China shares stunning new moon photos with the world

China shares stunning new moon photos with the world
China has released hundreds of images of the moon, taken by its Chang'e 3 lander and its companion rover, Yutu. It's been 50 years since the first lunar photos were taken by astronauts on NASA's Apollo 11 mission. China is the third nation to land on the Moon, with the USA and the USSR preceding them.
Even though the Yutu rover's engine failed after a short time on the lunar surface, the mission's camera systems have captured hundreds of images.

Thanks to the hard work of Emily Lakdawalla at The Planetary Society, who wrestled with a somewhat cumbersome Chinese website, and stitched some of these images together, we can get a first-hand look at what Chang'e 3 and Yutu were up to.

Here are some of our favourites.

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Look like Quake 1.


What is this? This is like 2001 CGI.

This is some shit CGI

But how does this help trans people?
But the West needs to help niggers so there's that.
The West has had literally no significant scientific breakthrough in the past 5 years and China is storming ahead with crazy shit

Nice CGI, Chen.

Thanks Chynah

Look closer user…

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JIDF is getting smarter

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Does this seem like a slide thread to anyone else?

yeah but space stuff is neat so, eh whatever


Don't you retard see this is god awful CGI?

Look through a telescope some time user. Amateur astronomy groups will often meet up to look at cool space shit sometimes like ISS flybys of the moon or saturn and shit. What more proof do you really need that we've been to the moon if the jews tried to send a lunar lander up to leave a holocaust memorial on it's surface? I'd listen to some of the reasons you think all moon stuff is CG if you're game to talk about it though.

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before and after? also source

Go away chodemonkey.

Well if they were part of a comet they could feasibly have been in and out of various planets atmospheres until they crashed on the moon.

Fake. Everyone knows that we didn't go to the moon.

everyone knows the moon is fake
its actually an ancient aryan spaceship sent to invade earth

vanguard of invading alien spaceships detected

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cheap shopped counterfeiting

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Maybe an actual picture and not awful CGI?

You of all niggers trust chinks of all people.

Holy shit, I remember this being posted way back on plus4chan Zig Forums during all that ISM China trolling

Kek, obvious border between foreground and background, reminiscent of Kubrick and 2001.
Yes, it's fake.


How does your telescope provide evidence for the ISS being manned?
Well it does not. Much like the supposed retro reflective mirrors on the moon, (that there's no hard evidence for) are not supporting evidence for a manned landing.






This is such bullshit there is never ANY vistas….just the black screen in the background.

Just the interior of the cave with the black screen in the background

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Or desert with the sky masked and colour editing.

Know how I can tell this thread is 100% bots and shills? Not one complaint that the pics are all low res 580 x 392 garbage.

Why do they never photograph the stars?
Due to lack of atmosphere, they should be visible at all times, all that would be needed is to point the camera upwards so the ground glare is absent. Yet they never do. Strange that the apollo astroNOTS didn't photograph the stars either, nor even see them.
Oh but I do. Point at the sky, no glare, and the human eye has massively wider dynamic range than any camera, stars would have been easily visible.
The Chinese could claim the first photo of the stars taken from the moon. A historical world first, just by pointing the camera up. But no, they don't bother.
Why might that be?.

Ofc they are low res.
Hoaxes always are, haven't you heard of the:

Bugmen rejoice for science


You're missing the subtext.
This is the Chinese installment of "women - masters of STEM", following on from the White episode, "ye old black hole."
THE chink girl literally used photostitch software and they portray is like she wrote it herself from scratch, in assembly language and designed the algorithms.
Proof that the world is already 1 shadow govt.
All USA/China/Russia conflict is staged.

Yep, its schizo time

You're not wrong about low res images and propaganda, but why do you sound like that and why is this such an important issue for you? I just looked at some of your other posts in this thread.

I don't know anyone who comes on here to talk about China. Problems #1, #2, and #3 are all the jews and until that's solved we're not going to be competitive anyway so why flail around about ethnically homogeneous countries doing things? Lies or true I don't see how this warrants the emotion you're putting into it.

I've seen the US government put out fake as fuck amateur level shit, and then leave it to China to come up with a cheap knockoff even fucking more trash than the American version.

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So do you believe the entire Chinese unmanned moon mission is fake?
Or do you think they landed on the moon and then faked the photos because the camera didnt work or something?

Im just trying to figure out your understanding of events and why they would need to fake the pictures?

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They land on the moon during day time.
Take a photo of the sky on earth during the day. It wont show the stars because its drowned out by the light of the sun. Which technically is a star but much much closer.

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real talk
how many of you think the earth is flat

the earth is cubbed

The images are faked, and this is clear. "After…color restoration, we see the true colors of the lander and the national flag"

However, there's more than one explanation for this; there's a few that I haven't listed, but IMO these three are most likely.

First, it's possible that Yutu's camera - either through damage or poor construction - is low resolution. As a result, they had to perform some very extreme image restoration techniques to get the image that we see. This is consistent with typical Chinese Engineering philosophy - "polish a turd".

