Dindu Flash Mobs in Chicago (VIDEOS From Last Night's Chaos in Chicago)

I posted a thread last night about black mobs roaming around Chicago, attacking people and stealing shit, as it was happening (I was listening over the police scanners).

Here's the video footage from that event:

CBS Chicago - Hundreds Of Teens Run Through Downtown Chicago, Fighting And Disobeying Police:


WGN News - 26 charged after hundreds of teens descend on downtown Chicago


Here's more footage:


These chicoon flash mobs are usually more common during the summer (when school is out), but they seem to be getting worse every year, it's becoming the norm here in Chicongo.

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< Just another day in Chi-Raq.

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this is huge if it's on the mag mile and harrassing tourists
maybe the fat blue line will actually do something


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It's only getting worse.

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