Name a more iconic duo

Name a more iconic duo
Protip: ya can't

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Marx and Engles

Living duo..


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anyways Bernie/Yang makes Marx and Engels look like a couple of low Autism Level neolib boomers tbh… Dusty musty bullshit that did not accurate predict the conditions for the working class today. Bernie and Yang are here and ready to win

Bernie Yang would unironically curb stomp Trump out of the White House. It'll gather up the remaining normalfags and red leftists who are skeptical of Yang and unite the meme lords fully giving them a major boost Trump would lose worse than Hilldawg did. In the long run however they'd just be perpetuating broken electoralism.

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My dick and your mother's mouth

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by winning the popular vote?

I would vote for this just to watch the boomers have a collective heart attack.

Wow. Literal liberal shilling on Zig Forums. Mods?

shut up tankie

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Yachts have a class character anarkkkiddie-leftkkkom

would unironically be a good ticket.

Marx sucked though, Engles was the good one. Marx just held Engles back.

Either way, even if they did share the same positions and were all the head of state, it still does not turn a republic into a monarchy. The DPRK seems to be the only republic to which this standard is applied.

Every country has an official state boat.

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