Has anyone embraced nihlism?

At this point, I treat what's happening to Whites as a selective pressure for ruthlessness and aggression. If we cannot adapt to these pressures, we don't deserve to live.

Looking at the geological time scale, it would seem to me that Whites are most likely going to be the first Human victims of the sixth mass extinction. The good news is that Humanity will follow us into oblivion, as the planet becomes uninhabitable due to the ecological destruction non-Whites will wreak upon this godforsaken rock.

Hell, what's even the point of saving Western Civilization, as all it is rise, decline, and fall.?This cycle will just repeat until non-Whites finally adapt and finish us off.

Just looking at the geological timescale is a black/honkpill. It proves to you how much nothing matters in the end.

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kys sadfag

Chin up!


We come from the land of the ice and snow.
We learned altruism and hardiness through hardship and gained our sense of community and our huge brains.
Our future depends on restoring the winter.
This can happen with the grand solar minimum and the reset thanks to Yellowstone.
Maybe a little calcium carbonate in the atmosphere.
Make sure it happens.
The nogs love the heat.

4chan doesn't deny reality, (((Whitepiller))). The decline of the White Race was like the Tyrannosaurus turning into the Dodo Bird. From the top of the foodchain to complete cuck is how you describe it.

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We are the winter. We are the ones who survive.

Is for unenlightened fags

Only 100 IQ midwits are existentialists.

(((Whitepillers))) be gone!

Maybe the insects will start their own civilization in the next era. Who cares really?

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bitch please

Do you wanna know when DOTR will happen? When a fucking six mile wide, metallic asteroid strikes Israel, that's when. That's how fucking unlikely saving our race is.

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This is why we invented nukes

Breathing is a miracle.
Eating is a miracle.
Waking up is a miracle.
Being born is a miracle.
If you can't enjoy the little moment-by-moment things, you'll always be miserable.

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The Manhattan Project was wall to wall Jews. Heisenberg didn't work on the bomb in Germany because he thought American Jews weren't so savage as to make a nuke. He was wrong.


Nihilism has concluded that it doesn't exist.


Space and time are not fundamental, information is. Consciousness creates apparent space and dimensionality. Just like when you have a dream, what you are dreaming takes up no space. Your consciousness creates the illusion of space and dimensionality when you dream, the same as when you are awake. Both are information based simulations of physical realities. The difference is that this dream has continuity and matter, which makes it different enough from our nighttime dreams to fool us.

A bump for when we cheerfully show him nihilism is bullshit.

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Hitler detested nothing more than defeatism, to the point that he would get reprimanded during WWI for chastising his fellow soldiers that whined about how they are going to lose no matter what. Also lurk two years before posting, and read Mein Kampf.

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Reality is that the person in charge is actually short, is better at this than you, and is chased and hounded by globohomo and the Jews.

Until you purify your own heart and mind it will stay that way, too.

Matthew 12:35
A good man out of the good treasure of the heart bringeth forth good things: and an evil man out of the evil treasure bringeth forth evil things.

James 1:13–15
Let no one say when he is tempted, “I am being tempted by God,” for God cannot be tempted with evil, and he himself tempts no one. But each person is tempted when he is lured and enticed by his own desire. Then desire when it has conceived gives birth to sin, and sin when it is fully grown brings forth death.

Titus 1:15
To the pure, all things are pure; but to the defiled and unbelieving, nothing is pure. Indeed, both their minds and their consciences are defiled.

These are bad times, and getting worse, no doubt, but we're not being drafted into the French or British or German armies to be marched into No Man's Land for the daily slaughter of 25,000 men in futile attacks on impenetrable redoubts.

There are many worrisome developments but we still have immense powers to fight back. The tide of fundamental polemic has definitely shifted back in our favor as the leftists seem to have gone totally insane.

We're not getting out of here without fighting a terrible war. Prepare for war.

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You're a queer though

You're a projection of my mind lacking independent inherent existence.

You're a child that needs to use spell check and pick up a dictionary and thesaurus sometime.


based and also checked

unbased (christcuck)


also based

based and checked

Templas weren't cucks.

St. Davis is the only true Templar.

