German Nazi camp guard, 92, charged as accessory to thousands of murders

German Nazi camp guard, 92, charged as accessory to thousands of murders
((Corrects number of Jews killed, paragraph 8)))
BERLIN, April 18 (Reuters) - German prosecutors have charged a 92-year-old former concentration camp guard with being an accessory to murder, in what will be one of the last ever cases against Nazi-era war crimes.
Hamburg prosecutors accused the man, identified only as Bruno D., of aiding and abetting 5,230 cases of murder during the almost nine months he spent on duty at a concentration camp watch-tower at the end of World War Two.
According to (((Die Welt newspaper))), which first reported the charges, the man admitted to prosecutors during a voluntary interrogation last year that he had seen people being taken to gas chambers to be murdered.
"What good would it have done for me to leave? They'd just have found somebody else," he told prosecutors, according to the newspaper.
"I felt bad for the people there. I didn't know why they were there. I knew that they were Jews who had committed no crime."
D., who was 17 when he began serving at Stutthof concentration camp near Gdansk in present-day Poland, said he had only joined the SS, the paramilitary wing of Adolf Hitler's Nazi party, because a heart weakness meant he was only suited for "garrison service".
He said he had not been a Nazi sympathiser.
With only a handful of people involved in Nazi ermany's genocidal crimes still alive, all in extreme old age, prosecutors are racing against time to ensure at least some justice is done by the victims, including the six million Jews murdered in the Holocaust.
The case against another nonagenarian former guard at Stutthof, where more than 60,000 people died, was halted last year because the suspect was too infirm to stand trial.
Another, Oskar Groening, known as the "Bookkeeper of Auschwitz" for his job counting cash stolen from people sent to the most notorious of all the regime's death camps, died last year aged 96 as he waited to begin his sentence. (((Reporting by Thomas Escritt Editing by Robin Pomeroy)))

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How long before they're putting children and grandchildren on trial for accessory to the holocaust?


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Most Hispanics with nazi great grandparents would push back.


These haux trials are going to continue forever unless we exterminate the jews.

A reminder that we ALLOW this to continue. If we didn't ALLOW THIS TO KEEP HAPPENING THE SUBHUMANS WOULD FUCK OFF!

At 92, why not show this as the farce it is? What does he have to lose? They are already accusing him of being an accessory to 5000+ murders (which didn’t happen).

You're not wrong. Everyday of inaction is another day we allow this farce to continue. Make sure you're doing at least 1 pro-White thing a day, anons.

Isn't this already happening by proxy through America's exportation of multiculturalism and materialistic values? The entire psyche of a Jew is WE MUST NEVER LET HOLOCAUST HAPPEN AGAIN. It's their mode of operation and forms the red thread through all their decisions and groups they support. They support multiculturalism to no end because a divided population would never unite and strike the Jewish plague down. Multiculturalism is enforced by Jews, promoted by Jews to ensure their own survival. They subverted USA and after that European nations with their anti spiritual, materialistic, anti scientific messages.

The Jewish religions are a virus that are halting humanity's progress. A very big cultural challenge to come is moving past the dark ages of semitic religions into proper scientific approach. And an additional challenge for European nations to this is to restore their racial identity. The Jew is working hard to make both impossible, actively trying to create another dark ages through their religions.

Holy shit…I missed this part last time…He shouldn't be prosecuted because he has clearly lost his ability to think straight and is suffering from dementia if he thinks jews 'committed no crimes'. Their very existence on this planet is a crime against all that is holy and good. Clearly, they are simply picking on a very old man who has lost his ability to reason.

Since when did the SS take the infirm and defective? Would the SS be tasked with handling rudimentary guard duty?

(op half hitler dubs)
Anons every day of your lives you need to drop random shit on normies like do the math. In order for 6 million dead in 3 years they have to, everyone knows the rest. Figure out a good way to innocously interject it into any conversation then lead them to the truth at a level they figure out for themselves.

Nurem(((berg))) trial.

Let history have happened as it happened, even when you find it personally annoying. History books are no place to settle grudges; people need that info for real.

Hey Jews, we see this, we will remember this, you will be a diaper-wearing nonagenarian one day.

But user, that was also the location of the Nuremberg rally.

Another NAZIS down. Hallaucost Denyers this guy admitted to it. What DO YOU HAVE TO SAY NOW

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Nearing the end of the war they weren't as stringent in their recruitment. And since the SS was in charge of the prison camps that's what he was recruited as.
Prosecuting him for being a guard is ridiculous and unjust though.

That image makes no sense, magapedes are redditors.

Kikes were pushing for the destruction of the white race and of European culture before muh holocaust.
Look at Boasian anthropology for example.

This is a goyim who is lying so that his descendants get jew riches.

but he should be prosecuted for treason.
support of the lies used to justify (((allied))) crimes against germany is support of those crimes

No shekels for you today.

The zionists have to keep dragging up these fossils to remind us of the holocaust and keep us from noticing what they are doing in Israel.

Soon it will end.

So many newfags is natsoc or nsdap get it right.

