Can we talk about how badly the Germans got fucked over after WW2...

Can we talk about how badly the Germans got fucked over after WW2? Regardless of how you feel about the Nazis I think that we can all agree that what happened to the Germans after WW2 is in itself an atrocity on par or worse than any other in history.

Mass ethnic cleansing of Germans from all over Europe. This was especially bad in Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia and elsewhere in eastern Europe. Random Germans with ancestors dating back hundreds of years in those countries were just rounded up and killed, raped, tortured, interned and displaced. These weren't Nazis at all. Just random people who happened to be German.

Worst mass rape in history. German women and girls (and I'm sure quite a few young boys as well) suffered the worst mass rape in human history at the hands of the Russians and their allies. Women were gang raped in front of he children who were often times murdered if they tried to interfere. They were raped with empty bottles, knives, broom handles etc. Some 2 million German women were raped, many ended up being killed or dying from their injuries. Here is a disturbing description of some of the violence they faced at the hands of the Russians (warning: VERY graphic)

Destruction of German cities. Major German cities were absolutely leveled and destroyed by allied bombings. The firebomnings of Dresden and other German cities were easily comparable to the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in terms of devastation and loss of life.

East and west split. Germany was split in two between communism and democracy. This would last until the Berlin wall came down in 1990.

Mass starvation of German POWs in American run concentration camps. See:

I would also add the current state of Germany today with mass immigration and leaders like Angela Merkel who actively hate their own country. It's a continuing symptom of the neutering of the German people and their post war humiliation.

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Why do newfags think they can make threads without the mandatory 2 years of lurking? Thats rhetorical OP, youre a faggot for even thinking about answering.


I've been here for well over 2 years and have seen conflicting opinions on this very sub about Hitler and the Nazis. Not sure what you're on about.

Wir vergessen nicht


Imagine trying to stop the Bolshevik from invading Europe, then being hoaxed with the Holocaust that didn't happen while the Bolshevik get away with the Holodomore that did. Problem is, few Zionists know the Holocaust didn't happen. The majority of the "blameless" Jews believe the same lies we were taught.

Shut up you mumbling idiot, what do you expect? It's war. The people of the host nation always get fucked over. Wanna see a more recent example? Look up the Iraq War. 1 million deaths, most of them Iraqi civilians.

How is the weather in Tel Aviv? Is it nice this time of year?

Oh ya totally forgot Saddam was guilty of 9/11 6 gorillion times

Yeah, those asshole allies poured a shitload of their own citizens taxes into the country and turned it into such an economic powerhouse that these days when Merkel says jump, the rest of the EU says "how high?"

lots of people got fucked over. my family owned a farm in eastern poland the soviets confiscated it due to collectivization and later burnt it down when the germans rolled east
years later when you ask other elderly people who lived during the time period they all talk about people being deported to russia and forced to work on farms. not a single person has said anything bad about the germans

Bullshit or else you would be calling it the nsdap or national socialist.

Where the fuck do you think you are?

Before I leave this crappy thread op you have to realize this board is natsoc and pro hitler.

You're a fucking idiot. What did you hope to accomplish by making this thread? What do you want people to do? Cry? Feel sorry for the Germans because they accepted and zealously obeyed a warmongering dictator who engaged in genocide and brutal unlawful warfare? There's a price to pay when you spill that much blood. When you level city after city, slaughter entire villages, and invade neutral territories, you deserve each and every atrocity that comes your way. Why should you be treated with mercy when you have shown nothing but contempt for mankind?

Not what I'm saying at all. I'm saying that war is a disgusting, evil thing. That it should not be accepted as lightly as it is by Western citizens. Because as is, each and every terrorist incident that occurs in the West, each and every mass rape and shooting, every act of degeneracy and shame, you deserve all of it. Every single fucking one. You do not care when your governments slaughter millions. You do nothing. You are complicit. Just like how the Germans were.

Ousted your self way to quickly schlomo.

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Like talking to a brick wall

Oh look he is recoiling.
Only kikes say joos schlomo. You think an user cant see through your bullshit?

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Hahaha. Pathetic.

Is this a coping mechanism? Is this some way for you to tell yourself what is happening to your nations is something that you haven't brought upon yourselves? Why do you pity the Germans?

I'm ethnically German and after reading the first link it feels like I just drank some Tarrant fuel

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Best part is
Damn those dastardly Germans.
If they'd won, we wouldn't be able to have all these faggots and kikes everywhere!

Pic related
Do you have any idea where you are?
You went on a board that is obviously pro natsoc and pro hitler.

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Because threads like these are jewish D&C between europeans and we know it, so fuck off.

I have a suspicion, and its just a suspicion mind you, that this will turn out to have been nothing but a shilling thread.

Just look at OP's behavior.
As pointed out, and not to mention this shit

t. Amerimutt

Yup op types like a kike and the fact he said nazi instead of natsoc or nsdap already instantly ousted him.

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0/10, this is insulting bait

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Get out of the cities and you'd be surprised how many poor bastards are still alive to prop up our zogged system

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Belgian here

My country was invaded twice in the past 120 year by germans

Our filthy government was completely not neutral. The de-facto Bolshevist nigger-worshiping government in France was planning to invade us if "our" government didn't concede to getting fucked again. The politicians ordered the military to face the german border, and a first strike was ordered.

Just as in Norway, the Germans stuck first, because they knew waiting would be a death sentence

The Germans liberated Belgium in 1940. There is absolutely no other way to put it. Hitler was as anti-war as one could get. But the prevailing pacifism at the time and to which you espouse is ascetic and jewish-Pauline in nature. When your countrymen are being massacred you dont sit around. When there are those who are actively trying to destroy you, strike first. When genocidal jews who want to exterminate europe sit to your east with 40,000 tanks in the offensive position on your border, you dont wait.

I know where you come from, and I'd ask you to kindly fuck off to the foreskin eat faghouse you came from

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lmao this is a nazi board, kill yourself

nazi is a derogatory term nigger

In our circles it really does not matter. Bitching about this is similar to how trannies bitch about pronouns. Read Rockwell you slimy cunt

Rockwell. 60% done. Pierce. also 60% Done. Evola, just started.
You Read Machiavelli's the Prince and "kys"

How is this D&C? The forces that committed these atrocities were Bolshevik subhumans. This has nothing to do with demonizing Russians or any of the other allied powers for that matter.

Alright, let's say I accept your premise.

Israel should be burned to the ground, it's people rounded up, lined up and shot into pits that their parents dug, before they themselves join them. That's what happens when a country fights illegal wars, ignores international law, commits ethnic cleansing, etc. Sound reasonable? It's certainly a kinder fate than what happened to the Germans. Israel is a democracy too, so they can't say they were ordered around by a dictator. Besides, Nuremberg taught us that just following orders is no excuse. They voted for the party that uses white phosphorous on civilian houses, that tortures and shoots children if they feel disrespected, that refuses to prosecute pimps as long as the sex slaves aren't Jews, and lest we forget, that uses nuclear blackmail against all of Europe with the Sampson Option. And they did it all on the shoddy legal basis that the UN made them a country, but they refuse to listen to anything else the UN says about them. That sure sounds like a rogue genocidal regime to me. What do you say?

Evola is Ebola

Israel is a clique-led state that will do anything and everything to ensure jewish supremacy.

PS: Nukes are a spook

I realize that. I am too

Or Germans

you lose get fucked … you havent seen nothing yet

Not badly enough.


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Fuck off kike