All sensory experience is energy being translated into various formats before it disappears entirely within the no-thing which is mind. The real reality is whatever exists before your senses translate it, which is unknowable to us. All sensory experiences are translated entirely within you. Everything without, if it exists at all, is unknowable excepting translated, incomplete form.

You need to open your third eye.

Conciousness is a giant illusory feedback system. You put illusory energy into it, you get illusory energy out of it. So we have dreamed ourselves into a giant feedback system that calls people faggots and niggers. Really funny. Not sure why the creator finds this necessary but I guess it's part of the process of maturing somehow, since everything is.

Nihilism is meant to be overcome. None of your heroes are nihilists.

He was probably a Jew and went back to Israel for his name change.

Knights can't be Saints.

Nihilism or rather embracing nihilism is just accepting the truth of human existance but like another poster said this truth is meant to be overcome and it can be overcome and that is by a preference.

My preference is for humanity or rather whites to embrace National Socialism as our collective preference.

If every white or the majority of us on the planet did this it would not only save our race but save us from the despair of not turning to a solution for nihilism would for many people.

Thats not my saying NS is the only possible solution to nihilism but it is in my opinion among the best of the solutions for our particular racial group.


Problem is, a massive natural catastrophe would need to happen to make the majority of Whites embrace National Socialism.

I don't know that it would do any good. It died last time, and the situation was exponentially more advantageous back then.

kys glow nigger

Our only hope is an asteroid composited of titanium and tungsten the size of two and a half football fields in diameter moving at approximately 24000mph to slam into the western hemisphere at midnight.

oy vey!

When you want a new tree to grow you don't dig up a dead tree and replant it.
You take a healthy seed, with vibrancy, the spark of life and dynamic growth within it, and nurture that instead.
National Socialsm is too negative a brand for normies unless a war or catastrophe happens, as you noted. But we can take the things that made NatSoc grow and incorporate those into something new enough to be catchy and fly under the (((noses))).
Only this time none of that gay "fashy" metrosexual shit.


Israel dies first.

After that I can rest in peace.

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Giving ultimatums to the creator is never a good idea.

maybe try to cut off Israel from the United States gravy train?

It's already began


are you 14? If you feel like ruthlessness aggression is the answer, why aren't you doing things? BT gives his life and you bitch fags just whine and moan

Meh, what's the point?

same man fuck it all its just too tiring. going to smoke weed, eat cereal, watch some rick and morty and masturbate :D

Well, we need more men like him, and the only event that could top the Mosque Shooting would be a Zig Forumsack torching a synagogue and dancing in the background to the Prince song "Trust", while dressed as Jack Nicholson's Joker and posting the video on liveleak before his arrest.

You can't top Christchurch, man.

I once masturbated so often that I forgot what else hands can even be used for. I went out in public and walked into a retail store with a commission salesperson who approached me and extended his hand for me to shake, which I complied with not out of memory, but out of social cue that I had to process. I remember thinking, "Why is it customary to touch our masturbators together like this?

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amen, brother!


Nihilism is only useful in the modern world as demoralization. It carries almost no quantifiable benefit, and certainly no justifiable cost-reward ratio. Everyone knows about existentialism, fatalism, absurdism, etc. People have been writing about them for centuries. But we found out a long time ago how corrosive these sensibilities are to worldly pragmatism; the medium through which politics are conducted.

It is normal and expected for a man to reflect upon the meaningless of life at some point. But to use political degeneration as your argument for embracing nihilism, is paradoxical at best. At worst it's straight up Jewy defeatist propaganda.


Watcha slidin Chaim?

The point?
That's the point of life my boy.

Everything dies someday, and reality seeks always to kill that which lives.
Life is the constant fight against the many forces acting to rip your life away from you.
That's the point, my man.

Nature loves a beast who refuses to cum just to fuck her harder and longer.
And it does matter user, it does matter - or at least, we must live as though it does!

Rise to meet fate. You might be surprised at what happens.

