Notre Dame was not an accident

Fire can't burn old wood that fast!

Possible Arson at Cathedral de Notre Dame

Cathedral master: "I can hardly understand the fire of Notre-Dame"
The images of the burning cathedral in Paris have appalled the cathedral master Regine Hartkopf - and wonders: "Wood does not ignite so fast."

Notre-Dame: Thrown away cigarette, welding? - A specialist denies these theories
What do you have to do to get a beam to catch fire? You can talk and speculate a lot. A specialist has tested it, with a wooden bar of the year 1700 from his warehouse.

Notre Dame Architect in Chief'
800 y/o oak is very hard wood and difficult to start burning. No electrical wiring anywhere near the wood. 2 men staffed 24/7 to watch for fire. Fail safe alarms and detectors. An accident seems unlikely to him.

Fire can't burn old wood that fast! is the new "Jet fuel can't melt steel beams!"

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How many kabobs were employed in the renovation?


Checked. Have a bump

I'm French and tomorrow I put on my Yellow Vest once more to get rid of ZOG.
They obiouvsly did it. We won't get answers of course.
The only thing we need to do is to hang them.

it is france is propably lot. nothing show how great diversity is than muslims and nigger repairing white church.

what about making screenshot of these pages? it is your thread. good job

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Fire can't burn old wood that fast

What would that be in Frogspeak?

Le feu ne peut brûler du vieux bois aussi rapidement.

This user is a Jew or a Boomer

For propaganda purposes it matters very little if it was arson or not. Shitskins did it, im personally propagating that 'fact' everyday, to all who want to hear it. And people dont even question the statement.
And everyone eats it up. Because everyone hates sandniggers and everyone has experience with how they dont belong in a European society. People know niggers, people know sandniggers. They understand theyre a blight upon our world, so they dont need facts to convince them.
Everyone outside the spotlights of (((news & entertainment))) has no problems sharing their disgust either. Civil war is coming.

I know by heart it was arson. Im just waiting for confirmation. I will have a very hard time believing incompetence destroyed my European heritage.

Good luck French bro

In during sandniggers calling the cop on you because the jews did it, we dindu nuffin.

Checked. Fuck off came fucker

I like your style, keep it up and also mention how Jewish media has been celebrating the Notre Dame fire, too

Who cares. We will never find who exactly did it. But we know who enjoy it. Muslims and jews. Both are enemies. They are brothers. Both deserve bullet.

you fags should know that notre dame is shaped like a jet furnace. it was going to burn fast anyways because of its height and acces to ground floor doorways.

I wonder who burnt it down

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Forgot image.

It's more than Muslims and Jews that are our enemies.

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stop. you get too much digits.

i never said niggers are not enemies or white traitors. but i simpy hate this new trend to blame jews everytime muslim did something.

They're all semites, they're in league. I'm not even convinced a muslim did it, but I know a semite did.



vieux bois brûle lentement

We're coming for you kikes.


Person moving and flash on the roof:

The fire appears to start where the person was and the flash happened:


Time to get gas, kike.

He isn't wrong though, old wood burns faster.

Looks like this nigger hasn't watched the Latvian man build a house out of wood.

What about incompetence caused by hiring useless shitskins?
Accidental or not, non-french people caused the burning.

Steel and wood burn very easily when Jews are nearby. Whether the properties of the materials are altered, or additional energy influx happens but we failed to notice, this is seriously threatening the mainstream quantum mechanics model.

Fire started inside, not on top of the scaffolding.
The flash could be a reflection of the sun light.

Nigger uses white tech to explain why whites are a plague to the planet. Perfect.

You can't allow Macron to look like the "adult" from the "children", yellow vests, which is the dichotomy they want and then use it to sway public opinion with the "rebuilding"!


Out of curiosity, what is the official narrative to challenge? Welding seems to be the common one I've heard, and I've seen FOX saying they're investigating the cause because of elevators.

My guess is several (((parties))) colaborated

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Shriners or other garbage will be charged with the (((modern))) redesign.

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Please don't tell me the same ones… If so, these fuckers need to be exposed for the pedos they are

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