"Nazi": The Universal Slur That Everyone Loves

Although the National Socialists themselves have been gone for more than half a century, the term "Nazi" itself has a universal appeal, and a staying power that appears to be immortal. When someone is called a “Nazi” now, those affixing the label don’t mean a literal member of the National Socialist Party. They mean, instead, whatever they want it to mean. It is the slur that fits all sizes; leftists routinely paint anyone who doesn’t believe in 57 genders with it, and conservatives use it almost as freely.

Alex Jones, de-platformed guru of the conspiracy world, talks about Adolf Hitler and the Nazis more than he talks about Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Mao Tse Tung and every “globalist” in the universe combined. Others on the right resort to it regularly. Donald Trump, Jr. and right-wing author Dinesh D’Souza both compare today’s liberals to actual Nazis. Conservative Jonah Goldberg’s 2008 book Liberal Fascism opined that Hitler and Mussolini merely held more extreme versions of the philosophy of Hillary Clinton and other modern liberal icons.

Since the election of Donald Trump, the disastrous two-party system has become emboldened, as those who irrationally hate or love him dig their heels into partisan Democrat or Republican rhetoric. Alex Jones, Dinesh D’Souza and others have taken to focusing on the old Democratic Party’s ties to slavery and segregation, and pointing out that Hitler and the Nazis were hardly Reaganites advocating small “gubmint.” Today’s Republicans do, however, share Hitler’s affinity for building up the military. Can’t cut that gargantuan defense budget.

The Nazi platform also called for universal health care, which is anathema to “conservatives” who cling to fond memories of doctors making house calls, and a simpler medical system that disappeared with Richard Nixon’s creation of the HMO profit-driven nightmare we enjoy today. Leftists argue that Donald Trump, despite being the most pro-Israel president of all our pro-Israel presidents, is somehow a “Nazi,” too. His campaign rhetoric against bankers, for instance, still holds more significance with them than the fact he has surrounded himself with former employees of Goldman Sachs.

There is a whole school of thought out there that holds that it’s perfectly fine to “punch a Nazi.” The web site canipunchnazis.com boasts, “It is always OK to punch a Nazi.” This violent mantra has become so popular that establishment newspaper The Boston Globe headlined an article, “Why you shouldn’t punch a Nazi.” One Ben Ferrari actually started a kickstarter campaign called “Always Punch Nazis,” to finance a comic book anthology “about our country’s battle against racism.”

Proponents of Nazi- punching invoked super heroes like Captain America, especially noted for his Nazi- punching prowess, and Indiana Jones, another fictional foe of these immortal, deadly Nazis. In Hollywood, Nazis never died. Filmmakers continue to lavish negative attention upon them, resulting in horrific performances like Brad Pitt developing some unknown accent while hissing “Natsi” in Quenton Tarrantino’s violently obscene Inglorious Bastards.

With the invention of “hate speech,” whatever that is, it was inevitable that some views would not be tolerated by our increasingly authoritarian rulers. Flinging “Nazi” at your opponents is fair game, and now apparently punching them is, too. If it’s considered acceptable to just walk up and punch someone because they “offend” you, then we are no longer a civil society. As long as they are “Nazis,” or “racists,” or “neo-Nazis” or “white supremacists,” or “white nationalists,” that is. But don’t shoot a robber- that’s against the law.


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Nazi is basically a slur that means “is okay to punch”. Almost everyone agrees that there exists people who it’s okay to punch (violent people are okay to punch, IMO), so almost everyone agrees that there exists a nazi somewhere. The question is frequency and accuracy.

Nazi is just a racial slur. It only applies to White people.

You not only honestly think that assault is legal, but the specific people you want to start a fight with are "violent" ones likely to then come after you?

Lol, violent people have emotional shattering issues. They’re not happy people and they get lifelong troubles for their failure to pony up table stakes in a world of pacifism. I don’t have that problem. I start shit, but I have broken someone else’s arm once.

Aw, come on. Was that my bad or this sote? I tried to say I don’t start shit.

What strong liberals? The only strong liberals are the conservatives, who might actually lift.

It's your fault, or do you believe moderators alter your posts in the split-second in between clicking post and it actually being posted? Because if that's the case, might I suggest taking some time off the chans for a couple days.
I'm saying this as a friend

Picture of health, user.

What's funny about this is that Germany's lack of military expenditure early on in the NSDAP had a large impact on their ability to prosecute the war. It is not a particularly accurate narrative.

Oh looks, V. K Clark the haggard old SPLC jew with the nazi (and tranny) sexual fetish is back again, slipping in photos and excerpts from her (compiled from wiki quotes) anti-White WW2 anti-German revisionist books and thinking that no one will notice.
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This is a good thread.

Maybe not on this board but those do exist

Maybe fren

National socialism is the best system that's only every been tried once. Communism is absolute dog shit and everyone wants to keep trying it t.

