Migrant Chad Vs Swedish Cuck: Ordered out of Train seat

REMOVE meatballs.

The NewSwedes strike again

Youtube Video of the event here: youtube.com/watch?v=1i8Wu6SvpMw

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look at this lightskin mutt acting hard he’d get taken care of by actual niggers in america doing this (because white guys are pacified and dont care about acting masculine)

Be real, the whites there would just shoot him. Except for the Portland/California people, they would apologise for taking up space on the train

White man awaken
Stop wearing deodorant
Stop using body washes and shampoo that have toxic chemicals in them which reduce your sperm count and cause your IQ to plummet
Fuck everything that they're selling you
It's poison
Get fit
Get in shape
Work out
Murder jews

They're not even White. Some kind of semites, in fact probably jews which would explain his anger.
Probably heard them speaking Yiddish or heeb.
Nice try.

For real. Arabs are so unintimidating and spinly, and the Africans in Europe are usually half-starved and stunted.

The Woman getting up is the only Swede there. The others are Arabs etc. This is Sweden we're talking about

Well she has sjw hair dye.
That's what you call getting your own back.
But no, there is also a Swedish soy who scampers away when he smacks the glass.

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Not really the public transit isn't very good place to commute, I was banned from the county bus system for defending myself

If it's an innocent person then I care and it makes me sad, if it's a leftist/sjw etc. then it's good and hope it always happens to them instead of innocents

So can someone explain why we're shitposting old fucking news and making entire threads about it like cuckchan?

The only American niggers have going for them is their white admixture. Barf.

Never said this wasn't the case. They often have Germanic/Saxon genes in them.

Well, its your own fault. You left behind witnesses.

Wooooow what a chad scaring an old lady how will I ever recover from this I'm such a Swedish cuck.

Gonna go kys now.

What about the cameras?

Attacking old women. Alpha as fuck. But when you do same to them they cry like babies.

Did you post this thinking you would get a reaction other than indifference and amused derision? Because if you did, you might be retarded.

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No murdering, faggo. We peacefully remove the Jews to their containment country then sanction the shit out of it.

kek, this guy is wearing a thousand dollar jacket.

We already tried that in the 40s. Didn't work. No more madagascar this time around. We can deport them to the River Lethe.

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forgot to sage

the US never sanctioned israel, nice try mate.


I was going to post the exact same thing right down to the amount.

This board has been decimated as of late. '14 - '16. now those were some years

This video is almost a year old

shills don't care about your facts.

i would have followed that nigger once he got off the bus untill we were in area with no witnesses. watch your back sandniggers, some of us wont hesitate to stab you.

Knives also don't leave evidence. Once they kick it up "in the jungle" we can kick it up to South Africa levels of self defense

Thank you for posting the .mp4, is anyone fluent in cuck? If this was translated in english we can take this video further.


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Because this board has been populated by a mix of: redditors, cuckchanners, glow-in-the-darks for years now.

Kill every last non-white.

Swedish libtards are reaping the rewards of their politics.

You should do the same. Unless it is some girl you want to meet, never ever help someone in these circumstances. Let people learn on their own.

Here is some wealthy SJW who got attacked by an immigrant, she of course blames two white men for not rescuing her.


so stop washing?

Why don't you get him yourself? Afraid of getting your shit split with a bottle as well?

Yeah actually I stopped using soap altogether and occasionally use my dog's(expensive ass) shampoo when my hair feels eh.
I'm a plumber and when shit goes sour I use dish soap, but that is like a once a year occurrence. I do get dirty almost every day, though, I'm just saying you don't need that shit. The oils in your skin will compensate and shit you don't scrub off with your hands or a rag(I don't usually use a rag) will eventually just shed naturally. If you feel like you need soap go buy the farm/amish style stuff, literally just tallow and lye.

As for perfumes, as long as your not fat or have a latent skin fungus(fat), you probably don't stink as bad as you think. Women love musk.

What's more important is getting your water tested to see how much xenoestrogens are in it.

Xenoestrogens only get through your skin into your blood if you use too much shitty soap and thus have unhealthy skin.

Can't won't will not. I'd rather skip to the last part lol.

Is he/ourguy/?

Zig Forums is a Chad board!!

Fat detected.

Chads don't act like niggers, Chads beat niggers and fuck stacies. That's life.

Niggers beat walls and fuck fat girls.

those women aren't even swedecucks. They're shitskins that are getting harassed by an evenshittier skin.

Indeed! Thats why ppl living in countries without that stuff are all fucking einsteins. Have u ever been to sub saharan Africa? fucking geniuses all around..

They would apologize for breathing air, more like…I wanna kil that fucking ningger so bad…those are TWO WOMEN, not even men…a daughter and her elderly mother.

Look at that fucking balless cuck in the background…fuck me white men are fucking worthless.

Why don't you do something faggot

I-is it you??

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Because I am a woman. But if you want me to lead you because you are too pussy, just say so…

Badass GRAMPS!!!

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this is how to do it.
no hands in pocket, ready to strike first and leave immediately afterwards.

