Mali government resigns over shitskin massacre


From (((wiki))):

Imagine that, a people taking matters into their own hands - and then a government groveling for imaginary slights.
I like to shit on niggers as much as the next person, but when a community stands up and destroys a village out of pure hatred in retaliation of an attack, i can not help but smile.

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Jesus fucking Christ. That's an entire friggen village.

Hey, good, they're black but they're demonstrating more honor and responsibility than the Potomac scum who slandered and committed sedition and illegally spied on a US citizen but now honestly expect no punishment.

Kek. Niggers are a strange creature to be sure. Fucking laughing over here imagining the ooga boogas and whoopin and hollering and the smoke from that thing my god
I’ve shot flintlock before. I guarantee other anons have shot flintlock or percussion cap black powder long funs good heavens
I don’t know why but I picture dodongos cavern and the goron for some reason

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Those masks are muh dickn. Are tgese the vanquishers?

Just for a second imagine getting slaughtered by a bunch of semi-zulus in "traditional dogon garbs".
A legit sandnigger invasion is happening, displacing the locals. Islam destabilising yet another region. Yet here we have the natives, a tightnit ethnic group, that fights of the invaders. With spears and machetes. Looking majestic in their own armor. +20 stamina and strength on that head alone.
I will have some firewater over this news. Tomorrow we celebrate the birth of our saviour.
Sieg heil meine freunde.

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Heil Azawad and heil Hitler!

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who cares, lol.

Yo this is a jewish false flag to stage a great war between niggers and sandniggers, which is what they want.

Screencap this.

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Indigenous North Africans are honorary Aryans in my book.

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Good to see they put some of those genes from enslaved europeans to good use
you double nigger

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They worship the Sirius star and believe in some ancient astronaut shit. It's a bit more than just we wuz, they had knowledge of some stars and planets way before western science discovered them, no one knows how or why

They are nomadic pastoralists and seek the lands when the lands become unsuitable for their cattles so probably this is why the Mali people had to genocide them to prevent this. Fulani herders are illegal in many countries.

based blacks

Just another name for gypsies

Black gypsies.

Mali? Shitskins? No one cares rabbi.

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I see no problem with this. You could toss in a couple of nuker for good measure.

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Africa is incredibly mad max tier in its aesthetic. The days of African mercenaries and Soldier of Fortune magazine being useful need to come back.

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Fuck me, is that a flintlock musket?
I knew Mali were backwards, but that's pushing the boat out.

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No matter how white a Muslim would be, he still will be executed on the spot for being a Muslim.

It is ok for them to genocide them but not ok for the white people to genocide.

Also their traditional clothes resembled today's astronaut suits, and their knowledge included some really in-depth parameters of space rockets. I notice a fellow Daniken reader.

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the world belongs to whites only lol

hooray for doubleposting


Well African Shamans have made representations of who visited them a long time ago. They say these people were able to hold the stars in their hands.


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litteraly a moroccan not some Mali Nigger

Shitskin is still a shitshkin user…you putting it out there as 'beautiful' makes you the same as the niggers in her bloodline.