Paleoconservatism thread

Fuck fashism, it's only appealing until you're at the receiving end. Both Neocons and Neolib are the cancer of society promoting globalism, immigration, war in souvereign nations and multiculturalism. Trump is their spokesman.
We MUST CRUSH CORPORATE FASHISM by CRUSHING THE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX. As these people don't give a shit about anyone except (((ISRAEL)))


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Vote for the Constitution Party 2020 and in your local state


Go away, faggot.

Red texting is mostly used by kikes to draw attention

What is the Paleo-conservative position on White people? Should we be exterminated in our own lands and handed over to (((Germany)))?

Lel, the state of this board. By the way, for newfags, fascism is not National Socialism.

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What an embarrassment. OP just shit the bed right in front of everyone.

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Paleoconservatism has no solid stance on race. It's basically the same as lolberg-neoconservatism, minus the sucking up to Israel.

Then I have no use for it.

According to National Socialism, Race/Folk should be the primary concern for a nation (people).
That sounds like a good policy.

Have you considered suicide?

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Better preach for propertarianism.
At least you have a small chance to be taken seriously.


"Paleoconsrvatism" became neoconservatism. Neo-anything is cancer. National Socialism is the only answer.

Paleocons: neocons who pretend that they're something different.

Why do people fall for this jew sleight of hand trick by convincing others either that:
1.) they are a paleoconservative, or,
2.) that they should be a paleoconservative?
Is it because they don't name the jew?
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Kek, and what exactly are you planning to conserve, you dumb faggot? Every pillar of our spiritual and economic life is infested with degeneracy.

Great, now we have 12 year old shitskins shitting the board up.

Hello OP here

As I said paleoconservatism rejects multiculturalism and immigration, that means no more forced de-segregation of black people in white neighborhoods. Communities can live in peace with each other and since it promotes federalism and local gornments in desicion making. The communities can decide for themselves.

Not my point shill. My point is that both ideologies are based on expansionism that threatens other souvereign nations. The Neocons and Liberals are doing the same thing but not for the people, they're doing it for the corporations, hence corporate fascism. Paleoconservatism support non-intervention policies, to live in peace with other coutries. And frankly if the US didn't cause so much shit and chaos in the middle east/south america we wouldn't have so much immigration would we.

Paleoconservatiosm was the old right, before WW2 it opposed it's interveniton in other countries affairs.Why do you think the US waited so long until it declared war on germany? Because Paleocons still had influence. After WW2 the politics shifted.

Reform and restore christian values. It is never too late to change, the important thing is change should come from the people. It certainly won't come from fascism that many on Zig Forums advocate.

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And One More Thing,


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"Right Wing" and "Left Wing" are both fantasy concepts - there is no such thing. De-judaize your brains.