Possible Arson at Cathedral de Notre Dame

Was just replying when the thread wajs apparently deleted. Why was it deleted? I took issue with it at first but am now researching it a bit more and want to understand the situation and know if it could be legitimate.

Screenshots of thread attached.


Ok, I see.

Still not sure this counts as full proof but I am doing all the research I can to try to verify.

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Statistical Analysis of the twitter accounts filmed posting smileys could also provide evidence of foreknowledge.
Were they disproportionately created recently?
Do they even exist?
I tried looking up a few, but the only traces of the names seems to be other tweets about them, none of which seem to include the actual account names, hmm….
The jew likes to play "let's you and him fight."

Sorry, but I doubt that. I also think that since both the kike and the muzzies are problems that we must inevitably fight both. If we didn’t want to fight muzzies we should not have allowed kikes to force-import them.

What matters in this thread is the video, and what it shows. Was this an arson attack like the +1000 on churches over the last year?

That is actualy good proof. We should meme this against muslims hard. After all it is European 9/11.

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Muzzies did it but the jews put them up to it.

Muzzies and Jews are different armies.
One controls money the other controls dipshits.

We already know that. They are team. We need attack both. Not in same time but both are enemies and guilty.

Fuck Notre Dame I wish it all burned to the ground

This thread should be deleted, too.

Looks like someone don't like truth. It would be shame if this started fire in Europe against muslims.

Lol you’re not going to do anything faggot

You’re probably an informant, though.


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Nigga and Muzzies are getting mad at getting clowned.

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jew N#1: "After the tarrant affair we orchestrated, we need heat up the 'muslims attack white people' narrative."
jew N#2: "where is there an iconic, white people center of worship that the whole world will notice, that is also full of muslim problems?"
jew N#3: "france! france is big in the media right now. the goyim are fighting, succeeding and growing bigger against our control"
jew N#4: "notredam it is."
jews - autistic screeching glee all round

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Clown world my friends.

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Muzzy found.

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Muzzy no. 1: Let's burn the Notre Dame down.
(also) Muzzy no. 1: Let's call it a jewish false flag like every times we do something.

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The clown world grows.
Praise be to your post.

Muslims pretending to be Nazis.
Fucking clowns.

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Muzzy found.

That certainly looks like some liquid fuel getting lit up


are you so mad you can't comment.

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Never mind, wrong (((You))), sorry.

Too bad we hate muslims too.

It does. I is obvious it was not accident. But now we have proof. You simply can't do such much damage without gas to wood. Try to burn log with matches. Even in 100 years you will not set it on fire.

Muslims suck at everything except child rape. Time to go home back to desert. Hope jews will bomb your house again.

Are you sad you was found starting fire of Notre Dame?

I was just about to post and shit.
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You retard. I uploaded that video of fire. Read IDs before you write.

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But I started the fire .>>13151313

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Yeah I honk my horn when I see niggers and Muzzies.

Retard no.1 and Retard no. 2: THIS is what happened exactly. No, I have no proof or anything. It is just my conjecture but (((IT IS REAL IN MY MIND)))!

Both of you fags deserve a public hanging for your faggotry. For all the claims of intellect and the pursuit of truth, people seem to really treat "what I want to be" and "truth" as one and the same.

Didn't say it's fact. Just say it to counter the obvious jewish deflection.

The user is just entering the clown world

It's ok to be sillly.

So you honk to yourself in front of mirror?

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It appears the fire started in the same place where the person was and the flash happened

We have to spread this information like fire. Save it all before they delete thread. Muzzies will pay for it.

Holy shit. Big if true

Do you guys remember, there was a picture with a guy on the roof on the Notre Dame while the fire was going on. I'm trying to find it

Evidence enough for arson combine the mp4/webm with this and storm the media with this. No doubt that is intentional.

Only if you watch.

I found it
Do you guys think it could be the same guy?

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Fairly certain that is a statue. I see a video of movement then I'm a kike shill.

If that photo is not shoped, it is him. It could be also statue too.


Nigger fuck off burning Tor nodes, your mother has AIDS. Useless faggot.

I've read that there are 3d models of the Notre Dame
If that's the case, can we explore them and verify if there is a statue there or not?

Mudshits don't belong in Europe, they need to go the fuck home. It really is that simple.

Are the Jews somehow preventing you from buying a plane ticket back to the shithole you came from? I really fucking doubt it.

Looks like statue.

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Can we get a filter on this already? Been going on too long. Fucking up legit tor posts with the same shit.

Would help to know for certain, the flash in the same spot as the fire origin is damning enough, this would be icing on the cake. Normalfag boomers are already suspicious, (((Limbaugh))) was pushing the arson angle got them worked up.

