Here is the potential Next President: South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg

This man is a complete non name, a simple mayor from South Bend. And yet, he is going to run for president in 2020.
Nobody knew who he was until he announced that he was a homosexual gay faggot. Then, all the (((media))) went to talk to him, to put him in the front page. Shortly there after, he announces that he will run for the 2020 presidential race. And for the last month, he has been shilled in ALL the TV Talk Shows, he's been shilled by ALL Main Stream Media, They are ALL talking about him…Exactly like Obama and Macron, he goes from total unknown stranger to national (and soon international) figure. This is the propaganda machine creating people from absolutely nothing, it's a fabricated character from start to finish. He was a no name and in a matter of weeks, he becomes shilled hard absolutely everywhere…And the reason he's being shilled this hard is because he is a FAGGOT.
So I write this here because you are going to eat Pete Buttigeg propaganda REALLY HARD in your day to day life and on the internet, and so Zig Forums better be prepared for it.
The video here:
(Pete Buttigieg, the first openly gay U.S. presidential candidate, was confronted by an anti-gay protester at his rally in Des Moines, Iowa on Tuesday.
A heckler yelled "remember Sodom and Gomorrah," to which Buttigieg responded, "the good news is, the condition of my soul is in the hands of God but the Iowa caucus is up to you.")

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buttplug filled first post

By some Divine Providence or by some Divine Joke, Doctor Eugene Michael Jones, a famous Catholic Scholar and anti-Jew/anti-Homosexual thinker, literally lives three houses from Mayor Pete Buttigieg and they live in the same street. Furthermore, Dr E.Michael Jones's son, Adam, went to school with Mayor Pete Buttgieg and Dr. Jones also knew Pete Buttigieg's father, which was a professor at Notre Dame University (if not mistaken). So their fate are interconnected here.
And the chance we have is that Dr. E.Michael Jones spoke A LOT about the GloboHomo agenda and also spoke a lot about Mayor Pete Buttigieg directly. So we have a lot of material to understand and counter Pete Buttigieg from one of the most intelligent scholar there is.
So I'll post Dr. Jones's videos about Homosexuality and about this Mayor so that you can watch them and assimulate them.
And also, I suggest you that you save them and archive them, it wouldn't be surprising at all that all of Dr. Jones's videos about his mayor gets deleted, or even that his youtube channel to be deleted all together considering that he criticize directly a presidential Oligarchic faggot puppet that is this mayor.

Sounds like a guy who will continue the policies of the Trump administration.

I'll try to post Dr. Jones's video on the chronical order.
This video is where it all began, when the Mayor Pete Buttigieg announced that he was homosexual.
Talk Show Israel - South Bend, Ind. Mayor Coming Out (June 16th, 2015)
srael talk show host Peter Helland with guest Professor E. Michael Jones discusses South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg coming out and admitting he is gay. Discussion on sodomy and homosexual agenda as it relates to Notre Dame university and its possible conflict with Bishop Rhodes.

Israel - Guest Dr. Jones on South Bend City Council, Mayor, & Sodomy (July 15th, 2015)
Israel talk show host Peter Helland and guest Dr. E. Michael Jones discusses South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg coming out as gay and the attempt to address the City Council concerning this matter.

sure.. Israel always get shekels…the immigrants keep coming, and our standard of living continues to decline.

But we can all pat ourselves on the pat for being progressive and electing the first faggot to the white house.

What will we do when we run out of "firsts"?

Israel: Sodomy in Berlin & South Bend (August 19, 2016)
E. Michael Jones talks about his recent talks in London and Berlin. He makes some comparisons in the different cultures. He focuses in on Berlin as the enlightenment capital of Europe beginning with Frederick the Great. He compares the gay mayor of Berlin to the gay mayor of South Bend. It is getting so corrupt that history predicts we could be close to a major reaction against the excesses of the enlightenment.

Mayor Pete: The Philosopher King (December 15, 2016)
The mayor of South Bend, IN Peter Buttigieg just made known he is interested in being the next DNC, Democratic National Committee chairman. He said he is concerned about the direction the country is going. Dr. E. Michael Jones and Peter Helland examine a 25 minute interview Mayor Pete did last spring in 2016 with Notre Dame philosophy professor Meghan Sullivan.
The interview:
centered around the mayor's favorite philosopher Immanuel Kant. Dr. Jones challenges Mayor Pete's understanding of Kant. Kant wrote strongly against the evil of sodomy, bestiality, masturbation and bastard children. Jones contends the gay mayor's favorite philosopher is really Michel Foucault. Also discussed is Donald Trump's win, his cabinet choices, the CIA and the importance of local community media.

