The whole point of christianity is to make white people completely under the control of the jews

>If that's true then why did (((christians))) make Europe ""''monolithic"""?
They actually never did make it monolithic. They basically divided up the christian masses into a bunch of different denominations so they could divide and conquer them among themselves right from the very beginning. Literally all the sneaky jew needs to do at that point is pretend to be christian when moving from country to country or preficture to preficture. The jew would just have to pretend to go along with that denomination, and since there really isn't that big of a difference between every denomination in christianity, it would be a piece of cake to blend in. The Jews aren't THAT fantastic at blending in. Just because a group of people is divided does not mean they can easily be controlled. You'd have to get to know each groups doctrines in order to control them and it would be a pain in the ass to actually do all that and keep it up for extended periods of time. The denominations pretty much ensures that even if white people woke up and actually took power, Jews will easily be able to go to some other country with a different denomination as standard and eventually start up conflict with the country that had a genuine revolution against them. So they forced christianity upon the masses and made the whole divide and conquer tactic that much easier.
The official way of justifying christianity when confronted with the argument of the founders of the ideology being jewish (for people who aren't idiots), is to justify it by saying that they were RACIAL jews and not religious jews. Then (((they'll))) say that whites were actually da real jews. Gee, I can only (((who))) is behind all this fucking bullshit.
Nothing but a big fat lie. The pagans (not da rabbis) went in and destroyed that piece of shit temple and replaced it with a pagan one. Once when christianity subverted rome, all of a sudden everyone in isrehell was allowed into europe by the (((christian leaders))). And immediately afterwords they gave them legal protections and extra privileges. Which is why there was very little resistance between christians and jews (it's all the same) in the last two thousand years. WW2 being one of the last genuine revolts.
They were never really kicked out. What the Jew has done is plant seeds literally everywhere (through intermarriage with whites in power) and waited for those countries to prosper to subsequently move in. To demonstrate this, all you need to do is look at the lineages of both the United Kingdom and German rulers in histories past. They did not just endlessly allow them in out of pity like some are claiming (the whole concept is cartoonish anyway) and instead called upon members of the jewish group in power in European countries. Once when a country reaches it's peak, seemingly out of absolute nowhere it disintegrates and when this happens the Jew simply leaves. After they peacefully "kick them out", the royal family simply "forgets" about the whole thing; continuing the scam of anti-semitism among royal families and most other rulers. Can anyone for example tell me why pagans were persecuted and killed far more than kikes? A lot of what paganism was has been wiped from history yet Judaism in it's entirety still survives to this day. What the fuck gives???

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Sure, I'm sure some of them actually do say this genuinely. But those Jews are just reactionary in nature and don't really have the run down. If every jew had the run down, they would have been exposed hundreds of years ago because some people just can't help but flap their mouth. The whole point of bringing in migrants is to destroy the white race. They want to destroy the white race BECAUSE christianity couldn't keep them in line, so they're now culling the entire herd.
Muh Hitler is not an argument. That's just an exception to the rule. Hell, even Hitlers religious views have come into question. He has in fact stated that he would not tolerate anyone that attacks christianity yet later on in his career he allowed people in his inner circle to do exactly that. That's an inconsistency no matter how you look at it. The Bormann documents also brings his faith in christianity into question. The only people that really reject the Bormann documents are christians in the first place. I'd personally like to see what exactly is wrong with those documents. Until I see it, I'll continue to believe they're real and that the only reason to reject them are for christian reasons. My own conclusion of the matter is that he was stuck with you christians and had to play along with your delusions.
Is nothing more than a dumb and abstract concept to begin with. The whole point of killing degenerates (you could just call them abnormals) is to make it easy to weed out people who aren't brainwashed with the doctrines well enough. So the solution is almost always DEATH to keep unwanted seeds of thought from sprouting among the masses (about christianity which could lead to the jewish question). Literally what are you complaining about if white people are actually continuing the family line? There is nothing to complain about besides what is written in jewish scriptures and other dubious rhetoric. The greeks and pagans would be considered degenerate af according to Zig Forums yet they bred like crazy. Hedonism and degeneracy are not the same but sometimes overlap. For example, a couple could easily be degenerate in the bedroom and still use that degenerate energy to procreate. In fact, I believe that screaming degeneracy makes most people not want to procreate. Who in their right mind would want to procreate when someone is trying to cram how your "supposed to" have sex down everyone's throat? Missionary position only amirite?

