Muslim on Zig Forums

To the muslims on Zig Forums:

We aren't doing the job for you.

Remove jews in the Middle east by yourself if you are actually anti-jew.

We will remove you and the jews in Europe and proceed to nuke the Middle east.

Get your baste brothers out of Europe if you want to live.

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And no, baste shias aren't innocent when you got a shitton of iranian in the US for some reasons.

Funny how the jews open the flood gates even for their "enemies".

Ah, the basic naxalt excuse.
Not all muslims, no true moslim, no blablabla.
Sandniggers and kikes both should be removed. I personally dont need the help of subhuman muslim scum to do anything i can do myself.

Aye, but there are a lot of muslims on Zig Forums after Syria General, now they are celebrating their victory while the turks have permanently occupied their land.

Why the fuck are there even shitskins on this board? These fucking parasites can't even let us have some shithole imageboard to ourselves, they have to invade here along with our country's.

Because le baste muslim fighting le zionists.


It's for a reason: we have had a lot of muslims on this board since 2012.

I've never seen this happen and even if it did they've killed at least 10000x more Whites than kikes in addition to causing irreparable harm to our women and children and demography of our country. Fuck these subhumans.

Well, you better believe it user.

Or you fall into Zionism!

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Yeah, sure, mud.

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They are on this board.

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Baste turks.

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What a retard.

/sg/ is a thing on cuckchan too.
Muslim shills are still muslim, mud.

Another jew thread, with jew apologicism in the first pic of (((OP))).


shit forgot to sage

So you are saying muslims in Europe, North America and Australia will remove the jews for us? Really?


Argue and spin like a jew. (((Mod))) approved too.


Interesting. This board is for political discussion of current events originally and somehow it's a "Europeans only" board? The hell you on about, anyone can use this board. Now if you were to say that shitskins are spouting marxist ideas instead of ideas propagated by National Socialism then I'd shut up.

Because Zig Forums isn't supposed to be an echochamber, newfag.

>Argue and spin like a jew. (((Mod))) approved too.
I don't even fucking understand your point?
Oh, it's the muslim.

I see shitskins praising Marxist china just yesterday, and now we have muslims praising baste muslims fighting against ZOG (yep, like Iran in the last 50 years, twattering).

Where did OP imply that? He's asking for muslims who consider themselves as "based" to live in the ME.

Is that why you are here?

This, Mudshits are pro jew and always have been. It was the Ottoman Empire that gave the kikes refuge after numerous expulsions from Europe. They then relied on the kike merchants to run their slavic slave trade. The nose and the roach have always worked hand in hand against Europe and must both be utterly exterminated from the earth.

Praising? Well I'll be damned. I don't have eyes everywhere but are you sure they were praising China before it became communist or was it exactly as how you described it.

Muslims will always praise muh baste Iran, muh baste Syria and muh baste Lebanon, yet most of them will come and beg for scraps in Europe.

Or worst, be turks.

You better believe in it.

This is Zig Forums now.

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Mudshits have to go back.

Man, Zig Forums is such a shit mine nowadays.

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Also I must add this - Zig Forums tends to give credit to Palestine (a muslim country) for fighting against ZOG. And now Palestine must be eradicated? If I am wrong, I need to be clarified on this issue here.

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They don't belong in Europe, what they do in their lands is their business. Simple as that.

When in the holy fuck does Palestine fight against ZOG?

Their west bank is gonna annexed, when will they actually fight?
Baste muslims are asking you, yes you, to go kill ZOG for them, and ZOG here refers to israel.

Can't be damned to do that by themselves.

Oy vey

Great job nigger. Go back.

Oy vey.

Where is the D&C?

Is the great muslim & white men alliance formed somewhere behind the scenes?

When will the baste muslims row back to Israel and burn down the 3rd temple?

Must be hot in israhell.


And OP is also retarded, he cannot into IDs.

Thank you Codemonkey for allowing these sorts of posters on Zig Forums

OP is a semitic neocon troll who has in the past made threads "asking" if nationalist Turks believe they are trying to return to Mongolia or such autism that no white would format in such a way (real whites attack nonwhites in nonautistic fashion).

This thread has been kosher approved by Jim Watkins, polvol, and the Orthodox Union.

the issue is your kiked bullshit

anyone who says that is a Mossad agent

How am I being retarded, Chaim?

Wow, do I smell some mad there?


Wow, how am I a semitic neocon troll?
Yeah man, real whites must attack non-whites in a way non-whites approve.

Then tell him why he's wrong then call him a faggot, like it's always been done.

You clearly weren't on 4/pol/ or here during the first exodus. If your own opinions are so easily threatened, perhaps they should looked at more critically.

Are you that guy who says his ancestors lived in caves 45000 years ago in Germany all the time?

Go suck each others circumcised dicks, kikes.

eh, could you please not, sweetie?

I told him he's wrong in that very thread.
Yeah, those aren't dissenting opinions, they are straight out praise communists and Hitler was wrong opinion.

Nope, but sound like a nice guy.

Wow, why so mad though?

Wow, but I can, sweetie.

Why so?

