Chase Bank Shuts Down "AltRight" Accounts

Chase Bank shuts down 'alt-right' accounts

‌>O’Keefe’s latest probe found that Chase, without explanation, abruptly closed the account of a political activist that had existed for 15 years in good standing.

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are you serious?

Capitalism is a mistake.

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That's always my favorite when they come up with this line.

So let's get real here for a second; how far do you Americans think the re-education camps are from this point in time?

but a mass debanking of the extreme right would actually not be such a bad thing in the long run.

Of course it's not going to happen but it is a fun thought.

I think it will be skipped in favor of straight up imprisonment (psych wards, prisons, guantanamo), torture and such.

Gee, if only the government didn't prevent us from ACTUALLY opening our own bank or from issuing our own currency

I'm not defending the Proud Goys

Also banks are complete fucking garbage anyways

12 years; once the pensions of Gen X-age cops and state employees aren't being paid and local government ceases functioning on the most basic levels.
50 years ago people would've managed – with some bloodshed, I'm sure – to get through something like that. this time, the logistical breakdown that will accompany the breakdown of the highway and railway systems will leave millions crazed out of their minds once they can't get their meds. let alone anything else. the level to which most people structure their lives around goods and services that are dependent upon complex supply chains isn't appreciated enough. but that's what will cause the (attempted) imposition of force on a national scale by the remnants of the US military, probably beginning with the type of camps you're mentioning here. there will have to be a scapegoat to set things rolling.

Maybe someone will shut down Chase Bank.

First they came for the Proud Boys, and I didn't speak up because gavin mccinnes and I didn't speak up because he's a fucktard who shoves things into his ass on camera
Then they cam for some youtube thot, and I didn't speak up because e-celebs are faggots
etc. etc.
They're only targeting these lukewarm alt-right faggots because they can be named and found. They really want to be doing this to us. But they can't so they are doing in their diseased minds what amounts to the next best thing.
This whole thing sets a very dangerous precedent. It will end in bloodshed.

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They wouldn't even let me open an account even while I was holding a chase bank check from my employer for over $800
They did cash the chase bank check at the same chase bank for a service charge of 8 dollars… How's about that…
Nigger next to me at the other line didn't seem to have any issues who woulda thunk..

I'm not wasting time defending niggers with no class


the only real solution is not using a bank

Cool. I'm not a jew bolshevik.

JP Morgan is very ancap/antyranny

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The only real solution is greenbacks and abolishing a government's ability to borrow.

So I ask the sweet piece of ass teller WTF was the matter whys conme I cants open a god damn account I am here present with my identifying doxs and what nits the bitch says sir" calm down or I will have to ask you to leave" I says to the bytch why would I have to leave I am a customer who is being discriminated against and without reason the cunt proceeds to cash the check sayz I"can only cash your check but I cannot open an account for you..


A risk to your ape militia the niggers.
That's for god damn sure.

And they didn't let you open the account because?

A risk of being a person who thinks critically and independently. That won't do at all.

Check your credit, faggot.

That's why I explicitly said >systems
not banks.
also: kikes aren't magical entities capable of infiltrating everything in existence. Awareness is the best defense and what is known as the extreme right understands the JQ.

In my state, the revenue will replace taxation.

I don't think they will be necessary at all. "Conservatives" are pedantic and weak people, who will be thrilled and consumed with their newfound victimhood status. The state will just let them spin their wheels like hamsters, knowing they'll still serve up their stupid kids to die for israel and write faceberg polemics about how their halfnigger grand kid is one of the good ones.

>check your (((credit)))
Only the lowest of low iq niggers care about (((credit))) which conveniently excludes successful rent, bills, and school payments and is collected by a for-profit jewentity without your consent and the information is then sold to you. Even though there is a "free" annual check and no real penalties for checking it yourself anymore.

The only thing lower is allowing (((doctors))) to keep your medical records, especially in the age of networked computers.

Fuck off TRSodomite.

What about credit Unions? How are you supposed cash out a paycheck then?


We could murder the central bankers and issue labor-backed currency?

This faggot checks his
Before he gives birth to a nigger in the

Re-education camps already exist. They are called schools. After graduation, work places have mandatory training on how to treat everyone equal. except whites And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Why would you even YOUR money in a bank is beyond me.