All I really need to say here is that GOD will punish them in the end so I don't personally have to do anything and that's basically it.
If your movement was not malicious, you wouldn't have enforced it with violence and coercion. It may sound like I'm an athiest, but I'm only an athiest where coercive religions are concerned. Abrahamic religions are the thing that I stand against the most. There is no real truth to be found in the Bible. If the only way someone could say something is the truth is by saying "you have to believe", then that is nothing but a horrendous lie masquerading as the truth. It sounds too much like all the races are the same bullshit that the vast majority of people have gobbled up today. Don't get me wrong though, there is nothing wrong with enforcing the fact of race in white countries via coercion because its based on verifiable evidence unlike the bible. So, don't come at me with the "democracy advocate" argument.

Honestly, I don't want a single thing to do with you fucks. You christians have single handedly proven that you can't be trusted over the time of your entire existence. Your religion is a religion of conformity and coercion and always put your own interests above other people's interests. Which is why America was founded. At it's core, the founding of America was a healthy movement but was lead by kikes and (((freemasons))) (gee, I could only wonder why). Even if we allow these barbarians in our movement to continue to exist, we've got to make sure that pagans, athiests, agnostics, and those of other faiths (that are inherently not imposing) are united with each other. If (((christianity))) attacks any of these groups in anyway (either physically, politically, or both) then it should be considered an attack against everybody of that alliance. Christianity should not be allowed in the alliance because it seeks to force other people to accept it's dogma. Coercion is an inherent quality of christianity. In fact, any religions that seek to do this shouldn't be allowed in. I don't want the enforcement of thought crimes nor do I want a world where my children or my children's children will have to find their "freedom" in technological development (IF they even choose that path) and have every other aspect of their lives totally controlled and tyrannized. You fuckers drove paganism and any other religions that actually originated from European soil into the ground so don't you dare tell me it doesn't enforce thought crimes. Don't get me wrong though, christians who are white nationalists should still be allowed to participate in ethno nationalism and be allowed to ally with the groups I have mentioned that have been historically suppressed under christianity. What I am advocating for is an alliance within an alliance. Meaning that if christianity systemically attacks any of them in any way, all bets are off.
There is a huge difference between christianity of decades ago to christianity that is from today. The movement isn't 80 or 90% christian like it used to be and you have no rights to try to force people to do what you want to do for no other reason than religion. What I want is segregation like how it to be. The country is under one ruler yet it's segregated and each community adheres to that one ruler. Meaning that if one group is ok with faggots then they should be allowed to accompany them. Pre-christian Europe was ok with certain things that christianity is not. So if you're a pagan, an animist etc, then you are being subjugated by christianity by denying their right to exist as your religion never tried to outlaw those things in the first place. But, according to christians everyone has to accept everything they teach. They don't even want this movement to even lift off the ground, they want their christian utopia and are using our movement to that end. We are going to need absolutely everybody we can possibly get to fight the jews and take our countries back and sidelining a bunch of people and outright murdering them is about the dumbest shit you can possibly do. And that's really the point. They put religion over our main objective (securing the existence of white children). These people don't even want to win. They want their christian utopia and want Jews gone and that's about it. Most of them will struggle with "hard questions", such as: would you be ok with your son's and daughters marrying a nigger that was christian or white person that was an athiest? This question for everyone else in the movement is a no brainer. But to christians (especially the devout ones), it's a tough question. Their loyalty to christianity clearly supercedes that of race. Race is far more important than abstract concepts such as religion. When they struggle with this question they are struggling with whether or not they want the white race- the extension of our family to continue to exist.

Something else that boggles the mind is: how could you possibly say that everyone came from two people (Adam and Eve) and not support evolution??? I think this can only prove that their IQs are room temperature.


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what a shit thread.

What a shit shill
you're fired

I like your style. Have this Celtic woman as a gift.
Hail Shetland.

