Breaking with Isreal

The United States may actually be able to free itself from zionist cancer.

sure she's a mutt.. but she is the only one speaking the truth in Washington.

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Anyone who mentions that Jewess is either a shill or a jew. Fuck off.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez reveals Jewish ancestry at Hanukkah celebration

Hanukkah celebrates the miracle that oil thought to be enough for only one day burned instead for eight. So the Jewish festival of lights is also, in a way, a celebration of surprise.

A temple in Queens got a small dose of surprise on Sunday — the final night of Hanukkah — when Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a New York Democrat with a knack for dramatic flourish, told those gathered to light the menorah that her ancestors were Jewish.

“One of the things that we discovered about ourselves is that a very, very long time ago, generations and generations ago, my family consisted of Sephardic Jews,” Ocasio-Cortez said. These are Jews who settled in the Middle East, North Africa and southern Europe after the Jewish diaspora. They were expelled from Spain in 1492.

The announcement drew delight at the Jackson Heights Jewish Center. Someone in the audience at the event, organized by Jews for Racial and Economic Justice, made a remark, which can’t be heard in a video of the congresswoman-elect’s brief speech, but which seemed to embrace her as a fellow Jew. She replied, “He’s like, ‘I told you! I knew it! I sensed it!’”

You can see that dog-like monkey snout in that video. You never really see that angle.

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All she said is that it can be discussed. Yea, it can, but it won't make it into law. She's just trying to trigger her Jewish forces into action.

Frail ass nigger skull she got there

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If it takes a jew-spic twat to fuck up the zionists, so be it.

Doesn't matter if she's a Martian, a Jew-aware Black like Louis Farrakhan, an ethnic Jew like Brother Nathanael, or a member of the Knesset - anybody voicing the idea that we should unhook our nation from the parasite is someone who should be heard.

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I think the argument is that she wouldn't be doing that.

The thread is that she will. But support the open supporters of israel instead, its the same, dont try to grab whatever you can.

Follow the comment chain.

Big if true, but this sounds like electiontalk. Remember, Obummer was considered anti isreal. But of course he wasn't.

Look at her past record and consider it

Proof or get the fuck out.

Say you're right and she won't actually do anything she's saying, is it not the case that she'd still be shifting the overton window?
Socialist mutt talking about the JQ > neocon pacifying whites

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I didn't say she won't do anything. That's why I told you to follow the comment chain. I'm just going to assume English isn't your first language and stop conversing with you.

Yeah, but its not an argument, its just noting that she claimed to have jew ancestry to a bunch of kikes in what was IMHO likely a clumsy elizabeth warren-style appeal.

Ideologically, if these marxist kikes are game to eviscerate the zionist kikes, as a White Nationalist, I'm fine with that - the zionist kikes mislead the White population (which votes 2/3 republican as-is) much more than the marxist kikes (which only get about 1/3 of the white VOTE [nevermind the population], and is mostly made up of muds).


She is not /ourgirl/, she is an actor, she was hired because she is a spic. But let her talk. IT might wake up some people.

Reporterd for discord promotion

Well, its not.

Lots of jews shit on israel, and this one isn't likely even a fucking jew - just a poser trying to appeal to jews. Like one of these Southern Republican fucks who claim to be all christian good goy but then turn out to be fags or pedos or whatever.
You know, like Lindsay Graham.

Not without a war.

wtf I love ocasio-cortez now

Don't love her, but use her if and where able.

The zionist infiltration of the republican party is inhibiting a White awakening. If muds thots shilling for marxist jews can sever that cord, I'm all for it.

Go fuck yourself.

This. Checked and bumped.


AOC is pretty based (and just pretty in general) for a Latina. It’ll be great seeing more nonwhite Dems come up through the rank and file while the kikes scramble to try and control them. Ilhan Omar was just the beginning and she’s not even smart enough to know what she’s doing. Expect to see more Hispanics, blegs, Asians and Muzzies to start naming the Jew while the GOP does nothing as usual.

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Except she’s not a Jew you retarded schizophrenic Nazi

Your a fucking retard by all means stop posting and lurk moar like the other one said she is an actor this game is rigged believing the left vs right dichotemy perfectly shows you haven't lurked.


She is for illegal immigration, replacement of whites, destruction of the constitutional republic in favor or mob rule, and giving barista dead beats more responsibility than they can properly manage. She is a thot trying to use mutt sex appeal to get fans, faking her opposition "ZOMG POL HATES THIS VID OF ME DANCING!"

