Reclaiming Money

Putting a redpill in every wallet & purse
The threads about reclaiming the rainbow flag (e.g. ) , generated the idea "Why not reclaim money?" Sure a few fags will kvetch over the reclaimed rainbow ITT, but money being reclaimed? Now there's memetic & kvetch potential! Effectively this would be shitposting in meatspace by putting red pills of truth in every pocket.
Based on the positive feedback for the idea ( ) so far this thread was made.
Pic related gives an example.

- Wide reach into all wallets and purses except cashless NPCs.
- A meme so dank it makes the penny impossible to pick up for some.
- No AI machine will refuse to take it anonymously from user.
- No AI machine will refuse to dispense it for keks and kvetching.
- Only memed on one side gives the penny a stealth mode.
- Two sides can be memed to show hypocrisy "Black pride is OK" & "White pride is OK"
- Cheers anons up to find them in change and not feel alone.
- Accelerates to cashless card-bux.
- Provides a small kickback of feels for poorfags when having to spend money.
- Even NPCs hate banks so "it's our money" type memes will go down well with them.

Possible Cons?:
- Avoid places where collections go straight to bank, unless counted by hand before, i.e. you can guarantee someone will see them.
- It creates a kvetching chaos that results in this site being shoahed.
- It results in more anti-wrongthink laws.
- We discover small change has tracked serial codes tied to GPS. Sheeeeeit.jpg

What do you think? What are the Pros/Cons as you see them? Is this an effective method to distribute micro red pills in NPC-space? What designs would you (or have you) used? Does this idea have legs?

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These threads are getting dumber and dumber.

Apparently, walking around is a SOCOM Mossad op, but leaving out freaking USB stick and now freaking stealing people's wallet is normal.

Just stick to infographics, guys.

I like the idea. Would say the only caveat is this would have been more effective like 20 years ago, since digital currency (credit cards and the like) are being used a lot more than physical currency these days
But it’s still definitely worth the effort since it’s still in use. Like a form of mobile graffiti

Gas Station wageslave user here, I've been getting redpilled cash for a while now, pic related was a few days ago

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You can see how this is a shill by “him” putting words in anons mouth by claiming “FREAKING stealing wallets”. Do you have a meathole perhaps? MUH infrograph has been done to death and doesn’t have enough reach since retards just get confused at walls of text. I agree with the idea but we first need to 100% reclaim the rainbow or else they’ll just go “LOOK THEY ARE JUST TRYING TO SEE WHAT STICKS”. What we want is that the moment we decide to touch something it’s ours and theres nothing anybody can do.

Pennies are worthless, just scribble on bank notes instead

Bills make more sense than coins. Just don't go crazy with the messages. K.I.S.S.

Don't listen to the shills who claim that everything is a mossad OP. The main mossad OP is to try to shut down ANY irl ops or organization. Only real anons seek to get things done irl.

I am going to be writing nigger on every dollar.

I guarantee you infographics would actually give more people information than stupid shit like "hurr black nationalism vs white nationalism, so hypocritical".

Its literally some qcumber who got lost on the internet.



I said pennies because poor fags might find pennies easier, and vending machines give them as change. But gas station user agrees with you

Or "ir a casa" beaner for "go home" ?

I disagree. They do the same shit we're talking about.

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At this point, might as well do graffiti.

For smart people yes, but the masses aren’t smart; this has been proven time abd time again throughout history. IRL example: showing the holomeme bakery math to a family member, they (masses) just go “Huh?”, the words on the infographs hold no meaning to them; they cannot connect the idea behind the words to reality. That’s why memes work; ideas and concept condensed visually: you see one, you either get it or you don’t. Infographs are for serious discussion and forum redpilling not IRL pilling.

Sage for double

Graffiti is an excellent way to spread Nat Soc. It has been effective since the time of the Romans.

They always take both sides to control the rhetoric, I don't see why money should be an exception.

That's essentially what we're discussing, just on physical currency. One benefit I see is that the marked bills won't be taken out of circulation until deposited into a bank. To counter that, only $1, $5, and $10 bills should be marked since those are given out as change most of the time.

