No Muller Report Thread? Really?

No Muller Report Thread? Really?

Already began reading and it makes the baseless claims that Guccifer 2.0 was The Kremlin.

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It is pointless theater dumb dumb.

The original one was pruned because anons weren't playing nice with the trumpnigger shills.

Don't make threads that were deleted.

Haha. This report attempts to claim that the IRA (Internet Research Administration) of Russia created American-Based Trump Rallies

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this is what happens in nearly every thread yet they aren't pruned because of it. blows my mind that this is the only thread about the Mueller report when it's one of the biggest anticipated political releases in months. seems Zig Forums is suppressing it's discussion here. there should be a sticky.

board is deader than disco

eat a bag of dicks, glowfag

Comments on Seth Rich

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Wasn't Guccifer 2.0 just some Ukrainian user? I swear I remember him or somebody representing him posting directly to this site back during the election year.
Lmao at US intelligence agencies jumping at ghosts, shitposters, and le 1337 h@xorz thinking we're on some gov's payrole. Sometimes I think they actually believe their own bullshit; lone wolves are simply outside their paradigm.
I'm sure that plenty of Russian anons helped spread memes and even organize outreach during the election, of course they would! Everyone here that isn't a shill or Fed cares about the world and does what they can to discuss/motivate change. Everybody here or on social media posting from a Russian IP is interpreted by the (((media))) as a literal agent on Putin's direct payrole.
It's all just propaganda to delegitimize populist movements in the West and justify censorship in the name of "protecting" the proles from foreign influence. Heaven forbid us dirty goyim get around their media blackouts and manipulation.

Not here it isn't. I don't think that is why the moderators pruned it, but hardly anyone here was eagerly awaiting its release.

Section about Donadl J. Trump Jr.

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There was one previous thread, but due to (((someones))) butthurt, it got deleted.

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sauce? why would no one on be waiting its release?

This is a handwritten note by George Popadopolis

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That second 'Really?' makes you sound like a bitch on the rag or a limp wristed effeminate queer faggot.

>inb4 thread anchored/deleted
pdf of report with ocr

Trump campaign responds to Mueller report: 'Time to investigate the liars'

Report: White House Wants Investigation Into Hillary Clinton’s Emails

I didn't think this place was comp'd until now.

First thread summarized.

Couldn't agree more. This is one of the only threads on current political events…and it got shilled to death and deleted.

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Because the theatrical intricacies of America's television politics aren't the primary interest of the core user base here. I can't speak for the bots, hasbarats, and reddit tourists making a pit stop, though.

A-are you running damage control?

Everytime I have used an OCR document it has been the most ugly, most broken piece of shit ever. I feel this would be no different

No, but you can feel free to filter me if you feel that way. You aren't obligated to go back and forth, unless of course you are [like it's in your contract. It's not in your contract, is it?].

Why not download it and see?
Here's a page from my OCR (not the one linked).

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I saw that thread and wondered where it went.
I asked myself why it would be deleted.
& it's becoming glaringly obvious that Zig Forums mod team is kiked up

That's not an OCR output, that's the PDF's jpeg with an embedded OCR. The OCR Output would be plain-text

Yeah, you know what? I'll save you the trouble and beat you to the punch.

Focus on honking honks instead

That was obvious when they banned thousands of anons for documenting Trump's zionist handlers and political/business history during 2015 and 2016. I'm sure you certainly don't see it that way, though.


That was Imkamfy. Imkamfy was kicked off this board's mod team due to massive spam and complaints, and now it is managed by globals.

I wasn't in /8pol/ during 2015 & 2016 (had some irl campaigning to do)



Let's continue with investigating the report.

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no tampons can contain this

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Sage and report for violating the rules.

Why would we give a shit about your kike puppet and your kike puppet and the theater between them?

Look at this shit

Here zerohedge for lazy anons

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one of the least discussion worthy zog scripts

Because the information in the rapport might ((expose)) something abou ((some people))



I am aware that it was kampfy. The point is WHAT he banning people for and now that he can't do it [really it's just lessened, plenty of suspicious bannings and prunings have cropped up] suddenly there is this big problem with comped moderators.

