777 years ago, in the courtyard of Notre Dame, 12,000 manuscripts of the Talmud were burned


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Neat info. Maybe we should take up the practice once again for the sake of posterity.

Catholics are gay pedos

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Colt 1911 ACP bestest pistol
1911 = 777hex
1911 - 777 = 1134
in 1134AD The name Zagreb was mentioned for the first time in the Felician Charter relating to the establishment of the Zagreb Bishopric around 1094
1094 - 777 = 317
John 3:16 + 1
317 - 777 = -460
The year 460 BC was a year of the pre-Julian Roman calendar. At the time, it was known as the Year of the Consulship of Poplicola and Sabinus

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You are so anti-system bro

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Funny how they continually mock the catholic priests and church more then likely planted in the church after world war 2 while simultaneously lobbying for fag and pedo rights in the mainstream. Great example of jewish contradiction

Already have a thread on this topic, with an exploration of this event and others.

All Abrahamists are gay pedos, to be fair.
The fact that you only got triggered by the christian shit though really goes to show you are not an NPC and are definitely a player character. ;)

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Okay. Accepted.


The truth fight of judaism is against moral. Destroying the church is destroying the Christ, and his victory against there sins


Me? What makes you say that?

Hmm, so Medieval France was a Natsy dictatorship.

not as much as rabbis.

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To be fair to the papists, the largest number of pedophiles per capita is among Rabbis.

I like this idea

Silly dipshit. If pedos were treated as people, what would the kikes use to manipulate you into giving away your rights?

All adamites are flat fucking desert trash

They should have burned 12000 jews.


This guy has the right idea. Now someone post some Talmud quotes.


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So are kikes and mudslims

Do it again


christcucks protecting their jew masters by keeping what they're up to a secret so that the masses don't break from their christcuck indoctrination and kill them all.

It's not as cool when you rig the digits, this is basically /sp/'s bot but with a Jew arsonist stand-in.

Can this happen again, except with ten times as many?

Fudd detected

Plastic dildo fetish detected

You talk shit about Sam's greatest licensed firearm design to have ever Grace the good fortune of a good German's death again, and will. I will have to break out my tear ducts and bring forth the emotional turmoi.

The jew cry in pain as he stab you.

Fucking based

Now I can get fucking pissed at my ancestors for not getting them all…this time will be different.

What a strange (((coincidence))).

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Unfortunately this happened in France, so nothing will be done to fix the cathedral to the way it was, it'll probably be turned into some dumb (((modernist))) crap, France was lost many centuries ago

There is no one alive today with the skills to repair it. That would take Gothic craftsmen.

When the day of the rope finally comes, we'll rebuild everything the way it originally was.

You're a retard man.

Should have burned 12.000 kikes.

Burn jews alive.
Exposure will only go so far.
Mass killings always produce good results.
Burn the circus. Kill as many entertainers and mainstream media golems as you can. Make the masses lose their circus. Then, when they start raging about it, condition them to go for the jews, through their military lapdogs.
Kill the entertainment. Kill the military.
Kill the jews.

For every pedo Catholic priest there are a thousand kikes doing much worse. Psychological projection.

Do this AFTER destroying the media, though. Hitler's mistake was leaving a remnant to kvetch.

As they should be.

yellow vests did it

Why would you burn the evidence? That's so dumb, all those manuscripts could have been used to figure out jewish plans, even if they were all the same thing it could at least be used to show how rampant such language was within the jewish community back then. Burning such evidence leaves nothing for those of future generations to find out, leaving most people to forgot about it entirely, then thinking jews weren't a problem or something.

It's like burning the evidence of a large drug bust before judging the criminal, burn the evidence after the conviction, once you don't need it anymore!

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This is how the opening ceremony for the rebuilt Notre Dame should begin. Torching talmuds and jews.


The few priests that are pedos are almost always crypto-kikes also. People that are Jewish are allowed to “convert” and become Christian priests.

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Just more instances of our fellow whites being stupid fucks who just don't get it.

You don't cure a disease by treating the symptoms.

You have to go after the disease itself.

Talmuds, Torah's, Buy Bull's, Christ insanity, Muslims in Europe, illegal wetbacks in the US, false flag attacks, etc, etc= symptoms of the Jewish disease.

