Does the USA have to be a sacrifice country for white identity

So the USA is a lost cause country, with non Hispanic whites falling under 50% soon. This is irreversible and the white demographic is only going to shrink and shrink.

But could there be a silver lining to this?
Meaning the USA could collapse and look like a shithole, and then other white countries like in Europe and Australia etc will get a reality check and make more of an effort to limit immigration and subsequent interracial breeding etc?

I think the USA could become a beacon of not what to do. So it still has it's purpose.

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Why are you trying to D&C American Whites, from Hispanic Whites, from European Whites, from Oceania Whites?

No more brothers wars!

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Nice demoralization. Blow your brains out.

The picture is Rio. Already indistinguishable from the USA.

If you want to know what the US will be like in the near future just look at Brasil. Except more cucked.

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((( )))
Jews will not dive us!

If they were legit Spanish type people it would be vaguely acceptable, but most of these Hispanics in the USA are people from Mexico who blatantly look mixed. They have some native DNA in them, they aren't whites. Heck even calling the original Spanish legit whites is being generous, and then you add even more mixing in Mexico with non whites and they move to America and still identify as a white (a Hispanic white).

Mexicans are pretty much white, it's just that the (((mainstream media))) portrays them otherwise. Lurk more please, you're making the whites of Zig Forums look stupid with your post.

Remember, no more brothers wars.

Other whites want to be divided from dumb suicidal American whites, just like the Japanese didn't identify with the dumb foot binding Chinese and their crumbling weak Qing empire etc.

Why would other whites commit suicide just to help white Americans who are ruining their own country and wiping themselves out?

If any white Americans leave the USA for a European country, they should shut their mouth in that European country and not try to bring their self destructive American policies with them (because look at the USA, a land they had to flee because of their own dumb ideas).

What a joke, I have been to Mexico as well and only like 1 out of 10 people looks like a proper white. There are far more white looking people in their government and celebrities than the general population, sorry.

The majority are native of mixed looking.

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I think the American whites get along with Hispanic whites when the former goes to retire in their tropical countries.

Zig Forums doesn't really care about whites - look at all the Pole / Slav hatred here.

Dude 30% of people here want the Ruskies to get the gas do you think "mexicans are white" is going to fly?

It didn't happen with Brazil or South Africa so I doubt it but if doesn't happen with the US its safe to say it never will

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That mostly bantz

I would marry that Aryan beauty


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The thing is that Slavs (at least western Russians around Moscow etc) are actually far more pure European than southern Europeans are. The people in Moscow are in fact far more pure than white Americans also, the Moscow people barely have any mixture with the Siberians and they have no African admixture either. They are very pure people.

Me too I'm going to Asian after the US goes full brown

It is a shit whole that was my point. No other nations seemed to care as it declined. Same with Brazil

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It did happen to Brazil, Brazil is a shithole.

South Africa is a different situation, the blacks there kicked most of the whites out and turned it back into a blacks state. South Africa is a different situation.

Mexico and Brazil are good examples. Brazil is the most mixed and full of mongrols.
But even the Mexicans with their huge native DNA mixture, look at their stats per capita compared to Spain. The heavy native mixture in Mexicans makes them subhumans basically.

No one in their right mind could actually believe that if Mexico was full of pure Spanish people only that the country would be such a shithole.

There was no South Africa before white people

Because English is the global language, we can go to any country and marry anyone we want.

The USA is lost, nothing can be done there. Other whites don't care about American whites, they are just self destructive.

The point is to see the USA as an example of not what to become, so other white countries become more aware. The USA has had a falling life expectancy for several years now, it's a crumbling shithole.

The fact that anyone thought that more blacks, Mexicans and mixed people wouldn't downgrade the country is just a testament to the insanity political correctness can cause.

Good news, my sheepfucking Tarantian slaves! I found a crack in the wall of darkness. I found evidence linking modern corporatism to fascism. Look up OVRA on wikipedia. Think about how much a Druuge would pay for OVRA’s files, and then notice that the enslaved masters already got there! That’s why corporate slave “owners” are so unhealably broken in the modern day! Their marketing departments produce “valuable” profiles en masse, hurting themselves and others in a way that self-deceiving corporatists tell themselves is necessary and appropriate just as self-deceiving fascists of an earlier generation did.

I don't have a problem with Russians, Poles and Slavs - this board does.

I think when it comes down to it the only thing that matters is alliegence to pol. Anyone with an unorthodox opinion is a Jew and gets the rope. No one in the East loves Hitler because he threatened their cultures, the fought with him only to fight against Stalin.

Anyone who doesn't love Hitler is a jew - as far as I can tell this is canonical Zig Forums

They're around 41% indo-European. When one Mexican parent and one white parent has a child, that piece of shit ends up in a gang spouting dumbass anti-white bullshit even though he is well over half white. You can't get along with a Mexican male as a white man. I know this from experience. Mexican women, on the other hand, are simpler to deal with. It's strange. It's like the roles of psychotic absolute cunt vs. intelligent man are reversed in the Mexican breed where the men are insane fucking lunatics always acting like they're on the rag and the women are just calm.