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Jewish Biblical prophecies state:
Before the time of the mashiach, there shall be war and suffering (Ezekiel 38:16), the mashiach will bring about the political and spiritual redemption of the Jewish people by bringing us back to Israel and restoring Jerusalem (Isaiah 11:11-12; Jeremiah 23:8; 30:3; Hosea 3:4-5). He will establish a government in Israel that will be the center of all world government, both for Jews and gentiles (Isaiah 2:2-4; 11:10; 42:1). He will rebuild the Temple and re-establish its worship (Jeremiah 33:18). He will restore the religious court system of Israel and establish Jewish law as the law of the land (Jeremiah 33:15).

Jews do not believe that Jesus was the mashiach because JESUS DID NONE OF THESE THINGS LOL.

So how did Christians justify Jesus being messiah? By bullshitting. Seriously. They said things like "Well, Jesus's body is Israel, and since all men must follow him, this satisfies the requirement that he make Israel the leading nation".

Look up JewTube videos about why Jews don't think Jesus is messiah, and read the comments if you want a few good long laughs.

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Have another in the case that you prefer Nordic phenotypes.

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Remember, christcuts:

Behold, I Paul say unto you, that if ye be circumcised, Christ shall profit you nothing.

For I testify again to every man that is circumcised, that he is a debtor to do the whole law.

Christ is become of no effect unto you, whosoever of you are justified by the law; ye are fallen from grace.

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Great effort posting. I generally agree. Eugenics is the basis of Zig Forums everything else, specifically degeneracy as the NS equivalent to Sin, is mostly christian derived. Christianity is derived from Judaism and Communism is derived from Christianity.


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How can you not see the ancient spiritual wisdom offered by the tail?
Men shouldn't listen to women, because women listen to snakes.
Atheists are really boring. You all recycle the same Jewish talking points I've heard it a million times. I'm pretty sure none of you (like most 'Christians') have ever read the Bible and just quoie the same scriptures out of context over and over again.
What are atheist birthrates like?
Has their been any great white man in history who didn't believe he had divine purpose?

For the most part, sounds okay - except for this kinda shit
I don't have a religious issue with faggots, but nor do I believe that I should allow a competing society to exist wherein that behavior is lauded. This is but one of many forms of 'degeneracy' that I do not attribute to christian morals, because I don't espouse them, but to issues of perpetuation of one's society and ones' kind.
Just thought I'd ad that.
Yeah, this.

The only spiritual wisdom there is that women believe lies, and men believe women's lies. That isn't actually spiritual wisdom.

So you want to be at total war with everyone that doesn't comply with your beliefs? That is an endless fools errand.

This is my assessment as well OP.
Christkikes are Jew Slaves.

That's quite literally my experience with christians. And no, I'm not an atheist.

Probably, but that's not really relevant.

Within certain bounds, most assuredly.
So is trying to pretend that there's no hazard to what you describe.
I repeat:
If you claim your main objective is thusly, then you cannot claim what you imply in the post to which I reply.
I want total war with anything and everything that represents significant hazard to the perpetuation of White children in the world. Do you not? How do you discern what is and is not of import? A primarily-subjective consideration, lest you go into retarded lolberg shit of hyper-individualistic naivety (ala "if its not representing immediate and direct physical harm to you, you shouldn't care about it" type shit), no?

Combating one's definition of evil is undoubtedly an endless fool's errand, in any case, yes.

Fuck off shill

Strong argument. Solid effort. Very convincing.

Are you really arguing that degeneracy isn't a real problem?


Also, the Romans actually did suffer from falling birthrates near the end. Their novel solution? Invite 'refugees' and give them Roman citizenship because their society was decaying.

You're either a deviant or a shill.

To be quite honest?
I wager its going to turn out to be a shill LARPing as a deviant.

'degeneracy' is smoke screen deflecting attention from real economic and political problems.

Faggotry is not a problem? A disgusting vector of disease transmission for nothing else but >muh dick and hedonism? You'll be "well hung" on DOTR, my faggot friend.

Such as?

Christfags cling to their sticks harder than the dead kike nailed to them tbh. The only solution is to incinerate them together.