Let's beat Qcunts in their own game then.

The people that i want to wake up are immune to logic, infographics and ignore reality in its entirety. They believe immigration is a human right, is desirable and that there is only one single human race. Good luck using infographics to force them to change their mind.

No, irl shitposting is what it takes. From posters and stickers, to Brenton Tarrantino movies. Accelerate. Support sharia and support nationalists. Honk honk motherfucker!

Honestly, if they are immune to logic, pointing how hypocritical they are is frankly useless.

Might as well shoot them.

launching redpill coin making it is

Makes me laff to be honest.

If you want to reclaim money, reclaim the Eagle.

You can watch livestreams of Eagle nests on youtube. Very comfy.

Oh, yeah, that too:

Makes his nest out of branches. Boss.

Eurofag here. How fucked up does a US bill have to be before it doesn't get accepted by a normal store?

I wish they had used white ink

most cashiers don't look unless it is a large bill

Posting boomer trolls about a guy who won’t be in office 6 years from now anyway vs posting about White Identity etc. The message is what is important, not the method. Or lest you forget: Qboomers post on 8ch and so do you

We need to start drawing swastikas on nickels and gluing them to the ground outside synagogues, swastika side up.


Any ideas how we could utilize infographs like this?

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This is genius. Kikes can't do anything against this, what are they gonna do, rip a 20 dollar bill in half? Do it for 1's, 5's, 10's, even quarters dimes and pennies.

Absolutely this. These Jews always try and instil fear by crying out that whatever we do will be bad optics.

The reality is anything that gets any message out there for the normies to see is excellent optics. E.g. Spray painting an anti-Semitic message, stapling flyers, posting YouTube comments and for the hardcore shooting up a mosque in Minecraft (got t.v time and manifesto out to potentially millions of non red pilled masses). The fact is everyone, even normies probably to some degree understand deep down something is up, they are just misguided by Jews. Our mission is to reguide them towards the correct path of truth. Sure they may scoff at the redpills and resort to basic NPC response subroutine #3 or #6 but we stay strong and keep the red pills flowing non stop and the messages will start to become ingrained in their brain and our messages start becoming memetic. We start working togeather and developing plans to win over the population soon we’ll have billions subscribed to Pewdiepie. The 4th Reich will be glorious!

I wish ``I`` had an IOTBW stamp.

you mean ir a hogar? ir a casa means go to a house

People called Romane they go the house

boomer only meme btw, dont expect any takers

a better translation for spanish would be vuelve a tu país de origen. it means return to your country of origin

How do you say "Fuck off we're full"?


Off topic, can I get a schlomo edit to this.

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At least add some bait

there's not a fuck off in spanish
Vete a la mierda = go to a shit (spics use this a lot)
Jodete = go fuck yourself
Estamos llenos= we are full

Hmm.. no spicspeak exhortation to leave.. maybe "leave" isn't a concept they understand

there is Vete means leave or go away

Jew committe:
Headline: racists using money to spread their lies, we need to protect children from reading it, time for cashless commerce?

Which is imminent and inevitable anyway. Use hard-copy currency to meme while we can, user.

This one is effective

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I like that one, will do.

bump for counter-subversiveness

perhaps lines across a bill with years and values, Federal reserve at top for the title?

Estamos llenos. Vete.
Estamos llenos. Jodete.

that's a winner
also learn to scrub your image metadata user with tools like exiftool

Big Bear Ca. and Wrightwood Ca.

Two fantastic WHITE communities to live in. Both redpilled like few others.

Write "Jews own this" in Spanish on it.

Black guy says.

"I was driving home from Big Bear with my wife, going the back way, down through Wrightwood. It had just gotten dark. Was driving through Wrightwood and thought we might grab a hotel room for the night because the thought of driving all the way home that night was unattractive to me. Then I started noticing. There were Rebel flags absolutely EVERYWHERE. I mean like on every fucking house. And those red flags with the symbols on them were there in ABUNDANCE too. I looked at my wife and we both said fuck this and finished the remaining 2 hour drive home. That place is racist as fuck. Big Bear is too, all us blacks know it. Great places to visit and spend the day, but not places a black man is welcome to live that's for sure."