Just because you can find some picture on the internet, doesn't mean you can find a wife like that. Sorry, you will die in America with the rest. White Americans are stupid motherfuckers, low IQ's etc.

America is an example to other countries what not to do. America is on it's way to become a Brazil, all thanks to uneducated Americans and their uneducated ideas.

When you brought over all of those niggers, what did you think was going to happen? Even an idiot could see all of this coming.

The reddit spacing has been out of control lately

It's our Aryan duty to take these Mexican women as our brides! Then we will create a soil for our children, no matter the sex, our babies will grow up to be Aryan in body and blood.

To see something coming you have to be looking at it.

Nice fantasy

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Look at that sea of brown. Also what kind of monster drinks beer through a straw? A FUCKING STRAW!!!!?!???!?
Fuck beaners and mudshits and niggers and kikes and bugs and poos

r1b != r1a

America was never white. It's time to focus on saving Europe.

I said the state/land etc was turned back into black rule.

I never said the country named south Africa and it's borders etc existed prior.

Prior to the invasions there were populations there, unless you call archaeologists liars and believe that blacks were invented by white people. As far back as 1050AD there is evidence of ironworks there from the Bantu peoples.

Even though I am white, I don't claim us whites deserve to own African peoples lands. It's clearly their land, sorry if you can't even acknowledge that.

But Europe is our land and we deserve to have the right to defend it from immigrants.

((( )))
> not drinking been through a straw
Hello there Neantherdal '

Are you 12? First of all most people in the world can't even speak English, you also can't survive in many countries if all you know is English.
Japan doesn't even offer it's citizenship test in English, you have to complete it in Japanese.
You are so ignorant.

It isn't just that, to many users on here if you don't fully agree with them……they then believe you are a Jew.

That little trickery of classification ignores the Redskin Europe mixes in the US.

Basically could be quoting Germany and the JQ.
I agree - let them have their containment land.
They should let us have hours
Colonialism was the beginning of the end for White Europe - we opened a conduit through which initially flowed riches, but soon the riches dried up and the pipes started pumping only mud.

Dude, stop trolling. No one is laughing.

The board has a problem with refusing to recognize the illegitimacy of zionist territorial seizures from Germany and the necessity of correcting that.

That's why. Well only leftists Euro women are lunatics in my experience. Conservative Euro Women are just really horny everywhere I have been.

That's called delusion honey, if you actually got a white American woman and had some babies, instead of jacking off over Japanese porn from your computer, then white Americans wouldn't even be in as dire situation as they are in today.

Somehow I don't think that's the problem.

That actress is majority Spanish type, if native it's only a small percentage like 10-15%.

If the kids on here think that Spanish actors look typically like real commoners in Mexico…………….such ignorance.
Spanish actors look way more European than the common Mexicans do. Many Mexican actors can look like a regular Spanish person in fact.

The thing is, the common Mexicans and all of the ones going to America are not the tiny upper class of European type Mexicans.

Exactly, and Australia can easily be kept white as well. Same with New Zealand.
Canada likely will be lost eventually because of sharing a border with the USA, eventually when the USA becomes totally like Brazil you will have people flooding from the USA up into Canada illegally over the border.

You referenced the wrong user. I'm capable of basic subtraction.

She's actually German

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Only non-whites should be erased

Colonialism was good for Europe in regards to gaining more wealth, but it was bad for Europe in that European countries were pressured to allow post-colonial native people an easy route to immigrate to Europe.
Not only that, converting these native people to your own language also leads to them easily immigrating as well.

The end goal isn't good. Even still to this day, post colonial countries still have special rights to the European colonial country that once ruled them.

That's never true, you can always kill every non-white on the planet until there are no whites left to do it.

Being born in Germany doesn't mean you are an ethnic German, if you think everyone born in Germany has to be an ethnic German then you are ignorant.

She looks like a gypsy or some Spanish woman. Sorry, the whole eye structure and dark hair is not native to German ethnic tribes.

Oh man this is true.

English, German, French - these languages are the languages of multiculturalism.

If you are serious about ethno nationalism you basically have to do it in a non-colonial country.

Nope, I don't care about erasing them. But I just don't want them in white countries.

I am happy for them to exist in their own lands.

You are being nonsensical, that has never happened and there is no capability to do that.

The USA is a lost cause, just like Mexico and Brazil etc. Sorry


I think they just did a good job on the makeup

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And why are American whites, who own about half of the world's guns by themselves, incapable of re-seizing North America?

When English people go to some shithole like Thailand and become an English teacher etc. Or African countries, all this leads to is enabling these people to far more easily immigrate to English speaking countries (in fact a lot of them only want to learn it for that purpose).

When people teach foreigners their own language, they shouldn't be shocked when these foreigners then make their way to their country and end up living there.