I wasn't there to get a mortgage for an over priced paper maché 1 bedroom condo on the 13th floor downtown…I wasn't there to buy my girlfriends new nigger boyfriend a car for a loan…
I was there with a chase bank check to open an account to deposit the son of a bitch

I don't fucking think so

Your kind was cancer in the kikey days and is still cancer now.

you still are avoiding telling us why they wouldn't open one for you. You have a history of fraud maybe?

If these alt-righters don't start telling their followers to bomb banks, universities and MSM offices you know they are all bullshit grifters

If you would've read what I had posted above you would know…

And it was all left to the managers discretion well the manager comes out sees not a 300lbs land whale with purple and blue hair, not a transgender aids infested nigger with his white girl "friend"

There goes their FDIC and other federal protections. See, when you play with the fed, and you play with the public, you are most definitely required to follow all those pesky non-discrimination laws.

Oh but they would gladly cash the check and all subsequent checks

Daily reminder that the only reason UKIP exists is because Nick Griffin and BNP wouldn't take banker bribe money.

you are full of shit. They take your money unless there is a reason not to. You are hiding the truth

What's funny is it's usually these role play as smart sacks of shit that are first to get hit. Good riddance.

So things are moving along just as planned, huh?

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Seems to be.

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And with the civil asset forfeiture still in play you're bound to get thieved or stolen your credits unless you're banking on some sort of stable crypto coin.

As a guy in a country with extreme economic instability once said:
"Bury your silver a place they won't find it unless they force you by gunpoint. Then dig another hole and place your real stash of silver there."

Avast. You gotta do the same thing with dollars, soon. Or whatever is valuable.

its not a free market if i literally go to prison for refusing to use rothschild reserve notes

oh and inb4
try paying your employees in bullion instead of the state-approved shekels.
that kind of proves my point, no?

just forge your own universe

Ironic considering the fags you follow are all mega jews who would rather suck jew dick and import more negroids then defend the white race. CivNats like those homos are worthless

They won't allow you to make money if you run away, politicians like Yang are starting to regulate cryptocurrency.
Never RUN defensively, always fight offensively by attacking contested ground. It's uncomfortable, but it gives long term comfort. It's better than short term comfort and long term discomfort.

The Proud Boys are homosexual controlled opposition and any “alt-right/white nationalist/Nazi” organization that is public is controlled opp as well. I see nothing wrong with these people having their personal accounts shut down and I hope it continues until every “alt-right” or Nazi LARP group is destroyed and they’re all poor.

It's just leftist shills. They attack zionists or Controlled OP like the Proud Boys because it's easy for WNs to convert them.

The Proud Cucks are all homosexual sodomites and the fact that you think they can be “converted” just shows how retarded you are. Nothing short of mass shootings and attacking federal buildings will save us.

Fuck the Proud Cucks

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Buy bitcoin
But seriously, why the fuck Zig Forums is allergic to crypto is beyond me, it's another attack vector against kikes

It is a free prison market.

Prison is silent in this sentence.

The majority shareholder in bitcoin is the CIA they plundered Silk Road and took the shares from them….so explain to me again how 'bitcoin' is secure in anyway if the government can seize it on a whim…also it is FUCKING FIAT…the most FIAT of all currencies that have ever existed. It is ridiculously fragile literal electronic signal, nothing more…nobody wants that except a total fucking fool or perhaps a member of the CIA who is looking to offload or promote CIA interests. Again, no thanks.

"Huhu go grocery shopping with bitcoin bro" (lol)

There are banks in America called CREDIT UNIONS, look it up, they are all (((illegal))) in ZOG Europe.


Now you're blatantly fedposting, I can't wait wait for all of you leftists to be arrested for making threats on here.

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Stop talking about things you don't understand.
Silk Road was not a secure website. The issue was not that bitcoin can be easily siezed its that the way that Silk Road was setup when you sent BTC to the address that the site had the site had possession of them, you no longer had them. Just like if you deposit money into a bank that money is no longer in your possession, its in the bank's. They then only had to bust the guy running the site and get him to give them his private keys to take all the BTC that was currently in the wallets associated with the site. If you have crypto you need to keep it in private wallets, the people that keep most of their crypto on 3rd party sites(such as exchanges) are fools.
This is beyond foolish. There is absolutely a need for a method of sending relatively easily convertible money to someone thousands of miles away in just a few minutes without needing to rely on a bank to approve it.

