Jews massively out-donate gentiles towards Notre Dame restoration

World: 0.2% Jewish
Pledged to "Our Lady" by Jews: 17%
This is over-representation by a factor of 85
Is it part of the white genocide plan?

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Jews are so charitable and kind!

It’s a scheme to make us look bad! It’s the Leesti they could do, those evil juice!

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Most likely the reconstruction contract will go to a jewish-owned company so it's basically money laundering.

If they do a good job that’s awesome. Launder our nice stoneworks please, juice!

I bet the companies that get the contracts will be Jewish owned. They will also do a shit job.

This. And they will probably do a very cheap and shoddy work, making it look even worse than being burned down. They are the ones who set it on fire in the first place, but will now get praised for reconstructing it.

Can someone continue to make it even more Jewish?

(((France))) expropriated the church property during their (((revolution))) so it's only fair, goy.

Wow, I can't wait for the "new international" design and who the building contract goes to.

Something about a rabbi making a huge fuss about his generous donation, whilst a poor old lady gave only a shekel.
It was obvious to all except the rabbi who had given more.
It's in the Bible, maybe you should have a read.

Also if I print money, burn a church down that took hundreds of years to build and then give them money to rebuild it, am I actually giving anything at all? Or am I being a self promoting narcissist attempting to quell the anger rising against my kind?

imagine if they did this and then "reconstructed" it with their post-modernism style.


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its obvious the obamas and other jew elites where quite happy during this tragedy as they had front row seats on their cruise

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Yeah, that’s what they’re doing.

In 5 years they'll demand the loan for rebuilding the church plus intrest back.

The fire was intentionally set to boost publicity among goy for financing the postmodern remodel.

D..does that say "bumming" on Michael's necklace?

as if the kikes are ever going to part with a single grubby shekel .

That's going to be some huge dildo towers.

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I look forward to a beautiful Notre Dame.

I tried to come up with a Notre Damnation pun and failed. You people work so hard to make antifa look valid and justified. Help a sister out here too, pets. It’s for those darling lulls.

what? and khazar milkers or gtfo

Jew-haters sit and seethe and concoct conspiracy stories.

Do they ever lift a finger for their local church, youth group, summer camp?

This means the new cathedral is going to look like dog shit, jews are donating all the money so they can turn it into some modernist ugly dog shit piece of shit like they do with everything else

Yes, I do help my own people. Go die in a gas fire.


Since the original true purpose of this structure has been long lost thanks to those who wish to suppress and corrupt it, what is done with it doesn't matter.

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go get the rope

This is my big fear. It's just a kike money laundering op, destroys a glorious piece of European culture, and now they will rebuild as some ugly, post-modern piece of shit to their liking

You're damn right you better donate.

Look at what i just found on :


This article speak about how 777 years ago about 12 000 talmuds have been burned in the Notre Dame cathedral courtyard. What an odd cohencidence, right?

In the very article they admit the burning was criminal while the actual consensus by the (((media))) in France is it was an accident.

Then they go on explaining how it's very sad but a way to remember how antisemitism was horrible and how they were then forced to wear the rouelle (french yellow star for kikes) and then were expeled and usual boohoo gevalt. Of course they aren't explaining WHY they were treated like this : a back then recently converted to christianity jew handed over to the local bishop a copy of the Talmud. So of course the poor christians were horrified when they read Jesus was boiling in excrements, Adam was a zoophile who fucked every single animal on earth before Eve or how Noah was castrated by his own son. And that's not counting all the acts of usual degeneracy, corruption, cultural subversion and blood libel on goyim kids made by local rabbis.

In fact they are boldly bragging about how they avenged their community against the stupid goyim.
777 Is a very important number for the talmudists and kabbalists. You probably remember how at the heigh of the 2008 financial crisis, the 29 september, the NYSE plunged .. 777 points.
Or the Boeing 777 who crashed into the twin tower during 9/11..
Both events being made in a very ritualistic way and both being, as you all know, made by the kikes.

They can't be more obvious about this, burning back the church who saw their satanic book burned down, the destruction of their worst ennemy : the catholic church.
It's a way to signify to the goyim they now totally won the war, to the point of not only total destruction of our faith, race and culture, but also of our patrimony. Nothing of the church must remain.

wiki link of the trial of talmuds 777 years ago :

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Jews always contribute to charity at a higher rate than other groups. Looking after others is a key part of the religion.

More like a way to keep the swindled from eating them.

Then they will make a documentary movie about it and make millions off it on Netflix and Amazon. They will use the money earned to build a holocaust museum in Notre Dame.


This, and it will be considered donation which means lots of tax savings.

Guess (((who))) will be rewarded the government contracts to fix the cathedral (at 10x market price)

Oy vey the chutzpah.

I really hate these kikes.

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In other news, water is wet.

Global report for being a jewish shill.


No please don't continue, it'll disgust me too much, simply because of how possible this is, and how likely it'll probably happen. Fuckin kikes, kike-ing everything up.

