Esoteric Hitlerism

I don't undertand Miguel Serrano. His worldview is very grim to me. What is Eternal Return? Why we can't stop it? Will Demiurge ever be destroyed fully? He seem invincible.

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His works have a lot of underlying philosophy that needs to be understood in order to fully grasp what he is trying to convey. But it's not necessary, the right people will recognize his genius and the value of his words right away. They will intuitively grasp it's truth, because it will only remind them of something which they already knew since they were born. It's a magnum opus of sorts, so many subtle cues and references. For me, his works appeared only after a very long journey, when the time was right. Don't rush it, there are no easy answers.

That's up to us.

There are too many points of weakening now, and government forces are often on the wrong side.

What are the important books I should be reading to get into his work? Also are the translations kosher or are they true to the originals?


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Adolf Hitler: the Ultimate Avatar
The Golden Cord

Also does someone have a full translation of The Golden Cord?

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Op I recommand reading his books.

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Since the esoteric deals with the inner, when you break through you find yourself, not Hitler, and your real self doesn't have the ability to be human or experience being human, which is why you're here as it's avatar. Since it has never experienced being human except by proxy, it really has no ability to relate to your feelings about Hitler, as you exist to it as the shadows exist within Plato's cave, as a temporary illusion, a passing distraction to assuage the loneliness of being the only thing that exists in an absolute way.

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This. (((Hitler)))'s mother was a kike. Therefore (((Hilter))) is a kike

what that second image?

I've been searching everywhere for a clip of an old man talking about meeting Hitler, he says something to the effect of: "he looked at me in the eyes but he saw straight through me, he was looking to another plane….at least I can say I saw the good side of him…" something like this. I've been searching for more than a week for this clip which I know is in a video somewhere, if somebody can share it, Im working on a video and need the clip, it would be much appreciated. Hes an old man sitting in a chair with grey hair and I believe wearing a red sweatshirt.

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A Vajra, a ritual object used to symbolize both the properties of a diamond and a thunderbolt

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i found it.

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Esoteric Hitlerism is CIA manufactured.

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How can anyone take this seriously is beyond me. It amounts to nothing more than fan fiction exploiting an afflicting need by Nazis from all across the world craving a fucking Hitlurr fix.
It's so sick how much respect this man has obtained with this obscure bullshit.

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It doesn't symbolize fucking anything. The symbolics are how the device was described to primitive monkey-people pajeet ancestors by aryan sages.

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I'm very confused with this guy… He's telling very interesting shit and I'd like to believe everything but there are strange contradictions to what I've researched so far from another ends (from Evola, Guenon etc.). Serrano claims the Ancient home of the Gods were in Antarctica. I can't believe that, he's a bigot because he resided in Chile so for sentimental reasons and love for his homeland he placed the ancient home to the southern pole. I totally disagree with him in this matter.

Sorry Mister Serrano but southern part of the Earth has always been doomed and always been under the terror of evil. The only goodness ever rised from the North and will rise from the North.

Big Dipper constellation on the top of the North Pole is the mark of the holiness and good gods eternal reminder for us where to look. South is shit and doomed forever!

What is his major work?

Esoteric Hitlerism means fucking a racist in the ass to new age fags and trash.

No thanks. Real Hitlerism means not being a perverted piece of and showing respect for other people.

Serrano was on CIA's paylist? Really? He was friend of Jung and many other very prominent persons. They all were too part of CIA?

This board used to be an exclusive natsoc board you retard.

Still butthurt about Hitler 80 years later.

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Jews are well known for having long grudges.

Must be from that mark or matthias bloke who posts his pdfs whatever, who also said Devi was CIA and Hitler's pictures were all shopped.
The guy does notice good things about numerology and certain family links but he doesn't know when to stop so he goes full retardo.

On Serrano.
We can't destroy the Demiurge. You can only fight against what it generates. This is the duty of the Aryan man. The Demiurge is a principle of life that is as legit as we are. Life is an eternal struggle. Those who seek infinite peace or some shit like that don't get anything about this universe.
There is only war. Peace is when you're too tired to kill and you need to fuck.

Care to explain?

The same poster.

So much shilling in this thread, damn. Anyways. Look into Nietzsche for understanding of the Eternal Return. Also it appears grim at first, but after awhile it becomes beautiful. Your life becomes a quest to bring about a mythic world. It is true idealism, romanticism. You can hold out your arms and feel the magic around you. You pull yourself into a more magical world, while still being in this one. It is blissful. You'll feel either pity or disdain to the [usually soulless] robot people trapped in the maya.