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The absolute state of christcucks.

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Mayor Pete vetoes Women's Care Center (May 4, 2018)
On April 28th Mayor of South Bend, IN, Peter Buttigieg, vetoed the common council's decision to grant the Women's Care Center a rezoning permit. The mayor said: "This is one of the hardest decisions that I've ever made in this job…" His decision has upset many right to life Christians in the Michiana area. Pastor Graylin Watson and Pastor Mario Sims along with Dr. E. Michael Jones and Peter Helland discuss the ramifications of the mayor's decision. They bring up Margaret Sanger and the Negro Project plus many other related subjects.
The big issue is that the proposed Women's Care Center is located right next to the new abortion clinic on South Bend's poorer West Side. The Center's outreach is especially meant to minister to the poorer minorities suffering from unwanted pregnancies. If one of the three African-American ladies on the common council change their vote the mayor's veto will be overruled.

Dr. E. Michael Jones reviews mayor Pete Buttigieg's book: "Shortest Way Home"
(Photo is “Pete” kissing “husband” outside “church”)
Dr. Jones writes on the first page of his review: "As with virtually every other claim in this book, the facts stubbornly resist the paradigm Mayor Pete brings to bear to interpret them." And on the last page he writes: "Hasn't the city of South Bend become a hostage to your homosexual narcissistic fantasy of becoming America's first gay president?" Dr. Jones concludes his 22 page review: "…..that the first victim of the regimen of sexual liberation as political control which he [Mayor Pete] perpetrated on South Bend was the man he sees in the mirror."
It does seem obvious to those wanting to see that there are two grooming scenarios going on at the same time. Mayor Pete has been preparing his perfect resume for his run for President for a long time. He must have aimed purposely to be Valedictorian of St. Joseph high school situated right across the street from Notre Dame University. Apparently this is a Catholic school where you can be number one while still being amoral even to the point of being a homosexual. Pete then added to his resume by going to Harvard and Oxford. He became a Rhodes Scholar, an Afghanistan war veteran, the mayor of South Bend and most importantly coming out as gay and publicly marrying his "husband" while mayor. But his career path to becoming President gives the impression that he and others have been carefully calculating all the right moves to fit the type of person that the second grooming scenario is formulating. Our schools, our media and our overall culture has been socially engineering Americans to admire the resume that Buttigieg and others have made. The problem is that by accepting Buttigieg's gayness as a good thing Americans are risking overthrowing 20 centuries of Western Christianity and going back to some form of paganism.

Peter Buttigieg and His Naked Resume (April 7, 2019 )
Pastor Mario Sims joins Dr. E. Michael Jones and Peter Helland to continue studying Peter Buttigieg and why he might not be a good choice for President. It appears that the same group of people that launched Barack Obama as the first black President are trying to play the same idea by launching Peter Buttigieg as the first gay President. The mayor of South Bend went to Harvard when Harvard's preacher and chaplain was Peter J. Gomes. Gomes was black and homosexual. Wikipedia says about Gomes: "Listed by Time Magazine in 1979 as one of "seven stars of the pulpit." Gomes did not get as many honorary degrees as Father Hesburgh but Wikipedia claims he received at least 40 of them. Gomes argued in his book: "The Good Book: Reading the Bible with Mind and Heart," that being homosexual was not a sin. Again Wikipedia writes of Gomes: "He maintained that "one can read into the Bible almost any interpretation of morality … for its passages had been used to defend slavery and the liberation of slaves, to support racism, anti-Semitism and patriotism, to enshrine a dominance of men over women, and to condemn homosexuality as immoral" as paraphrased by Robert D. McFadden in the New York Times (March 2, 2011)." Wikipedia claims he wrote: "I now have an unambiguous vocation — a mission — to address the religious causes and roots of homophobia… I will devote the rest of my life to addressing the ‘religious case’ against gays.[18] Same-sex marriage advocate Evan Wolfson described Gomes as an integral contributor to the cause of marriage equality."[19]
Buttigieg claims to be a man of Christian faith and sitting under Harvard's best has convinced him (and maybe most Americans) that he can be a practising homosexual and still be in good favor with God. Welcome to the continuation of the American Revolution out of Boston, home of Robert Kraft. Who will declare that the King is naked?

