Muslims on Construction Crew Beheaded Notre Dame Statues With Blow Torches (See picture)

You aren't going to hear about this anywhere else.

Heard this through the grapevine…

A muslim work crew who were tasked to remove the Apostle statues off the roof of Notre Dame about two weeks ago (part of a Restoration project) went a bit overboard and actually BEHEADED all of the statues with a blow torch before removing them.

The article below talks about the restoration efforts and even mentions the removal of the statues, but what they don't tell you is that the statues arrived at the Socra restorative workshop with their heads chopped off, to the surprise of the craftsmen who are suppose to restore the statues.

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Yo, hold it.

That's a jew in a muslim garb.

They are trying to D&C baste muslim and white men into a war so they can benefit.

Remember, white men are gonna be exterminated if they piss off the non-whites. We have no chance of winning.

Oh well. What are you going to do about it? What's anyone going to do about it? Nothing.

This is how I know a Semite did it.

Here's what the statues normally look like:

There's absolutely no reason why they should have been beheaded, this will make their restoration more difficult.

Glass all adamite filth

psyop is the only reason.

Yes, each time a muslim does something wrong, you can bet a jew psyop is behind it.

Muslims are actually genius.

I am sick of seeing this everyday.
They receive protection by the politicans, while the state abandons it's people.

In Saxony a 17yo girl was raped by a refugee, went to police and the Police told her to not tell anyone about the rape. Not even her parents.

Insane asylum.

What's the source in OP's pic?

Is that why Muslims are totally backward people in their own country and wouldn't get anything done without foreign help.

Yo, that's not a refugee doing it, that's a jew in refugee garb doing that.

The jew is trying to provoke a race war where whites lose.

That's a jew psy-op too.

Muslims are actually super intelligent supermen if there aren't jews trying to keep them down.

Be quiet you Muslim scum. You will never conquer, as soon as East Germans rise up, you will all lose your heads.

Jews, Muslims & Niggers. All same scum, only death for them is the solution to all our problems.

Actually, don't do that.

Jews are trying to provoke this war, east germans will lose against 1.6 billion muslims and the jews are gonna enact Greater Israel.


Surely you meant:

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Is there an actual source for all of this?

There is no proof anywhere that a "muslim construction crew" cut the heads of these statues.
The only website that posted the original image 3 days ago makes no mention of muslims anywhere, just that some statues where saved

People need to start disappearing in the woods for this type of shit, seriously.

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KEK. Import niggers and muslims for decades. Give them job in reconstruction of Notre Dame. They burn Notre Dame and destroy stautes.

Enjoy your civic nationalism.EU didn't force you. America didn't force you. You let these people in. Ehm. Sorry.

Who cares. Muslim or jew. Same semitic shitskin crap. Both are problem.

Yeah OP is a lying jew trying to divert attention from the fact that
jews did notre dame and 9/11

The statues where removed 1 week ago


Too bad we already hate muslims anyway. You can't stop it. They are invaders in Europe.

No, that's applying faulty logic; this whole SET of events is a psyop. Weird how the jew points to the muslim and a muslim (((conveniently))) desecrated the statues beforehand, gee it's almost like it's pre-planned.

lol, thinking there's a difference between semite and muzzie.

Aye, checked

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that's mostly because isreal keeps commanding its american golem to attack them.

removing the head before moving the statue is common practice to keep it from being damaged

wouldn't that apply to every protruding part on a statue? (raised arm, staves, ect)

We rather die in a fight, than giving up our values to jews, islamists or afrikaner.

Und nun hau ab du stinkender Linksradikaler Troll.

This. OP is a kike trying to rile us up as if we aren't already ready for a crusade on our own

That's good actually.

Fuck both muslims and jews.

Those who sow dissension among our brothers will face punishment.

Those darn semites
Working to destroy Christian cultural heritage


Why are all the results for this in Greek when I reverse image search it on Google?

Also are we sure this wasn't done as a way to give protect the detailing on the heads themselves and prevent damage by shipping accidents (statue falling over and head being smashed)? Or perhaps as a way to give the heads special attention in the restorations? I would think it wouldn't be a big deal to reattach them by the craftsmen who are restoring them…

Not saying it isn't true or that sandniggers AREN'T capable of this because they absolutely are… Just wondering if OPs version of events is accurate. False stories like this can make us look even more fringe and crazy than the mainstream already sees us as, is all I am saying.

Yea, Jews did this or influenced them somehow. Clear as day. Muslims usually prefer to just chill and do their own thing.
Unless (((they))) activate them and use their religion to their own agenda. I know this since I've met many muslims from RL now. Don't believe the lies.