2/10 bait


(((Current German Government))) Brings Him To Trial
not 5,231?

I saw that too.

The REAL upcoming Holocaust will be so much better than your made up shit.
industrial style Kike annihilation by the millions w/o any bullshit.
just a bullet to the head and then your ground up body goes to the biogas plant.

https: //

Send some redpills

Fucking White people are pathetic.

Turns out he only operated the spot lights.

You know the way out

*Insert sand nigger rapist let off with months or no sentence at all*

must have been one fucking tiny camp

Biogas! HOT DAMN user! they will finally be doing some work for the planet!

Albrecht Macht Frei

he burned 600 gorillion jews with gigawatt spotlights, absoutely SICKENING!

Nothing of value was lost. Traitors do not have my sympathy.

Did you evem watch the (((trial)))?. Jews love to fake speeches for the masses. Why the fuck do you think he is there if he admited?

Fucking jews.

*Honk* *Honk*

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And how come the soros defense doesn't work for this guy? Because he's white? Racist pricks.

Kek. It'd be very easy to shut this place down or render it impotent as a place to discuss anything.

Why don't they do this to the gulag guards?

Shut down? No. You can't, pussy. Prove it.
Render it impotent as a place to discuss anything?
Codemonkey did that.

This is why we need to start this for Jap interment camps


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A reminder

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Don't forget that in the BEST case scenario that a cremated body (with today's high tech crematoriums) produces between 6-8 pounds of ash and things like teeth that are too dense to burn up. 6 million jews = 36 million pounds of ash. That much ash is a toxic alkaline scar on the landscape for 50-100 years nothing will grow. It also takes heavy equipment to handle spreading and moving that much ash. Now back when people were more gullible about the kike LIES the kikes made this film about how ALL FUCKING 36 MILLION pounds of ash fit into a tiny kidney-shaped pond the size of a backyard swimming pool (their lies weren't as practiced back then). There are so many problems with the holohoax that IT FUCKING FAILS ON EVERY LEVEL…EVERY LEVEL…not to mention that they didn't have enough fuel for vehicles at that time, but enough to burn 6 million bodies in an obscure religious human sacrifice ritual that MEANT NOTHING to Germans and only meant something to Molochs children.

Video: "9 Million Murdered (which would have been 54 million pounds of ash but who is fucking counting at this point)"


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Holocaust deniers, how are you going to refute this? Or will you just ignore this evidence since it does not fit your world view.

We need that noble man's expertise badly. Let's et him out

See above your very post. :-)

Ah yes, a retard who thinks the camp workers used regular incinerators and operated them in a way to put a single person's ashes into a urn.

as compared to the incinerators us in Nazi flying saucers?

Don't forget the teeth. Where did all the teeth go? In the killing fields teeth turn up after a heavy rain.


Where does the city of Auschwitz gets it's water from?

? Remember how the groids were complaining about lead in flint after the same governor cut them off in setroit ?>>13154391

No, incinerators that could support more people, needed to be cleaned out less often, etc.

oy vey I can't believe that evil hitler led an 860 year crusade against the 6 million chosen people

He’s probably getting promises of people he cares about getting taken care of. The pitfall is that he’s trusting slimy jews.

You mean German hero, surely?

Who's Albrecht?

Like these 'industrial bread ovens, you fucking retard?

You pick which BREAD OVEN burnt up 6 million jews…ps it takes hours in a high powered MODERN crematorium to burn a body completely…a minimum with a modern high power cremation of 6-8 hours…6 million times 6-8 hours, AND HOW MANY BTU's IS THAT?

You're a fucking retard.


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Here is 'Auschwitz's crematorium aka industrial bread oven for you to compare…fucking loser semite trash

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Maybe they’re just rounding up geriatrics and convincing them not only are they 10-15 years older then they are but they were leet SS Jew Killers


It takes about 100# of high grade coal to cremate one body

100# x 14340 btu/# = 1,434,00 btu's

Or over 1 million btu's/body

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Fucking jews! Just leave that old Man alone, let him be comfy and die in peace.

I can see the headlines now. 2065: holohoax survivor tells tales blah blah. Greatx6-grandchild of a deathcamp survivor has genetic memories of the horrors of Germany…..fuck off!

So what happens when enough time passes that everyone who would have been at a concentration camp can't be alive anymore?

>Nazis too sick to stand trial or die before they get (((justice))) forever denying them the satisfaction.

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Why burn them completely? Just put in the next one once it's mostly done. Doing a partial cremation takes a lot less time to do then a complete one.

Doesn't really matter, the whole thing is completely infeasible…I mean look at the bread ovens that the retard kikes said were crematoriums how many bodies do you think could fit in there? Also…even if they burned them 15 deep 24/7/365 there is not enough space to burn 6 million people…it is FUCKING RIDICULOUS. I mean the whole process would still be going on today at 10 deep 24/7/365…literally they wouldn't be finished yet.

there is not enough *time*

I never claimed that 6 million were cremated. Where did you get that idea?





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God bless that nana.
I wish they wouldn't laugh at her that way.

