I Support Gun Control. And You SHould Too

This is real gun control. The leftist, communist jew form is a bastardization of real gun control.

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i support gun control as well
zero your scope and learn your rifle's recoil pattern
you can use a fore grip as a leverage point
train with the same bullets you will use when shtf


Fuck you. No seriously,
If it is within my power, my children will never need to hold up a gun to defend themselves.
They will never know the horrors of war, and they will never witness someone 2 inches from them having his head repuporpused as graffiti on the wall.
You've ever heard of "live by the sword, die by the sword"?
Let me break it down for you:
If you give someone a sword, he'll get in fights more often than unarmed people. Because unarmed people usually attempt to flee
/run away.
And he might "win" the first time, maybe even the second. Fuck it, he might stab 100 fucking people until someone gets the drop on him and he gets stabbed first.
A gun is just a sword for modern times. Give your kids guns, they'll shoot down a hundred people (with proper training) but eventually, you'll get a flag and a coffin marching out of your house.
No parent should ever bury his own son. If they bury me, after I fought (((them))), I can only hope I made the world a place where they can pursue their passions unhindered by the need to hold a weapon to justify their existence.

War is NOT peace.
Freedom is NOT slavery.
And ignorance is abso-fucking-lutely not strength.

Get hanged, you filthy faggot.

You conservative retards every get tired of making the same threads about the same topics with all the same veiled and empty threats? If you were going to use your guns, you would have already done it.

Fuck you fuck ass
I support abortion and you should too cuck

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About right for your set.

When did you first discover you had a cuckolding fetish?

you sound like a protective mother, show tits

Why do you hate your children so much?

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The parent is in control of the firearm. You teach your children about the tool, how to use it properly for hunting and self defense.

The more experienced and educated they are with the tool the better. The more control they have over their firearm, the better.
Real gun control is being able to control your firearm. It's becoming experienced with guns, understanding how and when to use them. Being able to control your gun gives you the ability to govern yourself.
Sqeeze the trigger, user. Don't pull it.

I'll teach them self defense because I recognize my own efforts will most likely not be enough to secure their future.
That does not mean however I'll do it with a smile. The gun I put in their hands will weight a few pounds for them, but it will weight a lot for me because I'll be passing along something that should have been my duty. A debt my parents left me and troubled them will eventually be passed along to a new generation if I shall fail. God willing, that debt dies with me.

I agree kids should be on crewed weapons and the adults should do the dirty work up close

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Isn't there a graphic showing that ~90% of all gun crimes are committed with illegally owned guns?

are you gonna supervise your children 24/7 when they are 12 or 13 years old? I knew how to take care of myself when my parents were gone to the groccers

Damn. I didn't even consider this.
I'd argue to train with all of the most commonly used and purchased ammunition in the case that you have to use them as opposed to your preferred rounds.
Switch it up with each seesion to learn the differences and to become familiar with the dynamic nature of warfare where preference and comfort are foreign concepts.

This brings up another point. Practice how to handle and fix malfunctions in the case you ever have to use a shit firearm or ammunition. There's no guarantee that you'll be able to sit down and clean your firearms regularly either. So if you're experienced enough with how to handle and fix malfunctions, those malfunctions will be more of a nuisance rather than a death sentence.

In times of peace you prepare for war.
It doesn't matter if a time comes for war or not. You're prepared regardless.
Be prepared is alos a great deterrent.

Talks about guns, shows rifles.

OP must be a faggot

lol that is not what "live by the sword, die by the sword" means. It means if you live the life of a brute (swinging your sword), you die at the hands of a brute (with a sword).

Tell me how principled you are about your kids not having to raise a gun to defend themselves when someone threatens their life/kills them. According to you it will be a big, bad gun nut that sprays bullets indiscriminately because he just can't help popping off a few rounds at children. Thus, allowing for the sayings intended meaning to occur. If a shooter lives by the gun (in this case), your child could end them by the gun. You want "Live by the gun, and please shoot my defenseless children because I want to live in a principled delusion outside of reality." 

Despite Russia's high school weapons field stripping training. The Child Armies have yet to rise up. :-/

Nope, she tricked me with that meme last year. Not falling for that shit again.

there is no better teacher than war. if there are no enemies left for my children, gladiator states will be created for those who crave the experience can indulge. masses of land cordoned off just for those with a mindset to conquer those weaker. use planes to drop the willing in and they can stay as long as they survive. if they have enough, just make it to the barrier alive. only a very small percentage would participate anyway. but at least theyll have an outlet once all of our subhuman enemies are destroyed. id understand if my son wanted to go as thats how im wired. a place where the state wont intervene in your quest for conquest. id say north georgia at the base of the appalachians is a good area. maybe even drop ww2 era weaponry every once in a while from supply planes. some people want to fight for a better world but may not want to live peacefully in that world. i think advocating for such a place will ensure those with the mind for conquest and warfare will help you win as theyll still be granted an outlet when victory is achieved.

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Would hang out with her though. If she would stop playing tricks on me. Devious devil woman that one.

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She's closer to an 8 irl. Just met her.

Literall. She looks good. She takes very good care of herself

Whatever you say.

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get out more the only reason this bitch is larping as right wing is because shes not near an 8 and has to scheme hard to get attention.

>Hi, can I interview you?
>Oh my gawd, do you like me or something?
Her interviews are embarrassingly cringe.

Holy fucking shit are you me? I have been dreaming about something like this for a long time.

