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The goal is simple: Make trannies and normies belive that the Rainbow flag linked to the alt-right somehow thought the help of the mass-media.

The ideology we are trying to link to the rainbow flag is RACIAL SEGREGATION

Motto: ”A separate race for every race”

The Battle Plan: Make memes and propaganda for our ideology and spread them throughout the internet and IRL if you are in an english speaking country , hope that MSM picks them up and spreads them further.

DO NOT USE SWASTIKAS as that whould make it a dead giveaway that this is not legitimate. USE HONKLER INSTEAD as the medie knows he is alt-right but not what he stands for precisely , we can make him stand for this.

Pastebin: pastebin.com/knr0SBjY

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printable ones

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"We are all unique
let's keep it that way"

Damn, those pictures are some quality work. Respect to whoever made them.

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This meme sucks.

actually you suck

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This idea has floated for a few years at this point.
Nice to see some quality anons put up solid work

hey you got ((1555537093302.gif)) as a desktop background? i like that and it's obscure enough that i don't have a problem with it on my phone or work laptop. lol

Use anybody but honkler. Honkler is taking on a different meaning right now. It's anti-(((system))), so don't make it gay. Don't need to turn the frogs literally gay. The flag memes are doing fine without.

Just no.

You might be right

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talk about an effort in futility, youalt-right are worthless, you're wasting your tiem, and it's very amusing.

meh…this is just weekday hum-drum 9-5 shit, we put on our faggot stomping boots on for the weekend though. Stay safe!

Welcome to Zig Forums! just a reminder there are a variety of boards on Zig Forums for you to enjoy on your stay, remember, everyone has a post id!

So why don't you larping cringe fags go to a nadzee board instead of shitting up the politically incorrect one.

….you're actually retarded.
or do you consider this politically correct content?

This is most intriguing.

Carry on, gentlemen.

Out of all comparisons, rodents aren't very pleasing. You could use almost whatever other animal and it would be better.

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The only reason for typing this bad, as you obviously have some command of the language, is that this really bothers you. We are gonna ruin your flag, fag.

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How about something like : Earn the right to stand by our side

Oh my fucking god that's just too good, I'll use them to start redpilling my family

This is a cuckchan thread, good to know the fag mods here apparently gave up on this board

The logic..
the creativity..
the methodicalness
the asymmetrical lethality of it all

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Yes good tought.
respect every race territory like the territory for the jews:Israël.
Let every race live in their own territory and that is the solution of the jewish problem and the total globe racial problem.
and no immigrants from another race to the racial territory.
whites got to Kill all negroïde and mongloïde races and take over the total world.why not? Then is every thing white!
Would that not be greatfull?
no negro apes.
Kill negroes.

WHAT a greatfull symbool.
really good.
if i look to that,i want to Kill negroes negroïde and make the world white.
White power.

Sieg heil!

This fag-flag thing won't help unless someone goes on a memeshoot with it

that symbol flags on every street.

Also what's the point of this? To fuck with gays?

People said that about the OK sign meaning White Power, but Blizzard just banned that shit. Thumbs up could also be the 14 words, with the thumb for the 1 and the fingers for the 4.

Because fags don't deserve something as beautiful as the rainbow.


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Do i smell a Nazbol piece of shit?

Fuck off back to reddit you kikewave faggot.


LGBQ? Doesn't that stand for….

Lux Gerebant Brevis Quando

(Glow niggers command us only briefly when it happens)

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Fuck this gay shit! Kill all traitors and non-whites! Hail Honkler!

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youre dumb if you think this

This is good. High potential

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You are so right. Memes are futile.

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Kill a red!
Kill it now!
Kill a red!
do it now!
Kill a red!
white power!


The fundamental nature of the “aryan superman” is just fake. It’s a lie. The people who enact and desire it are so weak they fall apart into a million little pieces because other people elsewhere are existing at them. Strength in the actual is the greatest weakness of racism, and weakness in the actual is the greatest strength, for bigots live in the fabricated inversion of weakness.

Who is the author of the retro black sun? I want to use it in my book.

They are a concise way to convey information and emotion. When they resonate, they have power. You're either a a jewpet or you haven't been paying attention.

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What the fuck did a rainbow ever have to do with sticking your dick up a guy’s ass? No, seriously, why did faggots chose the rainbow as their symbol in the first place? Someone explain this to me please.

Do you know how to post images? You are using an image board, fren.

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he was obviously irony-posting, as he posted the origin of pepe.

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They chose it to insult God. See

We must keep pushing the rainbow flag. Do not let up. This is probably one of the best ideas in recent years.

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Who the fuck typed this

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Nice ones

Hail Tarrant

Made a few myself, plus a PSD template.


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An infinite number of monkeys

William Pierce used rainbow tie.

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spread the propaganda on (((whisper))).

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use whisper.png to make your own, dimensions are 640x920

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Is it ours yet?

honk this

This is an absolute peak brainlet post.

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Ackshually, you're dumb if you fuck niggers.

Holy shit that's the perfect way to start

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god bless diversity

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I want people of Eurasian mixed descent to be connected to their homeland countries where the rest of their race lives, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan or cousins like the Crimean Tartars and whatever is left of the Cumans. The trouble is why don't the others wish to connect to their own people?

If anybody on here is mixed, or happens to be of European and Asian mixed descant what is the main reason you don't want to join your people in building their societies and having a place? You will be treated like them in your looks and will have access to your own Eurasian women or men who have lived there for generations.

This group already has its own distinct culture and areas where their cousins live with that they can join with.


Someone needs to IRL meme and hang these everywhere.

3rd pic is my new wallpaper. Thanks user.

Any actual evidence that NPCs are picking this up?

I would love to see uebermensch marching over a wyatt a mann aids fag with his fag flag toward the rainbow bridge (the end of the fag flag, return of the rainbow).

I am but a simple mspaint artist torposting.

/r/ing the altered comic about the white KKK dude
It clearly destroys the narrative that (((globalization))) is based
Thanks in advance anons

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if only you weren't so fucking stupid and looked at or researched it yourself:
Lurk more.

So no then.
Two shit links.
That's hardly uptake.

2 links that I bothered to waste time on replying to you. If you really cared about your question you'll look yourself.
Not gonna waste even more time spoon feeding some newfaggot