Well thats just it right?
What is he actually saying there?

Is disease transmission not an issue?
Is the cultural normalization and perpetuation of sexual aberrancy - in this LITERALLY acting to reduce the number of White children produced, but thus allowing for further normalization of sexual aberrancy which acts to reduce reproductive output and functional societal environ for development - not an issue?

What about promiscuity, is that not an issue?
Ubiquitous contraceptives? The decline of monogamous familial upbringing (the gold standard of familial potentialities by all data-based account) as consequence of the aforementioned?

'Degeneracy' is not a term I use loosely, I'm referring to things that quite-literally act to degenerate, to degrade, the society and the people thereof. This reduces the reproductive output, and generates aberrant output at much higher rates due to decline in environmental standards, while also acting as a stepping-stone to furtherance of further hazard along similar lines.
I don't know of much that is referred to as 'degeneracy' which doesn't represent hazard in these terms, completely dissociated from christian morals or dogma (which I do not espouse).

Wow. It's almost as if depression makes people not want to procreate. Also, accepting immigrants is a central point of christianity (see Galatians 3:28) so you have no ground to stand on. Also, how the fuck do you think people got to that point by procreating anyway? To you, they shouldn't have ever populated the Earth as much as they had.

I come back to this line, now that I look at things.

Isn't this just another "what people do in the privacy of their bedrooms is none of your business!" argument, but levied in a manner aimed to appeal on the grounds of the POTENTIALITY of 'degeneracy' leading to something positive (procreation)?
If someone wants to do some depraved shit with their woman in the privacy of their own home, that's their business - ITS WHEN THEY WANT TO AIR IT IN PUBLIC, WANT IT TO BE ACCEPTED, WANT TO TRY TO NORMALIZE IT THAT WE HAVE A FUCKING PROBLEM.
Thus, society needs to be minimally invasive in its investigations of the actions of people in their private lives, while also being strict about what is accepted in the context of promotion and advocacy in public life.

If two men want to bugger one another in the privacy of some dudes home, how am I ever even going to know about it?
Now if there's a dozen of them doing it all at one place? Increases the chances of that somehow coming to the public attent.
Now they're buggering each other on the front lawn? Now they're buggering each other in front of kids? Now they're demanding you teach your kids that them buggering each other is normal? Now they demand you be open to buggering them, as a straight man, if they put on a wig and a dress?
Do you see how this works?
What am I saying? How could you not? Its playing out in front of you in real fucking time.

I don't remember ever claiming to be christian. You guys want to play both sides so badly you aren't realizing how obvious you've become.

Neat shill thread though. You guys have really been laying it on thick lately. Having trouble with your diminishing returns? Here's an extra $.05

Nail on the head. I just wish they were better at it, tbh.

Quite so. I try to make use of them as base wherever possible to make actual points.

This one wasn't entirely bad, they even made some good points themselves, they just fucked up by making a really weak - albeit subtle and subversive - attempt to argue the "m-m-muh degeneracy aint no issue!" shit too early and too clumsily.

Yep, these people are fucking disgusting. Fags like OP always try to use fracture points but never realize that misdirection doesn't work on anons with more than 2 brain cells.

Fuck off you retarded shill, go back to JewTube jerking off to Varg "Give back your land goy, your ancestor murdered 3 trillions Native Americans" Vikernes.

Demographics, genetics, educational policy, ect nya~

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threads daily

Really activates the almonds.

John 8:44
Revelations 2:9
Revelations 3:9

Jesus loves you. You shall come to worship his feet and know that he has loved thee

Oh look it's a Varg thread.
Tell us about how our ancestors were placenta-worshipping feminist pagans again Varg.

It was started by Jews, but they stop being jewish by becoming Christian, Judaism is younger than Christianity. Because Christ didn't complete the jewish world order, Judaism became something separate from Christianity. They don't take the OT the same way, they don't worship the same God, they reject Christ, they're not God's chosen.
That's convenient for you. One thing that can't be denied is the rich history of anti-semetism that used to exist from Christianity before it was taken over before WW2.
muh solipsism. There are certain things that cannot be explained by science, and there are things you instinctively know.
You will be praised easily because this place has many enemies of Christianity (like (((satanic))) pagans, and (((jewish))) freemasons or other (((mystery religions))) who are comically practiced or work with by the (((ones in power))) you're all supposedly against).

