28yo, never held a job

Who was he trying to fool? Sloppy job, Mossad.

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t. angry wagecuck that can't handle the fact that he will never accomplish 1/% as much as BT in his entire career
NEET master race

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Yes he did.
So he's not okay with jews?

Sloppy job, mossad.

Read the fucking manifesto, he answers this.

You could use some time in the camp.

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6 lines of half-baked green-text does not constitute a good thread, cuck/pol/.

The manifesto proves it was a false flag.

low effort, OP. Clearly a plant that didn't actually read the manifesto.

So you are in the camp right now?

Where though?

You could use some time in the ring.

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Convenient manifestos are often found at crime scenes and/or places of home.

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Well if you look at the people in government who are allowing the immigration you will find that most of them are white I believe. It's not like Jews are holding a gun to their head and saying let immigrants in. Whites themselves organized all this immigration to happen.

That doesn't prove it was a false flag, that just proves most white ppl won't fight back AT ALL. He's probably sitting in jail wondering if wtf he was fighting for. A bunch if beta cucks who don't mind being wiped off the maps? Apparently so.

News to me. Source?

He has a worldview where not only he detaches Israel from its existing crimes, but supposed it can even exist without subversion.

No white nationalist worth his salt would not name the kikes for what they did in 9/11 and turning America's army into their private military force to balkanize the Middle-East. This guy was either super low IQ retard who despite claims never spent time on /pol, or he was deflecting blame away from the jews.

So how is it a false flag at all if that is the problem of the people?

inb4 Tarrant is a future mind reader and knows people will not fight back

It is as you said, that is not possible.
Today OP was an OP. Sage, reported.

Weak bait tbh

Chekked my fellow aristocrat.


Get off our website. You have to have at least three digits in your IQ to post here.

The response isn't relevant. The purpose is.

Try harder.

He named the capitalists.
What? He says he's okay with jews living in Israel who doesn't harm or subvert his people.

These jews exists, there are anti-zionist jews living in Israel.
But he does though.


Again, how is it a false flag?

He expects people to fight back, the fact they do not fight back is the people's fault, not him.

Man that's a leap. LMAO if that's your source on "Brenton naming the jews". Founding Fathers were Capitalists.

Will the wageslaves ever stop trying to bring the board down to their subhuman level?

You don't know what naming the jew is.
They're not against Israel, not against zionism, and not against jewish actions. They're only against the current jewish administration's implementation of the actions.

And? Hitler named the capitalists.

So Tarrant was just virtue signalling then? Give me a break.

Nice catch, firstfag.

even if it was a false flag, we must use it for our cause because it does us good

So Hitler didn't name the jews because he said the capitalists?
Yes, they are. Anti-zionist jews exist.
You are not answering the question.

Reminder that Tarrant is a hero.

There's zero purpose for your existence. Get rid of yourself.

Pushing "wageslave" to couple with "NEET bux" from yang niggers, you fucking kikes have nothing but shekels to discuss? Your insult is highly jewish, faggot.

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It's not a false flag.

Can you prove that you are having a business that employs white and white only?

Capitalists can be white too, and that's why Hitler also named the jews. Cmon now.

If you try to take my benies, I'll rape you.

And whites can be shabbo goys too, which is why Hitler specifically names capitalists.



Good goy. Great for falling for it.
They don't, no. They just don't like the current jewish political administration. All jews are zionists.
The question was answered. You're too stupid to comprehend the answer.

False flag proven.

These kikes are getting pathetic. Did their boss even let them read the manifesto?

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I also think it’s true , i have not the knowledge of english langage for develop this with verb :kappa:

Which Tarrant also did, Hitler also detested capitalism.
So they are secretly lying about their anti-zionism. Nice, thus they are still harming and subverting people.
Where was it answered?

Saying this over and over won't make it come true, faggot. Looking at his history already raises many flags. Then on top of that he never names the jew. Then he praises a fucking zionist as his idol. It really makes you think.

Not doing thatn ow. There's a plan and goal. Sitting on your ass isn't going to achieve anything. Where the fuck do you lethargic asswipes come from?


