Ending the Kali Yuga

Can it be done by will or is it something that just has to be waited out?
I want the ride to end already

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It ends in 2025 friend. Consider the writings of Sri Yogananda, or Graham Hancock. 2025 begins the age of Dwapara, an upward ascent

6 more years then, I think I can survive that
Any way can I make the ride more enjoyable?

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What makes you think anybody will?

Liberals love to live near the ocean.

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You need to lurk for 200 more years, newfriend.

We must all seek with utmost will to become Kalki. Through force of our will we bring about the golden age.

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All you have to do is kill yourself OP.

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It will end when his next manifestation happens.

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Consider that people don’t actually like to be suicidal narcissists, privacy-molesting sociopaths, or other kinds of submissive ultraconservative neoprimitivists, we’re still okay in the long-run. People protect their happiness and turn against abusive systems.


Nope. It started 5120 years ago and will least 432000 years. After that, a new Satya-yuga will start. Dwapara is the yuga before kali.

I have a strong feeling that you don't know what you're talking about :)

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Most people that grew up near the ocean do. I can't imagine living away from it for long, even if I hate going to the beach.

Indians are the masterrace. Yes, we know.

They aren't considered authorities on dating. Aryabhatta, the person that actually is credible, dated the beginning of KaliYuga to 3102 BCE. Depending on the traditional definitions there are either 432,000 years in one age of Kali, or 12,000.

We are far from reaching either one.

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Just a info: 12000 are the years in the higher dimension. Multiply that by 360 and you get the terrestrial years of 432000, cos 1 day in the higher dimension equals 360 days in our domain :)

Ups, not quite correct: 4800+3600+2400+1200=12000 / Satya+Treta+Dwapara+Kali=Mahayuga

So it's 1200*360 for Kali

Without paranoiacs, society wouldn't have watchers to begin with.  That's a standard mandatory inversion all are supposed to be obedient towards.  People who trust society to proceed unwatched?  Paranoiacs who fear to be seen. People who fear anyone in society might be secretly a serial killer if not closely investigated?  Good upstanding citizens defending us all.

Without paranoiacs, society wouldn't have watchers to begin with.  That's a standard mandatory inversion all are supposed to be obedient towards.  People who trust society to proceed unwatched?  Paranoiacs who fear to be seen. People who fear anyone in society might be secretly a serial killer if not closely investigated?  Good upstanding citizens defending us all.

Man, why the blight did my IP cycle that time? I didn’t hit the button, I think. I had an intuition it might’ve when I saw that lock symbol go down; you people are just so allergic to truth. I had an intuition, but not a cause.

Oh well, graffito on the archives, all the live-long day. For I am happier than the empathy-broken warpers of history, and I dwell empowered in a fully recursive ethic.

The Kali Yuga lasts for 432,000 years in total but there will be small "golden ages" inside of the larger cycle.

The Kali yuga began in 3102 before Christ and the current year is 2019. That means we have 426,879 years remaining until the end of the Kali yuga.

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thanks for your contribution, but this is not a selfie-thread :)

I'm glad you enjoyed the funny picture, friend. Feel free to save it to your computer and share it. I give you full permission.

The Kali Yuga doesn't just "stop". It is ended. It's literally the "hard times create hard men" cycle, same as the strauss-howe generational theory, etc. It's all the same thing but scaled differently. The Kali Yuga is ended by hard men doing the hard things, and then it starts all over again. This cycle is present in nearly all Indo-European cultures/religions, because our ancestors knew the natural order of things. It is the Jew and their religion that denies the cyclical pattern of nature and seeks to end and destroy without rebirth, which is why they must be eliminated.

Our Ragnaroks,our Kali Yugas, are not the same as their Armageddon. We endure, we survive, we pick up the pieces, and we conquer again. That is what the Aryan is best at, and we grow soft, degenerate, and exploitable when there is nothing left to explore and conquer - Hence this seemingly depressing, unavoidable cycle actually being a boon. It's a reset, so that we may continue to struggle and grow. The Jew not only believes in a hard line end, but works towards it.

Just gonna ride it out for now and spread the words of truth to those I come across so that they may see our society for what it is.

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This. You can’t resist the Kali Yuga. You can’t end it. You can only surf it and hope to pass on enough Tradition to the next generation the the fire doesn’t go out completely.

There is hope you can transcend the bonds of Kali yourself but it’ll take a lot of meditation, mantra, and study of sacred alphabets (Sanskrit and Runes)

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Nevertheless, Paraoan seems to also hold the title of the sixty-fifth
part of the earth known as Marmarica. The obvious and inescapable
••miilarity between the names Marmarica and America inserts (into my
mind at least) an added dimension of mystery to this curious anomaly.
Add to this the enigmatic and direful comments Ave made concerning
i lu- final n in Paraoan:
As far as that N. stretcheth in the Character, so far shall that
Countrey be consumed with fire, and swallowed into Hell, as
Sodom was for wickednesse. The end of all things is even at
hand: and the earth must be purified, and delivered to

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