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I like how this thread has triggered all the christcucks

Hetero anal sex is equally a disease vector, and I have seen not one thread against that.

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That retarded heretic false "Pope" is the result of the Masonic takeover of the Catholic Church after WW2. Not a representation of what Christianity actually is.

The reality is that the Eugenicist world view is incompatible with the Christian fall from grace theory. One is a cult of improvement, the other a cult of death… or rather pining for a perfect life after death. This pining makes life in this world purely for a supposed life in the next. Therefore any and all atrocities can be committed or ignored, because this world is just a test of faith. The same applies to Islam nya~

Really? Christians waged wars against each other, but not the muslims, for a thousand years. They never even retook their holy land. Their southern crusades were a token effort compared to the Northern crusades against the 'pagans' that is, the non-spiritual jews nya~

Christianity has always preferred the 'christian' nigger to the 'pagan' Aryan philosopher.

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Brutal honesty user, I agree with him on most points.
The issue of tying the notion of degeneracy to christian morals though, I disagree with.

And yes, the jews are obviously always the greatest of foes.

Go check out the threads about the disputations of the jews.
Christianity has been utter trash on the kike front for a very, very long time.

So you agree that christian sin = degeneracy? With the addition of a prohibition on race-mixing I suppose nya~?


Your argument remains largely invalidated.

Not at all, no.

Bullshit. Europe fell after it left Christianity.

Wait, my bad. See also:

Europe fell when it took christianity.

Christianity was completely discredited after WW1, three Christian Empires went to war and destroyed the old order.

Yes. Christianity set science back 500 years at the least. But most importantly it established the Jews as g-d's chosen, as they say nya~

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Also, the idea that spirituality can be completely represented in a book… is not Aryan nya~

People don't cling to Pagan religions as strongly. A more pressing question you should ask yourself is "How did Christianity come to subvert Paganism in Rome?" Christianity conquered the Roman mind before it conquered the Roman state, and the question of how exactly it did that is somewhat obscure. Don't take this as a definitive answer, but allow me to provide some food for thought.
Think of your favorite Pagan myth. For many people, it would probably Hercules. Maybe for more intellectual types, it is Prometheus. Whatever the case may be, for most people, their favorite Pagan god is the one that most identify with, and the one they want to be like the most. It's superficially similar with super heroes, and it is no accident that the most popular super heroes tend to be the most powerful. This isn't always true, and one of the beauties of the Pagan belief system is that you could find a deity you liked, without it interfering with anyone else's.
The appeal at the individual level of monotheism, at least in the male, is identifying with God. Nietzsche was remarked, that the most powerful argument he could think of for why God doesn't exist was "If God exists, how could I bare it? Therefore, there is no God." This is a joke, but truth contained in it is that men who actually like monotheism enjoy this aspect of it, and basically nothing else. If you can't pretend you are God, then there is no point in monotheism for the Man.
The woman is different, and Christianity is different from the abstract monotheism of of Islam, Judaism, and the Greek logos-worshipers, because Jesus Christ was a man. A man with a dick. Just as female Goddess cults attract men who want to fuck the Goddess (imo, Gaia-religiouns are the natural religious of a man for this reason), Christianity appeals to the Woman on a sexual level.
Think about niggers churches for a moment. Why do they so often depict Jesus as a nigger? You might be tempted to think it is for the benefit of the nigger men, but that isn't so. It is for the benefit of the nigger woman, who wants to fantasize about a nigger Jesus. Everywhere else in the world, where Christianity has introduced itself as an alien religion, Jesus is depicted as a European, and the first converts are always the women willing to race-mix with white men. This is as true in Latin America as it is in Asia.
With that said, when we return to how Christianity conquered the Roman mind, it is the story of the mother of Constantine, St. Helena. Christianity spread through the Woman, as a monotheism that appealed to her sexual instincts. Christianity is feminine in this regard, and since the woman is naturally closer to her offspring than the father is, it was able to conquer the Rome via the Christian woman and her bastard, absent father children.

