Archetype boomer puts millennials and zoomers on full blast: Day of the Pillow #2

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Curtis shut his channel down, anyone have any last updates?

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Sorry, meant it reached 750 msg cap

Why'd he shuddit down? Can't handle the banter?

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guess not

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what's the channel?

can you believe this boomer faggot?
think you can just ghost the internets like that you entitled prick?

seriously though, it's all gone now

it was wzrubicon.
posted 3 really cringy videos about how much harder he had it and then about how he "successfully" baited Zig Forums users into getting his channel WAYY more popular (from like 2.1k subs to 2.2k subs lol).

Probably learned that there are consequences for poking at the hive, and realized he was getting BTFO in the commends, and deleted the recently cringy videos. His channel is either deleted or private now. Might have realized that sperging out like an attention seeking millennial on the internet is bad for his business.

He got dozed by ANTIFA, and while Zig Forums is mostly all bark and no bite, the liberals are crazy enough to do shit irl. He laughed at Zig Forums. He ran from ANTIFA.
Many such cases!

go back to leftypol faggot.

why would antifa give a shit about some fucking boomer in the first place

< C R I N G E

Probably getting bogged down with too many offers on his home from deserving Mexicans.

The video in the original thread was bad, but how does “fucking with neocon boomer #473992638” merit another thread?
There’s more enthusiasm for trolling Elmer fuckin Fudd than for actual opponents.

This video is on point tbh.

It's funny to learn that the high-talking "I GAVE YOUR JOB TO BEANERS YOU BRATS" goyim started to feel the pressure of autistic millennial such as ourselves.

I'd rather eat my own shit.

We can hijack his paint shop for our circus. We're gonna need lots of honkin paint.

because they are pathetic degenerates with nothing to lose so they live off of the fumes of hating people who are making by with what they have.

a lot of his videos are on point, and he even mentioned how the slave trade was mostly the fault of arabs, blacks, and jews in one of his videos. He just fails to see how his "HURR DURR BACK IN MAH DAY WE HAD IT HARDER, YOU HAVE IT EASY!" opinion was formed by the kike TV that brainwashed his generation.

Yes. I wandered into the last thread and found no issue with what he was saying. I think he triggered a lot of betas with daddy issues (ex-Jordan Peterson is my dad types)

also this.

he was completely blind to how bad things have become, and tried to sincerely make a point that the economy was harder to make a living in in the 70s, which is just delusional. He was also clearly stretching the truth and contradicting his own lifestory in a few points. There were some decent effort posts which pointed this out.

He also was bitching that his employees had no loyalty while also saying that he doesn't pay them jack shit. Not realizing that good employees don't give loyalty to shit employers.

Not everything he was saying was fucked, though.

Its one of those boomers that say
Is all so tiring.

The part where he said that whites deserve to be outhired by beaners or that whites deserve to be paid a shitwage because beaners will work for less?

thats not entirely wrong, its socialism without the degenerates. which does make a difference. he was just brainwashed into falling victim to the "racist" trap.

He was making the point "The natural law is: strength survives weakness dies" which is true. Feels are irrelevant.

while also complaining that his shitty business model got him shitty employees. He was just dense.

In a way.

He's still right, regardless of his education - many don't get the concept that every ladder has a bottom rung and have some odd expectation that they shouldn't step in at the bottom.
Niggers have the same mindset he complains about- with their gibs and muh repatriations, while asians go from only having the clothes on their back to wealthy in two generations or less.

So you're in favor of beaners fucking your daughter because "strength survives weakness"???

and he didn't get that those ladder rungs aren't really there anymore. You have to live with your parents working a part time job into your twenties before you can start a career or you have to be a lucky trustfund kiddy.

People back in his day were regularly getting married and starting families without massive debt when they were 20.

He is being dishonest about how "hard" it used to be.

Yeah thats bullshit user
Nice leftypol fanfic though :)

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just filter him. he wants the audience.

boomers don't understand the beaner menace. don't ruin the guy's business over this or anything. he's somewhat redpilled.

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Whoever keeps making these threads is a kike and wants to discredit some old guy with a personal vlog.

You're telling me that one video where he says that people who live on welfare are lazy is a reason to hate this guy? No, it isn't. I hope that no one falls for these threads.
OP is a leftist psyop kike

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Yeah at end of the day what has he really done? Hire Mexicans?


pic. comment from his video

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This, for sure. I'm pretty sure 90% of Zig Forums consists of federal agents and shills

Did I hit too close to home, jew? Well, let me repeat myself.
OP is a leftist psyop kike

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yes, jews need to be dealt with but you're probably one of these faggots that stumps their toe and blames the jews.
I think you have a TDS subscription to renew

Jew confirmed

Because it's part of the anti White agenda.

That's the way the cookie crumbles, sport.