That being said bitcoin's ledger is completely public so you're going to either want to learn about tumblers or use more private options. Sage for doublepost.

a 'free' market has never existed, and will never exist. The biggest military force in an area creates the rules, always, you can obey or you can challenge them but there isn't a 'free' market, even if you win, you will now have to focus on maintaining power and buying favor from the people who prop up your new system, and if you stray too far from buying their loyalty to create your 'free market' they will replace you and the cycle will repeat

Cryptocurrency was a decent idea, however literally no normal business uses it.

And it's not so decent anymore when the jews have made it trendy to have money 100% electronic and unwithdrawable on some microchip they can shut off if you disagree too much.

Commiefag much? Quality of products can stand on their own two feet in a free society, not this (((society))) we have. The concepts of quality and longetivity doesn't exist for pure profit reasons, most products today come with the intention that you are ONLY going to use them for max X amount of years, the engieneers of the product deliberately design faults or use shit components in most consumer items so they can make more shekels forcing the customer to buy new.

There's always going to be marketing and such of course, but that's a part of the free market. A free market needs a set of regulations as well notably anti corruption and pro competition, but it doesn't have to be intrusive. This forces businesses to compete, and by competition the best product/design/innovation rises to the top.

Why dont we all go to the bank and take all our money out? didnt the yellow vests do that and the banks kvetched about it?

That really doesn't matter as you can easily convert it to other currencies. There's services where you can use crypto to buy things on just about any website while the actual site only sees it as a normal transaction using whatever regular currency they want.
I'm by no means saying that you should only have crypto. You should have cash, you should have tangible goods such as nonperishable food, ammunition, and perhaps things like alcohol to trade to degenerates, and you should have crypto as a way to send money electronically. Crypto should not be viewed as a replacement for all forms of money, although I'm aware that some people shill it as that, they're wrong to do so, it should be viewed as an alternative to things like paypal or online banking which can easily cut you out if they choose.

Buying an extremely good safe weighing a fuckton by loading it with lead hidden is always a good idea but it presents a couple of challenges. A good fireproof safe costs a lot though.

I don't disagree with any of that but i think btc is highly convoluted beyond practicality, and also taxed. The only simpler way is giving some thieving faggots like satoshi your drivers licence/ID/passport? No thanks. Cash in general is the better option, you don't pay the banks a (((transaction fee))) every time you do anything either, besides the (((withdrawal fee))).

Odds are that satoshi was Finney, so he's dead now. You have a point about it being complicated to get crypto at this point if you haven't been in the space for years without providing identification. They've really made barriers to entry higher over the past few years because authorities have really gone after people with banking regulations, even localbitcoins adheres to them at this point. That being said I compared it online banking for a reason, banks require the same sorts of identifying information. The difference is that once you do have crypto you can't randomly be kicked out of the system as long as you keep it in your own private wallets.
Transaction fees are minimal and at most times amount to less than a dollar. You mention banks not having a transaction fee other than withdrawl but you're ignoring wiring fees which are far in excess of what you'd see with any crypto.

money will be worthless, during a serious happening you cant just use that stack of money, so it would be better to buy things you can trade, no?

Wow how fucking pozzed, that was the only good site. This must have been recent.

I ment wire/transact fees, all of that scummy criminal enterprise. May seem small but it becomes a lot of shekels out of nothing for the (((banks))).

Not if you own a safe either.

Don't buy trash like vid related btw. I'm no expert in this area but you need to be well read on what is the best for price, you also want it fireproof bolted down/hidden. If some safe expert is here enlighten us.

Never a bad idea, but we're not talking prepper stuff, just current. And btw an insurrection instigated directly by the system against the populace seems to me highly unlikely as they want stability and consumerism for 50 years more so they can genocide outnumber us with their cockroach spawn invaders. A more likely scenario is the opposite, but i dont have a crystal ball.