E. Michael Jones on Mayor Pete's Candidacy (April 14, 2019)
E. Michael Jones returns to Our Interesting Times to discuss his book Home Alone: A Neighbor's Thoughts on Pete Buttigieg. He and host Tim Kelly talk about South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, his rally to announce his presidential candidacy formally, and why oligarchs support his presidential campaign.

Owen Benjamin and E. Michael Jones Discuss Pete Buttigieg (April 6, 2019)
This is an excerpt from the full interview between E.Michael Jones and Owen Benjamin here.
Part 1:
Part 2:

Just keep throwing dildos at him until he goes away.
If there are enough meme videos and news clips of him getting dildos thrown at him, that will be all he is ever known for.

That's all the videos I know of where Dr. E.Michael Jones talks about Mayor Pete Buttigieg directly, which is already plenty.
I know will post some other videos on the subject of the "Gay Disco", the Sodomy and homosexuals by Dr. Jones if you want to explore that too.
Here is a short 8:30 minutes montage about the "Wage of Sin", a.k.a the Sodomite Wage opposed to the family Wage.

The Wages of Sin (September 7, 2017)
E. Michael Jones Gay Disco compilation.
Compilation of various E. Michael Jones clips

Hé is pro-isreal

No joke, this honestly sounds like the easiest, and most effective strategy.
Fuckin Clown World.

after the first guy goes to prison for battery, nobody else will do it. Remember, it's the fucking USA, you literally get years in the can for doing shit to VIPs

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make butt and poo jokes. toilet humor appeals to kikes and leftists so they'll probly disrupt any discours and ensure he's unvotable being the butt of numerous poopookaka tier jokes

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The 2020 Pete Buttigieg presidential run in one pic (Not Safe For Life)

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not an argument, jewbag

meme it.

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honestly would work, but I don't think this faggot is worth the effort

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That fucking queerbait makes me sad to be from Indiana

The next president is either going to be Trump again, or maybe Yang gang. I wouldn't mind Yang gang in the white house. The chinese already run everything, we might as well make it official and crown them king of America. Give me my $1000 a month you brilliant bastard.

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That's them literally saying Israel the country is bullshit and the real Israel is the kingdom of Christ. It's anti-semitic.

Yang will struggle to even make the debates. He is polling at 1% and has already been sidelined with the "muh altright" screeching.

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Pete in your Buttigieg is the true accelerationist candidate. If they can make this sodomite nobody president its a quick trip to peak degeneracy followed by a steep decline.

Yeah, hard pass on a president Buttgay.

Buttplug/Buttlickieg is the acceleration choice for the win in 2020. Faggots like this are the antithesis of life itself. All of the faggot are an affront to humanity and the species itself. They cannot reproduce and since this is the second most important directive of all life they are an abomination and affront to all that exists in nature and ecology.

Can a gay man whose surname begins with the word “Butt” become America’s next president?

Say hello to Pete Buttigieg, who is so kind and helpful that his Twitter page phoneticizes his Maltese surname as “BOOT-edge-edge” so you don’t have to spend half a day trying to figure out how to pronounce it. Because his last name is so ridiculously inscrutable, many prefer to simply call him “Mayor Pete.” Buttigieg is the out-and-proud mayor of South Bend, IN, who declared his candidacy for president yesterday amid a wave of hype touting him as “the hottest thing in politics.” Almost entirely unknown a month ago, recent polls show him trailing only Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders in a cluttered field of Democratic candidates.

Biden is a straight white male, which is a severe liability in the modern Democratic milieu, even though he bends over backwards apologizing for it. Sanders is Jewish but suffers the misfortune of existing in a climate where Jews are still largely considered white—they have yet to fully shake that stigma.

Both Biden and Sanders are also in their late 70s and are seeking to appeal to an increasingly youthful demographic. There’s also Beto O’Rourke, who’s much younger than those doddering septuagenarians but then again is saddled with the ignominy of being a straight white male.

Like O’Rourke, Buttigieg is young—if elected, he’d become the youngest president ever—but what sets him apart from the rest of the Democrats’ unfashionably white males is that he is gay. Therefore, even though he’s Harvard-educated and independently wealthy, he’s “oppressed.” And in the modern Democratic Party, you’re not a winner unless you’re a loser, at least in historical terms.