Making English such a widely used language, lead directly to the mass immigration of third worlders to English speaking countries.

You don't even need to go to asia anymore. The latest online shekel grubbing scheme is teaching chinese kids english online using nothing but your smartphone. It pays better than wagecucking in clown world, or so I've read.

Lets hope relaxed gun laws and near-absolute freedom speech is not one of those things.

She still looks like a Spanish or gypsy.
That's likely why they chose her, since she looks exotic and different from a Nordic German type woman.

Well yeah.. you need to speak Welsh or something primarily, not English.

English is a language of convenience and literature but not one to use as the common language of an ethnostate.

You mean 'genetic German'. Which is still not a thing given that "Germany" isn't the "Germanic Kingdom"as it excludes many other Germanic-speaking nations. Neither is the Frankish Kingdom of France limited to its borders.

Dumb question, because first of all you would have to get American whites to unite for such a cause (which is very hard). I don't know if you are aware of this, but hordes of whites are politically correct snowflakes and would never do this.

Secondly if in some fantasy world America actually could unite all American whites to hate non whites and all agree with the alt-right type groups. This would lead to the international community condemning and sanctioning the USA, leading to a worse destruction.

Once you let in tens of millions of non white immigrants, it's game over. The USA is a lost cause.

Dude this looks like every other Oma in Deutshland

So much this!!!!

t. Kiwi

Found the Jew with blonde Aryan stereotype lie again.

If you'd asked me this a year or two ago, I would have said, "no". The reason being is that we have pretty good speech and armed militia protection enshrined into our law. However, seeing that France, with their strict gun laws and hate speech laws, is the only nation taking a real street fight to the ZOG, I'm inclined to change my opinion. North American Whites are just too lazy and/or cowardly to do anything–to use the tools that our ancestors left us to fight against tyranny. Bringing the demographic problem into it, and it's likely that the ZOG will use our speech and militia laws against us. In the near future, I can see genocidal nigger and spic militias, cheered on by the kike media and politicians, openly recruiting and committing organized theft, murder and violence against North American Whites.

Meant for this

Latinos are pretty much white, retard.

The ethnic groups in Germany don't look like gypsies, sorry buddy. The goths and Nordic people are well established.
The woman has rather gypsy/Asiatic eyes and dark hair. That isn't common for Nordic people, it's simply not in the makeup. It's more common from Spanish/Gypsies or some Russians who have Asian admixture.

Southern Italians are part black also, sorry.

I need friends so we can go to a "carnival"

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The girl I like has family in El Salvador, so I know what you mean.

Latinos were, but they have been extinct since the Romans wiped them out.

Nah, Tarrant proved there is. One guy, 50 mudshits. If every European decided to kill every last one of you, there is absolutely nothing you could do to stop it.

It looks like a mixed immigrant, it looks nothing like a native Dutch person. Who are tall, slender head, Aryan features and light hair.

Sorry that you are some dumb American mixed idiot that thinks mixed people are pure whites, let me guess……you think Keanu Reeves is a white?

The more mixed a people, the more they think mixed people are whites. It's pathetic.

Every single white nation is under this kind of attack and is dying in the same way. Trying to single out one nation is kike cancer.
Good work IP hopping or hiring the DACAryan shill to false flag on your behalf though.

Never step foot in Denmar. We won't be able to recover you from your heart attack.

You say that, but Brazil was a beautiful Portuguese nation once, and it too became a shithole. I'm sure many people said "let Brazil be our warning," yet nobody learned but Best Korea. Maybe Iran. The US will break apart like Brazil did.

Northern Denmark is loaded with dark curly haired Europeans.

Okay mate

So you are a mixed mutt who wants to believe that Nordic people naturally can have dark eyes and hair and look like gypsies, just because you can find an individual who is born there today with a trait like this?

Dude, you are so stupid and emotional. Scientists have the ancient remains of northern Europeans, they have all of the blonde hair and blue eyed mutations and didn't have darker pigmentation.

The reason the majority of northern Europeans are blonde and Aryan is because those are the native people that evolved there. Others with darker features are immigrants, you can even find literal niggers in Sweden. Do you think they are native?

source or fuck off

Asiatic whites like the Russians and some of the Chinese tribes are among the most Aryan people on the planet.

I am Northern German and Scandanavian.

Not a dog, so not a mutt.

Even in the most European picture of her, she still looks different, sorry.

That's the problem with Americans, you guys live in such a mixed country that you guys can't even tell what a proper European looks like anymore. You can't detect mixes, as long as someone is say 70% white then the average American thinks they are a pure white person.

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Neolithics were ginger Jose.

You are living in a dream, sorry.

I wish Aryans like her were more prevalent, I would have to go to south America for a chance to meet someone like her.

KYS kike

You've clearly never been to Spain.

((( )))
"Jose" is an Aryan name

Germany is different today, around a quarter of people in Germany are non Germans ethnically and are immigrants. Many from Turkey, so Germany isn't what it used to be.

Thanks doctor. Very convincing.

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