Treating those symptoms will not prevent the disease from wreaking havoc and or re-emerging in time and even as a more virulent strain than it was to begin with.

The Jewish disease is a horrifying mixture of psychopathy and narcissim and or narcissistic megalomania.

If any brilliant white scientist minded type could cure the psychopathic condition the Jews would cease being a threat to us and the world in general overnight/instantly/etc.

Presently only "bullet therapy" works to "cure" the problem and thats only if a person can manage to identify who is a psychopath and or narcissist.

ALL races have these lowlives/mentally ill dangerous people amongst them but my argument and my belief is that for whatever evolutionary reason Jews seemingly have the highest concentration of these types amongst their race/ranks which explains their wicked/criminal/horrifying and manipulative behavior throughout time.

Yeah though to re-iterate you don't cure an alcoholic by dumping his alcohol down the drain or a boogie2988 by locking him in a cage and keeping him away from food.

Sure prevent alcoholics and the boogie2988's of the world from having their addiction of choice at their will and strong arm their addictions away from them by locking them away in a cell will dry the alcoholic out and sober them up and make a boogie2988 skinny but the underlying addiction still remains and still is not cured.

And that my friends is why burning Jewish Talmuds is ultimately an empty gesture and one that plain just doesn't get it on what it takes to stop the Jews.

Take away all Jewish manuscripts from the planet and their psychopathy would just dream up a new religious cult that would benefit them first and foremost and they'd just again invent another cult for the goyim ala Christ insanity to enslave us mentally the same way as before.

Do it again!

What's the Connection Between Notre Dame and the Talmud?

What Exactly Does the Talmud Teach?

Weren't these churches infilitrated by (((them)))?

Why would they burn them? I mean, it's such a kind and spiritually enlightening book of goodness where you'd find

Baba Necia 114, 6: “The Jews are human beings, but the nations of the world are not human beings but beasts.”

Baba Mezia 114a-114b “Non-Jews are Not Human. Only Jews are human (“Only ye are designated men”)

Yebamoth 98a. "All gentile children are animals."

Sanhedrin 59a: “Murdering Goyim is like killing a wild animal.”

Kerithuth 6b page 78, Jebhammoth 61a “ Only the Jews are humans, the Non-Jews are not humans, but cattle” (goyim = human cattle) [1]

Midrasch Talpioth 225 “The Non-Jews have been created to serve the Jews as slaves” [2]

Orach Chaiim 57, 6a”The Non-Jews have to be avoided, even more than sick pigs”

Kethuboth 3b “Sexual intercourse with Non-Jews is like sexual intercourse with animals”

Talmud IV / 3 / 54b “The possessions of the goyim are like an ownerless desert, and everybody (every Jew) who seizes it, has acquired it” BEST

Abodah Zara 26b: “Even the best of the Gentiles should be killed.”

Tosefta. Aboda Zara B, 5: “If a goy kills a goy or a Jew, he is responsible; but if a Jew kills a goy, he is NOT responsible.”

Schulchan Aruch, Choszen Hamiszpat 388: “It is permitted to kill a Jewish denunciator everywhere. It is permitted to kill him even before he denounces.” SIN

Hilkkoth Akum X1: “It is a sin to save Goyim in danger of death.”

Hilkkoth Akum X1: “Show no mercy to the Goyim.”

RABBI Erubin 21b. “Whosoever disobeys the rabbis deserves death and will be punished by being boiled in hot excrement in hell.”

Choschen Hamm 388, 15: “If it can be proven that someone has given the money of Israelites to the Goyim, a way must be found after prudent consideration to wipe him off the face of the earth.”

Sanhedrin 59a: “A goy (Gentile) who pries into The Law (Talmud) is guilty of death.”

“To communicate anything to a Goy about our religious relations would be equal to the killing of all Jews, for if the Goyim knew what we teach about them, they would kill us openly.”

The priests did do it.

Based boomers.

777 is good in slots so this is a fortunate omen.

Oh look, more kosher certified spam. BLAME THE MUZZIES GOYIM!

I KNOW stinkbeard mudslimes are fucking savage cunts. At least they don't lie to us and pretend to be otherwise. All shitskins go, jews fucking first.