Good call

Bump. Looks like we have the (((smoking gun))).

anyway. that guy would be taller than Giant Andre if that photo was real.

But look at the noticeable figure on the right shoulder of the statue. Looks like a human arm laying on it

Thank you mods for taking care of that tor node burning faggot. You don't hear appreciation enough when you do something good. Off topic but thanks.

That roof under him would be already on fire. Muslims are stupid to die like this but this is just photo of statue. Focus on video.

That's pretty damning, is this getting spread very far?

It is new info today. It is our job to spread it.

posted it on couple videos on youtube, comments etc. and sent e-mail to Russia Today with the request to cover it and dig into it since french Media won't.

Hahaha holy fuck

user you have a gift

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Yes of course. Mad communist muslim arson reichstag notredamme.

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Are the Jews also preventing you from buying rope?

Friendly reminder that "everything is a false flag" is the new JIDF / JTRIG damage control psyop.
Its designed to pacify and deradicalize us to stop us from doing anything. "The jews did this, so don't do this or you're a jew!"

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Yeah, it is pretty obvious right now.

Now a muslim can fart and you can be sure the jews can be blamed for it.

We all know m8, it's blindingly fucking obvious. Unfortunately our knowing doesn't stop them from doing it every single thread.

And discovery of recently created fake Muslim accounts would help to prove that.
The flash on the roof is a red herring. It is solar light reflecting from something the person is carrying - probably a tablet - and orders of magnitude too bright and directional to be the type of incendiary that would have been used.
Solar rays are highly parallel and we can see that.
Yes it was undoubtedly arson, no the glint was not an explosive.

That is just the sun glinting off a carried object.
You mean the ones with the non existent accounts?
By way of deception, that's your motto, right?

Prove what exactly?

Why has it become that the jews did it, now we must find whatever evidences to prove it?

Nice try Satan, but what you are covering?
So muslims cannot create fake accounts?

I know you wanted to burn Notre Dame Satan but you can't defead Jesus. Learn new tricks.

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Sorry, satan. But no, that was combustion. That motherfucker lit off something.

There's no proof muslims are doing it.

But the damage control is already on board.

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Burning Notre Dame benefits jews, not Muslims.
The obvious organized attacks against anyone not going along with muh moozlims, plus the massive jew involvement from articles to hundred million donations speaks for itself.
Muslims have no need to attack any western target. They benefit more by keeping a low profile, pimping schoolgirls, selling their heroin and waiting for their numbers to increase while their jew cousins handle destroying Whites to clear their future living space.


Spread this everywhere. Upload it on your jewtube channels and post it on cuckchanö

Right on cue.

Yet they do attack whites anyway.

inb4 all the muslim attacks are actually mossad ops

I think that pic speaks for itself.

Muslims are in damage control, but why are they doing it?


But they do it anyway because they are stupid animals. Every day 3 churches are attacked by muslims in France.

It benefit muslims because it is attack on our religion and culture. Just tell us fire was CGI and smoked is already back in Israel. It make more sense than your story. Muslims dindu nuffin.

This. Imagine being retarded enough to expect logical reasoning and tactics from mudslime animals.

Yes, it does. The fact that you think that taking screenshots is how we quote here does speak for itself, kike.
Your outgrouping attempts are passé and obvious, not as funny as the earlier attempt to meme "Europe 's 9/11", it's almost like you don't realise that where you are, 9/11 is the classic example of a jew false flag.

You really don't understand that this isn't Stormfront or /r/TheDonald, do you?

It speaks for itself on how muslims are damage control.

And 9/11 was the jew funding muslims to fly the planes. We have actual evidences of both cases.

It seems now you are trying to shift the blame of everything onto the jews.

Yeah, this is Zig Forums, and we hate the muslims the same as the jews.

We aren't stupid, you goddamn muslim.

You don't realy fit here, do you?

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Right, this is Zig Forums where our hatred of non-whites is even more extreme than either of those.

Be a good Mudshit and rope yourself kudasai.

This is why I enjoy watching these churches burn. Chirstniggers can't stop themselves from trying to push their bullshit on everyone else. Worst thing whites ever did was picking a side in a Semitic tribal conflict.

Deny it or not, still a lot of catholics in France.

Well look at that.
It appears they either have a sheet with description of the traits of Zig Forums posters, or more likely a team leader who thinks he understands us, is giving directions on how to respond over voip to unskilled/low iq operatives.
That's why the posts are nearly identical.
Thanks for fucking that up.
You just blew your cover

Muslims see this as religious war Varg. Not me. I am not christian. For me it is burned historical european building.

How are these posts identical?

A lot of nigger and other muds too.

And jews.

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