Saying it is a false flag over won't make it come true, faggot.
Yes he did.

So you are just talking shit. You are hurting whites more than NEETs.

Zio-Connections to the New Zealand Mosque Massacre

His manifesto essentially describes a diseases without naming the parasite that causes it.

You could show it, then.
Nope, they aren't lying about their beliefs. They openly say that Greater Israel is their desire and the subjugation of all non-jews is a demand. They just don't like the existing state of Israel.
The Talmud.
First reply you got.

Truth is not a matter of disagreement. Your reply had nothing to do with the discussion.

Ya you're just talking out your ass buddy.

He specifically named jews among with muslims among muslim invaders.
And he names the capitalists who bring the immigrants in.
Nope, they say they are anti-zionist and oppose the very existence of Israel. You say they are lying.
Point to it?

Yo, where are the proofs to any of this though?

Yes he does.

He names ALL invaders, as well as the capitalists who bring in the immigrants.

He also specifically names the jews living in western countries.

Seems legit to me, lads.

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You and BLM are pretty much one and the same in your thinking

Just repeating words, sad!

No he didn't. Naming capitalists isn't naming the jew. Jesus Christ. Whites, browns, Asians can be capitalists. Founding Fathers of America were Capitalists.

Pic related. How clueless are you?

Being a neet achieves nothing. Going out there, gaining skills, then eventually using that to help fellow community is life, you cretin.

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Watch the video :^)
He just points out some (((coincidences)))
You raging faggots will obviously believe whatever you waby

Just repeating words, sad.
And capitalists bring in the immigrants, who are non-white. The fact they are white doesn't absolve them of this crime.
Again, where? Your article written by jew media is not proof.
But you are not helping whites, by contributing to the system, you are enable the kikes.

Oops, typo. *want
What is sarcasm?

Funny because you believe whatever that faggot says.
>He just points out some (((coincidences)))
Coincidences aren't proofs.

LOL if he was a legit white nationalist, then Donald Trump is a white supremacist, and even MAGA base will tell you Trump isn't one.

Point to me where he's fine with jews? And how he's a white supremacist?

The man is a legit white nationalist since unlike Trump, he wants to keep his country free of invaders.

Nigger you have no idea what i believe, I'm just pointing you to info you don't wanna see. Seriously, you can fuck your asshole with a dragon dildo moaning Tarrants name it doesn't bother me none.

You find out he inherited a house in amajor metro area in Australia and sole I'd and was immediately a millionaire.

Not even joking, that's how it is there.

You believe that Tarrant is a false flag because some kikes on the internet tells you to.

Sold it.

Wow autocorrect

Don't disagree with that, but that's not naming the jew. Do you know what naming the jew means? It means naming the jew EXCLUSIVELY. Not some group of which they are just a subset. How retarded are you? Did you escape from some mental institution?

Great argument.

Okay, please show the page of the manifesto that does this.
Oppose the existence of Israel… THE NATION-STATE THAT EXISTS NOW, created by the United Nations. They do not oppose Israel IN THE TALMUDIC SENSE, which is OPERATIONALLY IDENTICAL. They want the same borders of Greater Israel and the same genocide of non-jews therein. They just don't like that Israel was created by fiat, rather than by religious mandate.
You're too stupid to have read it the first time. It's right there. Everyone can see it.

He names the jews specifically as semitic invaders along with muslims.


Dubs don’t lie. Heil St Tarrant
I am doing a sun ritual for our madman this Sunday instead of kiked stick zombie body worship and shit. He will be freed

Sorry I don't buy it. No white nationalist worth his salt write a manifesto and make it clear the responsibilities and exclusive blame jews share in pushing for open borders.

Back to the looney bin schizoposter

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Killing Muslims for "invading" New Zealand is supremacist, because its not defending the homeland. Obviously.

And he's okay with Israel.


Look at the rest of the videos on his channel (I already know you won't, can't disturb your fragile mentality with dissenting ideas), all he does is name the Jew and the neo fuck bags that's support them. Your arguments is flimsy because you don't know what yours talking about. Kys npc

What?Do you know what specific means?