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Fucking kikes I swear, there is literally nothing wrong with blood sport.

Want to know how I know you're a faggot? I'm glad you won't really be raising any children, because your kids would be no different than the current generation of soy-addled freaks who panic at the slightest hint of adversity. You do not know how to prepare them for the real world. Sheltering children and treating them like priceless balls of ornate glass rather than thinking and breathing people is the first mistake of a failure as a parent. You can't lie forever to them about how things will be okay if they 'just come to me' or 'just run away'. I learned to shoot when I was eight years old. My Christmas present that year was a Beeman .177 caliber air rifle. My parents and my older brother taught me how to grip it, how to stand, and how to aim. Today I'm an avid shooter and I have been in multiple self defense incidents where I needed to have my carry pistol on me in order to defuse them. I am unendingly grateful that I was introduced to firearms as a tool and a hobby at an early age, because it has made me a better person and quite possibly saved my life.

Maybe Reddit is more your speed if you're so scared of guns, user.

I have had women on 4 different continens. I had a literal 10 fly here to meet me in person in the very town I am outside of right now. See included picture. Just took it.

I met that blonde girl again just today. I met her last year this time in Wisconsin.

I live outdoors. You faggot. Go do more reps on the bench and pretend your gym muscles will help you.


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Ah another (((fellow white person))) who spits on our traditional heritage

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You will never have children. Your sperm levels are lower than a castrated female aubergine.

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There is no where left to run.
And if you do not have a gun, those with guns will simply gun you down.
Perhaps you should study what jews do when they completely take over a nation.

Gun control: learn how to cycle the bolt while keeping your eye looking down the scope. You'll be able to kill more niggers this way.

A classic.

in 4 forming death squad
*gets capped in back of head and base on hillside with embedded tiger turret stolen*
thats life

except that it would idolize masculinity which isnt allowed. only half measures such as ufc are tolerated with limiting rules to reduce brutality.

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This thread is confusing the fuck out of kike bots. Remember to practice with your chest rig so you don’t drop any mags

I ejaculate at least four times a day.

Nope, she's waiting for tomorrow when we decide on rules of engagement.

You only adopted the memetics, I was born into them, shaped by them.

what kind of boomer Zig Forums shit is this

wtf did you just say to me? i dont even need a k98 to murk you. ill creep through the foliage like a crypteia and throat punch you with a dagger if you dare step out.

There's no foliage here, and I know you will not do a damn thing.

Reddit is that way >>>

So get over there.

You are not in the position to call other people faggots when you have never faced a threat in your life. Violence is a way of life for some people. You do not have to be around those people, because they have already killed or attacked someone else and are sitting in prison. You don't have to work with them, because jobs do background checks and refuse applicants with a criminal history. You have an entire system dedicated to keeping threats away from you, and you believe that those threats do not exist.

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LMAO. Doesn't know shit about the US. The US is ran by a family of psychopaths.

That song where there are talking about never knowing if you're sitting next to a murderer, he's singing about sitting in a Freemason Lodge.

Fuck you autocorrect

wew that level of tard speak, either poster is a literal sub IQ third worlder who can't write English well or just sub IQ genetic trash.

I'll let you in on a secret. Whatever you decide to do is completely fucking irrelevant. I'm not giving up my guns until I'm literally dead. I'm not alone either. So that leaves you with a few options:

1) you can sit back, try to hide, and hope you don't get slaughtered
2) you can neck yourself
3) you can get a gun and learn to defend yourself and maybe increase your chances of survival
4) you can get a gun a join up with the rest of the people seeking to confiscate weapons door-to-door (which drastically decreases your chances of survival)

Here's the thing about guns. Having one doesn't guarantee you will survive anyway. And the chances that those of is in America would ever voluntarily turn them in zero. That means there is convincing any of us otherwise, and with that option eliminated, all you are left with is force. Let's find out how force plays out.

story behind this?

Haha, this ol’ meme! I liked this one. That’s the good kind of gun control that makes guns useful when you need ‘em. That kind of gun control empowers people. This is the kind of gun control that makes hoplophobes miserable, but I feel for ‘em; they should recognize their fear of getting shot as either a disastrous commentary on their social environment, or else a reason to scrape up funds for a better therapist.

Pink pistols ftw!

What is that guy in blue trying to accomplish? Catch some hot brass in his teeth?

I'm not sure if you should be calling that gun control, user

You can't see the other arm, chest, or how far the weapon extends backwards, but I'm pretty sure he has it tucked snug into him.

Proper war brings peace. A weak society that runs is an unarmed slave society. My future white children will be trained to shoot so when the ZOG comes, not only will they have to kill me, but ideally my wife and children will also fight then to the death. This is the ideal goal.

Jews cannot do battle through conquest and glory on the battlefield. They can only wage war through subversion and deception, like a parasite, and creating mind controlled ZOGbots to fight for them. Violence is their weakness, so we bring savage deaths to them.

You miss the point. It's about redefining and co-opting.
If you don't get something, ask, otherwise sit idly by and stfu.


you got yourself 10+ (you)s with that bait, well done, faggot.

That could also just be a sign of severe pornography addiction


Just stfu faggot. Your bravado and moralfaggotry come off as either shilling or naivety.


War is not a temporary state it is an ongoing process.

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Don't drop mags folks.

Go back to Reddit cringeposting faggots.

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You should seriously consider suicide. Soon.

cripplekike was always a newfag