What's TYTs end game?

Is TYT at all organic? Pre-2010s they seemed to be an organic liberal commentary outlet and since accepted the shekels.

In 2016 I remember TYT accepted a contract with Univision to produce a show for 12 weeks, ending just after 2016 election.
Univision was an outlet affiliated with Clinton campaign


Strangely, their criticism of Clinton died down after this and their show unceremoniously came to an end just after the election.
So what's TYT's end game? just pretend to be organic liberal outlet until a big donor comes along to sway their audience?
Are they farming out their audience to the highest bidder?

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Its that shill group with those bland photoshop tin foil hats again.

Im genuinely curious how you shills got hired? Care to drop?

Getting honked by that future b t live on air

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How about lurk before you make threads


I don't think those histrionic retards have an end game.

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They still exist?

wait, who's the shill? me, op, or that other dude?

Their views have dropped significantly over the last few months especially with the Müller Report being a nothing burger.
4.2 million subscribers
hardly manage over 100K Views on their most click-bait style titles

yeha noticed that although I know devon tracey said their shit on facebook is actually really popular though

They ran out of money. They rarely get over 100k viewers a video, making only $100 a video, tops. They raised $20 million from 3L Capital in 2017. 3L will demand that money back by 2022.

The last I saw when when Alex Jones got their producer to spit a mouthful of iced tea in his face while some whore from there called Alex a "fat fuck", and they edited the video after everyone saw it live. The comment section was glorious. "Why are you body shaming Alex when you are always criticizing it?"

They're shills and push political theater trash. Another kike-run "opposition". End game is what they have been doing I would guess, divide and conquer with pro-Israel purple pills. Same as Infowars

Why is TYT even on your radar? Why make a thread about them? Why would anyone here be interested enough in them to form an intelligent response to this question.

Is this thread bait for newfags so the shills have people less resistent to shilling to shill?

yes this is Cenk from TYT, I want to form an army of retards ubermench from their parent's underground

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You think part of the reason Cenk is overweight is residual depression from looking hardcore crypto?

Doubtful, (((3L))) is paying them to poison the minds of young children, they are doing everything the jews want and more, kikes are more than happy to see their investment money disappear if they're getting subversion and white genocide back in return.

Armenian Genocide

My friend hate watches TYT religiously and have kept me up to date with what's been going on with them since 2016. I personally can't stomach TYT for longer than a few minutes so here is a brief summary of what they've been up to.

They're pretty much up their own asses worse than ever while also being in dire need of cash. Like another user said they took a huge loan recently and thought they were going to be the new CNN. They haven't been able to draw in more viewers like they thought they could and are being forced to get more and more progressive to keep their loyal viewers thus running off anyone that isn't totally insane.

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My fucking brand new Samsung TV has some built in streaming bullshit, and wouldn't you know it TYT has it's own fucking channel.


What all communists Jews want the destruction of Nations, its people and traditions