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Fuck you you cockingsucker

racially aware, ruthless, aggressive, intelligent, fit and over 6 feet dont exist

Even chad is crabs in a bucket, after all

… OP had better be like 15. I don't even know where to start on your faggotry so I'll just say, it's a shame you didn't have a dad because you could have used some beatings.

let's loosen up on those restrictions.
maybe this could this explain, why there are no white ants species as they naturally gave up, just kill us all, but make it quick.
only niggers and chinks then survived as they are soulless killers?

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There's no point in doing that.

t. nihilist

Whats the point in caring for your children? If you dont get it by now then we dont need you.

Pre Nihilism: Childhood.
Nihilism: Angsty teenaged doomer. you are here
Post Nihilism: Maturity.

Based and honkpilled.
Blogpost incoming about my experiences with nihilism and what came after it.
I am still moderately depressed after years of nihilism. I was a nihilist for many years, but only after I started to look for meaning, I started feeling depressed. Unironically, Jordan B. Peterson helped me out of it, as his lectures gave me renewed sense of what purpose actually is, and that it is attainable. Although he also estranged me even more from the mainstream society, it was more like opening my eyes to this twisted society ruled by political correctness and fear. I was a regular 4cuck lurker for years before that, and only via coincidence I found this place. It was when our saint shitposted IRL that I fully awoke to the honkpill. It really changed something deep inside of me. I burst into random laughter multiple times a day for at least a week. Even my way of laughing changed, it seems alien to me, somewhat hollow and forced, but I take everything much less serious now, and laugh more frequently. I think that my mental transformation sparked by recent events is still ongoing, but I have no idea where it will lead me. It feels like I am becoming more myself.
At least I don't reddit-space.

The Honk Pill is just another cope for quiet desperation

Yes, when you move beyond having someone spoon feed you 'your ideas' and you have the strength to form your own idea you will realize what Life is all about.

Nihilists are like pacifists. Both are absolute faggots and degenerates.

Nihilism isn't useful, sure the world is fucked, we live in clown world (honk honk), shit is sliding off a cliff, no one seems to care, the last generations made the mess, and there's a blackpill larger than tyrones dick waiting to be rammed down your throat. Fine. So how the fuck does being a nihilistic whiney bitch help at all?
Die with a smile and some grace you faggot.

So nihilists are like pacifists, if a pacifist is confronted with violence they cannot talk their way out they must take 1 of 3 choices. 1) Accept their death like a useless faggot proving the failure of their beliefs. 2) Fight to live and thus prove pacifism is a failure and they are hypocrites or 3) pay someone to fight for them thus proving pacifism is a failure and they are hypocrites.

So what does a nihilist do in the face of struggle? Give up and whine like a faggot till they die, help out but talk demoralizing shit and subvert and reduce everyone's morale so they don't fight as long. Or stand on the sideline talking even more shit and how they'd do a much better job than the idiots larping about.
I name you gamma.
Rope yourself.

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No, because I have diplomatic immunity and have every intention to expand the ethnostate.

Nice jewish talmudvision propaganda, NPC.

implying that death is not a solution.
implying that you are useless faggot, realizing that death is a solution.
implying that your beliefs are the correct ones.

2) Fight to live and thus prove pacifism is a failure and they are hypocrites
implying that nihilism is something you can cure by a flip of a switch or by putting a few buildings on fake fire.

3) pay someone to fight for them thus proving pacifism is a failure and they are hypocrites.
this would imply delegation of responsibility to 3rd party, therefore you couldn't be called nihilist, as you would be actively involved in the act.

if you've read anything about nihilism, you would understand, that they won't even bother with any commentary on the situation as it's pointless anyways, so they cannot be so called whining ones. if they do bother to post, then the detrimental replies will push them back anyways back into their corner, so they eventually learn to shut up and become irrelevant or detached. it's a topic discussed in simulacra - the eventual behavior of an individual in the society of artificially constructed chains of lies is to become a pacifist, observant a nihilist.

and stop being so hostile.
it doesn't suit you.

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This. Whites have been through some of the most horrifying shit imaginable and came out of it stronger than before. Nihilism is giving up on your people and it won't be tolerated.

