In wake of the Notre Dame Cathedral having burned down by """unknown circumstances""", Macron has opened up redesigning the cathedral to (((international))) designers. Someone recently mentioned to me the last time the French opened up murals next to their monuments and we got "Endless Sleep" (black on white race mixing) by Cleon Peterson.

For those who do not know who Cleon Peterson is, he's an "artist" who basically depicts violent white genocide and rape by black figures and has done numerous sick "art" pieces for rich Jews the world over (give him a google search if you're curious).

Due to the success of co-opting the gay pride flag, I propose that we co-opt Cleon Peterson and his work as a sort of "Muse of the Alt-Right". This can be done VERY easily. (Pic related)

1. Take a piece of his "artwork" and simply invert the colours so the reverse imagery is presented. Instead of helpless whites being slaughtered and raped by blacks, blacks are cowering and being wiped out by much superior whites.

2. Post these edits EVERYWHERE you can. And make sure to credit this "white supremacist art" to Cleon Peterson. The depictions of black genocide will send the Progressives and Jews into a collective shitstorm denouncing and trying to ban these edits. Hopefully Cleon Peterson's career will be completely destroyed by this and he will never find work again. (The bonus effect of this is that the real works will be brought to light in attempt to exonerate Peterson from being a white supremacist, but instead will wake up a lot of white people to the actual intent of his work).

Leave any suggestions/edits in the thread.

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Thanks user.

That's a pretty good idea

I really like this user. Good job

We should skip the raping though…unless you are overly fond of STDs

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Bumping cause I like your style user. Heil pride, heil the rainbow


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I'm proud of the last one

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top zoz

Bumping for pretty solid plan. Today OP was not a faggot.

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realized the last one could use some cleaning up.

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This is pretty good user. I'd recommend adding the guy's signature to the pictures themselves. This is mostly what did Ben Garrison in and makes the association much clearer and sharable.

Lots of potential

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This is fucking genius.

I actually didn't edit this.

1st is called "rule of law", 2nd is called "the left behind"

Also, all his shit looks like that stupid show from Adult Swim (3rd pic related)

4th is his Paris mural, literally beneath the Eiffel Tower. Look closely at the people surrounding the cuckoldry. There's a fucking hexagram.

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Ladies and gentlemen, we got em.

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Another sample for variation

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Liking this thread already, bump for OP not being a complete faggot, was suspicious at first.
Fake Pope sucking nigger toes and raping kids is probably on the menu for the remade Rose Window, can't let it happen.

BUMP, there's potential here


Bump again

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If post is dubs, they put a minaret on top.

I love the fact you guys discovered the ultimate technology….. reverse color.


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This guy is the perfect goy. Amazing.

Good idea.

This will instatrigger.

Another idea: Instead of simply inverting the colors, Cleon Peterson might have whites slaughtering 50% mixed greys.

Critics suggest X's art deals with abstract questions of power. Everyone knows what it's social relevance truly is: Reveling at the prospect of genocide against whites.

Statistically, very few white people are sick enough to rape those.

This one is not bad without editing tbh

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Here are a few entries thus far…

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These are incredible…I (nohomo) love you guys.

I'm down OP. Let me see what I can find.

Bump for great idea.


excellent idea OP

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Like this, OP?

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Here is an interesting one

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Cleon "Niggers get my gun" Peterson
Cleon "Our place in the sun" Peterson
Cleon "The Jews are done" Peterson
Cleon "Bring the whites a new dawn" Peterson
Cleon "Spics taste my repeater" Peterson


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I feel like a white nigger now

Never heard about this Cleo Peterson.

So this thread is about his original art? Didnt know the media was opening space for alt-right artists.

I am still loving every one of them user. These are perfect and they need to go on twitter.

Pozz modernism destroyed the art

Cleon Peterson is a white man, perhaps leftist but who knows, who made art depicting black figures enacting brutality towards whites. We have been taking his art and reversing its colors to make the brutal figures into white rather than blacks. You can find online sites that invert colors. I just typed: invert colors photos online, into google and found a couple of online sites that allow you to invert colors of photos


These ones are not inverted

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These are inverted

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And these are inverts

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Your enemies love seeing white women raped and white men murdered. They pay millions to place giant trophies of their subversive conquest in the heartland of Europe and her many colonies.