I mean, he doesn’t merely engage in sexual activities that Leviticus declares to be an abomination before the Lord Jehovah. He plays piano, harmonica, and guitar. He speaks eight languages and allegedly learned Norwegian just so he could read a novel. He’s a Rhodes scholar and an Afghanistan war vet. He refers to himself as “definitely the only left-handed, Maltese American Episcopalian gay millennial war veteran in the race.”

So it’s not as if engaging in sodomitical relations with his legal husband is the man’s only selling point; it’s definitely the main one that they’re pushing, though.

As far as his policy positions go, I’m not sure he actually has any. He’s in favor of universal healthcare, as if that distinguishes him from the 300 or so other freaks who are running for the Democratic nomination. He apparently likes the environment. He thinks organized labor is cool; on the other hand, he doesn’t think wealth inequality is cool at all. School shootings? Mayor Pete doesn’t like ‘em. Legalized abortions? Likes ‘em. Bike lanes? Likes them, too. Corporations? Nah. Pollution? Double nah, because corporations cause it.

“For the Democrats, who seem to be gearing up for a 2020 platform that doesn’t stray far beyond “White Males Suck,” here’s a white male who literally sucks—and they’re making it his main selling point.”
See if you can find anything that anyone on Planet Earth has said throughout history that is more vague than this public statement from Mayor Buttplug:

What matters is our everyday life, and our everyday life is subject to the decisions that are being made by people with power over our life, and that’s what elections are all about…So many other things matter, especially having a sense of who you are and what you care about….This generation, if nothing changes, could be the first in American history to earn less than our parents if we don’t do something different. So let’s do something different….We can’t just polish off a system so broken. It is a season for boldness and a focus on the future.

Dude just blew my mind as hard as he probably blows his husband.

Is all that vapidly feel-good verbiage any more profound that Obama’s “hope” and “change” sloganeering that bewitched the public back in 2008? Is there any quantitative difference between Pete Buttigieg and Barack Obama besides the fact that Pete has less melanin and is married to someone who is confirmed to be a man?

Try as hard as I do to be aggressively homophobic, I’m not even sure whether being a rump-wrangler has much to do with one’s managerial skills and political vision. But for the Democrats, who seem to be gearing up for a 2020 platform that doesn’t stray far beyond “White Males Suck,” here’s a white male who literally sucks—and they’re making it his main selling point.

You see, it’s important that Mayor Pete likes having sex with other men. Despite the monstrous deficit, the endless foreign wars, the looming doom that is automation, the lack of any cultural or social glue that’s keeping the nation from spinning out of control, the totalitarian lurch toward speech suppression and thought control, what the country really needs right now—more than anything, I swear—is having a guy in the White House who has sex with another guy in the White House. It’s important because of, you know, history and oppression and hatred and the fact that the country is too divided.

Like all of his other white-male competitors, Buttigieg has bowed down, kissed the ring, and admitted that he enjoys unearned and unfair white privilege, but he wants you to forgive him because, well, because he likes penises.

But because we’re dealing with leftists—who are never satisfied until the ship points Due Left and falls off the edge of this flat Earth—and already there are bitchy murmurs of whether Buttigieg is “gay enough.”

A recent op-ed in something called The Outline laments that “Mayor Pete
might be the most palatable gay man in America,” and “That’s precisely the problem”:

There is a certain kind of gay guy. He is very likely white. He would say that he is in his “mid-thirties,” although he is much closer to the end than to the beginning of his last credibly young decade. Older women think he is handsome; younger men are not so sure. He is a professional of some kind — not ostentatiously wealthy, but comfortable enough to take the occasional ski trip in Colorado or spring vacation in Spain. He probably enjoys “the theater.” He is sure to mention at some point that he likes to read.

The article then goes on to chastise Buttigieg for making a huge point of the fact that he met his super-gay hubby through a dating site called Hinge—which welcomes straights as well as gays—rather than the low-T-cell-count gay hookup app called Grindr.

You can’t win with these people. And that’s why, barring a sudden flash of insight among Democrats or Donald Trump’s untimely death, the Democrats will lose in 2020.

His podcast "Jim Goad's Group Hug" is hilarious, btw


Suicide is the only escape from this nightmare we inhabit.

Who gives a shit? Our current President Trump sucks Israel's dick 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I would rather have a fag in the White House than a god damned useful idiot for Israel like Trump.