I think people here underestimate shitskin's propotion in communist movements. If you look at Africa, most of the nations there (except Muslim ones) are communist. Beside them, there are some psychotic whites and self-hating liberal cucks

The thing with national socialism no one got see it prosper or fail it was forcefully removed and was never tried again due to how pozzed clown world is.

Which is why we will start it again. It's a proven system to work wonderfully for at least a decade anyhow.

I think it will happen soon since hitler once said their will be a resurgence of national socialism.


Gas the kikes, race war now. Death to all niggers and mudslimes

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You took that seriously? You need a shrink.

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It’s the same kind of pacifism gun owners are trusted to have. I’m the same guy you said that to. I broke someone’s arm because they attacked me while standing in the way of my egress. I threw them clear and then got away. It was bona fide minimum force pacifism. That takes real mental balance to achieve.

Modern societies trust civilians to own guns because most people are pacifists who detest using excessive force. When we empower people, they become capable of clearing higher minimum force thresholds.

Teaching people martial arts works the same way. The teacher at a dojo would be a very bad person to mug, and yet they are a peaceful person.

I’m a lot happier in my life because I’m not one of the broken slaves who scream shattered chimpanzee violence into this place. It makes you people seem like amusing toys to play with. Maybe my capacity for balance and strength will rub off on you.

God I love you people. You’re so weak as babes. It’s like you’ve never experienced happiness in your lives. No peace, no comfort. I want to hug you people and show you that you don’t have to spend eternity in screaming, suffering, and lies. If only you weren’t such total broken slaves, you’d be able to find places in the world of people who’ve given me comfort and peace.

We'll either win you over or send you into a spiraling depression, nigger.

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This is why I support 14 but not 88. National socialism comes with so much baggage that a lot of people think violence against 'Nazis' is acceptable. You can oppose the same (((enemy))) and have a similar ideology without the symbolism and historical baggage.

Read the 88 precepts?
If not?
Read it.

Mercy and compassion are just masks the narcissist hides behind to pretend his feeling of superiority are signs of his moral goodness, the striving towards moral goodness equally being nothing more then an attempt to elevate yourself above other people.

This is not meant as an attack, but you will experience it as such.

Just read it and agree with most of it. That kind of thinking doesn't need to focus on Hitler though. The ideology itself has much earlier roots, taking in Germanic religion and spirituality, the history of civilisation and modern racial realities. I can't see how we benefit from dwelling on the NSDAP.

That doesn’t sound very tolerant of the supposed “tolerant” left.

Oh, I had plenty of joy in my life. This "world of peace and happiness" you talk about was what took it away from me as it just got more and more Weimar. But that's ok, conflict is needed for growth, and I've become a much better individual all around for my suffering, as have most people here.

No that’s violence. Self defence, yes.
Pacifist? lol no

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That's okay antifag shrimp, sob as many conceited mud tears as you like about us, the unpleasant fact is that you're still just an evil little loser coward who can't form a non-preconcieved opinion based on facts and not just the feeeeelz over realz the "honest television people" induced in you.

See you on the battlefield soon if you haven't died of poz by then, i can't wait.

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Lol-o-lo, you people crack for kindness while I sleep well at night.

You twats will sucker punch somebody and run away giggling. You never stand until you're cornered, because if you do you go down fast. You can't fight any better than you can meme.

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See you soon nigger Kaliki is coming

You just sound like an insecure mud golem, Sleeping well has nothing to do with you being a brainless living piece of clay.


I’m sure.

Who said we have to repeat what the nsdap did?

We are not going to be as merciful as they were the world will be born anew in fire and war. The righteous will survive the impure will not.

Lol. I’m just owning this thread without effort. C’mon, suck my dick some more.

You know in Fallen London the clay men have some interesting lore. They’re from a living island where everything has its own thoughts. Coffee screams when you drink it, that kind of thing. The clay men have trouble expressing their thoughts and emotions, but they’re relieved to be London’s immigrants because of the comparative peace and quiet of a less enthusiastically animistic place.

Not that this has anything to do with politics, but there’s a lot of clever culture out there for people who aren’t joyless slaves trapped in emotions of hate. Maybe the intended moral of the clay men story is that if the whole environment around you seems to scream in suffering, you would be happier moving elsewhere.

Personally though, I find the living stone fascinating, and I want to help people like you who project their slavishness to recover their capacity of joy. This is s beautiful world. You can have your smile back. Even you.

Yes! Break yourselves! Pray unto the likeness to afflict torment and suffering upon all who think alike! Exalt the slave ethic over all and purge the world of honesty!

Carry on my wayward som, hahaha.


You know what is coming and have given yourself to fear and arrogance you will be judged harshly

Nazi a racial slur against Aryan people who defend their own interests nya~

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I wish Hitler had won.

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We all do.

Bumping back decent thread



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It's OK to be a nazi.

I'm a Nazi. Who fucking cares, man.

It's a slur.

Nigger what?

The funny thing is, I don't even consider myself a Nazi, those guys were pussies compared to the cleansing actions I want to see taken to reach the goals I desire. They need a whole new fucking language to even attempt to insult me.