIGINALLY A NIGGER?!?!?!?!?! Therefore you should force-feed your woman nigger cock and only breed nigger babies.

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Blacks are so strong. Look how easily he knocks her out.

Anybody who is not against niggers living in their countries has a mental illness. How can people see these animals as being equal to themselves?

Made my day

Made my day as well

If anybody has more Vidya of niggers dying plz post



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MAOA warrior gene