Man arrested st patrick's cathedral

A man carrying gasoline cans at New York’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral was taken into custody by the New York Police Department on Wednesday, according to NBC News.

The man was described by law enforcement sources as emotionally disturbed, NBC reported.

The archdiocese said in a statement that the man had been stopped as he tried to enter the cathedral, and that nothing had occurred within the building itself.

Authorities said the man was carrying two 2-gallon cans of gasoline, two bottles of lighter fluid, and two lighters. When a church employee stopped his entry, the man fled down 5th Avenue, they said.

When authorities caught up with him, the man said his car had run out of gas and he was taking a shortcut through the church, the NYPD said.

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==(((emotionally disturbed)))==

piss poor optics

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rookie shit, just drink the shit and go down there and piss flames.

Is there a picture of the suspect. Newspeak suggests shitskin.

It wasn't a haji :(

What can we do about this?

Doesnt sound white, but im not from us, so im not sure if its a spic or a nigger.

He's Jesuit-educated philosophy professor, who lives in (((Hasbrouck Heights))) in New Jersey. Probably a golem.

Wasn't it also a Jesuit who said the French Cathedral was purposefully started?

Lamparello with the double ll looks much more Spanish like than Italian and with an added 'i' before the 'm' as a repose forms a phrase.

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"emotionally disturbed"…
So he believes in Islam?

A goat-fucking shitskin man.

Had an Italian last name

Nah kike.

And nothing of value would be lost

Well NJ and jew York are full of guidos, so it makes sense.

The guy was doing a publicity stunt.
He walked in the front door holding 2 cans of gasoline.
He wasn't hiding it.
He has been in trouble with the church before.
He is an Atheist professor.
5 bucks says he make a gofundme account and gets over 500 thousand dollars from liberals.
Guy is a punk that wanted to get caught.
Maybe the guy got some child support payments and needs money.
If it was a muslim they would of carried the gas in secretly and pulled it off.

Probably affected by Notre Dame and thought he would burn churches to bring on the end times or some shit. It's not always Muslims and Jews, even though it usually is.

How likely is it that this is a false flag?
In order to divert attention from Notre Dame being uncovered to be burned by Muslims, they put this stooge in to distract.
I wouldn't bet against the odds that they just so happen to find links to White Nationalism on his computer as well.


Contrary to the news cycle in America, most people outside America will not automatically be distracted by another event simply due to it being in America.

This is a shit idea. Here is how you would do it in fortnite.
1. Buy gas and fill it into a canister, preferably at a gas station in a different city or far away from your home adress. 4.5 litres should be more than sufficient.
2. Get 2-3 large water bottles. Remove the wrapping with the bar codes.
3. Clean the water bottles under runnig water while wearing a double layer of rubber gloves.
Do not handle the water bottles without a double layer of rubber gloves from this point on.
4. Fill the gas into the water bottles.
5. Scout out the building on the fortnite map which you chose as your target. You might have to scout out multiple buildings while remaining inconspicious, so this might take a day or two.
6. Put on freshly washed dark clothes, ideally shave your head or wear a cap. This way any DNA traces will be less likely to be found, if the pigs decide to search for them. You can buy a cheap windbreaker for one time use so noone can identify you from your clothes later on. Antifa often does that.
7. Pack your backpackwhile wearing gloves. You will only need a few things. A mask or something else to cover your face, a lighter, the water bottles filled with gas and some food as a cover.
8. At around 3am at night, walk to the fortnite building.
Leave your phone, aka your spook tracking device / bug, at home.
9. When arrived in its vicinity, check to see if there are people around. If clear, put on the mask.
10. Enter the building (the details of that can be found elsewhere, wether you use glass cutter and sucker cup, a crowbar, a picklock or just the good old glassbreaker is up to you) or approach the previously identified weak spot on the outside.
11. Pour the gas over a flammable area.
12. Light it. You can leave the water bottles there.
13. Get the fuck out of there.
Avoid main streets. Wait out bypassing cars in the shadows.
14. Wipe the lighter with a cloth after you have travelled some distance and throw it away, and take off your mask.
Victory Royale! Enjoy your success in fortnite.

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Also, very important:
Pay the gas in cash!

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The gas will perish, it doesn't need the money.

How do i glow? By telling people how to get something done? Is there anything you want to ciriticize specifically about this guide or are you just a kike arguing for inaction?

Good one chaim

A nigger user clearly. Also niggers are more closely related to chimps than humans

Don't insult the chimps bro

I wonder what in today’s jewpaper triggered his programming

That’s not even grammatically correcf, its gibberish tier

Why would he have a programming to burn a random church, retard

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if only he lit the 2 corpse piles on fire

Niggers in the USA have anglo last names

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Falls out of my chair laffin

any user that goes boondock saints on these sinners will be a hero forever. memes eternal

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Based and Vargpilled.

Those poor Irish and Welsh. Never getting any credit for anything.

made me smile