Jews need to fuck off, their ill-gotten money should be refused.

Tax deductible donations AND I get a say in the (((new design))) of the Nu-Tre Dame? What a steal!
Even if you disregard such rather obvious theories, jews simply have more money on average so it statistically wouldn't make sense if they didn't contribute more.

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Burning user , Burning

They always send their favorite pets to be seen at the Happening to thumb their noses at us

What was there before the random colors?

user found some meat stuff:

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Various bible scenes

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It solidifies their position as peace brokers.

This is what Jews do.
To subvert and destroy they buy their way in.
Then they magically get a say in how things work
Then everything goes to shit.

The only way to stop kikes is to refuse their money no matter how much.

where did it all go? Was it sold off?

They're the wealthiest ethnic/religious group in history, so it's easier for them to do so. Another factor is they'll have more say in how it's done, and we all know what that means.

It's two very wealthy people who would receive a tax break and good publicity. If they did it anonymously that would be a different story.


They will install remote controlled incendiary devices for convenient false flag terrorist attacks. Maybe even chemical weapons canisters to eradicate more native French.
I wouldn't be surprised if they install some kind of illicit tech like they did at Fukushima.

It sounds funny and ridiculous but their evil has no bounds.

Macron outright said that it will *not* be rebuilt: he said that it would be repaired to reflect *modern* France. That's what the criminally over-enriched Jews are donating money to.

Macron actually doesn't have any say in it. The Church decides what happens to the building.

Got inside scope, they are going to condoize it see pic. Everybody only looks at the front, so just restore the first 30 feet make the rest a condo.

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Here's another church they are working their magic on.

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The Jews are friendlier to western culture than literally any other group. Husserl was a Jew, Wittgenstein was a Jew. Stop blindly shitting on Jews.

When they turn the spire of the Notre Dame into a giant dildo and don't respect the historical reality of the cathedral regardless of how uncomfortable it might make them then maybe I'll change my mind.

Watch them to use this to coerce the restoration to be totally kiked

Any proof of this?

two 767s hit the towers. not 777s. a "757" hit the pentagon and a "757" "crashed" into a field

Jews are a permanent, intractable enemy of Western civilization.

I cant wait for it all to be washed away

Most frenchmen don't have much money, so it isn't very hard to outdo them in donations.


How horrifying.

Obviously, they're going to turn it into some modern art garbage. Five years is plenty of time for that. It's not enough time for a real renovation.

Kill yourself hebe.

I said they are going to build a mosque/synagogue over it.

They know whites wouldn't do shit.

they always have to get on on any legit victim.

This is your church on jews.

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It's obviously a blurred image of something, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what it most likely is. The sooner the accelerationism reaches a head the better. Once their magic is undone they will be powerless again.

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They burnt the motherfucker down to cover the riots and fires in half of copenhagen, the same day, then they are going to pay for it to be rebuilt with a Rothschild sigils circumsizing the place as double jew "fuck you stupid goyim".

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I don't understand why it's taking anons so long to join up the pieces.
Is the Israeli "muzzie arsonist" spam really that effective?

Now any times a muslim farted, a jew can be blamed for it.

You are transparent.
Try using more than a handful of soundbites and might be able to slither past for more then 0 posts.

And yes, considering the kikes purposefully brought the muslims here, it is their fault.
If a kike drops poison in a village well, as they used to do, is it the fault of the poison?
If a kike tosses scorpions through your window at night, is it the fault of the scorpions?
Do you spend the next 10 years stamping scorpions, while hoping they'll stop appearing, or do you deal with the kike rat who is brining them in?
Do you agree that the holocaust is a hoax?
Say it.

No you dumbfuck it's a plan to alter the architecture through buying influence just like the Louvre.

wow, it only took 4 posts.

Why are you calling OP a dumbfuck, when erasure of cultural content is one of the primary ways that the kike severs a sense of historical identity?
At this point, the top kikes couldn't care less about money, they can print as much of it as they want.

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Oddly enough, Corbusier is accused of being an anti-semite, and wrote favorably of the NSDAP at sometime.

This will win the redesign competition. It accurately reflects modern France and offers an inclusive reimagining of the old design which harkens back to a super problematic and toxic era of white oppression.

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post an archive link dumbass

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This actually exists in Boston.

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What are the odds two of the most famous holy sites in the world get a freak accident fire in the same day?

The Jew did this.

This is unusual in the USA?
It's a common sight in the UK.
They also like the "church to nightclub" conversions are even more popular.
Not possible without kikes rubber stamping the planning applications of kike property developers.

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all that moolah, which could be directed towards the non-white invasion

the fire itself might have made a pretty good false flag.. if .. it were made to appear that a white nationalist group or Hezbollah was behind it.

jews seem to need more reliable white genocide strategists.

so, over-representation by a factor, not of 10 or 30,

but of 85

makes one wonder: what are the passions & priorities of the many gentile white billionaires of europe?

Are you fucking kidding me? Mike and Barry the fag were in Paris during the fire?