Very different usecase as I've already mentioned. Why would you be using crypto for anything local?

Land of the free. They are, and can do anything they want to you.

there are local businesses that accept crypto where I am, not that I'd use it. Those are my bugout funds

We're talking day to day living here.

In sweden this has already happened to nordic resistance people by the way, all their accounts, bank wide. But even worse the fucking bank itself ILLEGALLY confiscated donated money from accounts.

We're getting closer daily to an EUSSR hellhole, impending judeoleftist totalitarianism. Trust me when i say the jews that run bank will try to crush you and fuck you over in a day if they are allowed by zog, this is only the beginning.

I mean I do have crypto and if a local business used it I'd still just be using cash unless they offered a discount for some reason. Crypto's only use to me is for online purposes.

I'm not and I was pretty clear that I wasn't.

how does the government even know who owns which btc?
though i agree, jewish confetti is easier to use and keep track of, its just like in monopoly
leave the bitcoin for the bigbrains


The legal factor behind btc taxation as far as i know only relies on you informing them. Not informing counts as tax evasion. I might be wrong though. I don't think they "know", but i imagine they do register every transaction and, if they wanted could easily set up red flags for BTC account numbers.

It wasn't very big brain over at /biz/ when bitcoin cracked the brainlets who thought late buying ment they were going to freeride on the abnormally high value(illicit) forever. It may also be likely that heebs were involved in the crash seeing that even (((soros))) invested a fortune in btc but who knows.

This. Been a happy CU member for years. I'm curious about your claim… I DID had to get a throw-away card for Europe. They wouldn't take my CU bux anywhere. Still went through USAA, another fine organization, imo.
If people were smart they'd reach out to all family/friends… you need a member to vouch for you, military in my case.
Don't do business with the big banks. All they ever did was fuck me over, hence the switch to a bank run by its members. Bear in mind you won't be using them for your mortgage or a loan (high interest rates); it's simply a place to put your money and get a decent return (from those high-interest loans they underwrite for idiots, I assume). I've had my best luck using Wyndham (online) for loans… lowest rates.
I'll invest in crypto (current form) right after I start buying lottery tickets. I.e. never.

Don't worry about it. You don't want to bank with Chase, BoA, etc. They're douche bags. They did you a favor by denying you.

Some of the exchanges send out 1099-Ks if your trading activity goes beyond a certain metric. As far as not reporting people grossly overestimate the IRS, they're reliant upon their computer systems automatically detecting unreported income, usually with people who get caught not reporting incomes its because they were working as a contractor somewhere and didn't report the income but the people they were doing contract work for sent a 1099-MISC to the IRS. They're understaffed, have the bottom tier of accountants working for them(you can make far far more in the private sector), and their computer systems are out of date.
People were absolutely going crazy when it was around $20k. If anything its wild to me that its stayed as high as it has, I was expecting it to go back down to $2k or so.

the altright is the JIDFs magnum opus, it contains anyone with centrist views so that they never hold any actual right wing beliefs whilst making them fell like they're the far right boogyman the leftists are afraid of


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Complete Kike Apologism. Try again

maximum kikery

lol fag


Something I could never fully understand… Build your credit…essentially spend money you don't have to have to pay back more money then you originally spent because or interest rates…so in essence be irresponsible with what money you may or may not have to pay back more money that you already may or may not had the system seem like complete Tom foolery moreover I think the debt and credit system is rigged from the depths of hell to fail…and then you got the niggers getting free rides free food stamps free section 8 brick homes with no credit necessary…or do you automatically get a perfect credit score for being a niggers.
This shit seems like a huge scheme to fuck us all out of our money then all the excess funds go to raise more nights…
Call me crazy but I definitely am not stupid.

Everyone was which is why it didn't happen. I wouldn't be surprised if 3k was the bottom

Where did that happen? Who classified you a risk.

Zig Forumscoin when?

man those are some fascinating file names you have there joan

America has a decade before it totally implodes and turns into Yugoslavia 2.0 complete with separatism and ethnic cleansing. It will be rocky by the mid 2020s

I doubt it. there will just be a slow, smooth transition into Venezeula- triracial, hispanophone socialist shithole