Research polar shift

Periodically the poles of the earth switch places. Magnetic north becomes magnetic south and vice versa.

check out NOS: Book of the Resurrection too


You can achieve nirvana in samsara. Through self recognition as awareness and subjigation of the demiurgic urges. Yes though, ultimatley it is a tough realization that we are like Sharks who can never stop swimming as long as we are to "exist" and feel anything whatsoever. Including peace. That one was a rough pill to swallow. My demiurge is still looking for a way out of that one

The ideas of Serrano cant be used for european politics.

His ideas are esoteric and meant for esoteric purposes only. Actually, anything coming from latin america cant be used for european politics, because whites are pretty isolated there, and the isolation cultivates, guess what, esoteric ideas. And these ideas lead to even more isolation, so they will hurt european white procreation and survival in the long term.

What other uses does it have?

It is found in both the greatest story never told and Evropa the last battle. Basic bitch.

The more the better.

Word desu.

Slightly off topic, but can anyone tell me good quality distributors of natsoc works. Other than Ostara Publications?

Eternal return is this. It is Samsara. the "Earthly" life (but not restricted to this planet). The Demiurge created all this, all the planets, all the stars. But is maya, art, illusion, it is not real but modern man, animal man thinks it is real. Animal-man takes the illusion for the reality, he takes the reflection seen in the mirror for the thing itself. The Demiurge is holding up the mirror causing the projection, that is his maya which means "art" or "illusion", a trick essentially pulled by the demiurge.

This world is permeated by dualism. Two genders, separate. This is key to understanding Serrano's notion of mystical love. Two genders, giving life to a multitude of offspring, eternally. Have you never considered that every lifeform lives cycically, "reproducing" itself? There are no lifeforms that live "linear" lives, they all live in "cycles", or "circles".

There is no dualism in Hyperborea, there all is one. The journey to Hyperborea is achieved by the rotation of the leftwards moving swastika, moving against time the same way Kronos devours time (Saturn is Kronos, King of the Golden Age / Hyperborea).

The jew (in Serrano's sense) thinks this is reality. He knows only this life. He turns to ash when he dies. He is a mockery of life, because he worships the Demiurge, who created this world which is illusion, art, maya. The Demiurge is only a position, an appointee. He is NOT the true Lord of the Universe. That is Vishnu. Vishnu will come down, to establish the Golden Age.

The genders are not really separate because individuals are not separate. Only in body are individual humans separate but humans are not their bodies. Humans are Atman, and so are all living creatures. Atman has bodies, but Atman is not the body because Atman changes bodies the same way a person changes clothes. This is true forever.

During the Golden Age there is no difference between "I" and "We". That is because there is never a difference between "I" and "We", not in any age. The difference between "I" and "We" is maya, art, illusion, a trick with mirrors. Every human calls himself and herself "I" because it is Atman speaking. If all the animals could speak they would say "I am Atman." The rocks would say this too, because even rocks are Atman. That's why it says in the Bible that "Even the stones would praise his name, if no one else did."

Love is generally misunderstood today, in the age of illusion and confusion. Love is often taken to mean something apart from Sexual Lust, which it is not. It is Kama. Kama is Sexual Lust and also Love, the desire for two individuals of opposite sex to unite. This uniting happens on a fleshly, material plane in the Kali Yuga (current age) but it can also happen on a non-material plane. That is why valkyries exist in the Nordic tradition. A warrior does not marry an earthly woman, he marries his Valkyries. I know this is true because i've seen my Valkyrie in a dream.

The further the Vira (male initiate) removes himself from his earhtly woman, the closer he will come to his Valkyrie. This is why it is important to conserve semen. Semen is liquid life. It can make sons and daughters (made of materia) when spilled in the womb of the earthly woman. But if the semen is conserved it will rise inside the body of the Vira. It will be transmuted (Alchemy) into Power and that Power will attract the Valkyrie. The Valkyrie is much like a waifu, in a sense. If you make your Valkyrie into your waifu, you will have superhuman strength because you will be an übermensch, more-than-human (because the body is the only "human" thing about you, remember that you are Atman).

This is explained in the Bhagavad-Gita. Bhagavad Gita means Song of the Supreme Lord. Havamal means exactly the same thing in the Norse language, Song of the High One.
In the Gita, Krshna who is an Avatar of Vishnu explains to Arjuna the warrior that he should fight in the war because he is immortal. It is only his body that can "die". He himself cannot be destroyed because he is indestructible Atman. He is himself but also simultaneously his enemies because his enemies are also Atman. Krshna knows all this because he is Atman, he sits in Arjunas chariot because he has already decided that Arjuna is going to win. This is fate, unavoidable fate. Not determinism, but fate - there is a crucial difference.