Remember Muslims even helped Hitler. No wonder (((they)) want to shitstain on Islam and Christianity both. Waging war against one another. Profits (((Them))) and gives them a sweet revenge on when Germany which was based on roman catholic allied with Muslims to fight zionists in WW2. Read your history. Don't be like yanks in the past and kill your own.

I'm not crusading anything. I won't be hung on a cross for a church that doesn't exist anymore, or for a rabbi who hasn't fought any wars for our race. I don't care about palestine. In the meantime, I have plans of my own.

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USA didn't force it? Obama & that fucking Democrat horde forced it down our throats.
Deep State in the US is also just Democrats and Jews.

Even countries that aren't getting attacked by Israel, like Saudi Arabia or UAE wouldn't get shit done without foreign help. Hence they are just like the Jews. They come, infiltrate existing structures. Then ruin such structures. Jews do it less invasive over a few decades, Muslims within years.

What the fuck ever, they could not put them on a platform or something? They had to fucking cut the heads off? Why not an arm? Or a small hole? This reeks of anti christian bullshit.

Like rowing to Europe.


Welcome to two centuries of masonic humanism.

perhaps we should looks into Alexandre Decaillot. He was one of the two in charge of the restoration and as the last article points out he personally beheaded the statue.

When did Muslims help Hitler?
You mean that Militia unit that was hired to suppress the Communists in Bosnia?
And at the end didn't do shit so the Gebirgsjäger had to cleanse the mountains because you Muslims can't fight for shit.

t. muslim shitskin

I guaran-fucking-tee you The Fuhrer wouldn't have had such a favorable opinion on them if they had been blowing up fucking buses and raping children all across Europe as they are today. The Mudslimes of the 1930s knew their fucking place and are NOT the mudslimes of today… Therefore this whole "Hitler loved da mooslims guise!" meme is irrelevant and should die.

heh i count 3 with parts of equal or more hieght than the head…..if france wont muder their politicians, the central bankers than run the planet and all the brown people your going to see more of this. Didnt you fuys invent and use a machine for automatically removing heads?

Yes, but what OP is trying to do is divert attention away from the jews, you cant be so blind to that intention
Thats dumb as fuck

I was bullshitting. funny to see some kike agree with me. it's not common practice at all

They just had a mutual interest with Germany, they needed to cut off the supply routes that the US was using to send resources to the USSR.

France had muslims and niggers after WW2. Even Hitler wrote about it. France is only European country without white nationalism. No suprise that it is also first country where muslims tried to destroy such historical wonder. But Notre Dame is strong enough to survive that. But i am not sure if europeans are strong enough to fight back.

Don't blame Obama. Paris was ghetto before Obama.


Does fucking young boys give them powers like the freemasons claim?

How is there not outrage about decapitating the 12 apostles?

Nah, that's a jewish lie.

They only fuck legal girls and legal men like progressive democrats.

There you go brother. Both sides need complete and absolute extermination from the planet forever.

We are saving our outrage for the day when we get to decapitate LIVE semites.

i have no problem with that. muslim replace us in our countries. jews let these subhumans in. we all know it. i hate how you cucks blame jews for muslim attacks. real jewish power is in America. we can't destroy them there so there. Euroepans should focus on muslims and niggers. America will fall apart anyway. it already happen. Europe still have chance to fight back.

Because the heads were removed for transport, not by Muslims on the crew.

This is literal fake news which is pretty lame considering there is plenty muslim shitskins do already to be angry about

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oh yes, the best way to move statues to be fixed up a little by professionals is to damage them even more. decapitation of statues is linked to autistic disrespect. it's never done to transport it

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The politicians have absolutely no ability to protect anyone. They are often old, weak, overweight, irrelevant people with drug addictions and chronic disease. All of the protection comes exclusively from the police and military.

Yet they command the political agenda of laws.

They command nothing. The guys with the weapons run the show. The end. Not going to get into a back and forth over this.

Checking those sperg dub dubs, that shit is exactly right. Fuck all semitic filth, waste of space and literally harmful to the planet as a whole.


Could you substantiate your claim that historical statues are regularly decapitated for transportation purposes? It seems nonsensical to me.

There is an especially odious and moronic strain of pubic political commentary in the last half decade or so, where magically all of these tensions and problems came into being precisely when Obama was elected and never existed before. It is indicative of the myopic and narrow scope of "conservative" perception.


How is he wrong? Any revolution in the west would be the right vs commies and their hoard of goblins. Even if 60% of whites were on board with "race war now", it still wouldn't be an easy fight, and 60% is very generous.

magometan's is not ethnos but ideology only

Actualy i would blame Bush Jr. if you want to blame someone for this mess. Obama is bit too late. Maybe you are younger and don't remeber 9/11.