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Why would it, though? Jews wrote the report.

George Popadopilous was a former aide for Bill Clinton, and a former Low-Rated TV News presenter in the mid 2000's. George Popidopilous most likely is an agent of the Israeli State. George Popidopilous proves there was collusion with the Israeli State.

Oud goal should be getting more info on this. We need to dig


I think you are getting him confused with George Stefanopolous.


I suppose I am. Who is George Popadopilous


Papadapoulos has admitted that in interviews before.

Please do some of your own investigation.

I wouldn’t have cared if he had colluded honestly

Guccifer 2.0
was Seth Rich

Tbh I was there and I only ever heard of that happening. Never actually saw it happen in legitimate ways. Every time an user brought that up, it turned out their highly in-depth, relevant and totally never-before-posted post was just an image of Trump touching the wailing wall with maybe one line of text. And I was monitoring commie discords at the time, which all had that same image highlighted in their 'meme repository' or what each one's equivalent was. Kampfy didn't pretend to be pro-Trump until months after he had already won.

Classic times

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The Mueller Report is a big nothing burger that Twitter journos and crazy cat ladies fell for from the beginning. As usual, Trump wins and I am honestly getting tired from all the winning. This “report” will all but seal his second term while the lunatic Dems scramble for false narratives and eat each other alive over petty idpol shibboleths they themselves created for everyone else.

Now that's what I call shilling.

did you read that on facebook?

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The point of the media campaign was to put Russia, not israel, into the spotlight. It is not about Trump winning or losing, but turning legions of niggerblooded democratic voters into Brezinksi-tier cold warriors [mission accomplished] since Trump wasn't able to get enough of his base back on board with PNAC.

How about no?


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There was and continues to be significant evidence that Seth Rich was Gucifer 2.0

Well no, not every Democrat voter fell for the narrative. There are a few “honest progressives” who I won’t name because shilling with a good reach that were pushing back against Russiagate from the beginning. The only people who still think the pee tape is out there and that Trump is in bed with Putin are fringe cat ladies and multi-millionaire corporate Dems who sadly have control over the party. I’m hoping those “honest progressives” see the onus is on them to walk away and re-register as Independents or Republicans.

like what? there's evidence seth rich was a jew and likely mossadnigger.



Holy shit, that date is way too recent.

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That is the point.

Okay, this thread is trash. I’m out.

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(((they're))) still calling Mifsud a Russian/Kremlin agent

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Everyone follow this lad


Whoa, now that I can care about.
Protip: Mods threatened to permaban me for posting a graphic demonstrating a board-wide shilling campaign transpiring over months, directed against National Socialism and White Nationalism, utilizing multiple IPs to drop myriad (1) and done posts which were not removed despite them having been reported dozens of times. They said I was 'stalking the moderators', and then had a chuckle about the fact that the board log now has the mod accounts "hidden" and so direct monitoring of which mods were doing was is no longer possible.

Checked for being surprised that media jews will never let something go once you give them something to latch onto.

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What this demonstrates to me, if anything, is that anyone who is supportive of israel is my enemy.
There is no 'lesser evil' when it comes to a competition between zionism and marxism, and that's all the modern US politics really amounts to at this point.

@DSANickposter is the best account on twitter

Go away TRS, you're gay and jewish.

That's bullshit. Gucifer 2.0 is Romanian.


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I’m anti-TRS

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Call me a TRSodomite one more time boy


looks like it was beleted…

wtf globals

That picture

yeah jews are fucking weird

A character in the 80’s sitcom, Webster. Played by Alex Karras. He’s an ex NFL player that adopts a black midget. Hilarity ensues.

I can't figure what the fuck this russian collusion shit is about. Can someone spoonfeed a brainlet a tl'dr? All I understand is that >trump helped russia make facebook memes and leaked hillary's emails

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Basically Russia ran a PSYOPs campaign to help create Trump's cult of personality giving him the advantage over Hillary. Putin believed Trump would approve a Russia/Ukraine peace-plan which would ultimately put Russia in control of Ukraine.

any salt yet?

You misspelled Israel.

Meh they're one and the same

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Magapedes made that word so fucking gay.

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You're not doing it right.