If by nihilism you mean waking to the fact that you're stuck in a body (w/o tremendous discipline, psychedelics, or death) and have awoken to the fact that you voluntarily trapped yourself in an existence ruled by duality and surrounded by hoards of brainwashed entities and the only hope is to seek and uncover your true nature and eventually escape it as countless mystics have in the past, then yeah, sure… Whatever. Yeah, nihilism.

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BTW, don't fuck around w/psychedelics unless you have thoroughly researched them and use them with a shaman/priest, and don't snuff it. The party's just getting started here on earf, it's going to be gloriously hilarious. You'll want to be fully present to appreciate it.

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Fuck off yid!

Aryans are gods chosen race, so we have to finish the satanic semites

That is reason enough to live and fight till eternity

Do you understand, Shlomo?


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implying true nihilists even bother discussing such matters, unlike shill faggots in this thread



The entire universe is biased towards ever increasing disorder over time, all matter is susceptible to decay and impermanence.

The Second Law of Thermodynamics dictates it so and is responsible for this oblivion you speak of.

Btw some article I found linking entropy to nihilism:


On scales humans can observe ATM, also assumes a lot (e.g. Big Bang is correct (unlikely, just more Abrahamic kikery imposed on science) vs. Steady State Universe).

Probably OP should just refer to pic

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Pajeets invented nukes, kikes just took the credit after hoarding their books.

After 70 years of globohomo propaganda it's like cleansing the palate. Jews, Chinese etc. are really just masonic time-travellers. The most advanced are the norks.

Why is a paid shill thread allowed to remain up.


Yes, goyim. Just give up.

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In four months at best. Waiting is certainly boring.

Enjoy the non-linked version, fren

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I guess it depends on what "getting going" means to you, and where you're paying attention.
I'm certainly seeing plenty of things to kEk about.
If you mean in four months it should pick up considerably, I agree. Gonna be a hot time on the old continent, kEk.

now explain it for us retarded anons


It's clear that the world wars of last centuries wiped out many bloodlines that were selected for bravery and courage but I'm not sure about, "ruthlessness and aggression" as the pressure being applied. We've been left with pacifist cowards, but not all of them… even the soy faggots on the left will riot and bash skulls in with bike locks IF they believe their cause is just and moral ("fighting evil", in their minds). The racial soul of the european isn't one that is compelled by darkness, though it will wallow there (NEETdom, Nihilism) if there is no light… instead the european racial soul looks up toward the light and is motivated to move toward it. Ruthlessness itself isn't a virtue and never has been, it describes a mode of operation (drive) toward an end. Drive that requires aggression maybe, but cunning definitely. Dedication to higher ideas is a virtue however, and aggression may be required from the brave to move toward those ideals but only if the vision is clear and masses are behind the heros. Division (D&C) and Clouded Vision of what is "the light" we should move toward characterize the dark age we are in.

The only way out is through, but before you know which direction you can move to get out you have to know where you want to go. The adage, "Rome wasn't built in a day" should have also be ammended, "but they knew they were building Rome." and in doing so moving toward greatness. The how and the why can come later, but the "what" is "the light" that requires definition now. I mean specifically for white europeans. The conversations with muds will only waste your time from guiding other whites back to the path to then rally behind our heroes in unity. We cannot put the cart (Tarrant) before the horse (Unity that Islam and its people are an existential threat). Perhaps a bad example because of Tarrants mass praise, but you get what I mean.

Europeans need to see The Light and we have to show it to them. The stained glass and examples of architecture in Notre Dame were not a specifically "christian" depiction… but were works of art and creativity stemming from nowhere on earth othern than the European Racial Soul. I seized the news cycle, as I hope all of you did, to give witness and direct attention to the magnitude of the beauty destroyed. I was as moved as most of you, but as a leader in real life leading my people (in thought on the issue) back to where it should be. Every issue, every news cycle, IN REAL LIFE, within your sphere of influence, you must lead.

Your fellow Europeans just need to be shown the light.

I think the difference between humans and the rest of the timeline of earth is that we are uniquely the first that have the ability to terraform the planet itself and control our own environment. The rest of the geological timescale is a result of a closed loop system where animals had no control and simply could reproduce and then die in a cycle. Humans broke that system wide open.