Second, it's possible that Yutu simply failed, and the image is faked in an attempt to make their populace not detest the people working on the project - China doesn't tolerate failure very well, and even reasonable failure would be a disaster for the scientists.

Third, it's possible that the Chinese government is just pulling things out of their ass. If this is the case, actual scientists will be able to expose this in less than a decade, and things will be deeply embarrassing for China. To put it bluntly, it would put all of China's scientific contributions into question, and people who do this sort of thing for a living in the US will be very happy to see China shoot themselves in the dick.

I think the first is most likely; the image that they produce is so wrong it's worth calling it a fake. Even if it comes from real data, the representation of that data is just wrong.

I'm really starting to think Owen Benjamin might be right and this whole "going to the moon" thing is a LARP. Why didn't anyone else go to the moon? Why don't we have a moon base? Where is the telemetry data from the original mission?

An illusion

Funny how the dirt has turned browner since we wen there…

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Back when the US faked the Moonlanding nobody cared. Now China faked a Moonlanding still nobody cares. Stop embarrassing yourself fren. It's highly unwise. It's just propaganda.

they landed on the other side of the moon.

Nobody had any info besides their small black and white talmudvision back then, and they didn't have a place to go be heard either. Nowadays it's very common to see people call out (((NASA))) and all the shit they've faked over the years.

Fair enough. I thought that might be the case but there was also the possibility that you were saying the Chinks faked the whole moon trip. I know some people who do think that all space stuff is faked. But its hard to do that in the modern era.

If there had been stars in the background of the photo that would have been a strong clue that it was faked because they land on the moon during the daytime. (daytime, by our definition lasts about a month on the moon)
Regardless of what planet or moon you are on: you can sometimes make out the stars with the naked eye during the day but it would never show up on a camera because of the contrast.

If we're not going to act as if the Chinese are faking the whole thing, this is likely due to the shitty "color correction" they used.

They know what color their flag is supposed to be, so they normalized the "Red" channel of their image to match that. They didn't have a reference for other colors (Green, Blue), so those weren't fixed. This made their image appear redder than it should have, leading to the brown that you see in their image.

This must be a joke. CGI levels of the roof, 90s qualities all over it. Thanks for the lulz.

and why would you take a picture of stars from the moon? You will get the same night sky as from the Earth minus the planets and Earth itself obviously. They need to put some kind of radio telescope on the moon wich is paired with another one on the Earth to take deep space measurements.

ISS doesn't fly passed shit you retard. ISS stays in low earth orbit. 330-435km above the surface.
All your amateur astronomers are doing is picking the flyover with the best angle to put the moon or one of the planets in the background.

No evidence of manned mission to moon.
Probes sure, some pics sure.
The moons rocks apollo collected are bullshit. Where's that telemetry data? Why does Nasa say we had the tech but we destroyed it and its expensive to make so its currently out of our reach technologically?
Bouncing a signal off a probe you fire into the moon like a ballistic missile is very different from walking some idiots across the surface, having a phonecall and a flag photoshoot, and then romping your way back to earth.

For one there are no telescopes on earth that can res down to see any anything on the surface of the moon. It would need to be tested by lasers to confirm. No optical mirror telescopes can see detail on the surface less than 18m


if these trips were real theyd set up laser lightshows on the moon to be seen from earth. but theyre not because earth is a plane. if Zig Forums ever collectively realizes this instead of preserving their egos then shit may get real. mods also ban and delete your posts for flat earth but keep pro trump and various other shit up and running. it wont happen as solipsism is real and this place exists to tease me. redpilled about so much but never will a conmunity of fully aware arise.

You’re probably right tbh
Also want to hear something funny? I learned from Zig Forums that too hard of boner is called priapism, not priatism. I was totally mistaken for a lot of years. Thank you Zig Forums for enlightening me

lol, you either don't know what the fuck you're talking about or your in some room with 1,000 gooks shitposting for the glory of china.

all the cool kids have moved on to mars
china, 50 years late

This is obvious CGI. Bugmen don’t have the brainpower to leave the Earth

can i ask a question, what would be the big deal if the earth was flat instead of round? why do you seem to think that would have a big impact on our day to day lives?
Also, do flat earth people believe there is space and space travel? like where do you think these rockets go after we launch them?

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because there is nothing greater out there. just here. if you cant figure out why theyd push infinite space you havent unlocked the ability to finish a thought chain to its conclusion. but ill spoonfeed you, people are less likely to act when they feel insignificant in the grand scheme. and the rockets all level out and fly out over the ocean.

I don't 100% believe the moon landings happened especially when the moon rocks given to another country ended up being petrified wood from Earth.

You know we can detect the centrifugal force of earth's spin now, right? After 2015 gravity has a demonstrable definition, not just relativistic equations.

The entire flat earth theory is based on that one guy who couldn't detect earth's spin, and the logical, scientific and intelligent hypothesis thereafter was that the earth is flat. I'm not disputing this.