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I don't doubt OP is a faggot shill because he's probably the same pink-texting homo who derails every other thread, but that doesn't take away from the fact that the boomer's just another retarded hypocrite, he hates kikes and marxists but acts exactly like they would and defends illegals and the hiring of illegals

No faggot, he's the quintessential boomer who believes that marxism(a kike-made entity)=nazism=fascism. He has zero concept of market forces and will tell the younger generations that they didn't work hard enough despite the fact that back in his day, you didn't even need to finish high school to start a business and earn massive wealth and buy a home in your 20's. This is the same group of people who refused to learn anything about technology but chastised gen-x and y IT people for not getting the network back online fast enough. To them, it's always been, "work harder! you're lazy!" but to eachtoher, they always said "don't rock the boat. just make it work". The fact you didn't realize that this idiot conflated capitalism (without explaining the nuances of it) and refuses to believe that illegal immigration is an even bigger problem now than when he was growing up, is very telling.

I'm sure OP is a shill and is trying to slide this board of important information such as Assange being arrested and extradited as well as Trump being officially exonerated of any and all charges, tells me that he, and the many other scum that are posting misdirected threads are just that, shills.

I love how you posted the penultimate boomer song.

the phrase "traitors get the first bullet" exists for a reason. All these boomer fucks should live in ghettos and have their homes forcibly given to their next of kin before they sell it to kikes, leaving their white children to fend for themselves.

My home has been in my family since the 1920s, and I will have children grow old in this home as well. Luckily my boomer father got red-pilled over the past several years and the idea of selling the house he inherited to "enjoy himself" while leaving their kids/grand kids with nothing is seen as treachery, despite all his retarded boomer friends doing exactly what I just said.


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Oh, there weren't enough fucking threads about that already?
I'm not your personal army, this isn't your blog, and I doubt anyone else here is a cocksucker enough to be your bitch.
So why dont you suck it up, comment or ignore the fucking thread?

The guy deleted himself off the internet. There is literally nothing left to talk about and no more lulz to be had. Why are you such a faggot? Delete your garbage thread you stupid nigger.

Not until you post yourself blowing your head off with a shotgun streamed live, that or taking out 6 gorillion glow niggers


Hey son you must take xare of me.

Fuck off millenial.


Kill yourself with a wet belt boomer filth

8/pol/ should do a crowdfundme to get this boomer to remake his youtube

Just think of all the power the whites will get if we do this, then we redpill him on the jews (I have two thai friends who are masters on the subject). Then we get him to talk this redpilled subject on his boomer gatherings. He could redpill 100 boomers on a weekend, and each would redpilled other 100 more. By the time we get to the 4th iteration, 100,000,000. THAT'S A THIRD OF THE US!!!

agreed, how do we get into contact with him?

Antifa faggots commit acts of violence because they're a bunch of larping kiddies who don't understand what they're doing. The state is always lenient on them not only because it shares their goals but also because these kids literally don't understand that they're provoking a conflict which will see most of them dead. They don't know what war is like and so they're comfortable agitating for it.

If/when the right decides to play it will be with full knowledge of the consequences and armed with shotguns, rifles, and explosives, not sticks, bike locks, and jars of feces.

Honk honk :\^)

Actually this idea works….. same way we joke that sam is the shooter… in every situation. Why don't we claim anything and everything that we or anyone we 'like' is really just antifa doing faggot antifa shit. Who the fuck believes Zig Forums is going to do anything anyway, its always some headcase leftypol faggot falseflag shit.

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Jesus fucking christ…. you found a god damned fucking unicorn. Honestly a bit jelly if what you say is true. I hate boomers with a ferocity that is only paled by my hate for the yids (for much the same reason), but when you hear of an story where one actually manages to drop the typical boomer self fellatio faggot shit and instead focus's on family and volk over themselves. Kinda tugs on the heart. Part of me doubts tho. I've yet to see it irl. thankfully i've been able to point out and use my own parents(gen x myself) boomer failings as abject lessons on how to both succeed far more than they ever did by cutting thru their selfish lies, while also pointing out how such abject selfishness leads to utter ruin and depression.


We aren't a boomer cuckservative board. This is natsoc country boomer.

Does anyone have his doc? Apparently someone doxed him and I can't find it.


He also made a response video and shut that down as well.

Can someone tell me what the fuck is going on here?

Lol, he cucked out and removed it.
Mr wise boomer, lecturing all generations on how dumb they were and how they didn’t know how to make money, finally realized that the video made him no money and in fact was negative publicity.


Tell this to Mr Terrant. 8pol is a board of pieces.

wtf is zig forums?
is it ZOG misspelt?

I hate conservative boomers more than young communists, at least they are also against Israel and capitalism.

It's no shock that he got shat on.

It is absolutely true that we are owed nothing but that's not what they've given us.
They've given us infinite debt.
humanity is a shit species and should go extinct.

This is nu/pol/. Ineffective distractions are all it is.

This is nu/pol/. Ineffective distractions are all it is.

nice direct half nig spick down syndrome on display

My parents are technically in the same age as American boomers, but thankfully I never had to deal with this inhumane bullshit that some anons have posted about their boomer parents. I get into fights and shit with my parents but they fucking let me stay rent free till I was 28 and helped me when I was in a shit job with bills and whatnot. I sincerely don't understand what the fucking deal with these american boomers are. Like I can understand thinking your kids are worhtless because you had the silver spoon served when you were that age but to just shit away your wealth without giving a dime to your kids is ridiculous. Did the boomer's parents treat them with this much disrespect?

Traitors first jimjam

This board is mostly bots. I'm bumping away and no one has even responded. I guess that's a limitation in the software.


What bots?