Why do you care so much about Palestine?

This is the level this thread is currently at.

So you are him. You use stale memes like him too. germany&board=pol

What are you talking about?

That's some accusation, but where's the proof though?

I sincerely hope you were bullied at school.

Your posting style is the proof. If the mods weren't malicious, you'd be banned for spam already

Why friend? Sound hateful.

How? My english isn't even as good as the guy.
Where did I spam?

The muslim brigade is really mad about me huh?

I wonder what I will be called next, tranny neocon zionist mossad hasbara kike shill Ari Schlomo Chaim?

possibly because of adolf hitler. After meeting the grand mufti of jerusalem, hitler said he was very impressed with islam, especially the part about fasting. The grand mufti himself also seemed very impressed with adolf hitler, proclaiming him to be a pseudo religious figure a sort of saint or savior called abu ala or something.
So you basically had muslims all over the world praying for adolf hitler or with adolf hitler in mind.
It is important to note this had nothing to do with national socialist ideology, it was strictly a personality cult of sorts.
Due to this the axis suddenly found itself with a large amount of muslims around the world willing to fight to the death for the interests of national socialism.

Not really, just a couple of brigades, LESS than the amount of half-jews that fought in Hitler's army.

But Hitler is dead, now both the jews and muslims are trying to get the white men to fight war for them.

Because Hezbollah has never threaten western civilization as much as the like of Israel and the jews. The jews are trying to bring the shitskins here

And? Somehow that means white men gotta die to defend Palestine?
They are not even trying, the shitskins are rowing here full force.

When will the shitskins row back to Israel?

OP, just answer this: What are your thoughts on the genetic extermination of the jewish people down to the last child and the destruction of all Torahs, Talmuds, and synagogues around the world?

Nothing about muslims in that question, just jews, their DNA, and their culture. Please answer that.

I'm for it.

Though, if you do that, pretty much all arabs are gonna be exterminated because they too have jewish genes.

Don't know if you are okay with that though.

There is nothing wrong with recognizing Hasbara as a widespread jewish practice (because is true )but there is something seriously wrong with assuming that taqiyya is an accepted muslim tactic for all muslims (which Zig Forums liberally does because they refuse to understand that the Shia and Sunni are still at war with each other and the terrorist organization they hate so much remain of the Sunni i.e the usurpers of Islam, much like the khazarian jews)

Well, I'm not jewish so why would I care? Sucks for you and your family though. I wouldn't even want your bodies buried normally lest your DNA corrupt the soil. Straight to the incinerator with your lot!

ohh. Shills are back. You are not part of Zig Forums. Never was and never will be.

I don't give one fucking shit about taquiya or hasbara.

I just want them off this fucking board.

I want logic, Artistotle and Plato.

Thought you might be arab so you might care about that.
Why? I'm not jewish.

You are not able to understand logic and it shows in your brainless reddit nigger post formatting.

you first

Nice try Satan.

I speak with logic the whole thread.


"I'm totally not jewish, goy!" he says with the typically jewish valley girl voice.
(Ever notice how most jews have high pitched voices, anons?)

Anyway, I'm out. Zig Forums is a zionist anti-white disinformationist board, like 4chan.

Jews and Muslims are the same thing. How many times do we have to go over this.

Nice roleplaying but I'm not jewish.

Is it weird that the muslims really love to greentext and roleplay? Very funny people.

Probably forever since they don't want you to think that.

Isreal is incompetent loses multiple times when they fight Hezbollah

So let them fight it out.

I want no part of jewish civil war.

sunnite? shiite?
or sufi?
which ones?

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I plan on becoming a muslim, just to bomb the rock inside the mecca cube.


To be honest the only muslims that I might tolerate is Ba'ath, because they dress like westerners and act like westerners.

OP's terms are very agreeable.

Is it weird that the good muslims are literally the ones who don't dress like muslims?

Gadaffi's amazon brigade didn't put themselves in trash bags either.

But I guess secular dictators are the true baste muslims.

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Seriously though, what's stopping them? Our leaders have completely betrayed us to the jew. Muslims know, that's why they attack us and not our governments. They come here for the porn, boipucci, and gibs and won't leave because our leaders shield them.

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I don't think there's anything syrian and palestinians from going into Syria and rape and rob their ways through Tel Aviv.

Except jew polices are gonna gun them down I guess.

White police protect them.

Good. Don't come back.

chill. they do this all the time. they only draining your energy. ignore shills, if you don't want to waste your time on your enemies.


Its because the dictators aren't slaves but in fact superior men. Islam means slavery, its an abrahamic slave religion.

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Stop samefagging.

Stop projecting schizo.

So your goals are ZIONIST GOALS? ZIONISM is the idea that all nations are separate and that jews control the planet from Israel like a panopticon prison. A non-Zionist is someone like me, ETHNOGLOBALIST who believes that all other races need to be exterminated and that only our race should inherit the planet and that no other subhumans should be left alive to pollute the Earth. This way there will be no more warfare or parasitism.

Man, if only the arabs in Europe look anywhere like that.



Did you actually read his post, you mongoloid?