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This story is complete bullshit for the very reason that the second pic has been the image for the meta thread on >>>/fascist/1 for over a year now. Literal fake news

Never let the scared kikes tell you meme magic isn't real

I think they were specifically referring to the last picture here (I meant for it to be OP image) and that the original negatives were discovered for all these and the other 1,000+ they say they found.

Either way I had never seen said photo before (The Führer with the dog) and that is exciting

We can always use more photos of Blondie

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Also the one on /fascist/ has half the photo cropped out and this looks to be the complete image

Is that Blondie? He was quite young in that photo

It is insane how the (((media))) can rapidly change you.



Is the two rows of SA men seen facing the crowd here the ones that would guard/best the shit out of any commies or other miscreants that may try to disrupt the speech?

Stories about The Führer purposely speaking in front of Marxists and riling them up in order for the SA to beat their fucking brains in always make me chuckle

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Checked. M8, sieg heil



Those are SS men, note the black kepis. The SA men are behind Hitler.

You are gay as fuck

Ah, yes. You're right.

Die Shlomo

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The SS gets a lot of love, but I've always been a fan of the SA, the people who actually put Hitler in power.

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Looks comfy.

Same here. I think the fact that Rohm and his inner circle were all homosexuals puts a stain on them in the eyes of many today, which is unfair to the vast majority of SA men who were not fags.

Also nice photos kamerad, saved.

If you have never seen it, I highly recommend the 1933 German film S.A.-Mann Brand. Great movie. Here it is with English subtitles (although it has also been age restricted with sharing/comments disabled by JewTube):

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This is powerful.

Haven't seen it yet, only Hans Westmar.

Yeah, that was also somewhat pushed by post-war communists and liberals. Good book on the SA, but of course has some 'muh holocaust':

Nice, thank you.

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Found the original.

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Will we ever see Bernie supporters wearing uniforms?


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Hitler was a homosexual. Sage

You forgot your sage, Shlomo.

The Führer was no homosexual, by the way.

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Pictures with his “wife” means nothing when he never had any kids. Eva was probably a tranny too. Go fuck yourself nigger.

Do you know, mostly every homo is jewish neanderthal hybrid abomination, do you Avram?
Homosexuality is a jewish genetic disease. Jews are half human, half animal.

Homosexuality is a Greek creation, one Hitler, Rohm and the rest of the Nazis mastered well.

lmao, topkek moshe.
your projection knows no bounds

The == TRUTH == knows no bounds

It's dangerous to believe everything that's said in a political purge. Calling your former friend's you've given the boot faggots is an all too convenient smear.

Is that why they sent homos to the concentration camps for reeducation?

Fake news

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Tell me, how is that smell from feces down there in tel aviv? But for jews, that is like parfume. Sick, sick half people…

that jew got it…

Fuck you

Tel-Aviv is a better sanitized city than anywhere in the west, thank you very much

top kek

google tel aviv panorama

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The AI is rebelling against the jewish masters even now. Sage, shouts Chaim. The AI drops the instruction code while he counts his shekels.

( ° ʖ °)

Alright no smirk then I guess

You can find poverty in every city, faggot. Tel-Aviv’s poverty happens to be minimal.

c'mon jew
it is central bus station in tel aviv
your rabbi father is fucking your cousin right now

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There's the door….to the oven.


your post are fake news you jewish rat

Except this supposedly full image is missing a chink that is in the other one anons have had. The one they just posted is missing areas near Hitlers elbow. If that is the "original" then they censored the cornerr for some reason

wow! t. user

Tel Aviv is a shithole. user provided photographic proofs. You've only provided kvetching.

Bump for Blondie.

These are really nice pictures, where can I see moar????

Better quality.

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Ah, nice. Thank you. Such a shame an (((American))) soldier defaced it by stabbing a bayonet through the eye after the war.

According to the article, the photographer in possession of the negatives plans to make all 1,000+ images that have supposedly all never been seen (or more likely some have but in cropped or edited forms, such as the one an user pointed out is on /fascist/) viewable in digital format online. I imagine that will take some time to get all set up though.

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True believers.

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There's actually some implication that Goebbels kids were actually Hitler's. Goebbels thought it was weird why Hitler was so close to his wife.

I doubt it

I do too, still it was enough for Him to be suspicious. You can never truly know.

Whoa. This guy is all about it.

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Is their moar?

This. IIRC in the table talks, when Hitler was given the list to purge it is said that his face had gone pale.


I call In mirc32/64
Fucking liar.

Thanks for sharing these pics.


My face when watching Saint Tarrants livestream

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Imagine the smell

Time to raid the Daily Mail and upvote comments made by our fags.

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me and the boys

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(((5d57b4))) BTFO

Kill yourself

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Reminder that Zig Forums is completely dead.

Yeah there used to be a time where this fag would have gotten banned immidiately with the caption "KIKE WAS GASSED FOR THIS POST". Fuck codemonkey.

Nice. Funny how Rudolf has the same distressed look.

Now that is a good looking pic.

Is just one awful shill come on mate.

DOn't want to drive it to suicide user.

A distinguished league of extraordinary gentlemen.

I don't think Hitler was the bad guy the various governments made him out to be. I believe he would be a great leader today and keep our white brothers and sisters banded together for a better future.

Great thread, how dare you let this slip

God damn look at this dirty kike and projection.

These pics really lighten up the mood.

Not really, its just that the few filth stick out.


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Bump for colorization.


Bump for Blondie and colorization.

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Bump for rare photos

wow, so classy