You have to be some special kind of retarded to think Jews are looking THAT far ahead and are that smart. Not to mention that it would be IMPOSSIBLE to predict the effective spread of a new religion, thus any such plan would have been retarded.

Why is it so hard to accept that it's just a religion, there's nothing special about it. Why is it that you have conspiratards that think there has to be a jewish plot behind EVERYTHING? That everything had to be planned? Who do you think the jews are? Gods?

IF you truly believe some sandniggers 2000 years ago came up with a master plan to defeat the whites, then you might as well admit ultimate jewish superiority, since we whites never did come up with anything similar or effective, and they kept the plan going for 2000 years.

user, you're IQ is below freezing.
I'm ashamed that you exist.

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OK lad

Now your deliberately distorting his argument with strawman. There are people on this board all the damn time advocating for missionary only and having sex only for procreative purposes. Why can you not procreate and have sex for non-procreative purposes?
You're a fucking kike dude. Your the type to say what Tarrant did was fake and that he was a mosad agent. I know why too: simply because he said it was ok to be gay.
For the most part, straights should not have to worry about this. It is called an std for a reason. Also, you're not treating stds like they're actually diseases, you're just acting like homosexuality spawned sexual diseases.

Not this bullshit again. Christianity had nothing to do with it, retard.
The greatest empire crumbled in a sea of barbarian invaders and degeneracy, of course things wen't to complete shit. Without the church, that preserved and ADVANCED knowledge (all that anti-science is bullshit), things wpould have been way worse.

Once a civilizations collapse happens, you don't continue from where you left off. The fall of Rome resulted in a catastrophic loss of knowledge. Imagine a MAd MAx scenario, because that's what basically happened.

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Jew is a subversive word.
Israelite is wider.
Weakening of religion is part of decadence.

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What are muslim birthrates like? If that's the metric you're so concerned with then you should be shilling for Islam; even in Christian countries their birthrates are higher. Islam is immune to the poz; wtf I love Muhammad (PBUH) now pls send more immigrants so we can get those birthrates up!

Divine =/= Christian. Plenty of pre-Christian Romans and Greeks felt that their lives had some sort of relevance to a higher power.

Ah yes, that "anti-semitism" which somehow didn't notice Jews and Christians living side-by-side for literally thousands of years in every corner of Europe and controlling vast amounts of its money - court Jews, Jewish lawyers, Jewish merchants, Jewish bankers… That same BASTE philosophy that has ALWAYS treated Jews better than literally every other religious minority and whose highest authorities were explicitly protecting Jews from actual persecution at the hands of Christians while exterminating non-Christian Europeans in the north. What a truly admirable set of values that will help us out of our current situation.

Denominational Christendom only took place over a thousand years after the creation of Christianity, as opposed to Islam where it happened instantaneously after the death of their prophet. If it was orchestrated, why would they have waited so long? Furthermore, which whites? It was spread in the middle-east and it was only once rejected by the Jews that it would be spread to gentiles and other Semites. Your fundamental point that it would have been constructed to weaken whites is lacking and I would like you to elaborate on what you mean. I will provide you some concrete questions:

1) If Jews sought to undermine white people via Christianity, why did they try to spread it to their own first?
2) Why did they wait over a thousand years to create denominations?
3) Who was alive to direct this masterplan to delude the whole of Europe into building civilization?

The rest of your so-called points are inconsistent and not relevant to each other, one moment you speak of Pagans and then modern mass-migration. You only know of Paganism because Christianity recorded it, so frankly in accordance to your own beliefs everything you know of Paganism might as well just also be a Jewish lie to continue our division.

Pagans believe in might is right, henceforth they had their morality applied to them accordingly.

I live near a mosque. Half of mussies are inbred. Their sons worship money and their daughters are whores. They have been tempted and succumbed to vice in the same way as the sons and daughters of the West.

I don't find it difficult to accept God may have taken different forms to different peoples. He is God after all.

"Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee."

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I like the "bitter virgins vs. delusional tradcucks" threads better, those make for some really hilarious reading, you guys should make more of those.