She only opposes the kikes on surface level because a lot of socialist losers can't see through being told what they want to hear.

She will either have one of those "OH I WAS WRONG ABOUT THE JEWS ALL ALONG, IM SO SORRY GOYS" or an example will be made out of her.

Every politician who wants a successful career is.

You really owned this SHITLIB with that xD praise Kek and shadilay

She has fans because she kowtows the Dem party line, but also happens to not be a “white ally” or kike and therefore has the visage of a post-modern America.
Yep, you’re another MIGA faggot.

go back to leftypol, loser.

let's turn the SJW golem on its master

Palestinian genocide is the key to doing this. The Left are obsessed with the oppressor/oppressed dynamic since Marx founded the Communist manifesto upon it.
So expose the oppression of Palestine to them.
Expose Israel's "ultra right wing" politics to them.
Expose how Trump is controlled by Kushner and Netenyahu.
Show them how Zionism is really just racist ethno-nationalism.

Make them think that everything they have been taught to hate is somehow also linked to supporting Israel.

Thats no excuse you dont sell out your people.
The only legitimate of getting back the government is through violence the lemmings the most I know hardly care about politics. You are walking right into their hands.

Go simulate fellatio on a shotgun, Moishe.

respect the jewish state Israël and their territory of the jewish race.
their religion is another sake.
you can umpress THEN to change their religion!
come one,if you not respect their race,racial territory,THEN you give then the right to destroy your race.
let america help Israël!
Israël can even be extreme right,and the muslims extreme muslim.
let's respect Israël,but Kill the jews in america!
But WHAT whe FIRST of all really need are race laws for jews.

Long live racism!

oh they will do something.. Jew money is their bread and butter. They'll make anit-zionism hate speach.

Fuck off kike.

he is a kike shill or leftypol degenerate thinking he is being oh so subversive. just filter him and move on.

What about Ilhan Omar and Rand Paul? They've both come out against Israel too. I'm not sure who else besides those three, but I'm not going to try and prove a fucking negative you Latina-fetishist.

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We used to have to kill the Jews because they didn't have their own country.

Now that they finally have that, haven't we done them enough harm?

The State of Israel is the solution to the Jewish problem!

If we put pressure on them, they will quickly flee to Israel!

That is a good approach!

We can also banish all Jews to an American state.

but first racial laws.

let's turn the SJW golem on its master

Palestinian genocide is the key to doing this. The Left are obsessed with the oppressor/oppressed dynamic since Marx founded the Communist manifesto upon it.
So expose the oppression of Palestine to them.
Expose Israel's "ultra right wing" politics to them.
Expose how Trump is controlled by Kushner and Netenyahu.
Show them how Zionism is really just racist ethno-nationalism.

Make them think that everything they have been taught to hate is somehow also linked to supporting Israel.

kind of starting to unironically believe we should make israel great again so that the extreme majority of them migrate there… so that we can nuke it. A real final solution.




I always knew the kike promotion of shitskins would bite them back in the arse someday. Right now the niggers are stomping kikes almost every 'hate crime' against kikes lately is by niggers.

Maybe. I think she's a pretty obvious marrano, even without her admission, with an entirely fabricated background story.


That's not the issue, nigger. The issue is a Jewess Socialist cunt is pushing the resolution. That's rather fucking fishy. If it was a right wing, white man with no exterior motives than to help the US and fuck over Israel, I wouldn't mind it at all. But her actions is not over Jewish hatred, it's merely punishing Israel for Palestine.

And omar

You're foolish if you seriously think that Israel would let go their literal shield and sword. USA will never get free without a non-manufactured war.

This thread is further proof that Zig Forums cannot think beyond the “everyone I don’t like is a kike or fed” dichotomy they’ve set up. If a Latina thot like AOC makes criticism of Israel further acceptable for the average person, that doesn’t bode well for kikes.

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is this bait?
like bait intended for politicians

Please kill yourself. Do everyone a favor.

Fuck yourself you piece of shit faggot motherfucker


The Jews killed Jesus?

Yeah, who doesn't know?

It's also in the Bible.

and the Germans carried out a mass murder of the Jews, well then.

What does it matter that the Jews did that? Jesus himself was a Jew.