They don't deserve her. I am so embarrassed for her that she has such miserably cucked offspring.

Are you denying the 6 million killed int he holocaust?

of course

Ride a roller coaster train directly into my oven.

Prime example of him standing up for the White man against the swamp kikes as usual.

Hail Hortler

jews are aids

The simple way of understanding the jq is to compare them to HIV:

1.HIV enters the body and initially hides in places within the host that their immune system cant get to as easily.
2.It multiplies and begins to subvert the natural healthy immune response of its host/victim in order to thrive better.
3.This eventually results in the development in the host of a set of symptoms called AIDS.
AIDS prevents the immune system from functioning properly and the host eventually dies through secondary infection. An infection that the host would otherwise be quite able to resist without much effort.
4. Although HIV within the host will mostly die with the host it is usual for the host to deliberately or unknowingly spread HIV to other hosts to continue the cycle.

1.The jew enters the body of a nation and hides in roles that initially offer some protection. This is usually a monopoly or something that becomes a monopoly under jew nepotism eg: usury, diamonds, medieval tax collecting, many areas of academia, the msm etc…
2.The jew secures its position and begins influencing its host nation: Usury becomes debt slavery and political influence, media control becomes narrative control, academia becomes re-education etc… all designed around the jews terror of being singled out and identified by the host and their desire to grow unhindered. Fear and greed are their motives.
3.The social, economic and political manipulation the jew engages in based on fear and greed results in a specific set of symptoms developing in the host nation: Anti-racism, in group preference becomes a taboo, the promotion of misegenation, civic nationalism followed by open borders, the demonising of the host for past actions real or invented, the removal of inconvenient parts of the hosts history and identity, hyper individualism, perversion and sickness paraded as goodness and health etc… All these symptoms are induced under the guise of a twisted 'morality' that cohen-cidentally benefits the parasitic jew and makes it easier for them to function within the host nation.
4.The host nations natural and healthy immune system of identity, history, agency and self worth is destroyed. Internally paralysed by jew induced perversion, degeneracy, atomisation, apathy, corruption, self doubt, guilt etc.. and unable or unwilling to defend itself the host nation is overwhelmed by external invasion/infection by other groups that would otherwise be only a trivial problem.
5.The jew moves on leaving death in its wake.

Here is a jew
the jew uses the tired argument of "more meat in the oven" which everyone knows would take a longer time to burn to the center of the now larger lump of kike meat. The longer burn time makes the alleged number burned impossible.
kikes will ignore this however, and continue on in the customary manner of pilpul.

look at him go.

I was going to keep quiet just in case the ADL went on this thread?
The way to destroy this place completely is very simple;
Simply pay some indian faggots to post HUNDREDS of shitty, low tire threads. One every 10 seconds.
That's it. Our board becomes flooded with low quality shit from low quality shitskins.
Essentially this is the jewish tactic IRL and it has destroyed hundreds of thousands of communities.

Honestly I'm alwayse amazed that this hasn't happened yet. You sit here whining about Codemonkey but you have no idea how bad things could really get. This board could literally just be slid to death. The entire board.

My theory is that either the kikes plain haven't thought of this yet or maybe our existence serves or appears to serve another purpose for them. Nothing else explains why no one has tried this.

Just fuck off Goldblatt

i wonder how in the absolute fuck do they manage to turn that number into 6 million

hey faggot… the nazi guard has been trumps only real deportation

electric floors and ray guns and steam rooms that shrunk the jews!

That's always been the story, cocksucker. There was never any evidence found of mass graves anywhere near the camps. You are a Holocaust denier!

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Yeah it's donnel blimps fault that Germany has these draconian puppet state laws

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no kike, its trumps fault that he deported the 90 year old former nazi guard so that he could be paraded around like a trained seal in an effort to once again beat the holohoax into the minds of the normies

Except it didn't.
More like: we must never let whites rise up against us, take our money and deport us again.

The only consolation is that men like him will soon no longer be hounded to their grave by weasel centre hunters. Would be nice to show solidarity via a message of support.

He's clearly senile.
Everything he says is inadmissible in a court of law.
I'd be interested in finding out how many Jews are involved in this case, especially the judge and prosecutor.

under Nuremberg "general program" laws which were used to murder thousands of low level German govt drones, every member of Congress, and every Fed Judge, and all appeals, and up to SCOTUS, could be quickly and LEGALLY executed, just for their role in the "Humanitarian Crisis" at the Mexican Border…and just for the bad things that Mexicans are doing to other Mexicans!

By not shutting down the Border, they are KNOWING acting as a part of Human Trafficking, War Crimes, etc.

mfw a Zig Forumsack posts whitepill stats on deportations and some filthy baby-dick sucking hebe calls him a kike
Open wide Morris, it's kosher, trust me I'd never steer you wrong, you're our #1 bestest ally

Thanks for those stats, can't wait for fiscal year 2018! Fukkin saaaaaaved!

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These clowns aren't going to be happy til we lose our freedom of speech and right to bear arms.

Realist talk from Pierce