The whole point of talmudic Jews saying that they "hate" christianity and christianity saying that "hates" judaism is to justify their persecution complex among themselves. Islam also "hates" judaism yet look at them now. What they do when they're "kicked out" they immediately apply a religious proponent to it.

So what you're saying is Christianity will be literally Islam in the future?

Convert to clownism, OP. That's the only religion that reflect the reality. Your old religions are useless now. HONK! HONK!

That's nothing but a huge lie.

If only you knew how right you really were.

I think whites have genetically evolved with Christianity and the traits it encourages for many generations. If Christianity was to be undone in the same fashion to how Paganism was, it was not true and was undermining the whole of Europe for very long with untruth.

What you are referring to is ecumenical Churches that adhere to their respective cultural standards while implementing the morality and worship of Christianity. That is not the same as creating your own subdivision of theology because you want to divorce another wife.

You have not refuted a single point.
The insane "jewish masterplan" theory makes no damn sense.


Nice reductive reasoning shill.

you got the first two right, but the third one reveals your retardation
White national socialism with support for positive Christianity is the ideal Tarrant was hoping to inspire with his act of heroism, by slandering his name you hurt our movement

saging these divisive low iq nigger threads doesn't work if you keep responding to the faggot

have a bump for christ

Maybe I am off by a few hundred years but the principle of the argument stays the same. Western and Eastern Christendom are more familiar than you think, the difference is that Western Christendom had more influence and there was a more concentrated effort in the 1940s to infiltrate and subvert it which is why they now appear very different. Theologically, they aren't as different as you think. They both have a claim to Apostolic Succession, unlike every other denomination spawned out of Protestantism.

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it would also be strawman to say that.
im just going to add this to the thread tbh:

All sodomites, homo and hetero will get the rope. Remember lads, sin is pleasurable for a moment, Hell is forever!

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you retards do realize that tribal niggers on the savannah that follow old timey African religion are "pagans" too right? Fucking morons the lot of ya.

Also if Norse paganism was such a great way of life, why did Christianity crush it so easily and make it a meme?

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Because they promised to incorporate the nordic gods and nordic kings into christian saints.

The same question can be used to ask to christian in the ME to be honest.

that's all you got, some Pastor that preaches to boomers in a fucking mall in Arizona? get this weak shit outta my face. everyone knows this guys a money grubbing cuck that sells his people out at the drop of a shekel.

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Are you retarded? In the direct moments after it's existence, the kikes who created it started pushing and shilling it on their enemy, Rome. This is even in the bible, with the disciples flooding into Roman borders to shill and convert. That did not take anywhere near 2000 years.

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If you acknowledge that evil exists, both physically and metaphysically on this Earth, which it does in the form of the Jew, but refuse to see that the path of righteousness following the teachings of Christ is the right way, then you are just as lost as the Jews.

Shill bait thread.

People that haven't read anything what Christ told are obviously gonna take your words as more true than what he said about the Jews, their practice and how the devil controls them.

My word against yours. I've heard a lot of 'Jews' state they worship Satan. How's that for you? Can you pilpul that into being for a greater good? Hrm? Or is it simply not true?

The reason you chose to give the rest of humanity the blame for your ancestors completely self-consuming bad, spiritual practice, fear-mongering and parasitic behavior on the rest of man is simply feeding the cycle of hate, you're brewing in your own gut.

You should seriously consider stopping it. Chose life instead, brothers and sisters. Or else we might get mad at you :^)

Stay in Israel, please. Don't advocate for other peoples to mass immigrate into our open societies. Otherwise you got no heart.

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Crucify yourself, nigger.

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Huge number of anti-Christian threads since Notre Dame.
The shills are in overdrive.
Christian Europe was Great Europe.

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They sure are. You're one of them.

Prize for most cringe-inducingly tone-deaf meme goes to…

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Anti-Christs have been foretold of and they are all here.
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil: for thou art with me, thy rod and thy staff; they comfort me.

Reminder brothers and sisters, of all the weapons the Jew has invented and perfected, words were their first and most powerful. Learn to spot them by their words and tactics, and you shall be safe from their slings and arrows.