Please be more understanding Zig Forums. The Mudshits didn't do nothing wrong, it was all the Jews. It's very simple so I'll lay it out for you:
1. Mudshits are captured by (((NGOs))) and brought to Europe against their will.
2. Jews prevent Mudshits from going home (won't let them buy plane tickets).
3. Mudshits try to live peacefully but are blamed for evil Jew crimes that they absolutely didn't do.

It's a really heartbreaking situation and I don't know how to fix it, but we have to stop blaming Mudshits. It's not their fault.t

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Ironic shitposting is still shitposting. Stop making shitty threads.

There is nothing ironic about my post. I am dead serious.

I don't care.

2/10, not even subtle bait. Try harder.

It's not bait. Unless we can find a way to break this cycle there will be violence between Europeans and innocent Mudshits (which is exactly what the kikes want).

Jesus fucking Christ. They came here to take over Europe. We don't want them here. If they will go back to desert, there is only one thing we can do about it.

Muslims attacked Europe before. Don't act like they are some nice guys. Go to their shitty country with female and you will see what kind of people they realy are.

Muslims and jews are two sides of the same coin. Both seek the destruction of whites.

Zig Forums attention span is reducing. The notre dame is already warn off, far quicker than the other event. we need a real joker who somehow blows up hospitals or more.

Hello fed

Semites of a feather get the gas together.

lurk more three letter pedophile agency

Stop projecting, nigger

That's a lot of damage control, but you pigs have already squealed. You cannot take back the words of your masters. You will fight, you will kill, you will die because (((they))) genetically engineered you for this very purpose. You can still walk away, but then you'll have to keep running for the rest of your life. The islamic Mafia doesn't allow people to leave so easily.

Uber shitposting

OP is not a faggo…direct all energy at the Jews. Attacks on mud shits, boomers, women, etc are d&c.

Of course muds are going to deteriorate our society, but the Jews are our parasite.

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You are inbred biological waste and the new serf race jews which to replace Aryans with. There is no islamic mafia, only a jewish one. Mudshits are their subhuman golems. Luckily, we will simply kill, destroy and drive out the parasites soon.

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10000 hours in paint
just for you OP.

Now go and get beheaded, you don't need it anyway

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Unless you assassinate high ranking jews, attacking mudshits makes more sense. Propaganda has to cover ALL topics. No mudshit will be spared.

That is not my fault. It is our resposibility to take care of everyone on planet?

Nothing wrong with attacks on mudshits. Stop acting like everyone is angel except jews. Muslims replacing us in our cities and they know it. Honestly they are more dangerous than jews. Jews will hide in their houses. Muslims rape in streets.

Why is my thread being saged? I just wanted to stop the hate.

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Now this is good bait.

Of course, jews would never pretend to be muslims.
How did that American military Officer school put it again?
>"ruthless and cunning,"
Now go on and screech about d… Damage c… Control

You can't stop hate. Nobody can stop this. They are here and we have to fight or surrender.

Fuck a goat, subhuman

I think in this case the goat would be fucking op

I demand an end to the saging. I demand an end to the hatred of Mudshits (they are innocent).

I don't know, I go on Zig Forums /islam/ and see them talking openly about taking over Europe. Don't think they're totally innocent.

It is not bait.
It reads like it is because this shill team doesn't understand the board culture.
They have some notes and a supervisor to help them when they get pinned down.
Why? They're really desperate to take the focus off jewish involvement.

This user is a Jew

Only killing kikes matters

If were clever, we would forge an alliance with Illian Omar/tulsi gabbard types, get rid of the Jews, then whites will have more political power and be able to get rid of the muds.

Whites do not have enough power and energy to attacks the Jews, muds, transfags, Turks, leafs, Aussie posters, chinks, poos, spics, etc.

Jews go first and the rest is easy. Expelling muds while the Jews control mass media and the judiciary is not realistic.

You guys have to understand the Mudshits don't want to be in Europe. They want to go home but the Jews are preventing them from leaving. If a Mudshit tries to by a plane ticket it won't be possible, they get denied every time. Even a train ticket is only okay for local travel. If they drive the car will be impounded. If they walk they will be stopped at the border. There are NO OPTIONS for them. They CANT LEAVE.

Brown-person here, but I stay in my own country. I think partially you guys are insane, partially you guys are right to want to liberate your own countries. I think once you defeat the muslims, everything from feminists to rampant fags will be easier to deal with.

Jews have a longer history of (usually) respecting European culture, and are threatened by the muslims. Why not align with the kikes?


The real blame goes to Whites for not doing anything. Apathy, greed, not networking IRL and larping a nazi fags are all legitimate reasons.

But they want to replace us. How do you want to make alliance with people who want to kill you?

By Allah I would smack you with my own shoe, but I would wish it not to be soiled by your dirty jewishness.

Do you respect European culture?

What, next you're going to claim that the CIA doesn't exist either? The sauds have funded these mafia organizations all over the world well, and these groups obey (((their))) commands to the letter.

We need to hire buses, trucks, boats or planes (whatever it will take) and HELP THEM GO BACK. Only by working together with the Mudshits can we defeat the Jewish schemes. If it means breaking the law by smuggling them back to their homelands, then that's what it will take.

I'm just shitting you, I'm white. Your post just had some inconsistencies that I was teasing you for.
>ally with the Jews the ones that fueled and enabled the above

Their muddy-brown to black colored skin is compltely UNSUITED for the European climate. This means Mudshits do not get enough vitamin D during the winter, leaving them sickly and weak. Slowly wasting away, wishing they could return to their warm sandy homes, but unable to do so because of the inescapable kike menace.

As far as I know you're lying now.

Is this at all feasible?

You're a fool, they'll come back again because (((they))) genetically engineered them to be driven by greed for conquest and power. Bloodshed, rape and murder is in the very genes of the mudslime, and they have no humanity whatsoever. Once they're drunk, their arrogant imperialism bubbles to the top.

Only a braindead retard would believe this. Taquiya at its finest.


Hello Varg. Take your meds and wipe the drool out of your beard, you're having a spastic attack again.

Where is your TOR, retard?

Only once we work with the Mudshits to return them home will Europe and Sandland finally be able to unleash a simultaneous 1-2 punch on the Jews, finishing them off for good.

Why should they return to desert when they can live here for free and above law?

So when will Nazi fags "save the White race"?

They are not our enemy, they do not want to be in Europe but the Jews are keeping them here.

But what proof do you have?

That is why they attacked Europe many times and took over Spain?

Fuck jews and arabs

The jews have funded and brought them here but they didn't point a gun over there heads to come here, they choose to be here.

Thank you Codemonkey for allowing this thread to stay on Zig Forums