This chick is controlled and sponsored by TYT's she is an ACTRESS AND A JEW…



Not a jew the entire NT is him claiming he is not a jew and the Pharisees claiming he is not a jew…LEARN TO FUCKING READ.







You already know the answer to that, user.

Don't lose your composure over a few blatant shill posts.

AOC is hot OwO

user…this is EXACTLY HOW I FEEL 24/7 ON Zig Forums I am so sympathetic to your frustration and anger…I am right there with you man…glad you saged…remember to report these BLATANT SEMITIC TURK/KIKE THREADS…

She is ugly as fuck being a fucking POZZED up whore jew and a part nigger…you need your brain examined. SHE IS UGLY.

With the way you type, I’m sure you’ll save the white race.

Her eyes are different size and shape.

They are shit brown along with her shit brown hair.

She has a 5 o'clock shadow for a moustache.

Her nose is practically deformed at the end where it meets her upper lip giving her more of a CHIMPANZEE LOOK like her heritage implies (her being mexican and therefore part nigger).

Her ears are some sort of special ugly deformity of nature.

She is like 20 something and she is already working on developing turkey neck under her jaw.

Her head is too small (no brain in there)…he skin is disgusting shit brown like her eyes and her hair…

On closer inspection she simply looks like someone who has been beaten with a shovel.

Of course she has those fucking MONSTROUS kike teeth…

The whole package is disgusting and foul…

And that isn't even counting the fact that there is nothing going on in the brain that isn't put there by WEAK MEN who need a woman to do their job for them.

She is probably POZZED to the limit since she was a 'bartender' and she is hispanic so HUGE FUCKING WHORE.

She was also FIRED from Hot Dog on a Stick for incompetence…
How do you get fired from Hot Dog on a Stick? Anyway…that bitch is fucking ugly…and a jew.


It's a Woman and she's right, you know. Fuck off muttlover.

Kys nigger

But it won't. Not until the kikes are done draining us of everything we have or they are dead.

In May of 1963 JFK sent a letter to Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion stating if he did not shut down the nuclear facility outside Dimona, Israel and let international inspectors in to make sure Israel was not pursuing nuclear armament, all aid to Israel would be cut off.

Six months later JFK was dead.

I wonder what AOC’s feet smell like…..GOSH……..

Kill yourself kike.

Fuck off


Wondering if you're a kike shill or if you're just naive. Gotta play pokemon, fam. Gotta get 'em all. Every jew is a spore from which the fungus can regrow. Make sure they are all there before dropping the bomb.


Honestly I'm OK with the browning of America if it results in the ultimate dissolution of Pissrael.

do you know where you are faggot? fuck off

There's an oven with your name on it.

Keep in mind that because this version of her still has breast development, she is pubescent and so there is nothing at all pedophilic about liking her.

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Is there any particular place I can get more of these images, maybe loli Ilhan too?

Good fucking GOD is there more of this?

It will never be broken by the simple fact that the israelis have essentially married into power. (((Dual Citizens))) are everywhere in politics from the lowest mayoral races at the local rodeo all the way up to the man who married the President’s daughter.

Even if AIPAC was disbanded, all aid was cut and dual citizenship not allowed, the Jews would still have us by the throat in every way. In fact, in the event we do “break away” I assume they will just sink the ship on the way out and completely destroy us with a financial crash and a migrant wave.

Perhaps the jews think the cattle are getting spooked, maybe they think "let Israel get attacked", so that the goyim can be reminded of why they have to send all the money they have to Israel.

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based schizophrenic poster

You are right.

You miss the point completely.


AOC is a trojan horse for Silicon valley jews and pajeets. Most money and infrastructure behind her campaign originated from the valley via her campaign manager and now chief of staff h1-b pajeet millionaire. AOC is just power play by younger jew power players against old ones. She is a fraud to the core; a most useful of idiots.

Honk honk
I see a nigger Muzzy…

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This butt-ugly mutt and that muzzie nigger bitch need to be roped.

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IDGAF if they are on our side or not, you monkey-brained idiot. I only care if they can be weaponized or not. If she can be, she should be.

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Long live jews.
Long live Israël.
Long live the surviving of the jewish race.
Hava naquila.
Long live the jews.

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Making the Jews fight a two front war against nationalists and their out of control brown golem isn’t a bad thing. If the brown coalition makes it okay to talk about Jewish power, it will be a dangerous situation for the jews. They will be getting crushed in the goyim sandwich of the left and right. No more Bagellian dialectic.