I'm not shitting you. I heard him tell this story just the other day.

I've seen some crazy worn out bill's, but they're always accepted. U.S. Money is strange. You can really tell when you're holding the real thing no matter what its condition. People that get stuck with counterfeit cash are just not paying attention. I've held some of the best fakes out there and I could still tell that they were fakes. Even when the money is old as fuck. The feel ( that paper is as unique as hell and a secret recipe. I've never seen a good simulation ever.), the smell, the look. (even the look is hard to fake well. I dont care how good the printing is. )
I guess it's a native thing. Once you've been exposed to U.S. currency enough times, fakes stand out like bent nails.

1.Obtain self inking stamp, the sort you set the letters yourself.
3.Apply to every note of paper money you get, some drying may be required to prevent smudging.

Off topic here… but,

What I would like to know is why native Irish folks NEVER lock their doors? Even when gypsy bands are robbing them blind constantly. Even the U.S. import Irish NEVER lock their freak'n doors and windows. I walked up to the front door of a recently relocated to U.S. Irish family after spending the whole day giving them a tour of their new city, I walked up to the front door, opened it, and they all followed me in. I knew that door would not be locked, and no one even batted an eye at what just happened. I told them this shit wont float in the U.S. and they better get used to locking their house down when they're away or at home, at least at night. Otherwise they are going to wake up dead, or whatever, you know what I mean.

Thank you for taking care of my innocent Celtic cousins based user.

By the way, I know EXACTLY where that particular nest is. This is one of my favorite eagle cams. Two chicks this year, that's so awsome! Gonna be plenty of drama to watch once they start vying to be the lone survivor in the nest.

Yeah, I've already redpilled the hell out of the whole family. It's great! I explained that real freedom comes with a price. But that the price can be mitigated or eliminated by using some common sense that may not be common to them. Then I gently explained exactly what freedoms they had in the U.S. that they do not have back home. As expected they listened in rapt silence, amazed at exactly how NOT FREE they were back in their home country of Ireland.

I help a lot of newly transplanted European families find there footing here in the U.S. Only a very few times have any of them not embraced the redpill.

Yep, just doing the good works for my brothers and sisters and Western heritage every single day I can.

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Los judios son dueños del esto
the jews are the owners of this

messed up change the del to de. it should be Los judios son dueños de esto

A good metaphor for today.
You see a large part of the eagles diet is other birds. People may be a little weirded out by that. However, just because it has wings does not mean it is an eagle. Conversely just because they talk, walk, and look a little like humans, does not mean a 3rd world sack of shit is a human. Take the time to teach your children the difference. In behavior, etc. It may end up causing some troubles because our children do not no how to filter their words and actions for self preservation yet. But the possible troubles are worth it and easy enough to blame it on the internet when stuck in a jam. Then explain to your charges how to avoid that kind of trouble the next time. It's important that we teach them to go about things in the proper calm and intelligent way and not the extreme and ignorant way. Redpilling is a art. Once you know how to go about it properly, your effectiveness at spreading this critical knowledge increases exponentially.
There is plenty of time, in proper company, to say NIGGER, JEW, WET BACK, SAND NIGGER, et alia. In those intimate moments with our brothers and sisters it's a bonding experience, besides being funny as hell. God Bless our European heritages, God Bless the White West. "The West Is The Best", ole Jim got that part correct at least.

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qcucumber detected



niggers dont marry.

Nope. I refuse to use anything BUT cash* Chaim.

*I'll make exceptions for barter, eg. for gold, silver or goods/services mutually agreed upon.

Remember kids, say 'No' to usury.

Why don't they just recycle one dollar bills into one hundred dollar bills? or, let's say, 10 dollar bills, since those don't tend to even get marker tested. Or have they tried and this doesn't work for some reason.

Sounds like a nice idea


This sounds promising, especially in machines that take pennies.