Stop bitching at us and try spending some of all that extra energy on getting your "sisters" back on track. If more Women started being worth defending, then maybe more Men would actually stand up and risk themselves doing it. A lot of Men stopped acting like Men when the incentives where replaced with punishment.
This is a fucking team effort, you do your part and we do ours.
Before you start redtext spamming that I hate White Women and want them dead, yes it is disgusting to watch faggots standing idly by while Women are abused, absolutely no disagreement there.

this guy shows how a real social justice warrior should act, fuckin men hating lesbos need their asses kicked in public

check checked
What you've said is pretty true, but I feel like expounding on it a bit.
Aryan Men, Awaken! The conflict in already upon your doorstep, gather together, sound the war horn! Gather your neighbors and talk frankly about this. If you lack the skill to talk one simple trick can help!
Getting fit, everything stems from physical fitness: Better relationship in the stability of it, the attractiveness of your partner, and the mental state of your partner too. Better job prospects, especially with pay raises. More friends if male, more dates if female. Confidence comes from knowing you can back up everything you say with your body, frail body houses a frail mind, a strong body houses a strong mind. More people will follow you and listen to your opinions because you are fit.
Jumping off fitness and attractiveness comes hygiene. The jew will sell you poison at every possible step. Don't use it. Go natural. Substitute deodorant with baking soda/essential oil mixtures. Substitute body washes. Use natural ingredients your ancestors would have had access to. And while we're on topical chemicals that get into your system, what about the chemicals you consume in food? Cut it out, eat natural.

have the swedes awoken yet? lol

The western development path has been coopted by jews. Poorer people are free of this shit which is why they're stronger than us individually.

All niggers must fucking hang

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No one stated otherwise retard, saying that this consumer culture we live in is a cesspool and that niggers squatting in the mud have it better isn't being pro niggers, its being anti modernity.


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Anti modernity? Sounds like jew talk…race war now

You're a great goyim slave my man, the entire world following the industrial revolution has been on a path to decadence and degeneracy. Thats why every fascist tried to entirely shake things up, The entire "modern" system is built around supporting kikes.

Oy vey

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Stop calling niggers "chad"
Is a deity of pure charisma and power, he is our greatest ally, he is something to aspire towards. C H A D, would have stomped that nigger into dust, and then promptly received cunnilingus from every female on the train, simply for a chance to even taste his pure essence.
Niggers aren't chads, chad is the highest form any human can take, but even then he is beyond that, for chad is not merely human, for he is of the gods.

Swedes have always been faggots, it's in their genes. When I was a kid, we told Swede jokes. A thousand swedes, running through the weeds, chased by one Norwegian. You always understood that wops and polacks and micks were cool, it's just fun jokes, but swedes .. they're fucked up.

That's how you do it. Strike first, without remorse.


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Duetschland Uber Alles!

Give me a response, kikes and niggers need to die i have not provided an argument against that. back up your claims.

Makes sense I guess. No powder or casings to limit the search.

Those who warned this would happen ago were laughed at and derided. Keep laughing and not listening.
"The LORD shall bring a nation against thee from far, from the end of the earth, as swift as the eagle flieth; a nation whose tongue thou shalt not understand; A nation of fierce countenance, which shall not regard the person of the old, nor shew favour to the young: And he shall eat the fruit of thy cattle, and the fruit of thy land, until thou be destroyed: which also shall not leave thee either corn, wine, or oil, or the increase of thy kine, or flocks of thy sheep, until he have destroyed thee. And he shall besiege thee in all thy gates, until thy high and fenced walls come down, wherein thou trustedst, throughout all thy land: and he shall besiege thee in all thy gates throughout all thy land, which the LORD thy God hath given thee. " - Deuteronomy 28:49-52

many lols
Knives leave evidence with every stab. There is a reason assassins use guns and change the barrel on each job.

did the op's job, but still no sauce on 5 Mar 2018 video, or why it has been brought up again now.


What evidence does it leave other than "a knife was used"?

And yet they still rule over you. Very fitting white “men” are properly referred to as boys these days.

This was news 5 years ago. Also out of context.
Hide slide threads

(((NGOs))) and (((Soros))) are very generous


Who is this train mutt and why isn't he memed

Looks like self-defense to me.

Absolutely 100% based.

learn to fucking webm you retard

No fucking way. Kill on sight.

No white was killed and they became redpilled instantly, like others on that bus. Small win.


Negroid: GTFO! gtfo. GtFo.
Thot: No worries I'll help her.
Negroid: Yeah. Good for her… Best for her life aswell.
Lady: I dont know him, I have never seen him before.
Negroid: Fucking swede!
Lady: I am scared. (unaudible)
Negroid: Fucking whore swede! Mamas death. (some phrase they use for swearing similar to wallahi.)

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Because this board has been fully taken over and compromised. Schizo kikestian boomers, cuckchan redditors, and mutt zoomers are 99% of what's left and it's Ronald Watkins' fault.

Thanks linguist user I am now 75% more angry than I was before!


That explains why so many knife attacks are solved right away in londonistan :^)

This. The election ruined Zig Forums

I keep watching this vid and I'm not even sure if the person with the short red hair is a male, I figured it was the 1st girl's mom or lesbian lover or something.

as points out this is old news and probably a slide thread, kill it