Wait a sec.
So they are against Israel then considering the talmudic Israel operationally identical to the now Israel?
So you can't point to it again?

He worked as a personal trainer.

He made a shit ton of money on crypto so that he didn't have to work anymore and was able to travel the world. He didn't even have his life changing epiphany when he decided to carry out an attack UNTIL said travels… He wanted to see the world for himself, there is nothing wrong with that at all

I am he didn't explicitly make his manifesto all about the Jews so that it wouldn't give the kikes even more to whine and demand concessions and sympathy for.

Just because he didn't say or do whatever you think he should have doesn't make him a shill.

Seriously, why do the mods allow these blatant shill slide threads? They're retarded and blatant shit tier troll threads

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It's okay you don't buy it, but what he absolutely did is defending his homeland against semitic invaders.
Yes he did, he named semitic invaders as well as capitalists.

How? New Zealand is also a white homeland who is being invaded by muslims.

Jews are okay as long as they live in Israel and don't subvert. Killing all Jews =/= a white homeland. You niggers are unpalatable.

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Specific: Explicitly set forth; definite.

Jews = semitic invaders.

Yeah, it's a bonus.

I don't need to look at some video kikes make in order to muddy the water.

Tarrant helped the left fucking over white ppl in NZ more than anyone in recent history. THAT'S what he accelerated. Your demise. And you guys are too busy cheering for him since he killed 50 sand niggers to fucking notice.

By who?

You need to understand tongue and cheek Aussie shitposting better. He did name the Jew, only in not the way any normie could see. Same way he got them quoting the Navy Seal copypasta.

This (((thread))) won't be deleted.
This (((OP))) won't be banned for more than a few hours for the claim of "YEAHUH WE'RE BANNING THE KIKE SHILL". Where Zig Forumsacks who step out of line get a multi-day/multi-week bans for nothing.

So he helps the left by giving the right the method to fight back?

Zig Forums is compromised by kikes.

No one gets anything done without being called false flag.

He did not even name them by their racial name - ONCE. This is alarming, no matter which way you cut it. Plus his background, traveling to Israel, fucking living in Pakistan. What white nationalist, angry at immigrants in his own country, goes and lives for years as a temporary immigrant in a non-white country?

Hahaha, case in pont.

Nope, current Israel was created by secular legal fiat and non-jewish command. Talmudic Israel is a religious entity. They are operationally identical but foundationally different. That's what is meant by "anti-zionist" jews. The word itself is a problem. Jews LOVE to hide behind words. Anti-zionist jews are not against zionism (meaning the ideology for the creation of a jewish ethnostate, specifically israel), they are anti-zionIST (meaning they're against THE PEOPLE we would call zionists now–the jews who accept the secular Israel).
THEY. ARE. JEWS. They follow the Torah, Talmud, and Shulchan Aruch, which explicitly tells them that Israel is their right. They just don't like that PEOPLE created Israel. Even jewish websites themselves admit this.
Sure can. Won't matter. You have proven yourself to be a shill.

That was LITERALLY his intent. Did you even read the manifesto? His intent was to cause the left to over react and take so many rights away/tighten the noose of the police state that it would cause the radical right/white nationalists/people who aren't totally brainwashed to rebel and take real world physical action against them

What is interesting about that is that he lived as a guest of the Shia, if I am remembering correct.

He did, he mentions both semitic invaders and jews.
There's no proof he traveled to Israel, Israeli officials tell you that?
Someone who really appreciate diversity?

Was Hitler a shitskin all along for meeting muslim leaders and traveling to Tibet and India?

Take the HONK pill nigger.

I only condone ethnic purification if they are in the bounds of the jurisdiction of my people. Israel has no such jurisdiction. Europeans cannot justly claim Israel as their land at this moment. We haven't even retaken Constantinople for fuck sakes. Get your head on straight nigger.

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It didn't work. Guns are now illegal and confiscation will happen before the end of the year. No one did anything.