This is true, but not sure why you would need it. The whole thing has plausible deniability, since the money could have been marked when you got it.

Why not both? Anything that can not be traced back to you irl deserves to be marked with some redpills.

fantastic idea

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The fundamental nature of the “aryan superman” is just fake. It’s a lie. The people who enact and desire it are so weak they fall apart into a million little pieces because other people elsewhere are existing at them. Strength in the actual is the greatest weakness of racism, and weakness in the actual is the greatest strength, for bigots live in the fabricated inversion of weakness. That’s why “aryan” means race traitor. Less than nobody can promote racial strength without racial sabotage. That’s the redpill this place would rather be slaves than swallow.

It takes strength to be yourself in a world unafraid of you, but any coward can just roll over to lies. Some people call honest scientists deceitful people because the numbers don’t dance in ways that match their preconceptions.

Sad but true. The normie NPC relies primarily on emotional arguments and appeals to authority. The options are to either make our own emotional arguments and become the authority, or to somehow break them out of that and teach them to think… and that's going to take time and LSD.

No, that's actually what most small timers do. It's the easiest to make sure the paper is right.

I see things like berk and respect that they have made an alternative to the FRN. We need local currencies.

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Here's an idea: If this idea of putting redpills on to currency gains public attention, push a movement among lefties to start putting the rainbow flag on to their currency as a way of countering it - while at the same time continuing to push for our reclamation of the rainbow flag.

What would the result be?

Not necessarily true. Cash may still be effective even with the current use of digital currency. I used to work as a cashier, and a lot of people still pay with cash instead of credit or debit cards, at least where I worked at. Rough estimate, only people 20% of people still paid with cards and those are usually younger people. Of course, larger well known shops and stores like malls and Walmart people will still pay with card, but it still seems common for people to pay with cash. People paying with $20, $1, and $100 bills where common compared to $5 and $10 bills. You'd also be surprised how cash circulates all around the nation from the cashier's drawer, to another person's pocket, and to another cashier drawer in another store in another state. Plus, it's hard for people to resist, like a jew, to pick up cash from the floor. Imagine if people started pickup up $20s and $1 bills of the floor with redpill messages, or people and cashiers exchanging straight cash with those same messages in a color (like red) that contrasts the green colored background of the dollar bill. Any user, even ones who work as cashiers, could spread redpill written cash along well known places with high popularity and population (stores, malls, popular restaurants and bars). Or even imagine giving a cash tip to a waiter with a very controversial redpill message on the bills. Haven't you heard of some waitresses posting pictures of bad or good generous tips with messages across social media to get validation points and attention?

I received pic related today from a gas station.
Here’s some autism from a similar movement by normalfags who believe in democracy.
>Our head stamper (((Ben Cohen))) has been stamping on national television – CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, etc. – since 2012, and he has shown stamped bills to politicians and government officials as high up as the President.

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yes, there is nothing wrong the graffiti at this point.
fuck off, it's already gone. we already sacrificed that for browns.

Sounds good

I’ll be writing “the Illuminati is Jewish” because even niggers know about the Illuminati, handle cash, and are extremely gullible

Just have to make that connection in their P brains

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Defacing fiat currency is not actually a crime!
This is a great way to bypass the corporate news oligarchy.

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i presume doors in ireland use yale locks like the the UK does where they lock automatically after closing

How do i do this in the UK where we now have (((plastic))) notes?


No it isn't

Who the fuck uses pennies?

I stopped using cash in 1981.

your missing the point

People still use dollars and quarters, tip money gets shared by the employees, and some local buses still only take change and dollars even if you use a pass you still have to pay with cash in my area

This never gets old.

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here's an idea:
triple parentheses around the mentions of the (((FEDERAL RESERVE))) and little to no other edits
that would get eventually people talking while being pretty low profile and deniable

I don't care what you say I'm not eating a nigger.

That sounds disgusting.

If doing coins, and paranoid, put them in a vending machine in a high-traffic area. The throughput on small change must be high, somebody will get it back soon enough.