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Chemical warfare and politics thread

Here's a guide to fumigating cockroaches in minecraft:

An intro in how to safely make the nerve agent VX:


1. For something so deadly, the two components that are combined to make it are surprisingly safe. One of them is called O-(2-diisopropylaminoethyl) O′-ethyl methylphosphonite (aka QL). QL is very close to non-toxic.

2. It is the addition of sulfur that makes VX so poisonous. In a bomb, sulfur and QL are kept in separate compartments, and when detonated, the two mix and the bomb provides the heat necessary to drive the chemical reaction.


1. Place two barrels near a ventilation shaft

2. Attach both barrels to a reaction chamber

3. Let the contents empty into the reaction chamber and heat the reaction chamber with a bunsen burner

4. Let the VX gas exit into the ventilation system using a small fan to blow it in the right direction so it reaches the minecraft (((cockroaches)))

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I can see you glowing from here

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QL Synthesis

QL is manufactured by reacting diethyl methylphosphonite with 2-(Diethylamino)ethanol

Synthesis or purchase of diethyl methylphosphonite with 2-(Diethylamino)ethanol is something I leave up to you to research.

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1. This is bait.
2. Any dumb fucks trying to meddle with the precursors, like phosphorus trichloride, are likely to screw it up.
3. VX is pretty bad at "mass destruction" anyway, due to its very low vapor pressure.
Its only real advantage is the high dermal toxicity, and to that end, one might as well use old-fashioned blister agents.

I assume anons seeking to manufacture VX will set up a lab and prepare everything carefully. Chemistry isn't an easy pursuit but it is far from impossible.

So dumb, just burn something that gives off hydrogen sulfide in a vent, making this way to hard on yourself.

You faggots are complete morons. The FBI doesn't want people knowing how to make bombs. They want to convince you to buy bombs from them so they can arrest you. The FBI cannot stop an unknown number of unknown terrorists in unknown locations from conducting unknown attacks at an unknown time.

Hey kids.
Wanna do some chemistry?

It's totally safe and fun and won't get you killed or arrested.

And don't forget to tell your friends.

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8ch swallowed second picture.

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Don't be so paranoid goy

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At this point you don't even fucking need some fancy ass nerve gas, you can just use the combination of luck & Force persuasion you'd need to get away with this shit to become a billionaire instead & pay them all to kill themselves "The Brave" style.

(((675b2b))) sure seems to be concerned about white people possessing useful knowledge of chemicals and the potential hazards that they cause.

I totally wanna plan my clandestine experiments on Zig Forums! Hey, wanna make some bulk meth while we're at it, breaking bad style? I've got the RV already so we're pretty much halfway there. We can sell it on dream market and wallstreet market and each take 30% of the profit (the rest we can reinvest into making more and more meth, Breaking Bad style). Drop me your email and I'll be in touch sometime in the next 24 hours. I've seen some GREAT deals on alibaba that you would NOT believe.

Just boil sugar mixed in some water in a pan and toss it at the nearest fucker you want to see suffer.
Does about as well as any of the stuff you're posting here.

Nigger, WHAT fucking "useful knowledge"?
If you understand chemistry well enough to interpret that OP pic, you don't need some user to fucking tell you on a heavily monitored Samoan Penis Charmer Instructional Honeypot to tell you how to fucking make some shit like VX, you'd figure it out yourself.
The ONLY people this does anything for is somebody on the borderline of both very intelligent yet also retarded who'd fuck themselves up.

Most glow-in-the-dark thread I’ve seen in a while

There is no reason why they would need to make a thread, retard. If the glowies wanted to do this (they don't because they are all compromised) they would not need to 'make a thread on Zig Forums to do it'…they would simply do it. I find you kikes panic hilarious because you are not ready to subjugate the people into abject slavery quite yet and so you want to by time to make your agenda complete.


That's not the point of threads like this, you fucking cockmongler. It's to gather IPs & locations of everyone at "risk" of effortposting who click on & all who click on & save the lewd chem porn. As well as change one or two tiny things in the formula most wouldn't notice so as to make the result ineffective, at best; an heroing at worst.

Anyone who would take a formula off Zig Forums of all places and not investigate it thoroughly probably needs to die at their own hand for that level of stupidity. Who cares if I click it, who cares if I save it, who cares if I archive it…it is information just like any other information, in this case, it is chemical information but other than that it is meaningless…there is a lot more than this that goes into an effective defense of our nation. I think your paranoia has gotten the best of you on this one. There are all different types of 'revolutionary' information on Zig Forums that is considered and evaluated and rejected for any number of reasons. This is one more…the only one who is worried about it is you glowfags and KIKES TBH

Technically it’s not quite vx. It’s vvx and is pretty fuckin ultra hyper fun times
Be safe kids. Have a bump in Minecraft

Here’s one for you
Crispr algae. Insert algae into atmosphere or sea in a algae bloom. This crispr algae converts o2 into a gas that only whites can utilize. We could fumigate the whole planet and have a big honk

Anybody not worried about OPSEC & inviting extra scrutiny & more high priority monitoring on themselves around here is just as dumb.
"Just because you're paranoid, don't mean they're not after you"

I like that one user. I am always searching for ways to permanently alter the biosphere so that it can no longer be used by infectious and 'alien' elements like the parasitic half nigger kikes. I don't want a 'one time solution' I want a solution that makes life impossible for their kind to ever continue on the planet.

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Bingo. Good luck to you

:) We shall see…that is some fancy biochem footwork for achieving that…it requires an understanding of the biosphere/biochem on a sentient/non-sentient level…or building a TRUE 'AI' rather than the pathetic mockery that 'scientists' and 'programmers' are working on now. LMAO…mfw your entire life is the slow but steady progressive working towards the same goal of freedom from the semitic faggots for the HUMAN race, the planet and all her Life.


crispr vx watermelons

Ban organ donation and blood transfusions, problem solved.

Tell me more, mr agent!



bump for teh lulz

Can anyone explain me What Minecraft is? why should it be on my own server. Do you mean my IRL?

it's a nope from me

Hello glownigger

bro thats not funny. I am on this chan for over one month, and there are always new words, I can't keep up. in my understanding it is the real life. but someone posted something with "ill use it on MY Minecraft server". here I am sitting without any ideas

Zig Forums is a board of peace.

this, unironically

I already make my own MDMA and 2C-x's, git gud

teach me senpai

Learn organic chemistry and don't be a nigger

Why is this not anchored? There are easier ways to gas your enemies. Also surprised no one posted the chemical warfare section from the Poor Mans vol II