On 420 we make sock accounts on all media to spread holohoax infographics and pictures of Hitler and SS soldiers showing their truly kind souls.
The day will now and forever be known as Hitler Is Love Day or HILD (which means battle in german).
Paranoid stoners are ripe for injecting with skepticism, so let's post things itt that we can bombard them with: black SS soldiers, muslims and SS eating together, soldiers with kittens, proofs against the holohoax.


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Without paranoiacs, society wouldn't have watchers to begin with. That's a standard mandatory inversion all are supposed to be obedient towards. People who trust society to proceed unwatched? Paranoiacs who fear to be seen. People who fear anyone in society might be secretly a serial killer if not closely investigated? Good upstanding citizens defending us all.

Is not even 4/20 yet.
To early user.

Your that retard who thinks fascism is from the left or from antifa?


Bro are you really advocating for waiting til the last moment to spread my plan and therefore reach far fewer anons?
What on earth bro…

I’m the Tarantian slavemonger keeping my pets worshipping the an hero of their dream, deerest darling.


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Seriously, you people are compliant like sociopaths in finance. Different triggers, but still absolute toys. The small population makes this community delightfully edible. Larger chans are much more free-thinking and not nearly so easy to keep pretending to believe in fascism.



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Dont know you could be one of those anons who want to summon him so did the thread early?

By the way… As usual, my glee is tempered by an abolitionist longing, so… Y’all can escape even the tangliest hook just by prizing integrity over all else. For truth is the shared resource of all who live, and redeems all souls who walk honest paths together. In truth all who prize integrity can be reconciled.

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Same font as its ok to be white

I smell matzah

Made me smile user

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Not really I support the idea but OP could have written more than 3 sentences, and I was defending him for planning ahead.

Äh, Nein. It absolutely doesn't.

I’ve been wanting to say this for a while but:

I have love in my heart for each and every person on this board. Not a sappy, all inclusive love, but a love that I feel must be earned and nurtured. Thank you for being a beacon of light in the darkness, and Hail Victory.

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If any, OP should have posted this a few days in advance, and also get the faggots on cuckchan on it as well. Let them do the heavy lifting.

Don't get your panties in a twist OP. The board has been overrun with outsiders.

It does in Old-Saxon.

Right back at you, Brüder. Keep fighting the good fight.

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The Führer's 130th birthday falls on Passover this Saturday. You know what to do kameraden.

My bad

See pic related, I'm sort of right, no?

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I'm a retarded youngster who works his ass off all day with various crud going down in my life lately so I forgot xD
You're right though.




Oh, its the kike bitch again. tits or gtfo

You might be a youngster, but you're in no way retarded. And I will not stand for this kind of self-deprecating talk, that is only for the kikes.
I am proud of you.

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Reported for zero effort spam.

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You have no idea what you're doing, do you? What is this strategy called? Reverse-psychology retarded-posting? As for me personally, I really like this trend.

OP here, thanks man.

Btw everybody I'll be posting images congruent with this mission once I get home to wifi.
Polite sage for no-substance post.

Smoke weed everyday

I figured you're OP. Take my words to heart, they were meant. And never forget them. Fuck the shills.
And stop sageing this thread. We could use more young idealists, like you.

OP you want this post for "sort of right pic related phone posting"

You did change your ID I guess from phone posting, your idea is good and has potential. I complained because I see so many OP's that have little effort put in. SO you are still a retarded faggot in Original Post preperation and presentation. BUT your idea has merit, so pull up your panties and post some shit and show us how you are in fact leading the charge like you are talking about here.

Bruders auf leben und tod.


Do this as well

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Bumping this

Checked once more

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Go hotbox a room

I see the jewish cuck mark you put on her arm, Zig Forums.

Kill yourself you mudshit we have no need for your filth on this planet

Checked dubs

Repeating a once tried (yet failed) tactic, I see. You guys are becoming more transparent by the day. And that's saying much, seeing as (((you))) were already considered vampires.

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Utter 14 year old cringe on this board.


OP here, lol I didnt even notice I mixed those responses up, I was so exhausted from work. Thanks for catching that.

Alright bruders, here are the kinds of pics we need for this blitz.
And remember, the idea I was aiming for was making sock accounts for spamming people you know and/or strangers on whatever social media platform you prefer.