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your shitskin is showing

so we should just give up because we could lose war? all non whites in europe are problem.

It is way older than Bush Jr.

Interesting how your information attracts shills.
Zig Forums knows it matters very little who was the one responsible for this destruction, and what its motive behind it was. What matters is that it happened and that the culprit can be memed. Like the burning of the Notre Flame, it doesnt matter if it was arson or not; just meme it was a sandnigger and the normiesphere will absorb it as truth.
Fighting about who hates kikes and sandniggers more on this imageboard seems retarded to me.

Is this bait? You really think the only way to get a statue off of a roof is to cut the head off? How about just putting it on a shipping pallet and not cutting the head off? If anything, removing the heads only makes the people in charge of restoration completely inept, even if this wasn't malicious.
How fucking stupid do you have to be?

I don't say it is not. I say blaming Obama is bit too late.

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Can either of you give me examples of why this shouldn't be done? Why the heads (which it would be a simple matter to reattach) aren't normally removed for transport such as this? Do either of you work in the field of either securing ancient works of art such as this for safe transport or in the restoration itself? Because you certainly speak like you do…?

Seriously, I have no love for repulsive shitskin mudslimes who are no doubt capable of shit like this, but don't be such gullible suckers. This is fake news guys.

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None of this is a surprise. Jews and muslims are working together to destroy the West. Jews (Soros the biggest jew causing it) bring them in and muslims act. Jews enable the destruction and muslims carry it out. They are both enemies of European culture and to blame one or the other is splitting hairs. Wouldn't be surprised if the French government's department in charge of restoration and the companies contracted were filled with jews who were sure to hire a "diverse" workforce filled with people who fucking hate Christians and European culture.

Various forms of media, including the internet, went to shit in 2007. I would go as far as to say that Obama wasn't the cause, but a symptom of a major power play by the globalists.

Hey user I heard you broke your arm but don't worry we'll restore it by cutting off your head to transport you to the hospital.

Well why aren't you in the field of doing this work? You totally should be, I mean you obviously have the logistics of this completely figured out and are smarter than everyone else who does this for a living by just looking at a picture and instantly seeing how it should be done.

You must be some kind of prodigy.

Okay so… how do you pick up the statue in order for it to go on top of the pallet?

Actually did chuckle at this but it's obviously not applicable to this

Nigger what you call "foreign help" is nothing but foreign market, western nations and the (((House of Saud))) have a symbiotic economic alliance.

it matters very little who was the one responsible for this destruction, and what its motive behind it was
They're just going to solder or braze them back on.

You really think the only way to get a statue off of a roof is to cut the head off? How about just putting it on a shipping pallet and not cutting the head off?
And how does it get onto the shipping pallet?

it's a slide thread

t. rabbi obadiah joseph

Are you sure that's not just part of the restoration effort?

Fake as fuck

Jews hate Christ 1000x more than Muslims. Jews believe Jesus Christ is boiling in feces in Hell for eternity (yes I'm aware jews will lie and tell you they don't believe Hell exists, but their books literally state this). Muslims believe Jesus Christ was a prophet. Muslims still want to convert all Christians to Islam, though.

Jews would have destroyed the symbol of the Crucifixion; not beheaded the statues.

Those statues were placed up there in the 1800s before those cranes existed. You are telling me people from the 1800s got those statues up there in one piece with horses and ropes but modern society can't get them down without cutting the heads off? If you're so perplexed about getting heavy objects onto and off of a roof without destroying them, maybe you should ask the people who are smarter than you that lived in the 1800s?

Fake news, faggot

Muslims behead statues, it's not really a new thing.

People in ~12,000 BC moved the megalithic stones from a quarry miles away to the site at Giza. Then stacked them up all pyramid-like.

I'm pretty fucking sure white Europeans could move a couple small statues. Also look up Ancient Roman cranes you history illiterate fuckwit.

Still doesn't make sense to cut of their heads. You can fix someone else missing hand too. Just like on statue, damage will be forever visible.

I don't think it was muslims. I think it's PR for the company in charge of the restoration trying to cover up the fact that they are completely unqualified to be anywhere near a historical landmark. After three days they managed to decapitate statues of the 12 apostles and the whole place started on fire. If you had people renovating your home, and it burned down within a few days of them starting, you'd sue the fuck out of the people responsible for negligence.

lmao don't be mad at me, I'm just pointing out to the retards that technology to get heavy objects on top of and off of high structures in one piece has existed for thousands of years.

Sure they can, it'd just be way more expensive and probably less safe.

It won't. Not if they are in any way competent.