I'm not big into hunting but I found it interesting Cleon made one of white people out camping in the woods with guns around a fire. The wilderness appears like an area for whites to bond with one another, whether its hiking, camping, or whatever

Ben Garrison would be proud.

RIP sweet prince

this one is brilliant


You need to select just the corpse and invert only that for the last pic.

We should put up a mural of this

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Zion Don in bed with jews, satanists, and athiests

Brienne of Tarth is moving up in the world

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Found the literal niggerjew

Yep, Cleon "flog the nignog" Peterson is a very active alt-right artist, these are some of his originals

Change the false life sign to the true life rune.

You should have posted redpilling material about the artist's white genocide "art" commissioned directly under the Eiffel Tower.

- It was the first time "art" on the pavement was placed under the Eiffel Tower, as far as I'm aware.

- The art is anti-white, anti-Christ, pro-goyim-race-mixing, pro-Kalergi Plan, pro-Zion forming the Star of David.

- Redpill reminder. France is one of the longest standing headquarters of the Illuminati (via Rothschilds), one of multiple home bases to the demonic globalist hijacking of the world.

- At least one Rothschild is a huge fan of the artist. Big surprise.

A mark this blatant under the Eiffel Tower (which is a symbol of France itself) represents so much more than these words can convey. It's a mark of the beast on France telling you who's in control and what's in store for you slaves. International occult bankers of the Illuminati like to get their jollies off on openly taunting as much as they can to normalize their agenda. This "art" (mark) is the equivalent of taking a branding iron to a slave (France, of the EU)'s forehead.

Attached: french art jews white genocide eiffel tower 1555635840216.gif (640x640 1.1 MB, 96.53K)

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smells like a mossad atrocity propaganda nigger to me
especially since a white kid is getting offed.

Not every white is your friend. He killed a lot of teens and kids.
All of which were attending a socialist summer retreat. They would be useful goy toys of the Jewish elite to import the nigger third world.
Millions of whites will be killed after the kikes, niggers, and all non-Aryans are dealt with.

until this is erected with fresh POC corpses in a European location as sacrifice to LOKI and TYR…and broadcast by SM globally….we are like rotten cunts waiting to be gang aped

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Fuck that gay shit.
I could give less then a damn if the kid is "raised socialist" or whatever the fuck
damn near everyone on this board was raised indoctrinated
If you kill whites and have the attitude that killing whites is acceptable in any circumstances other then self defence or defense of the movement
Then your more of a threat to my race and the movement then even your average run of the mill nigger is

fuck brother wars
fuck purity spiraling
fuck Himmler

there is a reason that retarded faggot betrayed the fuhrer

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Fucking Genius.

When you lose faith in Zig Forums, then this shit happens.

Hmm, pure (((coincidence))).

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Traitor gets the bullet first. The only reason we can't currently gas the kikes and deport the shitskins is solely because of nearly half the Whites are traitors.


==can someone put merchant faces on the ones getting killed Please?

Could we get one with Pepe's brutalising merchants?
Then we can tweet them back to Cleon Peterson, Rothschild and other anti white Jews and see if they still appreciate the "art".

We could also make more like this. Then we can tweet them back to Cleon Peterson, and his patrons to see if they still appreciate the "art".

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This is a decent idea because its easy to show that it was originally intended the other way around

I think that would ruin the plan but this picture is the best one yet so yeah.

endless jew trolling for the stupid white man

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Bump to continue the operation

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this is one of the best ideas I've seen coming out of Zig Forums for a while. Getting traction on heavily censored media is harder today, but it's definitely worth a try.

Checked and bump.

Good idea OP. Simple, yet possibly an eye opening scenario to dozens of normalfags

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Got a clone thread going over on cuckchan, hopefully it'll take off

Make an edit of that so its just white people.

Not great, but kind of makes a statement

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The less "artsy" version I was going for before the previous glitch. Sage because of shit skills.

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The Rulers

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Death by CNN

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