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Good EH song. Also this:

Women don't go to Valhalla when their bodies are destroyed in battle because they are already there. Waiting for the hero.
Serrano says this in his own special way - he says


This pretty much explains why his doctrine was shit.
Assuming one would get out of this illusion, you would find only boredom and be the first to sign to get back into the illusion.
That maya brainbug has been going on for nearly 25 centuries already and is a fucking plague.
I'd tell you it's a CIA psyops if CIA was that old.
Read that shit really:
Oneness. Maitreya. Golden Age of fucking what?
Dick and pussy are illusions my friends. Shun that shit, it's bad for your whatever agglomerated non-supersoul (see, I can create stupid concepts too!).
On what fucking planet have you been living? Even the most basic whore longs for love, longs for being with the right one. It's basic stuff. Which includes sex too. There is no misunderstanding.
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The more you deny your wife's reality and needs and focus on nya, the better you are.
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Late poo. Also world-hating Gnosticism had already infected many advanced countries for a couple centuries already.
Actually the same exact stuff. Pre-determined conditions lead to a specific, clear and unchangeable outcome (because it's been decided). Whether you're given the illusion of liberty to waste your time at Starbucks for a few hours a day hardly makes a difference there.
Obvious conclusion: free-will is an illusion too.
You're a a pawn, a slave. You're eternal in that you're not going to decide anything the moment you have to interact with other illusions.
Die Die Die. Your non-life sucks because you're untrue. Etc.
Fantastic doctrine.
You surely want to give that to your kids.

user, you didn't do the prerequisites. You have a lot of studies to do before reading Miguel Serrano. He's writing about the most esoteric topics ever covered, while doing so in encoded poetics that have multiple messages.
Proof in point, you have a lot of studies to do first.

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The synthesis of the Aryan religious traditions in these posts is great. I can appreciate them because I understand the terms and the train of thought already through knowledge of Hinduism and Buddhism.
Good post user.

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Who the hell asked you torpedo?

You mean some of the prerequisites that enclose you in a biased worldview that will obviously soften you to his books.
All there is to find through his works and the rest are cross-references to other doctrines which are all flowery and wordy forms of world-prison despising.
So enjoy your mental torment.


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Careful the process is to bring the being who justifies is struggle. What nietzsche seems to want is to for a race who justifies and is able to value this world without denying it, without resorting to a life after death for example. A man who can wish for his own life to recur eternaly for he sees it as value itself

And so he affirms every strife that came before him, every moment that was a link in the chain that created him

It's just one kike ip hopping.

A being who can deify the world once again



,,,ain't what transpires from serrano's works tho, oddly, or am i not reading this straight??? ,,, i mean there's the eternal return which is a given oke, but it's shown in such a positive way at all and his works are insanely wordy too although books are quite intriguing aren't they??? haven't finished Avatara but it's disturbing, i'm all into mysteries, metaphors, unseen things, valhalla and war, but there's way too mucho negativity to my tastes, wish dude had been far more upbeat and straight to point

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You kikes simply cant stop outing your selves.

His point is that things are much more grim and dark than you can even imagine, but that it's possible to overcome all of it and ascend towards something far greater than everything that you have thought of so far. Again, his works are not for the great majority of people, they will just leave them confused or demotivated. In one of his books he mentions how there is a limited number of those who can "pass" in each cycle, if you didn't already share most of his ideas even before reading his books, chances for you to "get it" are small.

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The man affirmed life by living as a shut-in bookboi recluse. Kinda like how Schopenhauer hated the world but lived a comfy life of bourgeois inanity. These men are trash. Anyone who has ever had a thought worth thinking were smart enough to not write it down. Looking for answers in books is the surefire road to being a fucking slave.

Your not entirely wrong but not entirely right either. There’s a reason why the communists always slaughter the intelligentsia with the working class and middle class first when they gain traction. You need to think more


Right now our people are psychologically and spiritually bound to materialism. Esoteric Hitlerism takes our best and fundamentally turns them agaibst materialism. You cannot make the moves that need to be made when over 80% of the population plus the 10% that will actually join in our cause to the death would rather racemix their lives away to money, cuckporn and nigger sports. What are YOU waiting for? Join our pantheon of heroes and canonize yourself.

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You seem nervous moshe. Most our members have been destined for it their whole lives. They just need the same bump in the right direction, the same one I got that put me down this path. Nobody asked me to join I just did it, just like when the european race has had enough of being the victim they will slaughter all of their enemies in the most orgasmic bloodlust to ever occur on the planet. As for you I sincerely hope you are fed to a tribe of starving niggers

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