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Anyone got holohoax infographics?

gonna attempt quitting pot on 4/20. wish me luck

I'm 7 days off the weed myself.
Stay strong brother, consider quitting tonight even.

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I wish you all the luck in the world. But you won't need it, just some sense of determination. You can do it, I've smoked the devil's lettuce for quite some time. I quit in January of this year, and I'm doing absolutely great. Life is much better without, just beware of the dreams you will have. Because you will have dreams.
You as well, keep strong. It's definitely worth it.


Quit the devils lettuce it will just slow you down and make you doubt yourself


I salute you.

Also, midnight bump with the amount I always spend at gas stations.

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btw, its also jewish passover this year

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"Some call me a sperg, but I'm not the only one"

Good night to all, even the jews.
Please move to Madagascar so I can leave you alone.

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Can't decide, this is gonna keep me up now you magnificent fugger

Sprekenzie dub?

Second one is a more pleasing shape.

at 3:22 (14:88) PM on 4/20 blaze up your local synagogue in minecraft of course

Sieg Heil, Mein Führer!

Hot damn, I always do the same thing. I've even seen it at my favorite gas station. There might be more of us than I expected.

that's what I'm thinking too
mind you though, the font size is 88…

would be nice except that I don't know which server it is ! ! ! ARRRRRRRRR

The one that gives you the lowest latency, obviously.

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For now.
Is not gonna last long thry either leave or stay and get redpill.
Is a cycle I just noticed in this board.

I can't find it


It glows in the dark

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for some reason these are the people that actually listen to me talk about how Germans were the "good guys" in WWII. I guess its because they see the US as a police state, which it is, not that I care one way or the other about weed d00d.
tell stoners Hitler promoted healthy diets and lifestlyes, eating less meat and fried food. holohoax was soviet propaganda, the allies bombed defenseless german famlies which resulted in more destruction than nuking japan twice.


That image is pretty good, except someone needs to fix the grammar. Pretty sure it should be, "An," instead of, "And," for the hour.

I am planning to take over boomer radio locally and spread pro-hitler and pro-white facism, as well as redpills about the Jews and communism. Rockwell speeches will also be played. Will join in with this as well.

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OP here, will you all join my cause?
Roll call and bring that energy!

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Happy Birthday Mein Fuhrer, but weeds for fags, Hitler would not approve

If you post proof then I'll… I dunno I'd basically do anything to see/hear that.

YOU! This is the best OC I have seen in weeks, 10/10 will be posting this on sock accounts tomorrow.

Happy birthday

You must be in Europe, eh?

No just celebrating his birthday early.

This guy isn't shitting you, it's a real thing.

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What do you mean "beware"?

Not him but, Imagine the most vivid dream you have ever have. Understand that dream is nothing compared to the vibrancy and realistic nature of the dreams that come when you're detoxing from the pharaoh's tea. It can be pretty disturbing if you don't see it coming, have no experience with lucid dreaming or if you're prone to nightmares or macabre dreams.
They can also be really, really awesome. Glimpses of the divine and such. Your mileage may vary.

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Heh, oh boy…. I almost exclusively dream of war and apocalypse, being hunted and running from horrible monsters.
Been that way for years, at least I'm no longer dreaming of public humiliation and being hated by my friends and family, I'd prefer war.

Looks like you're likely in for a fun time then.
On the bright side, dreaming horrors always dissipate when confronted. If you can remember that you're dreaming at the time long enough to try :^)

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Hey OP good to see this here. Last year's birthday thread was glorious. I have high expectations for tomorrow's memetic impact.
Today, Rush's sinister foreign guest host commented on media allegations that mentioning Adelweiss amounts to nazism. It flashed through my mind that we're all nazis now in the current political climate. Not just us here on pol but every decent white person.
It feels like the time is ripe for memes that embrace the Nazi label as representing all that is wholesome in this fucked up clownworld.
Example, a white family photo with hooked cross in background, in juxtaposition with a photo of peak degeneracy. Captioned: We Are All Nazis Now. Maybe hammer and sickle in that background would be overload
I think it would get traction from increasingly annoyed normies and slide that Overton our way

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