However, we can now detect the spin of the earth, and you can go do it in your garage. Go look into it.

I agree that NASA and other space agencies are full of shit, based on what "evidence" they provide, together with astrophysics.
Anyone who believes these people (note: 'believe', you can't know for sure based on what they provide as evidence), is either dumb or doesn't want to part with the dreams they were sold by these scammers.
However, I'm yet to see a strong enough evidence about Earth being a plane in order to acknowledge it as a fact. As of now I personally think you're making a lot more sense on some issues though.

Gee user can you see stars during the day? No, you can't. It's lunar day during those pictures you idiot.

I mean that other faggot isn't right but I'm pretty sure you know what I'm saying here


You gotta get over simplistic thinking like that if youre ever going to get somewhere… Truth is you read it (((somewhere))) and now you believe it.

Lots of "science" is like this too, especially in the hard sciences. There will be one masonic childporn "observatory" that gives data to everyone else or some contraption that costs billions of dollars so noone else can check the validity of the data. Since scientists live in clown world they think they can trust the data even though it is just jewish trickery. Mission accomplished: goyim believes a fiction while israel becomes more powerful.

The jews have completely jewed the whole of society, it is incredibly naive to think they haven't jewed the physical sciences…

Now, for the question whether or not we live on a plane or a globe, you can measure it you know… It's not exactly complicated math.

Reminder that flatfags are kikes and spiritual semites.

If flat earth wasn't real:
it would be dead already
youtube wouldnt have deleted hundreds of thousands of flat earth videos
the search algo would have reflected the views and not shown all the (((debunking))) vids
views wouldnt be deleted from flat earth videos
subscribers wouldnt be magically unsubscribed
there wouldnt be agents going on flat earth chats, taking over the feed and playing porn
there wouldnt be the same people posting hate on flat earth channels FOR YEARS
there would be no masonic connection or symbology connected to all the (((space))) stuff

Truth is serious flat earthers know more about the fake model than any globers… and yet they are still flat earthers… because they are capable, conscious and able to do their own non-clownworld experiments and math and they prefer to check things out for themselves, think themselves and investigate instead of adopting a pre-made belief system.

God you are stupid

No, Jews were astronomers going back 2000+ years. They have known for a very long time that the world was not flat.

heres babys first flat earth pill

Now that's some autism.

Chinese Master Race

Flat Earth niggery is 100% glow-in-the-dark psyop.

If you look at the comments you can see how views have been removed. They do it on all flat earth videos though. They also play with the upvotes/downvotes.

Imagine being a white nationalist who is trying to find a community of honest, serious white men and ending up in a mosh pit of flat earth / faked moon landing shitposters.

if flat earth wasn't real:
There would be no mention of (((the flat earth society))) by high-level people when they talk about flat earth. For some reason all these high-level people like obama, hillary and gore have heard about "the official" flat earth organisation: an obvious front that mixes idiocy with truth to make it unpalatable.
both 4chan and Zig Forums wouldnt have locked down on it just when it was about to go viral
all these oneliners above wouldnt exist

all i care about are if the arguments are true. focusing on the censorship is a dead end. ive seen countless videos removed on many topics and no proof of censorship ever causes a mass awakening.

Actually I totally agree but consider this and apply it to OP's picture.

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I think it's useful to atleast get people to look into it, which is the greatest hurdle.

There's been laser experiments, visual experiments, radar experiments, logical and math based experiments, 3d modeling, etc etc etc and they all support a flat earth but i think, just like the jewish agenda, if people are not told that there are people deliberately /fooling/ them, it cannot go very far.

Show me a single level surface of the ocean and I'll admit flat earth is true.
Moreover, show me a single object beyond the horizon. I can build a telescope.

You're already full of shit kike, those views of Elba are from Terraza Martini Tower or the hills outside Genoa. The tower stands over 130m total, counting the ground level and the tower's height. Not mere meters. Your conspiracy is totally jewish and anti-germanic. I also don't give a shit what a neopagan thinks about refraction.

what are the flatearthfags going to do when people are taking vacations to space in 15 years?

flat earth faggotory is created to obscure the actual conspiracies going on, the powers that be pump out a bunch of absolutely ridiculous stuff to create a "boy who cried wolf" scenario.
some of you guys are actually just conspiracy theorist, nothing more, nothing less. every event is a false flag, every article is a psyop, ect ect ect.

like i said,it's not that some of this stuff isn't actual false flags, you idiots just think everything is, the world doesn't work like that, some event are planned and some events just happen.

this poster is an example of what i am talking about…..some of these conspiracies are designed to make you look stupid, so when you actually do revel a legitimate conspiracy no one believes or trusts you.

even if we can't leave the firmament we should try anyway

Make this one a two-liner, then choke on my dick you flat earth glow-in-the-dark psyop CIAnigger.

Wait….is that?
Holy shit, it's him…

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I've found a weird anomaly. WTF is it?

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globe is like santa claus but for adults.